D. N. Angel Fan Fiction ❯ Pants Prance ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Daisuke had a rather rude awakening in the morning.

“Waaah!” he cried out, very much the same scene as the night before only this time he caught himself from falling off of the bed since Dark was still sleeping soundly next to him. It wasn’t that fact that frightened him, as he remembered all too clearly what had happened the night before. It was just that he didn’t quite recall the part where Dark had been utterly and completely naked, judging from the way the sheet wrapped around his hips revealed only skin underneath.

Dark slowly roused from hearing Daisuke’s shouting and opened his eyes to see said boy wide eyed and slack jawed, shaking like a newborn Chihuahua.

“What is it Daisuke?” he asked, panicking that something was horribly wrong. He tried to sit up but that only made Daisuke scream again.

“Don’t sit up!”

“What? Why?!”

“You seriously spent the entire night like that? In my bed? With me?” he asked, his voice cracking a bit as he spoke.

Dark looked down and saw the sheet wrapped around his waist, coming dangerously close to falling off had he sat up. “Oh, is that all?” he said, being relieved that there weren’t spiders crawling in his hair. “Well of course. I don’t come with my own wardrobe you know (1). When we transformed I always ended up wearing what you were wearing. If we get separated I get nothing. Besides, what’s all the fuss about? It’s not anything you haven’t seen before.” He explained casually, while Daisuke was still freaking out.

“But I haven’t seen yours, and I don’t want to!” he said, flopping down face first into his pillow.

Dark pouted. “Never?”

Daisuke wiggled around irritably. “I mean I’m not ready to! Go put some clothes on!” He ordered.

“Alright, alright!” Dark said, getting up and rolling over Daisuke, which brought him to the realization that when he had been hugging him the night before, pressed up against him…he had been….! Daisuke’s face began to resemble the color of his hair.

Dark paused above Daisuke which only made the situation worse. “Can I at least have a good-morning kiss?”

“Only after you’re wearing pants!” Daisuke’s muffled voice spoke quickly.

“You didn’t mind last night!”

“I didn’t know last night!” Daisuke squeezed his eyes shut and tried to shove Dark away.

“Fair enough.” Dark jumped off of the bunk bed onto the floor, and popped his back as he went to rifle through Daisuke’s things for anything that fit. Maybe Daisuke had a good idea after all…it was pretty freaking cold in here.

“Okay! I’m decent!” he finally called to Daisuke, who cautiously peeked up from his pillow to find Dark dressed in his pants and a red sweater that had been too big for him. “I’m going to have to get some of my own clothes I guess.” He said, lifting up the sweater to reveal that he hadn’t been able to button the pants. “…And underwear. Sorry Daisuke but I kind of have to go commando for a little while.”

“Dark!” Daisuke squeezed his pillow hard enough to turn his knuckles white.

“But that’s okay isn’t it? We’re lovers after all. This sort of thing shouldn’t be disgusting to us, right?” Dark tried to persuade him. Daisuke finally just dropped his head and sighed.

“I guess they’ll wash. But still…” he added, knowing it would be best to get Dark his own clothes as soon as possible, which brought him back to the questions he wanted to ask the night before.

“What about my family? What do we tell them?”

“Nothing,” Dark said simply as if he had thought about it ages ago. “Yet. There’s nothing more that I would like to do than run up to the highest rooftop and proclaim my love for you to the entire world, but at the same time we need to make smart decisions. If we told them we had separated, chances are they’re going to eventually figure out why. If they know why, chances are we won’t be able to stay together. I’m not saying that’s definitely what would happen, but for the time being, I think we ought to keep it between just the two of us.”

“But then where will you stay? What about when there’s a letter, and you have steal something? How is this going to work?”

“It’s simple. I’ll stay in your room during the day. When it’s time to do my job, I’ll go out by myself, and you stay here hidden in your room. There would be no reason for your family to think you aren’t there with me. It would make it a lot easier actually, because then I won’t be worrying about you getting hurt the entire time.”

“But…wouldn’t you go crazy staying in here the entire day?”

“Daisuke, I’ve spent the past year and a half spending ninety-eight percent of my time sleeping in your soul. I’ll hardly go stir crazy in your room. Besides, your family’s got to go out sometimes right? I’ll have plenty of opportunities to leave your room.”

“And what about going out?”

“It’s best I don’t do it often anyway. Everybody will recognize me.”

