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Central Character : Midori (my own character)

I feel something grieve my heart this time. Pain… Its fell burned my chest and melted all bone which should support it. I bind that white ribbon slowly on my head. My hand is trembling in the last tie. I was promise will not cry. And I try my best to fulfil my promised. But honestly, I should not promise that to you.

White Kimono which I wear looks so dominant. I don’t know… as if entire colours in this room melted become cold white. Breeze…. Yes… even though I used to be like green. Like your beautiful eyes. But now, it already changes. Holy white drew it all…. My feeling… My Love… and you. I bow weakly.

Night is so dark even though I already open a window wide. Ah… no… it is not night…. It has been few days’ sun can’t raise his light. Closed by dark shadow which none of us knew where he comes from and when he will leave (?). Small candle light cloudily this small room where I kneel in hollow. His picture-frame tied by black ribbon stands there. His face still smile and look at me softly. I took it slowly. I’m flattering it. I’m bowing in loneliness. Sad think surrounded in my mind. Freeze and cold…


« I’ll leave Midori. Take care! » He looked at me deeply that time. Kita no Reishou, Hokuto, stood up in front of me, and said good bye. His last word before he does his most dangerous mission. Mission risks his entire thing. His faith, his live principle, including his life. I want to say that I don’t want he leave. I don’t want to see him risk his entire life.

« But Doctor… » I try to argue.

« Sshh… » He pulls his finger on my lips slowly to stop me talking. « I’m sure I’ll not return. And you know it also. » He smiles.

I can’t stop my tear drops that time. I only keep silent and see his beautiful green eyes. I sobbing, hopeless.

« Don’t cry… Did I promise you to protect you till I die?! Don’t tear that drops! Even more don’t tears for me! » He strokes my tears gentle. I don’t know how he able to smiles when faces his death. Even though he not dies in this battle, he will die next tree or four month. I also understood he already loose many thing because Rafael. And his beloved brother also die on is hand because cruel game from Kikaikou Koku Eliah. He is the only one who understand how heavy his pain which always he brings in his loneliness. Ah… he never wants makes other people beside him sad. He always tries to get stiff. I’m sobbing more.

« Sshh… » He hugs me tightly. I hug him too. This is the last day I see him. Last day I’m on his hug. Last day I can hear his gentle voice. Even though I try hard not to cry, but my eyes are too weak handle so many tears that flood out. Moreover remembering that he have special place in my heart.

« I’m leaving now…. » He left his hug. I’m shock.

« Please… doctor… don’t go… » I still try to grip his hand tightly.

He only shakes his head slowly. « I can’t! Midori… you know this is my duty as Shireishou. And I will not run from my responsibility. » He is flattering my hand softly.

I’m nodding hopeless. I know… he is great doctor. He is perfect doctor in my eyes. Also a Reishou I respected and loved.

Maybe my imagination is too high hoping he replies my feeling. But since he saved my life four years ago, only him stayed in my heart. I’m only small servant in his hospital. Helping him to carry out anything he needed. But its already make me great full. Able to see his smile every day, see his charming laugh, also his sad expressions when knew death come to his patients. I like them all!

I don’t want to tell him my feeling. I don’t want to! Beside, I don’t want to disturb him. Or I’m too cowards?

Suddenly, he’s flattering my hair softly.

« Don’t you know? Your hair is the most beautiful hair in the world…. » He spin my hair few and kiss it. I’m blushing. He might not realized that my green hair not as beautiful as his eyes.

« I always remember you till end… » He smiles.

« I always keep memory about you, Doctor. Deep…deep in my heart. Place where that memory will not disturb even though by time. »

« Thank you. But… forget me as soon as possible! I’m not deserved to be cried… to be thought… or be waited with woman like you! Promises me you will not crying if I die! » His eyes sheltered and I feel begging tone on it. He’s flattering my chin warmly.

« O-ok… » At least I agree even though my heart full of doubt. « But I can’t promise to forget you! I owe my life and everything to you, Doctor! »

« You not owe me anything Midori! You always help me. Understand all my feeling. You are the only woman who able to understand me. And that’s enough for me. I owe you for that! »

I shake my head. « No! No doctor! You not owe me anything! Not at all! I can give you anything that I have. You must know that! »

He only smiles. But I can fell his eyes trembling when look at me

« I’m going now! » He shook his head and releases his hand. « Sayonara Midori… »

« Doctor! » I scream when he turn away and move farter. He turns and looks at me confused. I took a deep breath. « Doctor.. I… I… I LOVE YOU! » With a half scream I say that word.

He gives me his sweetest smile I’d ever see. His green eyes drawn and looks so calm. « Thank you… I’m Sorry. »

I try to smile. « Sayonara… » I whisper that word. But I can’t stand anymore with this pain feeling. I run at him at hug his gentle body. He pulls me slowly and kisses my lips for a while. My heart beat repeating fast.

« Sayonara… » last word that I hear from his shivering lips. We froze for a while. Look each other in silent.

But he turns again without any word. He’s walking into his great B’T. His chocolate hair is waving by dry desert wind. He enters his B’T without look at me again. Max fly to the sky bring Hokuto inside. My special one is already gone forever. And now, I’m alone…


It has been a week since his journey to Main Tower. I don’t know why I feel that today he will die. Without body to buried…. Without body to remember… even though his dust will blew by desert wind.

I hear big explosion from Main Tower. I can feel it even though I’m 2000 mil from that place. I close my eyes. I’m surprise see his face in my imagination. Handsome face that always in my mind. His eyes close with smile in his red lips. So calm… its looks like he only sleep. I can feel wind blow from my room windows.

I open my eyes. I don’t believe it. My Rhodopsyn destroy fast. Make me must blinked several time adapting with white light from the sun which suddenly shine. He did it! He destroyed Rafael. I smile vaguely. I hug his picture tightly.

« You did it Doctor… » My tear drops.


Sigh… Its hard to created Hokuto fall in love with another woman, LOL (Hokuto is mine :P). But if Hokuto has Girl Friends, I want like Midori. Midori means Green. But.. Indonesian version of this fiction is more romantic than English version. I can’t translate some word into English. ^^; I hate my own English! I also created an Illustration for it.

Sort Dictionary :

Kita no Reishou : North’s Guardian Spirit

Kikaikou Koku Eliah : Machine Empire

Shireishou : Four Guardian Spirit

Sayonara : Good Bye (for more than 6 month or will die)