Prince Of Tennis Fan Fiction ❯ One-Shot

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« Mada mada dane »
Apparently, Ryoma took Sakuno to a nearby tennis court to practice. He invited Sakuno for a friendly game although it didn’t sound friendly at all. She was against it saying that Ryoma could beat her in 5 minutes so it would be a waste of his time. As cocky as he is, he agreed.
« True, but I want to see how you improved. »
‘What? You of all people know how I play!’
« D-demo!  » Sakuno retorted.
She is greatly, greatly against it thinking that it would be embarrasssing for her prince to see her play. Not that she isn’t any good. In fact, she is one of the regulars in their school’s tennis team. But their levels are just so far.
So so far.
Ryoma sighed. ‘How could a girl be so stubborn.’
« Fine. If you win even one game, I’ll let you see Karupin. » Ryoma offered.
The sudden lighting of Sakuno’s face caught Ryoma off guard. She turned to him wearing a gleeful smile and hopeful eyes making Ryoma freeze at her sudden beauty. To add an effect, the setting sunlight hit her skin perfectly lighting her porcelain skin.
« Hai!  »
Sakuno then ran to the tennis court complete with her racket and a ball. All thoughts of embarrassment gone, replaced by floating Karupins.
« Hn. »
‘Karupin, you sly cat.’
« I won’t go easy on you. « 
Sakuno gulped, slightly regretting the idea but the image of Ryoma’s clueless cat prevailed.
‘No Sakuno! You have to do this for Karupin-chan.’
Sakuno shook her head then looked at Ryoma with determined eyes.
« O-onegaishimasu »
« Heh, then here I go. »
« Say it. » Ryoma said with bored but amused tone. His smirk didn’t waver throughout the game. His Sakuno was just so cute. And yes, he said his Sakuno together with cute. ‘This woman’s making me nuts.’
Sakuno slumped. She didn’t win even one game, or point to be precise. Ryoma wasn’t joking when he said he’ll give it all he got.
With a sigh, she said the excruciating results of her so-called training.
« Game, Set and Match, Echizen Ryoma. Six games to- » She paused to gulp. « -l-love. »
Ryoma’s smirk widened, if possible . He was thinking of making this their weekly training. I mean, fighting an international player weekly would make you improve faster, right? And it wouldn’t hurt to say Ryoma enjoyed seeing his shy student’s different reactions as his main reason.
As if she was reading his thoughts, Sakuno pleaded, « P-please no more of these Ryoma-kun. You’re just too good. »
Being the cocky brat he is, Sakuno’s plea just boosted his ego. He chuckled.
« Mada mada dane Ryuzaki. The teacher should know better than the student. » Ryoma said at the same time smiled but reverted it quickly to a smirk. It amazed him how the girl in front of him could make him do things he thought he wasn’t capable of.
« M-mou. Someday, I’ll make that smirk a smile you can never ever remove from your face. »
Ryoma shrugged. ‘You already did.’
« Sure. But be sure not to cry afterwards. »
Sakuno pouted. She started heading to the benches then suddenly stopped. She remembered she didn’t bring change of clothes. And just when she was getting serious.
‘It would be disgusting for Ryoma-kun if I walk with him all sweaty. ‘
Ryoma noticed her panicked expression.
« What’s wrong? »
Sakuno head spun towards Ryoma. The next action Sakuno did after didn’t escape Ryoma. She bit her lip and avoided Ryoma’s gaze. Ryoma sighed. ‘Here it goes.’
« A-ano. You can go home first Ryoma-kun. I-I still have things to do. A-and I have to pass by a-a uhm..a s-shop. Yep, a shop. »
Ryoma knew when she bits her lip, it is either she’s shy or she’s thinking of an alibi.
Ryoma decided it is the latter, thus, he watched with bored eyes as Sakuno formed almost incoherent words for her excuse.
« You’re not good in lying Ryuzaki. What is it? »
Sakuno’s eyes widened and quickly looked away.
« E-eto » She bit her lip and Ryoma thought this would be the shy one.
« Say it. »
« I-its because I forgot to bring change of clothes. » she answered, eyes tightly closed
Ryoma nodded lightly.
