❯ Original Ben Ten: Th Machaliens – First line of attack ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Even after the attack was launched, the minions still didn’t understand why Count Dread didn’t just go to Earth and attack the Tennyson’s himself? “Must all my minions questions my plan of assault?” He would growl at them causing them to quickly apologize.
The count knew that one of the first rules of war and combat was never underestimate your enemies. He needed to see just how strong his foes were before just rushing into action.
Max couldn’t tell Gwen or Ben, or even Lucy and Camille anymore about where they were going. As it was the plumbers most well guarded secret, and neither of them were allowed to share in it unless they were full-fledged plumbers, which they were not.
All they could do right now was continue on their course, regardless of how far it was. All the others could now was just rest, and stay on guard for their enemies were sure to attack them at any time.
Joel and Camille were sharing the bed in back. Camille was wrapped in chill-blanket to keep her from getting too warm. While Gwen was on the upper-bunk, she was having a hard time sleeping due to Ben having troubles with Lucy trying to sneak into the lower bunk with him. “Aww, come on, Benny…keep me company just like my little snuggle bunny.”
Ben felt like he was going to puke again, “First of all… stop calling me Benny, and since when did I am so not your snuggle bunny.”
“That doesn’t mean we still can’t share a bed.”
“Uh… yeah… it does!”
Gwen groaned as pulled her pillow over her face. “Is this a bad dream or a bad reality?”
Finally Ben was told by Max and Gordon to let her share the bed with Ben because BJ was on the sofa, and Gordon was asleep in the passenger seat next to his brother. “Come on, Ben… be nice now.”
Ben knew he was going to regret this. “Fine… but no funny stuff.”
Lucy promised… while fluttering her eyes at him. It was times like this Ben wished he were a girl, but along the way Max jammed on the breaks which woke everyone up. “Uncle Max… what’s wrong?” asked Joel.
Max didn’t answer, and he didn’t have to. Everyone could see out ahead on the road, it was defiantly a machalien. He growled at the Rust Bucket, “I am the mighty Jetarah. I live only to serve Count Dread. I offer you this one chance– surrender willingly and I may not forced to be used violence.”
Whoever this guy was, he meant business. “All right kids… this is it.” Max said to Ben and Gwen. “Both of you get out there and see what can be done. I’ll have the lasers guarding your backs.”
Ben and Gwen felt like pawns in a game, but not bothering to even argue they exited the Rust-Bucket, and Ben was going through his list of aliens to try out. He decided that Diamond Head would be a good choice. “It’s Hero Time!” but as usual there was an error and he got. “Four-Arms?! Ah, man!”
“Nice going.” Gwen mocked. She decided to stay in hiding to see what spells would help in battle. “Gee, thanks for nothing.” and so Ben was on his own and he confronted with Jetarah. “Hey, ugly! You wanna’ destroy us, you gotta’ get through me first.”
Jetarah was not amused. “I see no point in battle with you as I am clearly far superior, but if you insist on being foolish…”
Ben rushed straight at Jetarah without thinking things over yet, and Jetara, being part machine, was armed with a blaster in one of his arms and opened fire on Ben. “GARGH…!” sparks flew everywhere and Ben rolled on the ground. “Wow…! Talk about a cheap shot.”
Jetarah laughed at Ben and mocked him for that pathetic attempt. This only made Ben angrier and he got up and dashed back into action. This time he dodged all the blasts Jetarah fired at him, but had forgotten that he was also half alien, which meant he was exceptionally strong too, and excellent in combat, and four arms wasn’t better than two. “Ugh! Gwen… a little help here!”
Jetarah was already aware of Gwen hiding behind the Rust-Bucket, and summoned forth a band of alidroids to attack her. The trooper appeared and began to fire their blasters. Gwen gasped and quickly used, Vortress Nebulae!” to shield herself and deflect the enemy fire with a force-field. Some of the troopers got hit by their own weapons and were down for the count, a few of them were even whirring, and jiggling madly with malfunction, but now she had to think of a way to take the rest of them down and help Ben at the same time.
The people on board could do nothing but stay put for risk of being hurt or killed. Even though Joel was itching to have a hack at these Machalien creeps for what they did years ago.
Finally, Gwen remembered what her grandpa had said about the troopers that they needed to be dismantled or shorted out. Keeping in mind that they were part alien and part machine, it was easy to figure it out, but first she had to get enough space to attack and was using her judo techniques to avoid the troopers’ ray-blasts.
