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Chapter 18: Pen-Kiro Bang Party!
« Ohh yeah! » Kiros said happily looking through the new cards he’d just gotten. While he never had money himself, he knew people that would trade cards in exchange for a job or two…running a package to someone, things like that. But, needs must, and Kiros was quite happy with the result. He walked through the old construction site, abandoned for years now, but it was a shortcut back to the station. He dropped one of his cards, and knelt down to retrieve it. A metal bar fell from a long pyramid of bricks, banging loudly on the floor, which was odd. He stood quickly, looking around the site, ready for anything. After a moment, he relaxed and laughed quietly. « Wow, jumpy today man. Gotta chill. » he chastised himself.
Kiros continued walking, whilst still checking out his new cards and it was sudden, but he could have sworn he heard someone sigh. He stopped again, and looked around. « Anyone there?! » he called.
« No one is here when no one is found. » A voice replied. Kiros jumped back, activating his duel disk and slotting his deck, new cards and all.
« Show yourself! » he demanded.
« Dilly dally, shilly shally… » The voice was sweet and a little quiet, age could be judged around 7 years of age.
Kiros lowered his disk. « You can come out ya know, I ain’t gonna hurt ya. My name’s Kiros. »
« Dilly dally, shilly shally… » The girl repeated, walking out from behind the pyramid, holding a large white duel disk in one hand, deck in the other, using white sleeves to protect each card. « Pen Mekasu. » She said.
Kiros nodded at her deck. « You a duellist? »
« Why do you walk through here every day? » Pen asked.
He shrugged. « It’s just a shortcut. What about you, why are you here? »
« I’m thinking… »
He took a step forward. « Ya know, an old construction site isn’t a safe place for a little girl. »
« Ya know, an old construction site isn’t a safe place for a little boy, either. » She countered, her tone still sweet, but somewhat depressing.
Kiros flushed red. « Well…maybe so….but you still shouldn’t be here. »
« Neither should you. » Pen countered again.
Kiros grinned. « Well, I’m walking through to go meet my friends. Wanna tag along? »
« I don’t have friends…and I need to think more. »
Kiros sighed. « Well…fair enough I guess. I’ll catch ya later. » he waved and started to walk off. He stopped, turned, and shook his head. « What ya thinking about? » he asked as he headed back towards her.
« What you asked earlier. » Pen replied, looking at her deck, sitting up on the bricks.
« ‘Am I a duellist.' » She quoted. « I guess so…but I’m not a very good one. »
Kiros walked over to her, and sat next to her. « What makes you say that? »
« Cause I lost to someone who was better than me.”
« We all lose sometimes. » Kiros smiled. « We can’t learn if we don’t lose. »
« I’m still not a very good duellist. » Pen replied.
« How many times have you lost? » he asked, leaning forward to he could look up at her.
« Once… »
« And how many times have you won? » he continued.
« I didn’t count. »
« Then how can you be a bad duellist if you won so many times? » Kiros smiled. « I’ve lost a few times…but I keep duelling, ‘cos each time I do I learn something. »
Pen searched her pocket and pulled out another deck. « You wanna try? » She asked as she began to shuffle the deck. « And I said I didn’t count, not lost count. »
Kiros nodded. « Sure thing. » He stood up and reactivated his duel disk. « Ok, I’ll rephrase. Did you win more than once? » Pen put on the disk, put the other deck away and slotted.
« Yes. »
« More than 10 times? »
« I didn’t count. »
She drew 5 cards. « Hm…….i win. »
Kiros smiled as he drew his five. « We’ll see. »
« No…I win. » Pen replied. She then rested her cards in her hand on the field. From left to right were the 5 pieces of exodia.
Kiros fell on his ass as he started to laugh. « No way!! » he said between bursts. Pen’s expression hadn’t changed. Kiros stood and smiled at Pen. « Not so bad. » he grinned.
« Pot luck… »
« Still a win. A lot of duels are won by luck. »
« You need to believe in yourself more. » Kiros said as he went to sit back down on the pyramid. « You’re only a bad duellist if you believe it. »
« I guess Exodia doesn’t want us to duel… » Pen muttered.
Suddenly a large metal pole flew from nowhere and dug into the ground, making a long concentrated ear busting noise. Kiros jumped up again, readying his duel disk. « Damn this place is popular today! »
« Hey, kid! How’s about handing over those rare exodia pieces you have. » Scourge yelled from atop the old construction works. Fiona leaped in, blocking the exit. Scourge leaped down to sandwich the two. Pen, however, hadn’t moved after relocating her seat, and flicked through the black sleeved deck.