« And? »
She gulped. « A-and, I think Ryoma-kun wouldn’t like to walk together with somebody sweaty and stinks. » Sakuno blurted with now open eyes. « B-but you don’t have to! Y-you can really go first. » with her hands waving to prove her point.
‘As if I would’ he almost said but decided against it.
He then nudged Sakuno’s hand with his racket.
 » Come with me. » Ryoma said to Sakuno and headed to the benches.
Sakuno came stumbling after.
She patiently waits as Ryoma grabs his extra clothes from his bag. It shocked her when Ryoma dropped the clothes on her hand.
« Since you think I wouldn’t like to walk with you when you haven’t change, there. »
Finally recovering from the shock, Sakuno gripped the clothes and motioned to give it back.
« B-but what about Ryoma-kun? » Sakuno asked. « w-wouldn’t you need to change? »
Ryoma shrugged. « You won’t mind walking with me sweaty right? « 
Sakuno blinked and nodded hesitantly.
« Then go change. »
Sakuno blushed. ‘He will really let me wear his clothes. ‘
« H-hai. Dewa » She bowed then ran to the girl’s locker to change.
Ryoma watched as his student ran to the lockers, preventing herself from falling.
He felt a slight tug on his lips though he won’t show it.
« Hn. »
And so, Ryoma went to a free wall to hit some balls hoping to cool his hot cheeks.
Well this was unexpected. Currently, our cold prince is rooted on his feet, dumbfounded at the sight before him. He almost dropped the racket on hand. His ball a few meters from him.
Apparently, Sakuno had just finished changing into Ryoma’s clothes and approached him.
« R-Ryoma-kun, a-arigatou for the clothes. A-ano, is something wrong?  » innocent Sakuno asked the shocked Ryoma.
‘Heck there is!’
Once he heard footsteps approaching him, he turned around and easily catched the ball. But once he saw Sakuno, his mouth hang open and his body stop moving. The ball slipped from his arm bouncing a few meters away. The timid and shy Sakuno just looks too good on his clothes for his liking. His favorite shirt hung on her body loosely and the shorts reached her knees, making her look more innocent and fragile yet gorgeous all the same. She removed her twin braids to let her hair flow freely, looking like waves on her back. She looks like an angel dressed in loose t-shirt and sports shorts. A sudden wave of possessiveness hit Ryoma. ‘Hn. No other guy can see nor make her look like this.’
« Ryoma-kun? »
Ryoma snapped out of his thoughts. He quickly composed himself then turned his back on Sakuno.
« Hn. Looks good on you. »
Sakuno blushed and replied cheerfully, « A-arigatou »
Ryoma sighed. He tilted his head sidewards to look at Sakuno.
« So, want to see Karupin? »
« Tadaima. » Ryoma called as he takes off his shoes with Sakuno at his back doing the same.
After a moment, Nanako arrived from the kitchen, a ladle on one hand and a seasoning bottle on the other.
« Okaeri Ryoma-san. Oh! We have a guest. »
Nanako peeked past Ryoma. She wasn’t really surprised Sakuno is the guest, since Ryoma mentions about her often. But what surprised her is that Sakuno , if she wasn’t mistaken, is on Ryoma’s clothes.
She unconconsciously smiled. ‘Ryoma-san is fast.’
Nanako left the things she was holding on a nearby table then walked past Ryoma. She wiped both hands on her apron before grabbing both of Sakuno’s.
« Konnichiwa, I’m Nanako. You’re Sakuno-chan right? »
Sakuno blinked, wondering how she knew her name.
« Ah h-hai. Yoroshiku-desu. » Sakuno answered.
« Same here! You know.. »
Knowing her cousin’s habit of keeping the guest ‘entertained’ ,Ryoma sighed. ‘This’ll take a while’
« Nee-chan, lets go to the living room. »
This made Nanako stop from her endless chatter.
« Oh! Right! I’m sorry. Come Sakuno-chan! » Nanako replied and pulled Sakuno to the kitchen ,instead of the living room.
Sakuno had no complaint as she share the same passion in cooking as Nanako, so Ryoma let her be. He went to his room to have a quick shower.
While in the shower, he heard beeping and a car parking in front of their house. Ryoma’s eyes widened.
