❯ Past Chris – The Unexpected Visitor ( Chapter 3 )

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« Hey easy with the wound here. » Chris complained as he grimiced. Leo shoving him didn’t help the pain. Leo lowered his glare and took a few deep breaths.
« All right, I’m sorry I reacted like that but how the hell else did you expect me to react?! »
« Are Elders even allowed to swear? » Chris asked innocently causing Leo to glare at him again.
« Don’t try to change the subject. » He spat. Chris raised his hands in surrenderment.
« All right, all right, I’m sorry. »
« Sorry’s not good enough, I want an explination, and I think I diserve one. »
Chris’s eyes shined with anger when Leo uttered the last sentence.
« Really? » He snarled. « You think that YOU of all people diserve an explination? Pheobe, Paige, and Piper maybe but you? »
Leo backed off somewhat when he felt Chris’s hatred and resentment towards him.
« What Chris, I don’t understand. » He said, completly thrown off by the new feelings that he was recieving. And he didn’t like those feelings either.
Chri glowered at him.
« Just forget it. » He said, he himself taking a few deep breaths. « I’m sorry I lost it for a moment. » He added, and it looked like it almost pained him to apoligze to Leo. Leo looked at him curiously.
« I’m sorry that I also lost it. Now what the hell-er heck-is going on here?! »
Chris took a few more deep breaths. How stupid was he to almost loose it in front of his father? It wasn’t fair to Leo, he didn’t know what he did yet, or more so didn’t do.He sat down on one of the boxes to catch his breath. His emotional pain wasn’t helping his phyisical pain.
« Well there’s no easy way to say this so I’ll just say it. » Chris said finally as Leo waited on what Chris had to say. He looked up at his father. « I’m your son. » He said. Leo stared at him and then his eyes blinked and got wide.
« Uh pardon? » He said as he scratched his neck nervously. « I’m positive I misheard you. I could have sworn though that you said that you were my… »
« Son. » Chris finished. « And you know it’s true. I saw your face back there as you pieced it together. With me and Mel in the same room. Well, the younger me. You know that I’m your son in the future just as you know that Mel is your future daughter. I mean how could you not know with how much she looks like mom? »
« Whoa, who’s uh mom? » Leo said, almost freaking out. Chris smiled at that.
« Piper, remember? »
« We well uh, we’re not together anymore… » Stammered Leo. Chris was his son? Damn he knew the kid was hiding something and he wasn’t sure what to expect from Chris but his son? But if Chris was his son why did it Chris seem to hate him so much? He felt that anger and hatred being directed right towards Leo and it hurt Leo just as it would if Piper was angry at him or wounded. He was confused at that but now he knew why. It was because he was connceted with Chris. Connected closer then any of his charges or sisters-other then Piper.
« I know, I sort of messed that up. » Chris said sheepishly. « I needed you out of the way while I tried to save Wyatt cause I knew you wouldn’t trust me, so I made you an Elder… »
« So THAT’S what happened. » Leo said as he sat down. « I never thought that I would be an Elder. I’ve broken to many rules to be with Piper. »
« Yeah I know, now if we ever get back you two need to um…well you know… » Leo’s eyes widened.
« What?! »
« When the time is right! You’ve still got another month or two before I was concieved. I mean if I’m not then I don’t exsist anymore. » Chris told him adamantly, knowing how much this was to take in.
« Chris, you can’t just order people to make love. It doesn’t work like that. » Leo said, still trying to come to terms that Chris was his future son.
Chris gave a short laugh at that and grimiced at the pain he still had as he weakly wrapped his arms around his stomach.
« No of course you wouldn’t do that for me. That’s just to much, then again you never do anything for me. »
« What? Chris I don’t understand. » Leo looked confused at the hatred he sensed again. « Why do you hate me so much? » He asked softly and Chris looked up sharply at him. « I’m an Elder Chris, I have more power-I can feel your pain and anger like Pheobe would be able to. Why do you hate me? Your own father? »
« You’re not my father. » Chris stood up. « You are biologically but in the other ways… » He sighed. « Look let’s just check out The Book of Shadows find a spell and get out of here. » Leo looked at his future son sadly and then nodded and stood up.
« All right, but we have to talk when we get back, after I find a way to heal you. » He added. Chris looked at him coldly and then nodded and walked limply to the book and opened it. Suddenly a blurr of wind appeared as if someone was coming causing them to close their eyes. When they opened them the person that was there, Chris certiantly didn’t expect to see.
He stared at his older brother, who looked just as evil but younger then when Chris last saw him. » Chris stared at him as did Leo-though he had know idea who this was.
« Hello Chris, long time no see. » Wyatt pratically purred with a smile. Chris didn’t smile back.
« Hello Wyatt. » He said and Leo stared at Chris in shock and then at his oldest son, older now but evil looking in disabelief as he tried to swallow all that was happening…
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