« I dunno who you guys are, but you aint gettin’ her cards. » Kiros yelled as he powered up his disk. « You’ll have to go through me before you even get close! » ‘If only one of the gang were here….’ he thought to himself.
Pen leaped down from the bricks. « I gotta get home and make sure my step sister is okay..oh? » She looked back and forth between Scourge and Fiona. « I’m sorry, didn’t realise we had company. » This made Scourge and Fiona fall over comically.
« Go on Pen, get out of here. » Kiros said to her.
Fiona and Scourge recovered. « You little whore! We’re the badass’s who’ve come to rob you of your rare cards! » Fiona barked at her.
« Really? I guess you don’t look like contruction building coordinators, after all. » Pen said, still as soft and emotionless as always, which again made Scourge and Fiona fall over comically.
« Pen! Get out of here! » Kiros repeated. « I can take care of these creeps. »
« Encase you didn’t realise, we’re surrounded. » Pen said.
« I know that. » Kiros sighed. « Never mind. » he looked back and forth between Scourge and Fiona. « Like I said, you aint getting near her unless you go through me. » he held up his duel disk. « So, think you’re good enough to do so? »
« Maybe you should leave, you little punk. » Scourge said, cockily.
« Yeah, save yourself a lot of grief. » Fiona added, in the same cocky tone of voice.
« Pffft! » Kiros scoffed. « You creeps stand no chance. »
« We will see, a tag match! Us two against you and that rare keeper. » Scourge suggested, leaping over the two to join Fiona’s side.
« How about I take you both on my own? » Kiros countered. « Pen doesn’t need to get involved in this. »
« Nah, could use the practice, and they don’t look like they’ll play by the rules. Besides, I don’t think anyone can take on two on one…well, i did onces, but that’s beside the point, besides, it’s about time i got my dragons back out to play. » Pen replied, shuffling the black sleeved deck.
« See, she wants to play. » Scourge grinned.
« Fine. » Kiros replied. « Guess you’ll get beat even quicker. Good thing too, I have better things to do. »
« Let’s just beat them quickly, I wanna see my step sister soon. » Pen replied, slotting and drawing 5 cards.
« Since we’re nice, you choose between you who goes first. » Fiona grinned.
Kiros looked to Pen. « You mind? » he asked.
« Help yourself. » Pen said, dryly.
« You know the rules, right? » Scourge asked, a sly tone in his voice.
« Well, duh! » Kiros replied as he drew his sixth. « Alright, I summon Gladiator Beast Dimacari (1600/1200) in attack mode. » The creature appeared, yawning at Scourge and Fiona in boredom. « I’ll then special summon my Test Tiger (600/300) and use his effect to return my monster to my deck and special summon Gladiator Beast Secutor (400/300) in defence mode. I’ll then set 2 face-downs and end. »
« Just a recap… » Fiona began, but was cut off.
« Your both one field, we’re the other, there are 20 spaces for 10 monsters and 10 spells or traps split between 5 each and we share a total of 16000 life points each. » Pen said quickly.
« She knows her tag matches. » Fiona smiled cockily.
« Everyone knows it, duh. » Pen countered.
« Anyway, my move. » Scourge drew. « I’ll set 1 monster and one card and that’s all. » He said.
Pen drew. « I’ll start with Horus the Black Flamed Dragon level 4. » She said, as Horus hit the field. (1600/1000) « and place one card face down and end. »
Fiona drew. « My move. » She said.
« I’ll set 3 cards and bring my Amazoness Tiger to the field. » The tiger appeared and growled menacingly. (1100/1500) « and end. »
Kiros drew. « Hmmm…I’ll pass I think »
Scourge drew. « What a waste of a move. » He said. « First, I’ll flip my Brain Jacker and take control of that Secutor of yours. » Scourge said.
« Damn you…. » Kiros cursed as his monster was taken from him.
« Thank you for the monster. »
« Now, I’ll tribute the Secutor for my Dark Ruler Ha Des. » The poor Secutor seemed to be consumed violently by darkness as Ha Des appeared. (2450/1600)
« And say goodbye to him. » Kiros replied. « As he’s about to take a long trip thanks to my Bottomless Trap Hole. »
« Bah, so much for removing the dragon…that’ll do. » Scourge said.
Pen drew. « I’ll summon Luster Dragon and attack the tiger with my Horus. » She said.
« Not so fast, i activate my tr… » Fiona began, but was cut off.
« Royal Decree, sorry, no go. » And Horus destroyed the Tiger.
