❯ Original Ben Ten: Th Machaliens – Ba Da Boom! ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Count Dread was in his private chamber…
He dropped his staff screaming and howling in pain. His alien flesh was boiling and bubbling, and his machine parts seemed to be sparking as if there trying to break away from the body. “UHN… AAAAHHH…!!” His cries could be heard for at least a mile on his colony, and many of the machaliens and troopers all turned their directions towards the main palace.
Mrs. Mann was nearest the count’s room, and she could see him reach up for a small vial of serum… the exact same serum that Camille needed to take to stay well. He gulped down the last drop and threw the vial away, at once his flesh stopped boiling, and his cybernetics stopped malfunctioning. Dread was panting heavily but he managed to rise to his feet and take his staff.
Mrs. Mann jogged to catch up with him as he left his room, “Sire… are you alright?”
The count felt fine, but what he was more interested in was if she had found another volunteer to attack Joel and company. “Yes, my lord. He is waiting in the thrown room.” answered Mrs. Mann and she handed him a monitor-compact. Dread liked what he saw and ordered his new creature to be sent down straight away. And our second project...?
Mrs. Mann smiled wickedly. “My husband has long since left to carry out your orders, my count.”
The count gripped his staff tight and sniggered, “Hmm, mm, mm, ahh– Excellent!”
Mr. Mann was already on Earth leading and army of fighter-crafts and troopers wherever he went. They were searching for very special people. Finally they found one, Gwen older brother Ken who away at boarding school, even during summer.
He was running for his life when Mr. Mann and the machaliens spotted him. “Who are you guys?” he cried. “What are you going to do to me?”
Mr. Mann sniggered and his right arm molded into a machine ray of some sort. “Subject confirmed to be a Tennyson. Beginning digitize-capture…” He fired a screeching ray of light at Ken’s face. The young man cried out loud, “No…!” and his body changed into tiny little pixels and get sucked into a container on Mr. Mann’s back. He laughed while admitting, “That was far too easy.” But now wasn’t the time to let this go to his head… he had his orders and had other specific targets to find.
Only day of travel and it felt like a year already, but the team were still no nearer their destination than they were since yesterday when they fought Jetarah. “It’ll be a while before we get there.” Max reminded anyone who asked. True the rust-bucket could go on long journeys without stopping, but Max was just an ordinary guy and he didn’t want to be driving forever.
Besides… they eventually would have to stop for gas… get food and water… and even some extra ice for Camille in case of a heat-attack. As much as Ben would often be bored, he was glad that for once there were monsters or bad guys to attack, but he was still bored. Naturally that’s when Lucy tried to flirt with him suggesting mushy gushy games like…
“Spin the bottle… what’s my taste… stare eyes…”
Ben would refuse each and every offer knowing fully well what she was getting at. Gwen couldn’t help but just sit back and watch. “This is just too entertaining.” For her it was, for Ben it was a nightmare, especially when Lucy kept asking him to hold hands with her, and Ben would either say no… or do anything to keep his hands away for hers, even stuff them in his mouth.
Joel and Camille thought it was cute, and somewhat funny, but as Joel gazed out through the window he could see flashes coming from the town they were passing, and then he could see the fighter-crafts. “Oh no…! Uncle Max…!”
“I see it!” said Max.
Gordon tipped his hat, “Some guys don’t never learn.”
Ben and Gwen got ready for another mission. “And this time… try to keep up.” Ben insisted to Gwen. Gwen just rolled her eyes and resisted to insult him back in any way and just readied herself for the upcoming battle.
Joel offered to go as backup, but he was told to stay behind by his father and uncle. Despite Joel’s longing urge to have at these machalien creeps, he agreed to stay behind. Gwen, again, tried to ask Joel what it was he had with the machaliens, but not only was Joel not up to talking about it, Ben had already changed into XLR8 and was ready to go. “Come, Gwen. We’ll worry about it later.”
With that, they were both off, with Gwen riding on Ben’s back. Max promised to follow and be ready with the freeze-rays.
It was indeed another machalien that was storming through the town and scaring the living daylights out of all the people. He was called Blasteroid; mainly due to the fact that he was a machalien built with so many different fire arms and other blasting devices… and man was he trigger-happy.
