❯ Past Chris – Sibling Riverly ( Chapter 4 )

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Leo stared at Wyatt in shock.
« Whatt? » He asked. Wyatt looked equelly surprised.
« Dad? What are you doing here? Verrick didn’t say anything about you being with him. »
Now it was Chris’s time to be confused.
« How the hell do you know Verrick? » He demanded. « I met him in the future! »
« His future self warned his younger self about you and the younger self told me so he could get out of limbo sooner. » Wyatt shrugged.
« But he didn’t say anything about our father being with you. »
« Wyatt what the hell happened to you? » Leo asked, horrified and shocked about how his son looked and acted.
Wyatte smiled at that.
« A lot of things happened to me dad. I guess it pains you that I’m not the perfect son you once thought I was right? » He pratically sneered.
« No what pains me is how you could have been turned evil. » Leo said sadly, shaking his head. « Taking the easy road… »
« There you go lecturing. The one good thing about the future you never being around anymore is that I never have to hear you lecture. » Wyatt sneered. Chris stepped foreward.
« Leave him alone Wyatt. This is between you and me, he has nothing to do with this! »
Wyatt looked at his little brother and laughed.
« I can’t believe you said that. » He grinned. « You of all people wholoaths our father. Can’t blame him for playing favorites with me and never being around for you. »
Leo looked at Chris with a pained face.
« Is that true Chris? » He asked softly. « Is that why you hate me? »
« Tell him little brother! » Wyatt laughed. « Tell him how he never has time for you. How he had time for every one of his charges, for the sisters, for mom, for me but never you. Tell him how he missed every single one of your birthdays-he didn’t have time for one. Or how he missed your high school graduation. If you called that place a school. Tell him! » Wyatt continued to laugh at the pain on Leo’s face as he realized the type of father he was. The type that never was around. Chris’s fists tightened with obvious resentment and anger towards Wyatt.
« I’m warning you Wyatt… » He warned slowly-trying to controll his temper.
« Tell him! » Wyatt shouted in glee. « Tell him how he never said you loved you. Mom just died a few years ago, tell him how alone you must have felt after her death. » Leo looked up sharply at that.
« Piper died? » He asked to either Chris or Wyatt. Wyatt laughed at that.
« Yeah she died, mom was weak. »
« Don’t talk about her! » Shouted Chris. « You have no right to talk about her! She loved you and you broke her heart! »
Wyatt stared at Chris for a few minutes as if conteplating what to do and then smiled, finding his answer.
« Don’t get mad at me Chris. What about dad? The only time he’s spoken since I’ve started this rampage was when he found out his precisious Piper died. Did he speak up at all when he realized what an awful father he was to you? No, he didn’t. Shows a lot about the person doesn’t it?
Leo stared at Wyatt in disabelief and then back at Chris who clearly showed more emotional pain then physical.
« Chris… » He began tearfully. « Chris I’m so sorry. »
« Don’t. » Chris spat. « Don’t you see what he’s trying to do? He’s trying to turn us against each other! »
Wyatt started to clap.
« Bravo Chris, well done! And here I thought I had an idiot for a brother. »
Chris glared at him instead of answering and Wyatt lips curled into a smile.
« And sadly I have to get rid of you, even if you are smarter then I thought you are. » He added. Leo advanced on his older son.
« What?’ He said sharply.
« Step aside old man, this doesn’t concern you. Well it does but you can’t orb him out of here or heal him. » Leo stared at Wyatt and tried to orb.
« Why can’t I orb? » He shouted and Wyatt laughed.
« Cause I’ve binded your powers. » He said. Chris stared at him.
« I forgot how powerful you becamse when you were starting out. » He said. Wyatt smiled.
« Too bad this couldn’t be a brother to brother reuinion. » Wyatt sighed. « But you understand why I have to kill you Chris, right? I can’t have the futur you stopping the young me from turning evil. » With that he rolled up his sleeves. « Any last words? » He asked. Chris glared at him.
 » Go to hell. » He spat, believing that Wyatt was to far gone at this point to be saved. Even at 20 Wyatt was more powerful then any demon to roam the underworld.
« Not very original but if that’s what you want your last line to be then so be it. » Wyatt smiled and Leo began to grow edgy-not liking being stripped of his powers. Only a powerful entinty could strip an Elder from their powers.
Wyatt then stretched out his arm and lightening flew from it and hit Chris who yelled in pain as he rose in the air. As Wyatt got closer he shoved his hand into Chris’s stomach where the wound was causing him to yell in more pain.
« NOOOOO! » Leo shouted, fatherly instincts took over as he tried to push Wyatt away from Chris but with his other hand Wyatt just managed to creat a force field around Leo causing Leo to only watch helplessly as his oldest son tortured his younger son.
« Wyatt he is your brother! » Leo shouted, trying to reason with Wyatt. « Wyatt PLEASE! » He started to plead and beg for his older son to show mercy while Wyatt continued to drain Chris of his powers and Chris continued to yell in anquish.
Suddenly the attic door opened and voices began yelling a spell as Leo’s eyes were perminatly fixed on Wyatt beating up Chris and trying to tear Chris’s body apart. Suddenly Wyatt looked up in surprisement a poof of cloud surrounded him causing him to yell in shock as he disapeared from the attic-gone now but still not yet vanquashed.
Leo turned in breathless shock and there stood future Pheobe, Paige and younger Chris also standing in shock as they stared at Leo and future Chris laying on the ground, moaning in pain…
Past Chris – The Unexpected Visitor