❯ Original Ben Ten: Th Machaliens – The end of the Machaliens ( Chapter 14 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
I was still laughing at Joel’s helplessness, and enjoyed forcing him to watch the monitors which showed his family about to be clobbered by my minions. “Take a good look, Joel. It will be the last you ever see them… alive!” I was going to keep Joel alive long enough to let him witness their end, then his own would follow.
“No! This can’t be happening!”
Down below, the minions were decided over whom to shoot first, and then merely decided to blast everyone at once. “Kai…” Ben said, “I… I want you to know I… well I…”
Kai merely just held his hand tightly, finally realizing there was so much more to Ben than she knew. She was just sorry she’d never have a chance to learn more. The minions’ guns were charged. “Farewell…!” hissed Jorgen, but suddenly…
The sidewall blasted wide open, and in marched a gaggle of, what had to be, exo-tech suits. Heavily armed and very powerful, all six of the bots leapt in and engaged in fierce battle with the minions. “What are those things?” asked Ben.
Max and Gordon recognized them. “Plumbers tools!” they both said. The minions were finally back into a corner and beaten badly and bond by a special netting. One that they couldn’t break free from, especially in their weakened state…
My mouth hung open a-gap. “Impossible!” I growled. Joel on the other hand was smiling.
One of the pods opened wide. “Wes!” cried Max.
“Grandpa…!” Kai nearly wept.
The other pods opened, it was Ben and Gwen’s families all safe and well. As much as a group hug would be nice, now wasn’t the time. Camille was still sick, and Joel was till at my mercy. “J…o…el…!” cried Camille.
Wes assured her not to worry. He had a little idea in to take care of that, and it was about to happen any second…! “I just hope it is not too late.”
It wasn’t too late, yet…
I threw Joel to the ground hard. “Give it up, Mykan!” growled Joel. I simple zapped him with a long and hard jolt of electricity from my staff. “I told you not to call me that!” and I blasted him again. “I can easily create more machaliens. I can rebuild. Unfortunately you won’t be around to see it!”
This was finally it… I was really going to do it. My staff was fully charged, and Joel was down and hopeless. “Farewell, Joel!” I raised my staff high ready for the kill, when suddenly there was a loud explosion. The whole shipped rocked violently and I lost my stance. “Ah!” I fell down, and the monitors showed what was happening–“The engines!”
Ben had changed into Upgrade, fused himself into the engine machinery deep within the ship’s interior, where everyone had run too, and began to rip it to shreds causing the ship to become unstable, and the city was starting to lose power. Joel sprang to his feet. “There! You’re really finished now.” he said. “Give it up while you can.”
As outraged as I was I was still laughing. “Me, finished? Far from it. You seem to have overlooked one small detail… I pointed at a monitor, though it was static, Joel could see the Earth, and the ship was losing its orbit and heading straight for it. The ship itself was over seven miles long, larger than Mount Everest.
Gwen realized what was happening too, “If this thing crashes, it’ll cause an extinction-level-event!”
“You know, I hate it when you’re right!” cried Ben. “Really, I do!”
The air-raid warning sirens whined as all the machaliens and troopers ran about in panic and an automated messaged warned everyone that she ship was out of control and a crash-landing was definite.
Estimated time to re-entry… five minutes, forty-two seconds…!
To make matters worse, now the whole city was falling apart. Small explosions, sparks, and buildings falling down…! It was chaotic!
Gwen realized she had no other option. “I have to try my spell now!”
But Max assured her this wasn’t a safe time. “We have to find Joel and get out of here first.” he said. He was hinting at the fact that Gwen would destroy them all if she launched her spell now. “Just start concentrating and get it ready.”
Gwen did as she was told and everyone dashed for it. The other grownups stayed in their pods, as there wouldn’t be enough room in the Rust-Bucket for everyone. “Wes… where’s Joel?” Max then asked.
Wes could only think of one place Joel would be. “He must be fighting against Count Dread in the main palace. We must hurry!”
Max restored the Rust-Bucket to its normal size. They’re only hope was to blast their way out. “Everyone inside, quick!” Gordon and BJ both helped to haul Camille inside, she was really heavy now that she was crusting over, and still crusting. “Hurry! Hurry!”
Back in my palace… I got back on my feet, and Joel was ready read to escape. “Mykan, come on, we’ve got to get out of here.” He told me. We both found it really confusing at how Joel was trying to show me kindness, and after everything we had been through, but I didn’t buy it one bit. I never would trust this man ever again, nor would I let him just escape form me when I was so close to finally being rid of him. I’m not leaving form here… until one of us IS DESTROYED!” If fired another zap if lighting at him, he evaded it. I fired again; he dodged, over and over again.
Our fight was only making matters even worse than ever. Despite that Joel managed to avoid my power-zaps, they just went straight through the walls, out through the castle, and damaged the city worse than ever. The explosions were no getting bigger and the rumbling was getting more violent, and the ship itself was starting to plummet faster the closer it got to the Earth.
“Time to re-entry: Three minutes twenty-two seconds!”
Joel didn’t have much of a choice anymore, and grabbed hold of his battle-rod that he had dropped earlier. “I hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but if it’s the only… SO BE IT!”