He shot windows of buildings, street lights and lampposts and even parked cars and oncoming traffic. The police, and swat teams tried to hold him up and used all their best firearms on him. The bullets made contact but failed to damage him at all, “Heh, heh, heh– Impressive…!” Blasteroid mocked, “Now it’s my turn!” and he fired two small rockets right at the police-cars. “LOOK OUT…!” the men cried and they dashed away just their cars exploded in big flames. Blasteroid enjoyed every minute of this. “Who’s next?” he shouted out.
“You’re next, Blasteroid!” shouted a voice from behind. It was Gwen and XLR8, which immediately changed back into Ben. “You can go tell Count Dread you’ve failed.” snarled Ben.
Blasteroid felt this would get good. “I haven’t even begun to fight. How about you two get a whiff of my rapid-fire…!” and he raises his fingers which began to firing like machine-guns. Ben and Gwen jumped out of the way. “Let’s get him!” Gwen called.
Ben nodded in agreement and flipped through his selection of aliens, “It’s hero time!” and he transformed into, “Cannonbolt! All right!” and now it was time to fight.
“Oh yeah?!” growled Blasteroid and he fired more shots from many different angles. Gwen knew she couldn’t use her force-field spell this time because the shots weren’t all made of energy. “So let’s fight shots with shots! Emocha Objectia!” and she began to fire back blue energy-blasts which countered some of the shots and even hit Blasteroid. “UGH…! WHOA…!”
“Time for my rollout!” said Ben as he curled up and rolled right into the monster sending him flying back into a wall.
Max and co were watching the whole thing from the Rust-Bucket’s view-screen. Lucy was acting like a horny cheer-leader when Ben knocked that creep into the wall.
“1…2…3… slap my knee… my husband-to-be… his name is Benny.”
“Go… Benny-Pooh!”
Despite the fact that Gwen and Ben were off to a good start, the battle wasn’t over yet, but the Rust-Bucket was still moving into position. “Charging lasers, ready to freeze.”
Blasteroid got up immediately and began to return fire with rapid-fire and lasers on his shoulders. Cannonbolt, being big and bulky was able to take the hits, and Gwen just stood behind him. “Hey… what am I? A human shield?” he grunted.
“Whatever… I need protection.” protested Gwen as she popped out from behind to shoot more energy shots. “Oh no you don’t. Not this time!” growled Blasteroid, and he shot two beams from his eyes. “My new lasers are hot to even pierce through the energy you throw at me!” and sure enough, Gwen’s shots were pierced right through, and Ben was starting to feel pain from getting hit so much. “It’s not working, Ben!” cried Gwen.
“Tell me something I don’t know. I can’t keep this up much longer!”
Somehow they had to find a way to plug up his fire-power. That’s when Ben got the perfect idea, and he told Gwen to quickly hide somewhere else. “What?”
“Just trust me.”
Gwen did as she was told and leapt out form behind. “Hey!” growled Blasteroid, and while he gave chase Ben quickly changed into, “Stinkfly!”
Gwen was now backed into a corner, and she couldn’t think of a spell to use that would help. “Any last words…?” asked Blasteroid.
“Heads up!” Ben shouted.
“Huh?” Blasteroid turned round just as Ben unleashes a barrage of goop-balls which clogged up the holes in his firearms. “Why you overgrown– have some of this!” He tried to fire his blasters, but as they were clogged, they blew up in his face sending him rolling up the street. He was badly damaged and his machine parts were malfunctioning badly. “Uhn… whoa-oh!”
Gwen saw the Rust-Bucket rush in from around the bend. “Now, Grandpa!” cried Gwen. Max fired the freeze-rays… KAPOW! Blasteroid was shot hard and shrunk. “Ah, yeah!” cried Ben
“Woo!” Gwen cheered, and she looked up at the sky. “Hey, Dread! Better luck next time.”
Dread heard that, and he couldn’t believe they had captured another one of his creatures, but he didn’t seem angry, or disappointed at all. In fact; he was snickering wickedly. “Ho, ho, ho…! Don’t be so modest, little dear.” He then turned to face another monitor of the dungeons where Gwen’s brother, Ken was being held. “I may have lost the battle… but I have gained far more. Heh, heh, heh, ah, ah, ah, ah…!”
Ken woke up in a daze wondering. “What’s happened? Where am I? Why am I here?”
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