‘S***, I forgot about Oyaji.’
He had no problem with his mother, but on his dad, hell no he would let him see Sakuno.
He went out of shower and grabbed clothes from his drawer quickly.
Then he shot downstairs hoping to hide Sakuno from his dad.
When he got there, he heaved a big sigh. Only her mother was there and she and Sakuno seem to be getting along well.
His thoughts were proven wrong when suddenly a heavy arm draped over his shoulder, making him stumble.
« Oyaji » Ryoma hissed.
« Oggling on your girl are we now. Mada mada daze Seishounen, you should- » Nanjiroh paused when Ryoma removed his arms from his shoulder and ran towards Sakuno.
« Oh Ryoma! Why didn’t you tell me you brought somebody? » Rinko, his mother, asked Ryoma with a knowing smile.
Ryoma raised a brow. Is his supposed to be cool and collected mother supressing a laugh? He shook his head. His father’s attitude is really starting to rub on her.
« I think Ryoma-san is just shy. » Nanako commented.
He pulled Sakuno off her interrogating mother and cousin and headed for the stairs. Nanjiroh attempted to block their way but was defeated by Ryoma.
« I’ll throw your magazines in my room. »
And that was enough to make the samurai back off.
« Magazines? What magazines Nanjiroh? » Rinko asked with a sudden killing aura.
« N-nothing dear. You know, those Monthly Pro Tennis I collect? T-that kid borrowed them from me. We can’t let our kid throw them like that right? Ehe ehehehe » Nanjiroh answered while waving his hands frantically to prove his point.
Rinko rolled her eyes. « You’re lying. Okay, no dinner for you tonight. » and she went to the kitchen.
« R-Rinko!! » Nanjiroh ran after her.
Apparently, Ryoma and Sakuno stopped at the base of the stairs to watch his parents bicker.
Ryoma sighed. ‘Mada mada dane.’
Sakuno giggled. « You have a very lively family Ryoma-kun. »
Ryoma raised an eyebrow. ‘Lively? More like, noisy.’
Sakuno let out yet another giggle.
« Hm. They’re noisy »
He shrugged.
Sakuno shook her head lightly. Family is something she wished she had , and Ryoma had a wonderful one. She can’t help but be jealous. Don’t get her wrong. She loves her grandma and she is enough to be her family. But still, having parents is another story.
Ryoma looked at Sakuno when she heaved a deep sigh. ‘What’s she thinking?’
He followed her gaze and got his answer.
She was staring at Rinko and Nanjiro at the kitchen with deep, hopeful eyes.
‘Right. She lost her parents long time ago’ To their team, asking or talking about that is a big no, unless you would like a one-on-one training with Ryuzaki Sumire. And Sumire isn’t really the kindest person around. Especially in tennis. So, Ryoma is practically clueless about it, but the basics should be enough.
Sakuno yet again heaved another deep sigh. And another. And another.
For some reason, Ryoma found himself keeping himself from laughing.
« Hey, are you having trouble breathing? » Ryoma asked between chuckles.
Sakuno looked at him boredly. « Ryoma-kun, do you really have to interrupt my moment?  »
Ryoma released an audible laugh. « Sorry. You were giving out a lot of sighs. It gets too airy here. »
Sakuno rolled her eyes choosing to ignore the joke and kept silent.
Ryoma, noticing her silent treatment, pulled her upstairs.
« W-wha?-« 
« Come on, Karupin’s waiting. « 
« Karupin-chan! » Sakuno squealed in delight when Karupin jumped on her arms. The cat rubbed her cheeks in Sakuno’s and curled himself on her lap.
Sakuno brushed her hand on his fur earning her a purr in return.
Sakuno chuckled.
« Don’t spoil him too much. He’s getting fat. » Ryoma called while taking things from his closet intending to continue his interrupted shower.
« Hmm. Karupin-chan should diet. » She patted Karupin’s belly.
« Diet is not in his vocabulary. I’ll go take a shower.  » Ryoma called before closing the door.
Sakuno smiled then nodded. « So Karu- » She paused. The door opened suddenly.
« Stay. » It was Ryoma.
« I’ll take a quick shower then I’ll take you home. » Said Ryoma.
