❯ Original Ben Ten: Th Machaliens – Two way battle ( Chapter 13 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
“Mykan!” Joel sneered.
I gripped my staff and angrily stood up, “Stop calling me that!” I demanded “My name is Count Dread, now and forever.”
Joel found my attitude to be more and more sickening every moment, but what was there to do– Apologize? Would one simple apology reverse what happened and give me my life back? “You not only act like a fool, Joel, you think like one too.” I said to him. “All your sincerities… All your righteous claims– They have the hollowness of lies!”
Joel protested that what I was doing was no better than what he did– Conquering worlds, terrorizing innocent people. “You’re beef’s with me? Why not just take it out on me… why do you have to hurt other people?!”
That was easy; if I had destroyed him then he wouldn’t know what it would be like to lose everything you ever cared about. I had come too far to stop now. It was high-time that I reclaimed everything that was once taken from me and create the utopia I desired!
I flicked on the monitors and we both saw the images of what was going on in the dungeons. The minions had a swarm of troopers backing them up and were fighting the others. “Oh, no…!” cried Joel.
“Hmm, mm, mm…!”
These troopers seemed much harder to take down than the ones before, and the minions were stronger too. The fight seemed perfectly even, except at once point in which a trooper had shot at Camille’s suit causing it to malfunction. The stress caused her temperature to rise and her skin to start crusting. “Camille!” cried Lucy as she ran over to her fallen cousin, “Help me shield her!” Gordon and BJ rushed over, but it wouldn’t be long now before that virus would turn Camille into stone and really put her in danger.
Ben, as Wildmutt, growled in anger and charged at the troopers, full force, knocking them over like bowling pins and finally giving the others an upper-hand, but the minions themselves were still not any easier.
“It’s like they’ve been genetically enhanced!” cried Gwen. It was right then she realized that was exactly IT! They had been genetically enhanced were now stronger than ever. “You didn’t think our master wouldn’t fight fair now, would you?” sneered Jorgen, and the fight continued.
Joel could hardly bare to see this, and now he had reached his limit. He turned to face me, “Old friend or not… you’ll pay for what you’ve done!” he snarled.
I sniggered sinisterly as I readied my staff, “I’m afraid it is you who shall be the one to pay, Joel!” I said to him. “Come on. Give me your best shot. I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time.”
Joel stood tall and fiercely and grabbed his ray-gun. “All right… take this!” and he shot at me several times. “Hmm!” I just stood there and took the blasts, not a single of them seemed to do me any damage. “What?!” exclaimed Joel.
“Heh-heh! Is that you best?” I mocked him. This prompted Joel to keep firing at me until his ray-gun burned out, but I just smiled and kept taking those hits. Joel threw his gun down and came at me himself with a battle-rod he pulled out form the sheath on his back. Before he could reach me I just kicked him down with my hard metal leg. “Argh…!”
“You missed me.”
Joel got back up and tried to jab at me, but I blocked his every-move, and even when we got engaged in a lockdown, I simply just smirked and jolted him with power electrical currents. “YAA-AAHH…!” Joel was thrown hard across the floor. “Uhn…! Ohh…!”
“Heh, heh, ah, ah, ah! It seems you are not as good a fighter as you once fancied.” I gloated. I stepped over to him and grabbed him by the neck and forced him to gaze at the monitors. “Take a good look!” Joel could see that his family weren’t faring any better against the minions than he was against me. “This can’t be happening…”
“Hmm, mm, mm– I’m afraid it is. Any moment now, you and your family will be no more. My revenge will be complete, and nothing will stand in my way of ruling the universe once I’ve conquered the Earth.”
I let Joel fall to the floor and I poised my staff at him. “And now the final ordeal. It’s been fun, Joel.
This looked like the end for Joel, but he hadn’t given up yet and was secretly holding a knife behind his back and waited at just the right minute before rolling out of the way before I zapped him and stabbing me hard in the back. “ARGH…! AAAH…!” He got me right in my alien tissue, and even tore a huge hole in my cape. Joel then grabbed his spare ray-gun and began to shoot at me right where I got stabbed which finally did me a great deal of damage. Now I was the one at Joel’s mercy. “And so… the tables have turned.”
I was on the ground shaking nervously, and backing away from him. Joel couldn’t believe he was going to do this… and he wasn’t, because I quickly managed to flip round behind him and shove him hard to the ground, knocking his gun away too. “And so the tables have turned again.” I mocked at him.
Joel, at my mercy once more, could barley believe what he was seeing, but all my injured had gone, vanished without a trace. “Do you remember the serum I stole from the labs, Joel?”
My little experiment proved useful. With the serum I obtained combined with the formulas I had conjured over the years, I was able to stabilize my unbalanced mutation. So I wouldn’t have any painful episodes anymore, but it also increased my own power granting me more abilities than ever. “As long as I don’t take too much damage… my body can heal itself instantly and I’ll be fresher than ever.” This also applied to the minions. I made them stronger to combat Joel’s family. That’s why they were so hard to beat.
Joel was in real serious trouble now, his weapons were almost depleted. His armor couldn’t help him against this kind of fire-power, and his family was– “My family!”
By this time they were all backed into a corner all of them feeling exhausted. The troopers were all gone, but the minions were still as strong as I had promised. The Ominatrix was recharging and to make matters worse… Camille was getting sicker. By this time her entire lower half had crusted over and was steadily making its way up.
The minions just stood there, laughing their heads off. Long had they waited for this day when they would get revenge on the plumbers who fought them, and teach Camille a valuable lesson for marrying the enemy. It was highly in vain for them to try and talk this over.
“What are we going to do?” cried Kai.
For once, no one answered her. Nobody had a clue.
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