The battle was on, both of us charged at each other fiercer than knights jousting and clashing out weapons so hard they were likely to break! Joel even managed to land some good hits on me, and kept it up so I didn’t have too much time to heal myself, but I also answered him back blow for blow.
Who would win the fight? That was the main question.
The Rust-Bucket was already in flight with most of the family aboard, and the rest were all following in their pods which could fly as well. Ben wasn’t there as he had gone back to try and help get Joel out. His alien forms would protect him from the deadliness of space for a short while. Gwen was wearing a spacesuit and was strapped down hard as she sat on the roof. She needed plenty of room to cast her really big spell, which she hoped would destroy the ship before it fell to Earth, but she had to wait until Ben came out of there with Joel, but there was only less than three minutes.
“Gwen? Are you okay out there?” Max asked over the radio.
“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Gwen responded, “I just hope Ben hurries.”
Everyone hoped that, Ben’s parents especially, still… they knew that if Ben didn’t show up soon enough. The ship would be so close to Earth that destroying it would only causing burning bits of it to rain all over the Earth. If Ben and Joel didn’t come back in less than three minutes, Gwen would have no choice!
“Come on, Ben!” she thought to herself secretly.
Ben, as XLR8, dashed all over the crumpling city, heading for the main palace. “Man…! Why did he have to make such a big city?” he groaned, but he soon found what he was looking for. No mistake it was the main palace, because he could hear the sound of Joel and me brawling at the top from outside.
Less than two minutes to go, the ship was starting to heart up as got closer to Earth, and Joel and I were still at it. I smashed at Joel’s armor with my staff several times, and he simply raised his foot and kicked me hard and far “UGHHH…!” but as I flew backwards I blasted Joel hard with other zap, “WHOA…!”
For the first time, every part in my body ached, even my machine parts. Joel didn’t look so good either. He even had a few splatters of my alien blood all over his beat-up armor. We both struggled as we stood. My eyes were still blazing with fiery hot rage, and Joel once again tried to reason with me. “Never!” I scoffed at him. “I said that I would see you dead… AND I SHALL!”
“Mykan!” cried Joel.
I charged for him shouting, “STOP… CALLING ME… MYKAN——!”
Suddenly, something whizzed past me and snatched my staff out of my alien-hand. “What?!” I exclaimed. It was XLR8. He glared at me and mocked, “Much too dangerous to play with.”
“Give me that!” I roared. “Oh, I’ll give it to ya, all right!” snapped Ben, and he smashed the staff hard against the floor breaking it into fragments and sending crazy lighting bolts all over the place. “NO!” I cried out and right then I was hit hard by one of the bolts. “AAA-AAARGHHH…!”
When the zapping stopped I was left weak, frail, and pretty much hopeless. My cape was torn and tattered. My machine bits were half melted and warped, and sparking softly too. My alien and human blood drizzled down my other arm. Even my mask-visor was broken revealing one of my eyes… but I had passed out from over-exhaustion, and my healing formula wouldn’t help me now.
Joel finally had the courage to open his eyes after shielding them, not wanting to see me get hit. Ben changed into Stinkfly, and already had grabbed me, “Joel, we’ve gotta get out of here!”
Joel agreed, and even though his suit was badly damaged and wouldn’t protect him from space, he was a trained plumber he knew what to do. Ben grabbed him, and still carrying me he flew up through the hole in the roof, just as the castle caved in. There was now only a few seconds left.
Gwen could see them coming, and saw Ben give her the signal. Gwen concentrated hard with all her might “Rava… Eelartas… Gallametroy!! Her body began to glow madly, and she thrust her hand forward creating a giant vortex within the vicinity of my decaying ship.
The pull was so strong it started to pull the ship away form the Earth and right into it. Ben flew as fast as his wings could carry him. With me in his right claws, and Joel who was exhaling slowly to stay alive, in his left. I was mostly alien and machine so the void of space didn’t harm me, but as I woke up I realized what was happening and I began to fight to break free, “Let go of me!” I demanded.
“Hey! Stop it!” cried Ben. “You’ll fall into the vortex!”
I didn’t care. True, I was about to lose my ship, my empire, everything I worked so hard for, but I just didn’t care… anything was better than going back to Earth and with Joel! “If I’m to fail… I shall go out MY OWN WAY!” I roared as I detached my metal arm from the rest of my body, much to Joel, Ben’s, and everyone else shock.
“BLAAAAARGH…!” My screams seemed to ring out all through space as I plummeted into the vortex along with my ship. Gwen couldn’t stop it. Joel was dropped off inside the Rust-Bucket, “Mykan! MYKAN…!”
It was too late, everyone could only watch in horror as they witnessed what had to be the biggest of explosions they ever saw, destroying the vortex, the entire ship… and me.
Tears were flowing down Camille face. “No…!” she wept softly.
Ben and Gwen couldn’t believe it either. I chose to destroy myself rather than take any chances proving how much I really hated Joel and his family.
At least… the nightmare was all over. At least t would be when everyone got back to Earth.
Author’s notes:
I know all that stuff about space…
-Sound doesn’t travel
-Exhaling may not be enough
But what else could I have done… I didn’t have anything.