❯ Past Chris – The Crystal ( Chapter 1 )

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Chris orbed to the attic out of breath, clutching the amulant. He fingered the jewel carefully as he studied it. Finally with this he’d be able to go back into the future and see if any of his effort helped at all. He knew though that the demon he stole it from would want it back. He looked up as a whitelight appeared from no where. Shit, Leo.
« What’s that? » Leo asked instently pointing to the emerald amulant. Chris stared at the jewel and at Leo.
« This? » He asked casually. « Oh this is nothing. Something I got off at a flee market. It’s funny how physics and witches are steryotyped isn’t it? They actually believe that all witches wear these things. » He gave a short attempt at a nervous chuckle as he stuffed the amulant into his pocket. Leo stared at him.
« Uh huh, I don’t buy that. » He snapped and stepped closer. « Come on hand it over. »
« Why don’t you trust me yet? » Chris snapped. « I have done nothing but good here. I helped prevent your son from turning evil! And instead of a thank you I just get more interragations! »
Leo stared at him and then backed off.
« You’re right. » He admitted and Chris looked surprised.
« I am? »
Leo smiled at that.
« You didn help save Wyatte from converiting into evil. I should be thanking you instead of watching you like a hawk. »
« Yeah you should. » Chris agreed. « Where are the sisters? » He asked, trying to steer off the subject. Leo sighed.
« Pheobe’s in Hong Kong with Jason, Paige is at Richards and Piper’s…Piper’s on a date. » He caughed at the last one and looked down.
« I don’t get why you and Piper aren’t together. » Chris said adamantly, surprising Leo.
« Well I’m an Elder, it’s not allowed. »
« So? It wasn’t allowed for whitelighters and witches to get together and did that stop you and Piper? »
Leo looked at Chris.
« Good point. » He admitted. « It’s just… »He sighed and Chris rolled his eyes.
« Complicated I know. »
Suddenly a noise appeared from downstaires. Leo and Chris turned sharply.
« What was that? » Leo asked. Chris grimaced.
« I uh…I think I know what it is. » He said sheepsihly and Leo looked at him.
« What? »
« No time to explain! » Chris shot back and ran down the staires. Sure enough there was Verrick, the Demon he stole the amulant from breathing heavy flaimed fire from his nose.
« I want that amulant back! » Verrick yelled angrily and Leo glared at Chris.
« So much for the flee market theory! » He spat.
« I know how to handle this, trust me. » Chris replied.
« Trust! You just lied to me straight to my face, now you’re asking me to trust you?! » Cried Leo. He couldn’t BELIEVE this kid! FINALLY when he begins to trust Chris, Chris does something well Chris like. He wasn’t sure how else to explain it. Why did Chris lie about the amulant? Why did he even need the amulant?
« Give me the amulant and no one has to get hurt! » Verrick breathed.
« Sorry Verrick, I need this more then you do. I know what you plan to do with this amulant anyways, the world’s a safer place if I have it. »
Leo stared at Chris. Again MORE questions, this kid was a mystery that’s for sure. What was he hiding and why did he want to hide it so badly?
« Big mistake! » Verrick hissed and suddenly, taking them both by surprise, another demon of the same species appeared next to Verrick and tossed an unusual ball -that was like a fireball but different- into Chris’s chest. Chris yelled in surprise and tumbled down the staires.
« Chris! » Leo’s whitelighter instnicts took over the suspiciousness he held for Chris as he hurried to the bottom of the staires. He turned Chris over and stared in shock and the gaping hole in Chris’s chest. That was impossible, the only thing that could injure and kill a whitelighter was a darkblade! Or so he thought, maybe being a half whitelighter Chris was more vulnerable like Paige was.
Chris looked up at Leo, his face clearly showing his pain as he clutched the amulant that he pulled out of his pocket.
« Trust me. » He whispered. Leo looked at him and despite the lies that Chris had told for some reason he could trust him. He nodded.
Chris muttered a few strange words and then an odd sensation swept over Leo as the world went black.
« Chris… » He said with uncertainty. Suddenly a loud noise occured as he and Chris collapsed on a pierce of grass. Leo still checked Chris’s chest. There still was that massive wound. Chris moaned in pain and sat up with Leo’s help.
« Chris where are we? » Leo asked as he stared at a familar street with the very familar Halliewell house, but something looked different about it. Darker. Chris scanned the neighborhood and groaned.
Leo looked at him sharply.
« What are you in pain? »
« No, well yes. » Chris admitted. He sighed.
« I think I know where we are. » He said and Leo stared at him.
« Please do tell, cause I for one sure as hell don’t know. » He said.
How does one go about explaining to your future father what just happened. Chris tried to shrug, after all there was no easy way to say this.
« We’re in the past. » He said simpily.
« I’d recoginze the past if this was it, I’ve been there. » Leo snapped.
« No you haven’t. We’re in the past yes, but the past hasn’t happened yet. »
Of course Leo looked confused at that explination. Chris sighed at that.
« We’re in my past. » He said and Leo’s mouth dropped…Hmmm Leo handled it better then Chris thought he would…Now how the hell were they going to get home and what time of his past were they in?
Past Chris – I want Answers!