« Damn you, bitch. » Fiona cursed. <7500>
‘Damn…that fucks me over aswell.’ thought Kiros.
« I’ll then attack Scourge directly with my Luster. » Pen said. The dragon rose up. (1900/1600) Scourge took the blow. <6100>
« Wait bitch, how’d you know my name?! » Scourge barked.
« Tournament, you got your asses kicked. » Pen replied. « Anyway, it’s the end of my battle phase, so I’ll send LV4 Horus to the graveyard in order to bring out level 6, since he destroyed a monster in battle. » Horus morphed into his stronger form. (2300/1600) « Now, I’ll use Mystical Space Typhoon on Royal Decree and pass the turn on. » Pen said, as the decree crumbled.
« I knew you were a good duellist. » Kiros smiled at Pen.
« I’m not a good duellist… » Pen countered, emotionlessly.
Fiona drew. « First off, i summon Amazoness Fighter. » The fighter appeared. (1500/1300) « Next, i’ll use my Amazoness Spellcaster! And i’ll switch my fighters attack with your Horus… » Fiona laughed evily, till she noticed nothing happened. « What? »
« Sorry, Horus level 6 is immune to spells, try again. » Pen replied.
« Fine…then… » Fiona looked around. « The Luster Dragon! » Fiona said. « With the attacks switched, i’ll equip Fusion Sword Murasame Blade. » (2700 ATK) « And i’ll attack Luster Dragon! » Fiona issued, the warrior charged in to strike. « And, that’s all for now. » Fiona ended.
Kiros drew and sighed. « Definately NOT the best time to be having a bad hand… » he stated. « I’ll set one face-down and end. »
« Isn’t that cute, the kids crumbling under pressure. » Scourge mocked.
« Sumimasen. » Pen said,
« Bah! » Kiros replied. « Ain’t crumbling, just haven’t had the cards to wipe you out yet you creep. »
Scourge Drew. « I’ll summon Archfiend Soldier. » (1900/1500) « I’ll now attack the brat! » Scourge points at Kiros.
Kiros grunted as he took the full force of the attack <6100> « Thanks pal! » he spat at Scourge.
« No problem, punk. Plenty more where that came from. »
« Oh, no I really mean thanks. See, I now activate my trap, Damage Condenser, which allows me to summon a monster from my deck with attack equal or less to the damage I just took, at the cost of one card from my hand. » Kiros replied as he tossed a card to his graveyard. « And I’ll pick this, my Gladiator Beast Hoplomus, in defence mode! » (700/2100)
« Oh well, I’ll end. » Scourge passed on.
Pen drew. « Let’s see. Horus attack Scourge’s soldier. » Horus destroyed the Soldier, and Scourge blocked the debris.
« Bitch! » He barked. <5700>
« At the end of my battle phase, my horus in my hand replaces level 6. » And Pen summoned Horus the Black Flamed Dragon level 8 (3000/1800)
« And that ends my turn. » She said.
Kiros whistled appreciatively. « Not bad Pen. Not bad. »
« It’s basic. » She replied.
Fiona drew. « I’ll summon The Unfriendly Amazon! » (2000/1000) « Now, attack the stupid brat with no skill! » Fiona yelled pointing at Kiros.
« No skill?! » Kiros asked indignantly. « Well how’s this for no skill. I activate my trap card Defensive Tactics, which prevents me from taking any battle damage and stops my monsters being destroyed! »
« Lucky shot! » Fiona barked.
« I’ll end, and since i am not tributing, my unfriendly amazon goes bye bye. » Fiona said, as her monster was destroyed.
« That’s not all that happens. » Kiros added as his monster disappeared and was replaced by 2 others, Gladiator Beast Darius (1700/300) and Gladiator Beast Dimacari (1600/1200)
« Hm, such a lame move. » Fiona said.
« Oh really? » Kiros replied as he drew. « Then how’s this. I play Monster Reborn to bring back the creature I discarded with my Damage Condenser, my Gladiator Beast Laquari. » (1800/400) His third creature rose next to his others. « And, seeing as there’s 3 Gladiator Beasts on my field, including Laquari, I can return them to my deck in order to special summon my newest fusion monster. » he added, a dark gleam in his eye.
« This sounds like fun. » Scourge grinned.
As his monsters vanished, the construction yard was beset by a strong wind, thunder roaring in the sky, dark clouds covering the field in darkness.
« Say hello to Gladiator Beast Heraklinos!! » Kiros yelled over the loud wind, as his monster rose (3000/2800), its huge shield and deadly looking spear pointed towards Scourge and Fiona, his wings outstretched and his thick tail smashing against a building, reducing it to rubble before everything settled down, and even the sky returned to its cloudless state.