While Ben was still having hard luck. He had taken a lot of hits, and managed to punch Jetarah a few times, but Jetarah, being part machine was immune to most pain, and he hardly seemed too tired. “Why do you continue?” he snarled at Ben, “You’re no match for the Machalien Empire.”
POW! Ben got socked hard in the face, and worse, his enemy was called JET-arah for a reason. “Heh, heh, heh… let me lift your spirits.” He teased as he grabbed hold of Ben and fried the jets on his back. “Going up!” and he lifted Ben up high in the air. “Where can I drop you off?”
Ben looked down, “Oh boy!” and he was dropped and crashed down hard on the road. The people onboard the Rust Bucket winced in fear and pity. “Ooh… baby… that’s gotta hurt.” sighed Gordon.
Camille was very worried about the kids and asked Max why he wasn’t firing the lasers. “Easy, Camille… not yet.”
“But Uncle Max…”
“Trust me… if this works we may have an edge.”
Ben managed to get to his feet, only to be whammed by Jetarah who did an aerial-ace attack, and then came round again and blasted him from above. “Ugh… Uhn…!” Ben couldn’t take much more and he already changed back into himself, much to Jetarah’s amazement. “What is this?”
Dread witnessed this on his monitor and was deeply amazed. “Is it possible?” he wondered.
Jetarah, while still curious about Ben’s transformation, readied himself for one final blast. “It’s been fun, but I have things to do, places to conquer, and creatures to enslave.” But before he could open fire he heard Gwen shout… Benates Egates Exates causing Jetarah to get swept up in a tornado which blew him all around. “Hey…! Hey…! What’s happening?” he cried.
That’s when Max decided “All right… get ready!” he warned Ben and Gwen to get out of the way, and while Jetarah was still up in the air, out of control, Max fired the lasers from the headlights.
KAPOW! “GAAA-AAHH…!” Jetara was hit hard and strong, and he was shrunken down to small figurine. Gwen and Ben gazed at each other in confusion and picked up the small, motionless, Jetarah. “Ben? What just happened?” Gwen asked.
“I thought you’d know.”
Count Dread saw everything, and while disappointed that one of his loyal machaliens had been captured. He was however impressed by the omnitrix, and Gwen’s magic. He asked for his minions to find out more about these techniques, but the minions were sad to report. “Unfortunately… the ship’s library data base has no information on them, my lord.” said Jorgen.
Dread drummed his fingers on his throne’s armrest and chuckled. Perhaps it would be nice for him to have a worthy challenge for a change after all the quick and easy victories he had accomplished over the years… and not only that, but he even had a sneakier idea of what he could do while threatening Joel and his party.
“Start preparations at once.” he ordered. His minions bowed and made their way to the city leaving the count to ponder over his own thoughts. “Don’t think this means you’re off the hook, Joel. I still haven’t forgotten that day.”
When the kids got back onboard, Ben’s injuries were tended too, but he somewhat got a few more with Lucy desperately trying to smother him and kiss his wounds all better.
Max then explained that they didn’t destroy Jetarah, but in fact shrunk him down to size, and froze him in suspended animation. “That’s what the new high-tech freeze-rays do.” He said.
“And here you thought they wouldn’t come in handy.” Gordon teased.
This was by far their only aid in the battle against the Machaliens. Until they got to their secret destination, their only option would be for Gwen and Ben to battle any monsters or troops that came their way, and put them in cold storage where they couldn’t do any harm, until it could be decided what to do with them.
True, they were murderous creature, but also very unique, and worth storing.
“Well maybe I should handle these guys by myself.” Ben grunted.
“Ah… yeah right! You nearly got trounced about a zillion times.” Protested Gwen.
“Only because you weren’t there to help me.”
“Only because I was fighting for my own life no thanks to you!”
The rest of the family sighed. This was going to be a long, long trip.
Author’s notes:
Yeah, I guess I better come clear…
The troopers were inspired to me by the troopers from Captain Power, and little of the cogs from Power Rangers Zeo. What does it matter? Aren’t most alien army patrollers usually like that?
The freeze idea is like from Power Rangers Time Force, but what else could I do? Surely by this point you realize…
Except for the troopers They can’t destroy the Machaliens as they currently are.
-The can’t banish them to the Null-Void (Machaliens are too powerful for even IT)
-They can’t split the machine and alien parts form each-other (I doubt they have that kind of tech, and even so… that would kill them.
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