❯ Past Chris – I want Answers! ( Chapter 2 )

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Leo stared at Chris in shock.
« You’re past? What do you mean? So we’re in the future? » Chris nodded and Leo looked sharply at the amulant.
« That’s what you wanted that amulant for isn’t it? You wanted to go to the future with it. »
Chris nodded.
« Yes, to see if my work helped the future at all. But the amulant didn’t take us to the future I wanted it to take. It went into my past. »
« What time in your past? »
‘That’s what I’m trying to figure out. » Chris groaned-still in pain-as he checked out the street he lived in, recoginzing the dark feeling her got.
« Whatever time it is you need to send us back into the right time. » Leo snapped. « No ands ifs or buts. »
Chris nodded, agreeing with Leo for a change seeing how he had a sinking feeling what time they were in. The time that Wyatte was turning evil and gaining more, and more power. He clutched the amulant and muttered the same words and both closed their eyes. They opened then and Leo cursed as he saw the same place.
« Why didn’t it work?! » He shouted. Chris sighed as she studied the jewel.
« I think I know why. It doesn’t work yet. »
Leo looked at the kid even more confused then before.
« But it was working a few minutes ago! Why isn’t it working now? »
« Because it hasn’t been created yet. »
« Huh? »
« The demon I stole it from is a demon from the future, that’s why you probably didn’t recoginze it. Verrick used the amulant to transport back into time to try and change his own destiny. But without this jewel he’s defensless. But the thing is, he created it in my future, not your future. Not my past. »
Leo put his hand to his forhead, a sign of a headache.
« All right, so what do we do now? »
« Well we’re at the Halliwell manor aren’t we? » Chris asked and Leo nodded, still helping Chris sit up seeing how he was weak because of the wound.
« Well I suggest that we sneak in there and check out the book of shadows to see if there’s any time portal spell that’s been invented. » Chris concluded. Leo looked at him and nodded again, knowing that they needed to get Chris back into their time so if he couldn’t heal him the other Elders could.
With the help of Leo Chris slowly limped across the street and opened the door to the manor unsure of what he would find, but hoping to God that they wouldn’t run into future him.
They snuck past the livingroom but Leo couldn’t help but pause and glance at the small children that were playing in Wyatte’s old playpen.
« Oh no, no Palmer. » Suddenly came Paige’s voice.
Shit, both of them knew their cover would be blown if they tried to sneak up the staires now. They hid behind the wall as Paige came into the room and scooped up her two year old son.
« You don’t want to orb everywhere do you Palmer? » She scolded him gently. « That’s not good, you can’t use your magic anytime you like.
« Paige has a son in the future? » Leo asked.
« It looks like that doesn it it? » Chris replied, still relieved that future him hasn’t come into the room yet.
« Mel, come help your cousin. » Paige called and a beautiful but very young teenager entered the room looking so much like Piper it scared Leo as she stared at the girl named Mel-no doubt short for Melinda-coming in with all smiles.
« Oh has he been a bad boy? » She crooned as she scooped up young Palmer.
Jesus. Leo thought. She even sounded like Piper.
Paige smiled at that.
« Yeah, he was trying to orb again. » Mel laughed at that.
« Mom and dad used to get so mad whenever me and Chris tried to orb to get out of doing chores. Especially mom since she couldn’t orb. »
Shit, Chris groaned to himself. Why oh why did his little sister have to mention his name? Leo stared at Chris in shock.
« Did she say Chris? » He asked. Chris shrugged.
« I huh I don’t think so. Why would she say Chris? » He asked. He really didn’t want Leo to find out his true identy. He didn’t want any of them to find out his identy.
« Hey Chris! » Melinda shouted and Chris gave a deep groan, and this time not because of the pain, as his younger self entered the room-also all smiles. Leo stared at the younger Chris, his mouth dropping in shock as he put the pieces together.
« Little Palmer was trying to orb out of that playpen of his. » Melinda told her bigger brother. The younger Chris smiled.
« Was he? Well of course he doesn’t like that playpen. You know how old it is? »
« Hey! » Paige said. « There’s nothing wrong with being frugel. »
« Aunt Paige, Wy had it when he was a baby, then it was past down to me. The younger brother. » There was a hint of resentment in Chris’s voice when he said younger. »
« AUNT Paige? » Leo hised, glaring at Chris. « Young man you have some serious explaining to do! »
« And I can explaine everything. » Chris hissed his own assurance. Leo continued to glare at him.
« You better! » He snapped. He was shaking his head as Paige, Melinda, Chris, and little Palmer left the room and pushed Chris up the staires to the attice, not caring about the wounds at the moment. God right now he didn’t know whether to hug him or shake him!
« Now young man, » He snarled as he shut the attic door tightly. « You have got some MAJOR explaining to do. »
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