« Scourge…it’s not so fun… » Fiona said, slightly panicked.
« Meh, guess it looks like we’ll have to play a new game… » Scourge added, also slightly panicked, In fact, though the outsides they tried to hide it, inside the fear was at immeasurable levels. ‘Shit, this kids not bad, but once i use this little ticker i have, this game is ours!’ Scourge thought.
‘I hope this works, if not, we’re toast.’ Fiona thought.
Kiros grinned. « Still think I’m an unskilled brat? » he asked cockily. « Maybe this will open your eyes. Heraklinos, attack Scourge!! »
‘I can’t save him…’ Fiona thought as Scourge took the blow.
« Gyaah! » Scourge was flung backwards. <2700> He leaped back up and ran over, taking out a portable device of some sort and bolted it at Pen, who didn’t know what hit her, as she was knocked back on her butt. Click! This repetitive beeping was heard from her. The device had 2 sets of numbers on it. (2700) and (7500).
« Hey! What’s the big idea?! » Kiros yelled furiously as his monster settled back by his side.
« That, my friends, is a bomb. » Scourge hissed. For the first time since Kiros met her, Pen showed emotion, fear.
« You evil bastard…. » Kiros growled. « You would do this to a little girl?! You’re scum! »
« See the numbers? Those numbers mean that if either one hit’s 0, it’ll explode, do they look familiar?! » Scourge asked, with an evil tone. Pen shook with terror with this fragile contraption around her neck.
From above, people were watching. One of the white cloaked people were about to dive in, but were stopped by another.
« What are you doing?! We have to stop this! »
« No, it’ll bring her more danger to intervien, we can only pray her safe outcome. »
« But this one doesn’t have Chaos Control like Shadow! »
« Each number is our life points, think carefully, you know what you need to do, also, surrendering will also detonate the bomb. » Scourge laughed manically.
« Now, are you done, or what? »
« Make your move scum… » Kiros growled as Heraklinos glared angrily down at Scourge and Fiona.
Pen stood up, shakily and got back into position.
Scourge drew. « I’ll summon Goblin Elite Attack Force. » (2200/1500)
« And I’ll end. » Scourge said. Pen drew her card.
« P-pass… » She said fearfully.
Fiona drew. « I’ll also pass. »
Kiros drew. « I activate the spell card Lightning Vortex, and discard one card from my hand to destroy all your face-up monsters! »
Scourge and Fiona simply laughed. « Who cares. » Scourge said. « You have the power to finish me off, can you do it? » He asked.
Kiros hesitated, while Fiona laughed. « Do it anyway Scourge. It’ll be simpler to take the cards off her that way, and we can just beat the little brat into submission if he tries to stop us. » she said evilly.
« Nah, i want to play with them a little longer…especially seeing as this girl seems to be more than she’s letting on. » Scourge replied, slyly.
« Why don’t you show us who you really are, ‘Pen’…elope. » Scourge said, mockingly.
« Scourge enough of this. I’m bored, let’s just kill her and get the cards! » Fiona pushed.
« I said no, i hold the switch and i want to see the dragons. » Scourge barked.
« I’ll pass. » Kiros said angrily.
Scourge drew. « I’ll summon another Archfiend soldier and end. » Scourge said.
« So, you want to see who I am, huh? Fine. » Pen drew. « I’ll use Polymerization to fuse my 3 blue eyes white dragons in my hand to bring out Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! » The monster then appeared in all its glory. (4500/3800) « Happy? » Penelope asked.
Kiros looked up at the mighty dragon. « Oh….my….gawd….. » he stammered. “You’re THE Penelope? The Overlord, wielder of the Ultimate Dragon Penelope?! You’re the best duellist in the world, save for one beat, why do you say you’re…” Beeeeeeeeeep! Penelope suddenly burst her eyes open and a mysterious figure leaped behind her, grabbed her and BOOM! The bomb exploded, knocking Kiros off to the side, where he slid across the floor, when he came too, he looked over to Penelope’s body, blackened from the blast, but surprisingly, her body was still mostly intact. Kiros stood and carefully walked over.
“Wait…but…how could…how could you…” Kiros was in shock, then, with one final green gleam in his eye, shot his head to Fiona and Scourge, who were equally shocked to see their bomb malfunction.
He looked up at Heraklinos, who was shaking with anger. Looking at both Scourge and Fiona, he said simply and coldly….
« You’re both dead… »
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