❯ Original Ben Ten: Th Machaliens – Take to the road ( Chapter 8 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Everyone had their wounds treated to, and Joel really got a good talking to from his parents, and uncle. He never should’ve left, and was very lucky that dread had that break-down, or whatever it was.
This really confused everyone. Dread had his chance to kill Joel, and all of sudden he was in a lot of pain, and forced to drink the same serum that Camille was taking…
Suddenly, Gwen had the idea, “I think… he was just testing us, just like he said.”
Gordon agreed, “And now… he knows for certain that he can crush us as easily as bugs.”
Still, this didn’t matter a whole lot to most of them, especially Kai. Her grandfather was now abroad Dread’s ship, and in their current state, they were powerless to get him back.
Ben sat down next to Kai by the window. “Don’t worry, Kai.” He said, “We’ll get him back. There’s never been a challenge that I can’t handle.” He was trying to impress her, and it slightly worked too as Kai smiled sadly.
Lucy was still not impressed; the way Ben was ogling Kai. Even though she had heard the stories from Gwen, they both still couldn’t believe that Ben was still trying to score with her. Gwen wouldn’t stand for this and neither would Lucy, but this wasn’t the time to worry about that. What was important was that they get to this secret destination of yours.
On the way, they all got some fast-food, but sadly Camille suffered another heat attack, and she was starting to run out of her serum. Max assured her not to worry, as they would reach their destination by midday the next day, “Assuming of course nothing else happens.” he reminded everyone.
The count was sitting in his throne, and very deep in thought. He had learned that he was indeed strong enough to take on Joel’s entire family single handed, but he didn’t dare go for it now. He had come much too close after that last attack. He needed to find a way to make certain that his body and joints would stop doing that…
“Hmm…” suddenly, he had an idea, but he needed to go over it some more. So he got up and headed off. Mrs. Mann and Jorgen felt the count was upset for having had to retreat before, and they decided to send down another Machalien to attack their enemies. “Surely the count will be pleased with us.” Mrs. Mann assumed.
Jorgen agreed, and he knew the perfect creature to send down. “Our enemies are as good as finished.”
Still on the way to… wherever it was they were going…
Gwen analyzed the sample of oil that leaked from Dread’s body through her microscope, and fed the data to her laptop. It at first looked out to be just ordinary motor-oil, but she zoomed in for a closer look, she saw something odd…
“Is that…human blood?” she thought silently so as not to arouse the others. This didn’t make any sense at all, nor did trying to explain it to herself make it any easier.
All she knew, was that Dread was after Joel the most, and something was involving other Tennysons and nay friend of theirs too, but it didn’t all add up, she needed for information… and she had a feeling the only place to get it was from Joel.
But before she could approach to ask him, “Fighter-crafts at twelve-o-clock!” shouted Max. Everyone gasped as they gazed out the windows, and the crafts began to open fire.
The Rusk-Bucket skidded and almost tipped over on its side. Everyone inside screamed and held on tight. Lucy even latched onto Ben, “Save me, Benny-Pooh!” she cried.
“Benny-Pooh?” Kai asked.
“Long story short… tells itself.” Ben said.
Max brought them to a complete stop, and the fighters unleashed a band of troopers, and Mrs. Mann and Jorgen appeared before them, and instructed everyone to come out with their hands up, “Or we’ll blast you out!” growled Jorgen.
Max stuck his head out the window. “Try and stop up! Machalien scum!” he called at them, and then he rammed hard on the acceleration, “Everyone hang on!”
For a motor home, it ran right past all the villains and dogged all the enemy fire, but the enemies weren’t licked yet. It was time use their new weapon.
“Have we lost them?” asked Gordon.
Camille gazed out from the back window, and she saw something. “I don’t think so. Look!”
Everyone would see the villains chasing them in what appeared to a powerful, yet larger than ordinary sized, “Race car?” said Ben, but Gwen got a good gander at what the car was made up, “No… their machaliens.”
Three powerful new machaliens…
Where more machine than they were alien, as they were able to combine themselves together to form, “Roadstar! A powerful land craft capable of incredible land-speeds. “They’re gaining on us!” cried BJ.
Max was going as fast as he could, but the troopers and fighter-craft were still firing at him. “Ben, Gwen– try to stall them up!”
Ben and Gwen nodded, and they got out onto the roof. Gwen began to fire her spells at the troopers and knocked them out. “A little help here!” she said to Ben.
Ben decided to go Diamond Head!” and for once, “Finally… it worked!” He easily took care of the fighter craft with his diamond-barrage, but the minions and Roadstar were a different matter.
“There they are…!” cried Ben.
“I got `em…” added Gwen but she fired all her best shots and missed them. Then Ben tried to shoot at them with his diamond-barrage and the minions dodged again. “They keep moving.” growled Ben. “Every time we get them in our sights the move somewhere else. They’re too fast!”
The minions were laughing mockingly. “What’s the matter, children!” snapped Mrs. Mann, “Are we too fast for you?”
“Or perhaps you’re to slow!” snapped Jorgen and he fired an energy blast. Ben and Gwen almost fell off as the Rust-Bucket was still going fast. Suddenly, Ben had an idea and he fired a barrage of diamonds at the road rather than at the villains. “What are you doing?” asked Gwen.
“Trust me.”
If Ben couldn’t shoot at where they were, he shot where they were going. Roadster ran over the spiky road and slashed all four tires pretty badly. The villains skidded out of control and flipped upside-down.
Max finally stopped the Rust-Bucket, and turned it round to face the other way, but the villains weren’t out yet, as Roadstar disassembled and then the three other Machaliens went after Ben and Gwen, along with Jorgen and Mrs. Mann, but they weren’t very fast without their wheels this time, allowing Ben and Gwent o really do some damage.
Mrs. Mann and Jorgen were stopped however when the received a transmission from Dread. He sounded very angry when he told them to return to the ship. The minions did as they were told and left their companions in the fight. Max saw this as his chance and set the freeze-ray to multiple strikes. “Fire!”
The three machaliens were shot, shrunk, and rendered harmless. Ben and Gwen, and everyone else onboard were relived. They barely got through this one.
When Mrs. Mann, and Jorgen reported to Count Dread, he was angry… in fact he was as mad as a raging star. It was bad enough that they failed again, and allowed their enemies to capture three more machaliens, “But the next time you send any of our clan to attack without my approval… there will be SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES!”
“… Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, sire…” said Mrs. Mann. “We apologize.”
The count then received a report from Mr. Mann. He had captured Gwen’s father now, and was well on his way to capturing Ben’s parents. Dread was pleased to hear that at least one of his minions knew how to obey orders.
Now the count could continue with his plans. He turned to face a monitor and gazed at Joel, The hour draws near, Joel! he thought to himself, “I’ll see you again soon.”
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