“So how do you propose you get new clothes?”



“You go shopping for me.”

“WHAT? Are you kidding? How would I even know what size to get or what you would like or…?”

“I trust you. And as for size, I’m sure you can judge that for yourself. I would risk going with you to help, but that’s kind of the point – I don’t have anything to wear out.”

“Do you know how much of an idiot I’ll look like buying a bunch of clothes that won’t even fit me?”

“You won’t look like an idiot. They won’t care what you’re buying as long as they get your money. And anyway who cares? I doubt you’ll ever see the salespeople there ever again.”

“Oh, come on Dark! Don’t make me do this!” Daisuke wailed, terrified he’d pick out something ugly that Dark hated more than anything else.

“What’s the deal? I’m hardly asking you to streak through your school. I’m just asking you to buy me a couple of shirts!” Dark said a bit exasperated. “Christmas shopping!” He then shouted suddenly.

“What about Christmas shopping?” Daisuke asked, wondering if every morning was going to be this stressful from now on.

“Keep up, Daisuke! It’s December isn’t it? Everyone will just think you’re buying something for your dad. Now there’s nothing for you to worry about.” He said proudly, but Daisuke was pouting. “What?”

“I’m going to completely mess it up, I just know it!”

“No you won’t! How could you possibly mess it up? Just grab something from the rack and get out. How hard is that?”

“Harder than it sounds.” He continued pouting. “I’ll probably end up spending hours there, analyzing whether or not you’d like something.”

“Oh, Daisuke. Eight hours after we confess our love, and you’ve already turned into such a cute little wife.” Dark teased, getting a very displeased face in return. He softened a bit, and went to Daisuke’s face which was resting at the edge of his bed and touched their noses together. “Don’t get stressed out over something so simple.”

Daisuke stayed still for a moment, his cheeks warming from Dark’s affections. Then he softly smiled and nodded. “Yeah, you’re right I guess.” He then surprised Dark by softly kissing him, remembering to keep his promise for a good-morning kiss.

He even allowed it for a few seconds when he broke the kiss and started to pull away, only to have Dark follow and reconnect their lips more deeply.

He eventually planted his hands on Dark’s shoulders and gently pushed him away. “I should get ready now.”

Dark moaned but let him go. “Do you need me to come in the shower with you and help wash your back?”

“Absolutely not!” Daisuke dumped his blankets on top of Dark’s head and hopped down, leaving Dark to make his bed as he got freshened up.

Daisuke left the house after breakfast under the vague excuse that he had some things to take care of. Being the responsible child that he was, his mother hadn’t asked any further questions and he left the house with his life savings ($78) hoping that would cover it all.

It was well after opening time once Daisuke finally arrived at the large mega-super-shopping outlet on the further side of town. He bit his lip, looking warily at the outside of the building. There were sooo many shops inside, and on top of that even at 10 in the morning it was already starting to get crowded. Didn’t all the girls of Azumano have anything else to do on weekend mornings? Not to mention the Christmas shoppers who were trying to get their business done early this year. Well either way the cold air was most certainly nipping at his nose so he didn’t want to waste any time standing out there making himself more miserable. Besides, he was doing this for Dark, so he didn’t really want to complain.

He entered the door to the closest large department store he was near. It figures it just had to be an entrance by the women’s clothing, more specifically the women’s lingerie. Daisuke definitely felt like he had treaded into forbidden territory where he was most unwelcome, even though nobody had even noticed him at this point. His eyes darted around the store trying to find the fastest and most inconspicuous route to the men’s clothing.

He speed-walked down the aisle that was lined with frilly unmentionables, that he avoided making eye contact with, until a clearing was visible. Yes, he was almost out of there!

“Hey Riku, wait up a second!” an ever so painfully familiar voice called out, causing him to skid to a halt and very nearly collide with a display of under things. Their voices were close…too close! He didn’t have time to think and quickly ducked behind the display, hoping they wouldn’t catch sight of him.

“I told you not to take all of those dresses in with you! We’re going to be here all da-” he heard Riku’s voice becoming louder and louder until it stopped short, frighteningly close to where he was crouched.


Daisuke shot up, coming face-to-face with the Harada twins who were peering at him curiously over the women’s underwear. “Oh hi! Fancy meeting you two here!” he said a bit over-enthusiastically.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Riku asked, eyebrow cocked, and sounding quite concerned to say the least.

