FLCL Fan Fiction / Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Part 7 Side Story ( Chapter 9 )

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Misato studied the file before her. « Name: Nagisa, Kaoru. Nationality: German.
Date of birth: the day the Second Impact occurred. Place of birth: redacted.
Father, mother, legal guardian: redacted. Known relatives: redacted. » The
tactician sighed. « She’s like Rei; it’s as if she didn’t exist until the day
she came to NERV Headquarters. »

Makoto nodded. « I hacked into Section 2’s database, but it’s as blank as the
Marduk Institute’s, » he referred to an agency under NERV, which tested Children
as potential Eva pilots.

« But the risk… » The woman was uncertain how to complete the sentence.

« It was worth taking, if only to know what we didn’t know, » the man finished.

Another sigh. « Anything else I should know? »

« Yes, but it’s a spoiler. Can we…? »

« Go ahead, » Misato replied. « It can’t be anymore shocking than what the
author’s doing. »

Makoto shrugged. « Haruhara-san believes Pilot Nagisa is the last Angel. Should
we…? »

« Shinji-kun thought a 10-kiloton yield was ‘necessary to kill’ the Ninth Angel, »
the woman recalled. « What will he think is necessary to kill this one? »

The man shivered. « Good point. »



A ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ story by Sidewinder (aim9snake@hotmail.com), 2010.
Characters created and owned by Gainax. Gunblade based on Nomura Tetsuya’s
design for Square Enix. Special thanks to Alain Gravel.


« Excuse me, Fräulein Horaki. »

The Class President turned to the speaker. « How may I help you, Kaoru-kun? »

« I wish to join the Kendo Club. I apologize for what inconvenience my recent
transfer caused–« 

« It’s no trouble, » Hikari assured. « But the school has no Kendo Club.
Regulations state a club needs at least five members to qualify for school
sponsorship, and faculty approval to reserve the gym for activities; there
wasn’t enough interest to start one. »

« Pity. What club is Herr Ikari in? » the 5th Child asked.

« He’s in– what did Aida-kun call it– the Scale Modeling–« 

« How can you say the A-91 is worse than useless, when you’ve yet to handle it?! »
Kensuke drew attention to an issue of Guns & Ammo magazine, with an article on
the A-91 bullpup rifle.

« A right-handed shooter must take his hand off the trigger to manipulate the
safety, » Shinji pointed at a lever near the A-91’s butt. « If either hand is
injured, I might as well shout, ‘Give me a second to arm this ergonomic
nightmare, before you kill me!’ The HK416 and HK417 have an ambidextrous safety
above the trigger guard, which both thumbs can manipulate– a bonus in urban
warfare, where I might switch to shoot from cover. »

The 4th Child pointed at a lever on the rifle’s foregrip. « It does have a
safety on the left…! »

« For its integral grenade launcher. »

« Excuse me, Herr Ikari. » Kaoru approached the Stormbringer pilot. « You seem
interested in military history. May I…? » A stranger knocked the 5th Child
off her feet. « Hey! »

« Oomph! » a boy exhaled when Kaoru bumped into him.

« You warmonger– you monster! How can you discuss murder so casually?! » the
stranger condemned Shinji.

The Stormbringer pilot raised a skeptical brow. « Anne-Marie? »

« My name is Amano Rei, Hero of…! »

« Yaaaa! » Kensuke drew all eyes on his prosthetic leg– now a flapping, avian
wing that lifted him upside-down, scattering paper like snow in a blizzard–
with one exception.

The 5th Child stared at the leg transformed by her touch. ‘I didn’t know I
could do that,’ Kaoru thought.

« You will kowtow and apologize to me, or I shall avenge my honor! » Amano’s
demands were ignored as Shinji, Toji, and Hikari tried to help their friend.
« Then you leave me no choice! » The parody drew a katana– Japanese long sword,
and… Wham! Kensuke dropped the table he hoped would anchor him, onto Amano’s
head. The parody’s toupee flew off, exposing surgical scars from a recent
operation– or lobotomy. Shinji, Toji, and Hikari’s attention remained on the
one-winged boy; none noticed the now unconscious Amano, lying on the floor with
footprints covering his back.

« What did I do to deserve this?! » Kensuke cried.


Keel frowned at the footage from the classroom surveillance camera. « Herr Rei’s
performance was most disappointing. »

« I thought the First Children was a girl? » a black monolith– the form a SEELE
member adopted when using telepathy or astral projection– asked.

The SEELE leader sighed. « I’m referring to Amano Rei, the– what did he pilot,
a Gumbo– we’re evaluating as a replacement for the Third Children. »

« You mean the Gunboy? » « I thought it was a Gundamn? » « It’s the ‘Bad Anime’
parody of a Gundamn; the author has a poor opinion of the franchise. » « Why was
a parody used instead of the actual article? We can’t achieve our goals with
half-baked plans. » « Why are we evaluating replacements for the Third Children?
He has exemplary performance against the Angels. »

« Because his father is Gendo Ikari, who plans to betray and replace us as God–
the Third Children is his instrument, not ours! » Keel took a deep breath.
« Contact Sotsu, Sunrise, and MBS, » the copyright holders. « Evaluate the Gundamn
pilots, and set their– our best against Ikari’s. »


Pen-Pen toured a commercial district on Planet Mauser. ‘Got to love a
government that names planets after gun manufacturers.’ The penguin approached
a replicator booth, caught a familiar face, and approached the blue-haired
albino, holding a sign labeled, « AYANAMI REI? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? »

The girl raised a skeptical brow. « Have we met? »

« I’M PEN-PEN ». The penguin saw no change in Rei’s expression. « MISATO’S PET–

« Misa– you mean Major Katsuragi? » The girl shook Pen-Pen’s flipper.
« Greetings, Pen-Pen. I’m Lingbo Ling, » she caught the penguin’s raised eyebrow,
« Rei’s sister; it’s complicated. What brings you to the Gung-Ho Republic? »

STAINS HIS TEETH », which made Ling laugh.

« How about a gunblade? » With that, the replicator began assembling a knife with
a clip point.

‘A Bowie,’ Pen-Pen’s eyes widened at the 91-centimeter-long blade, ‘saber? No,
it’s a handgun-saber combo.’ The unique sword had a .44 caliber revolver as its
grip, and a cutout in its basket-hilt for the revolving cylinder; the frame was
labeled, « 10.9x 33mm R ». Like katana, the blade had layers of hard and soft
metal– folded around a gun barrel, the muzzle visible behind its clip point.

Ling handed the gunblade to the penguin. « Think you can handle it? »

Pen-Pen slashed at his shadow; the momentum near-swept him off his feet, but the
heavy weapon promised serious injury to a target, even one in body armor.
« WHERE CAN I GET AMMO? » the penguin asked.

« It’s chambered in .44 Magnum– .44 AutoMag with moon clips, » Ling stated.



End side story.

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