He gave Karupin a don’t-let-anyone-in look before heading out again.
Sakuno smiled.
It was unusual for Ryoma to worry for somebody. Even more, to let anybody in his house. Sakuno blushed. ‘ No Sakuno. Don’t even think about that.’
She shook her head.
« Yes, Karupin-chan? »
Karupin then got off her lap and leaped over a table.
Sakuno smiled. Pictures frames on Ryoma’s desk caught her attention and she approached them.
Her eyes widened. Ryoma is smiling on the picture with his father both holding a racket.
‘They look so alike!’
She looked at each picture frame with awe at how Ryoma changed over the years.
Noticing a portrait placed on the far and dark corner of the desk, she reachd for it.
« Um, excuse me Karupin-chan. »
It is a portrait of baby Ryoma. She looked stunningly at it and giggled.
« So cute! »
A sleeping chibi Ryoma was sprawled on a tennis court drenched in sweat possibly because of a game.
Sakuno was so absorbed by the portrait, she didn’t notice the door opened and Karupin jumped down the table.
« Who’s cute?  »
Sakuno gasped and immediately turned around.
« R-Ryoma-kun! » ‘Finished already?’
Ryoma raised a brow and his gaze shifted to his desk. ‘Oh’
« I was 6 years old on that one. » Ryoma said pointing at the picture of him and his father. « That’s when my father gave me my first racket. « 
« Ohhhh. » Sakuno nod. « Chibi Ryoma-kun’s so cute when he smiles. » She giggled at the portrait on hand then faced Ryoma.
 » Ryoma-kun should smile more often too. »
It was when she was speaking that she noticed Ryoma moving closer to her. And before she knew it, Ryoma was a few inches away from her.
She could feel his warm breathe clouding her face making her red all over.
« Ne, you said you’ll make me smile today. It hasn’t happened yet. » Ryoma said purposedly looking right through her eyes.
Truth to be told, Sakuno just didn’t notice Ryoma’s attempts to prevent himself from smiling. There were few misses but Ryoma was quick to cover them. He just won’t say it because he wants to tease Sakuno.
« E-eh?! I-I wasn’t serio-. »
« No. As your consequence for losing, you have to make me smile.  » Ryoma cut her off.
Sakuno blinked. ‘Is it me,or Ryoma-kun is really getting closer.’
« W-why do you need me to make yourself smile? » Sakuno asked incrediously.
Ryoma shrugged. « Betsuni. So you won’t do it? » He asked.
« I-Its not that I won’t. Its because I can’t. » Sakuno retorted. Making the ice prince smile just seems impossible.
Ryoma frowned then nodded.
Sakuno released a sigh. ‘Thank God, Ryoma-kun dropped it.’ She was about to move away from Ryoma when a pair of arms encaged her.
She gasped and directed her gaze at Ryoma with wide eyes.
« If you won’t do it.  » He pressed his forehead on hers and whispered . « then I will. »
Before she knew it, soft lips touched hers sending tingles to her spine. Her body shivered, not in fear, but in pleasure. Ryoma’s lips were soft, warm and ,as much s she didn’t want to admit it, addicting. She clutched Ryoma’s shirt for support and closed her eyes. She had never been happier since this moment. Unbeknownst to her, Ryoma feels the same. He originally planned for a small peck on the lips, but once he touched Sakuno’s lips, he wasn’t able to stop, nor did he wanted to.
His body moved unconsciously with want and when Sakuno wrapped her hands around him, his body burned with desire. He moved deeper in the kiss and ,with unknown courage, Sakuno did the same.
But alas, breathing is essential so Ryoma pulled away panting at their quick escapade. He rested his head on Sakuno’s shoulder. He didn’t want Sakuno to see his blushing face completely red as hers.
« R-Ryoma-kun? »
Ryoma raised his head smirking and rested it on Sakuno’s forehead.
« Mada Mada dane. »
Sakuno’s eyebrows knot in frustration. He kissed her and suddenly say she isn’t good enough?! ‘Is he playing with me?’
Seeing Sakuno’s expression, Ryoma laughed and smiled a loving smile.
He placed a kiss on Sakuno’s cheek and whispered at her ears, « Thank you. »
Sakuno’s eyes widened and she blushed more, if possible, « U-un. You too. »
Ryoma grinned then held Sakuno’s hand.