“…In the women’s underwear?” Risa added, more confused than anything.

“Oh! It’s not what you’re thinking, really! I’m just here to do some Christmas shopping!” Daisuke sputtered out, suddenly feeling rather overheated.

Relief flooded both of their faces at his words. “Oh that’s sweet! For your mom?” Risa chirped in response.

“No, actually, I’m here to find something for my dad.”

The relief didn’t last very long as they both glanced at each other and then back to their classmate.

“No, not here!” he added, realizing what this looked like. “I mean, I just came in through that entrance over there, and I was trying to get to the other side of the store…and…” he trailed off, realizing that he was rambling.

“So…what were you doing crouching by the undies?” Risa inquired, embarrassing Riku further but at the same time asking exactly what was on her mind as well.

Daisuke panicked, yelling inside of his head for Dark’s help. Then he remembered.

“That’s right. He’s not here anymore.” He felt a split-second of loneliness before he returned to reality and tried to come up with an excuse as best as he could. “Oh, that, um…My shoelace was coming untied and I wanted to fix it before I tripped…” he quickly lied, apparently doing a good job.

“Ohh. I’m sorry about all the questions. We should have known better than to think you were a pervert!” Riku laughed.

Daisuke laughed as well, too loudly, and rubbed the back of his head.

“Well then, if you’ll excuse me, I’d better get on my way.” He said, wanting to get away from them quickly.

“Wait!” one of them called out behind him and he stopped short, his blood going cold.

“So what are you getting for your dad?”

“Risa, don’t ask personal questions!”

“Well sorry, but Niwa’s our friend isn’t he? And besides, I thought you were practically begging to take a break just a minute ago.” She pouted, turning back to Daisuke who knew exactly where this was going. “We’ve been trying on dresses all morning, because we’re going to a holiday pageant in a couple of weeks. We could use a break…would you like any help?”

“Uhhh…” Daisuke stalled, really not in the mood for company. But then again, Risa might be really useful in helping to pick out something that was exactly Dark’s style. “If it’s no trouble for you I guess that would be okay.” He said a bit nervously.

“Great!” Risa squealed and took his hand, as well as Riku’s on her other side. “So what do you have in mind? A tie? A pair of socks?” She inquired on their way.

“No. I need to get him a whole outfit.”

Both sets of eyes widened for opposite reasons.

“What about something like this?” Riku tried to be helpful and held up a pair of Dad Style pleated khaki slacks.

“No way Riku, those are lame.” Risa answered for him. “How about this?” She held up an expensive looking designer sports coat.

“I was thinking something more casual.” Daisuke told her hesitantly.

“Oh, I see. Well then what about this?” She held up an even more expensive looking studded leather jacket.

“Risa, stop thinking of your own taste, and start thinking about what Mr. Niwa would like.” Riku berated her.

“How do you know Mr. Niwa wouldn’t like it? Just because he’s a father doesn’t mean he has to have bad taste in fashion. Daisuke, what do you think? Would your dad like this?” She widened her big, glittering brown eyes.

It’s a good thing he wasn’t affected by her anymore.

But more importantly, Dark would like it, but it probably cost five times the amount he had on him. Money might not be an object for Risa but it was something Daisuke definitely had to keep in mind.

“I think he would like it,” He tried to remain mannerly. “But it’s not really what I’m looking for today. I just wanted to get him a simple shirt and pants. I didn’t really want to get him anything special.”

“Nothing special? But didn’t you say this was a gift for him?”

“Risa!” Riku hissed once again. “Don’t be rude. A simple shirt and pants is a very nice gift.”

“I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just curious! Wouldn’t he already have a lot of shirts and pants? Why not get him something he wouldn’t normally buy for himself?”

“This isn’t about what you think, it’s about what Daisuke wants to buy for his father. We just offered to help him pick that out, not criticize and bully him into buying something he doesn’t want.”

Daisuke felt like he was getting whiplash watching the two of them ping-pong back and forth. He would have been better off shopping by himself. In fact he had only been here for two minutes and already he wanted to crawl under a rack of pants and sob.

“I’m back.” He could not have said more unenthusiastically when he entered his bedroom hours later.

“It’s about time.” Dark bent and lightly kissed the top of his head. “Did you miss me?”

“Actually…I did.” He already felt more calmed and refreshed after hearing Dark’s voice.

Dark smiled and grabbed the bag from Daisuke’s hands. “Let’s see how you did.”

