❯ Original Ben Ten: Th Machaliens – Who are the Machaliens? ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
The kids were most confused. The Machalien Empire– Who were they? Where did they come from? What did they want with the Earth? Most importantly, why did Joel suddenly seem angry and sad at the same time…? While Joel wasn’t up to explaining, Gordon and Max shared all that they knew.
A few years ago, the plumbers had encountered mysterious creatures unlike any other. They were genetically-enhanced aliens that had cybernetic machine parts built into their bodies which made the twice, or even three times as powerful as any alien or machine ever was. They called them… The Machaliens
Gwen was starting to get the drift. “Machine aliens, of course.”
“Whoa, whoa… back up a minute.” Ben said, “You mean to tell me there are creeps out there half metal and half gooey?”
Gwen grabbed Ben’s ear and stretched it, “Open your ears for once.” she grunted.
Gordon broke up his great niece and nephew, “Now you too little brats settle down. This here ain’t no thing to arguin’ over.”
“Gordon’s right…” added Max. “Our main concern to all stick together to ensure our safety, but no matter what happens… never underestimate the capabilities of the Machalien emperor.”
Back on Dread’s colony, the count was addressing the citizens of his entire empire, thousands of troopers, and thousands of machalien creatures, and announced his wicked places to conquer the Earth, and start a new utopia for their kind. “I have full and complete faith in all of you, my wonderful creations. With all that I have given you, and all that I expect in return, we shall build a new tomorrow… A NEW… ORDER!”
The entire empire began to cheer and raise their arms up high for their ruler. The count then walked back to his throne room with his three minions following him and complimenting his speech, but kept well in my that they all had their own agendas to tend to… such as attacking Joel and the entire Tennyson family. “But sire…” said Mr. Mann, “We have no way of knowing where they are or what they are doing?”
Jorgen confirmed that Mr. Mann was right and he had lost tracking of the Rust-Bucket, but Dread wasn’t discouraged at all. If he knew Joel he knew full well where they were headed, “And we shall not rest along the ay until we are certain that every last one of them is destroyed— Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah…!
Max set the Rust Bucket to auto-drive so he could rest a while, and explain more to the kids. He and Gordon showed them a holographic image containing information on the new threat to the planet. “This is Count Dread the Machalien emperor.” said Max, “… Super ruler and creator of the Machalien Empire, and the single most powerful creature the plumbers had failed to capture.”
Lucy felt scared already, “Hold me, Benny-Pooh.” She cried as she gripped onto him. Ben struggled to try and get her off, but he too felt concerned, “Man… I can’t believe Vilgax is going to try and put with this guy.” But he and Gwen were shocked to hear from their great-aunt BJ that “The Machalien Empire is so powerful that even Lord Vilgax doesn’t stand a chance and has retreated fearing for his very existence.”
Even Gwen was boggled by the fact that Vilgax was gone and almost even felt bad for him. “They’re really all that powerful?”
Max agreed, and played back more images of the previous battle at the mansion. “As you can see… the Machalien Empire possess incredibly powerful fighting machines, and technology.”
The kids saw the troopers, but Lucy still asked. “What are those things?”
They were called alidroids, which was short for Alien-Androids. They were Count Dread’s highly sophisticated, mechanized fighting robots built with alien tissue to make them stronger. Max warned the kids, “They have no fear, and they must be completely dismantled to be defeated or shorted out.”
A few years back, the plumbers and the few Machaliens that did exist at the time had it all out, Joel was there too. The Machaliens proved to be extremely powerful, and managed to escape the Earth and were gone for a long time, but ever since, Count Dread had been known to be gathering followers for all corners of many galaxies and genetically enhancing them to form his all-powerful empire. Now the Earth’s solar system was the final link in the chain of places conquered by his forces.
Gwen felt a shiver run through her spine. “This means… that once they conquer us, they’ll have it all. No one will exist that can stand up to them.”
Max hated to say that it was true. “Quite frankly… the safety of the entire universe now rests with use plumbers and those who ally to our causes.”
This was very scary stuff already, and still it wasn’t over. Camille was feeling okay enough to be out of bed but just a little while. Her lower leg area seemed dry and a little crusty. Lucy fell into a panic. “It’s got to be the heat-atrocious virus.”
When Ben and Gwen asked about it, Camille explained it was a deadly illness, but only affected sludge-puppies. It caused their internal body temperatures to rise and like any sludge-puppy when exposed to intense heat their bodies began to crust and turn to stone. If Camille turned to stone, and remained that way for too long she would crumple into dust… in other words, she would die.
“NO!” snapped Joel. Everyone jumped at the sound of his reaction. “I won’t let that happen.”
That was what the serum was for that Camille drank, it was kind of formula that could ease the reaction of the virus and stop the infection, but this serum was only like a pain killer and it wouldn’t cure Camille. Until they found a way to ultimately cure her, Camille would have keep taking the serum every time she felt an attack coming, or she’d turn to stone for sure.
The best thing for her to maintain a calm and leveled temperature while avoiding external heat of any kind or the virus would only spread and attack her faster. With the serum supply limited that didn’t leave too much.
Luckily Max new where they were going and what would help them not only cure Camille but also help them in the battle against the Machaliens. For now, Ben and Gwen were issued the responsibility of protecting everyone until they reached their destination.
“What? Why us?” asked Ben.
Gordon and Max explained that as powerful as the Machaliens were, they hadn’t been around Earth for a long time, and it was a possibility they had no knowledge of either the omnitrix, or Gwen’s spells. “It just may be the one strong defense we have. Our plumber tech all together may not be enough to beat them.” replied Max.
“All right…” Ben gloated. “It’s mega hero time.”
Gwen rolled her eyes in dismay that she’d have to be working with an irresponsible and way over his head, Ben. Still, she knew it had to be done. She also caught an interest in Camille’s medicine serum. “Hey, Joel… where did you get this stuff anyway?” she asked, but Joel looked grim and got up without answering. “Joel? Joel…?”
“I don’t want to talk about It.” he simply said before locking himself in the bathroom to be alone. “Man, what’s up with him?”
The others all knew what was up with Joel, but all they bothered to tell Ben and Gwen was that Joel and Count Dread seemed to have some sort of… history back, but it was strictly his business and he didn’t like other people blabbing it out. It only made more people worry about him.
Gwen and Ben were sure that whatever Joel had against Dread, it had to be something very serious.
Mrs. Mann entered the throne room and reported, “We have our first volunteer, my count. He has graciously offered to lead your first assault against Joel Tennyson and family.”
The count gripped his staff tight and grinned wickedly. “Excellent! We shall attack at sundown. Heh, heh, heh…!”
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Original Ben Ten: Th Machaliens – First line of attack