 » You’ll be my girlfriend then? »
Sakuno’s caught her breath. Her wildest and probably-not-gonna-happen-anytime-soon dream just came true! And to his first love nonetheless.
« B-but are you sure? I-I’m not.. »
« Ryuzaki, I don’t really care otherwise. Is it a yes or a no? »
Sakuno haven’t registered what Ryoma said but all she knew is that she nodded too fast.
Ryoma chuckled then pulled one of her braids.
« And since you’re now my girlfriend, I have to be used to these. »
« Mou. I won’t cut them still. »
Ryoma grinned evilly.
« Eitherway, I like it. »
Sakuno blinked confusingly.
« But I thought you hated them. Aw! Don’t tu-« 
She was stopped by Ryoma. Specifically Ryoma’s lips. On her own.
Once they broke apart, Ryoma met with a pouting Sakuno.
« What? » Ryoma asked between chuckles. She was just too cute.
 » That was not funny. « 
« Really? But I thought you enjoyed it. « 
Sakuno thinks they were not on the same line of thought.
« I’m talking about tugging my braid. »
Ryoma grinned widely.
« Heh, I thought-« 
« Mou! Don’t tease me Ryoma-kun. Why did you do that? » Sakuno exclaimed.
 » You asked me why I like your braids. « 
A tug. Then kiss.
« Wa!-« 
« And that’s why. »
 » But I didn’t ask you to demonstrate it! »
Ryoma stared amusingly at the mad woman in front of him. Despite her throwing her arms around and scrunching her eyebrows in frustration to the piont they may meet, still, he finds her thoroughly adorable. He loves this Sakuno more. Though, he knew his shy and introverted Sakuno may be gone.
« But you love I did. »
‘Or not.’
Once Ryoma answered did Sakuno’s face turned bright red. She chose not to reply anymore given that Ryoma looked like he was enjoying their little argument and effortlessly keeps himself on the winning side. Besides, there was nothing to deny, was there?

« Ryoma! Food’s ready. »
Rinko called from downstairs making both of the teenages flinch.
They both stared shockingly at the door before facing each othr again.
Ryoma gave out a soft chuckle looking at Sakuno’s surprised face.
« Oh no. I need to go home. »
The statement made Ryoma frown.
« Already? »
If Sakuno wasn’t worrying about her grandma right now, she would love to stay and eat but since she can’t, regretfully, she apologized.
Ryoma pouted. « We could invite her here. »
Sakuno smiled then placed her hand on his cheek.. She didn’t thought Ryoma really wanted her to stay.
« I would really love to,but-« 
« Ohhh… Wanting some quality time are we?. »
Nanjiroh’s sudden rebuttal made both teenagers flinch.
« O-oyaji! »
« Kukuku.. As much as I want to watch you two cuddle all night long, Ryoma, your mother’s getting angry. And Sakuno-chan, the old hag’s here. She’s looking for you. »
Sakuno binked confusedly. « O-old hag? »
After, she was hurled to face an estatic Ryoma
« Coach’s here. So, you don’t habe to go home « 
« E-eh? »
« O-oh my Gosh! Rinko! Rinko! Our son’s possessed! He’s smiling! smiling! »
And Nanjiroh was out of the room. All that was heard is a faint « ow! »
Ryoma rolled his eyes. « Oyaji »
Sakuno giggled.
« Let’s go »
Sakuno smiled. « Hai! »
As they were passing the door, Karupin suddenly pressed himself to Sakuno’s leg.
« Karupin-chan! »
Sakuno bent downwards and carried Karupin into her hands.
Karupin purred in happiness.
Sakuno giggled but Ryoma frowned.
« Our relationship just started and I already have a rival, which is my cat nonetheless. »
Sakuno laughed . »Don’t worry. I’m loyal. »
« Hn. Do you know why Karupin likes you? »
Sakuno blinked and looked at Karupin then, back at Ryoma.
« Why? »
He looked away. « Your hair’s too long. »
Sakuno fumed. « Mou!! »
And Ryoma ran downstairs with a mad Sakuno in his tail.
–End of chappie–