❯ Original Ben Ten: Th Machaliens – A fitting end to a hard tale ( Chapter 15 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Once back on Earth, after a few days things were looking up. Camille was saved from her illness thanks to Joel. When he was covered in my alien blood, contents of the serum they needed in the first place was found. It was enough to save her and restore her to normal.
As for her parents and Jorgen. Max had them shipped off to the null-void prison where they would no longer do any harm.
Max also received word from other plumbers across the galaxy that all planets that had been conquered by me before were all returning to normal. It could only be deduced that both me and my ship were the main source of all the machaliens. Once they got me, they got them all.
As for Wes and his pod-suits. He was always one to prepare for the return of the machaliens and had kept them safe ever since.
Sadly, Joel couldn’t stop beating himself up. I was gone, this time forever, and all that he had left of me was my left mechanical arm with the claw. Now he really, really blamed himself for all this. Though the family kept telling him not to, and that it wasn’t his fault, to Joel he still blamed himself for that fight he and I had years back, the events that led to all this madness. “He could’ve had a chance. He could’ve been reformed.”
Everyone finally understood how Joel felt. Even though I was the enemy, deep down Joel still thought of me as his old friend. Gwen offered her sympathy, even though it wouldn’t do too much. “If you recall… he wasn’t too eager to come back with us, and in a way you did help him– by putting out of his misery.”
Joel smiled softly “I guess so…” was all he said. He also knew that it wouldn’t be any better if I were alive and he knew I still hated him, and at least now Earth and the universe was safe… at least for now.
All he old enemies would soon be back now that the machaliens were gone. Now it was time to relax, and head on home back to the mansion.
After a few days… it was time to head home. The family bid their goodbye to Joel, Camille, Gordon, and BJ… even Lucy, who was pretty much over her crush on Ben. “I guess it was a case of one-sided.” She stated, but she agreed that at Least she and Ben could still be buds. After all… they were distant relatives too.
Besides… Ben and Kai decided to finally try it between each other. Wes and Kai were moving to Bellwood in fall and Kai was transferred to Ben and Gwen’s school. “Oh, Joy…!” moaned Gwen.
But a few days later, Kai and Wes had to be dropped off in their own city to be ready for the move while it was still late summer. “I guess I won’t see you until school starts.” Ben said. “I’ll miss ya, Kai.”
Kai smiled and pecked Ben on the cheek. “I’ll wait for you.”
Ben’s entire face turned beat-red, and steam shot through his ears. Then he fainted. “You’ve got to be kidding me?” Gwen complained. But her folks and Ben’s though t it was cute. “Someone’s in love.” teased Carl.
Somehow or other they got Ben back inside, and they all headed home.
Late that night, Joel and Camille decided to put my mechanical arm forever displayed on the wall in the bedroom where they could always see it. Not to remind themselves about all the hatred and evil I had caused, but just to remember me… just me.
They slipped into bed. “Good night, Honey.”
“Good night, Joel.”
They both slipped off to a peaceful sleep, and for the first time in a long time Joel had no nightmares. For he was happy… even in his good dreams.
Author’s notes:
To those who saw Alien Force, and for the Ben and Julie thing…
Ya gotta realize that some eps of Alien force make some of the original Ben 10 eps seem non-cannon. Like Episode GROUNDED. But Ben’s folks already knew of all this Hero time stuff.
But don’t worry… I got nothing against Ben and Julie.
Original Ben Ten: Th Machaliens – The end of the Machaliens