He reached in and pulled out a pair of simple black pants and a black and purple striped sweater.

“I really tried to get you something you would like.”

“Well it certainly matches me well!” He grinned and pecked his cheek. He looked down and finally noticed the bag was now empty. “This is it? What about underwear?”

Daisuke’s eyes widened. “I couldn’t buy underwear for you! I don’t even buy my own underwear!”

Dark sighed. “I guess I can do without it for awhile. And what about pajamas? I thought you didn’t like me being naked in your bed?” He said a bit teasingly.

“You don’t even know how hard it was just to get what I did.” He hung his head and collapsed on his sofa.

“Oh, Daisuke.” Dark followed and sat beside him. “I didn’t realize this would be so hard on you. Shall I rub your back?” He started to do so before Daisuke had a chance to answer, making the younger boy tense up even further.

“Relax! I really did mean rub your back. I’m not going to molest you yet.” He insisted. Silly virgins…

“That’s okay, Dark. Why don’t you go try on your new clothes?” Daisuke tried to change the subject.

Dark shrugged, but said nothing. He got up and did just what Daisuke suggested. Only he proceeded to do it in the middle of the room, right in front of Daisuke.

“Dark!” Daisuke shouted after he had peeled off his sweater.

“What’s wrong?” Dark stopped just before he began to take off his pants. “You’re going to have to get used to it sooner or later, Daisuke.”

“Daisuke?” Towa’s muffled voice came through the door as she knocked lightly. Both boys were startled and began scrambling to find Dark a hiding place.

“Just a minute, don’t come in!” Daisuke called out.

“Daisuke?” She repeated again. “…What are you doing in there?” She managed to make it sound so lecherous.

“I-it’s not what you think! I’m just…wrapping Christmas gifts!” He panicked.

“Awww!” She squealed. “Are any of them for me?”

“No! I mean, um…” He stopped running around his room to smack his face with his palm.

“Hmph! If none are for me, then there’s no reason I shouldn’t come in!” She began turning his doorknob.

“No Towa, don’t!” He cried and ran over to throw his weight against the door, but he was too slow. The door swung open and Towa stepped inside.

“Oh my gosh!” Towa exclaimed.

He couldn’t get himself to look up. It was all over before it even began!

“Who’s this for? Your dad? That’s so sweet!” She wailed.

Daisuke spun around and found the room totally devoid of Dark, and Towa picking up his new clothes from the floor.

“But I’m not sure if these are his style, Daisuke.” She tried to warn him.

“Actually, these are for a friend.” He took the clothes from her. She got a curious expression on her face and he shoved everything back into the bag and tossed it aside for now. “What did you need to talk to me about?”

“Oh right! We’re having spaghetti for dinner!”

“Spaghetti?” A nervous breakdown for spaghetti? “Wow, that sounds good! Well, thanks for telling me!” He ushered her towards his door.

“Are you okay Daisuke? You seem a little on edge.”

“No, I’m okay. I’m just in a hurry to get back to wrapping. Oh and Towa? Could you please remember to not come into my room when I’m not around?” He tried to remain as unsuspicious as possible.

She clasped her hands together and nodded giddily. “Because of the gift you didn’t get me?” She winked. “Of course Daisuke, I’ll be sure to remember.”

He closed his door and breathed a sigh of relief now that that was taken care of. But where had Dark hidden himself? The question answered itself a second later when Dark jumped down from the roof onto his balcony.

“That was too close.” Daisuke stated the obvious as he walked over to him. “I don’t think my heart can take this every day.”

“It will get easier. Besides, we both have excellent reflexes, so there’s absolutely no reason for you to be worried.”

Dark collected Daisuke in his arms and squeezed him tightly, still being half naked, with that coming closer to being totally naked as the seconds slipped away, just like his pants.

“You’re right I guess. Well it should be safe now for you to finally try on your clothes.” He replaced himself in Dark’s arms with the garments and turned to allow Dark to change.

“Uh, Daisuke?” Dark spoke up after a couple of moments. “These are too big.”

Daisuke turned to see Dark practically swimming in his new pants. He had forgotten that the Harada twins had chosen the clothes for a middle-aged man, not a fit younger boy!


(1)- This makes sense to me, but I guess I made it up because I remember one episode in which Dark takes over and is wearing a totally different outfit than Daisuke. I don’t understand that. But never mind that here. :T

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