❯ One Artemis is Bad Enough! – Being Silly ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
« That was gross. » Said Foaly flatly. Angel punched him on the arm.
« Well he’s right. » Said Sly. Chuko punched his gut.
« Artemis! » Shouted Commander Root walking into the lobby of section.
« What? » Asked both Artemis’ in unison. Root stared at the group.
« Would you mind telling me… WHAT ARE THESE MUD MEN DOING UNDERGROUND!? » Shouted Root, once again earning the name, Beat Root.
« Uh. Excuse me? » Asked Angel walking up to Root. She pointed to herself. « Mud Girl. »
« Oh whatever! Foaly, get everyone out of here. …Now! »
« Okay. The kids won’t be a problem. » He said taking the Commander apart from the group. « It’s Butler we’ll need to worry about. » Slowly Root whirled around to see that both the Butler siblings were there. Juliet waved.
« Hey shorty, how ya been? » She asked. Root’s face grew redder still.
« Is that any of your business, you stinky Mud Girl?! » He growled.
« Well, no…but it’s none of your business to ask. » Juliet replied.
Root didn’t like to be corrected, but he had a soft spot for women in the force, or at least protecting people, so let that one slide.
« Well, could you at least tell me why you’re down here? » Asked Root.
« We’re down here because we need to bring up both Artemis’. » Said Butler. « Got a problem with that? »
« No. Of course not. » Said Holly, before Root could reply.
« But why’d you take these two? » Asked Markarov.
« We needed their help. Well, actually, we just needed Fowl’s, but then he said, » Started Foaly.
« Excuse me, Foaly, but I do believe there are more important matters at hand. » Said Artemis (Fowl), before Foaly could continue.
« Such as what? » Asked Angel, as she tapped her foot.
« That’s on a need to know basis. » Foaly said.
Before Angel could reply with the usual retort, Artemis cut in. « And if you want my help, they all need to know. » She said firmly.
Root sighed. « I suppose there’s no other way to get your help? » He asked.
« Nope. Unless you have a lot of gold and a lot more chocolate. » Artemis said. Root opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Artemis interjected. « And I mean a lot for humans. » Root’s mouth snapped closed.
« Well, that’s settled. » The male Artemis said, clapping his hands together once. He invited everyone to sit and began explaining everything that was going on.
« So let me get this perfectly strait… » Mark said.
Artemis H. beat him to it. « Yes, we’re underground. Yes, they’re fairies. Yes, the guy who stole my name is a genius. Did I forget anything? » She asked.
« Nope, you got it. » Mark said, by now used to his teammate knowing what he was thinking, even without the link.
« Good. Now on to the pressing situation. How do we catch Opal. Mr. Fowl, do you have any ideas? » The other Artemis said, leaning back into Marks chest. He put an arm over her shoulder.
Artemis took a moment to respond. « Not quite yet. What about you, Miss Haun? Surely you and your team can come up with a sufficient plan? »
Angel’s eyes widened. She turned to her teammate, tore him from Mark’s arms, and rushed out of the room.
« Artemis, is that who I think it is? » Angel asked quickly. « Artemis and Juliet and Domovi and Mulch and Foaly and Holly? Are they all Colfers? »
Artemis laughed. « Wow. It took you that long to figure that out? And try not to speak so loud, please. It gives me a headache just to imagine that I can talk to the Artemis Fowl! »
Angel smiled. « So I’m not crazy, right? » She asked.
Artemis smiled back. « Oh, I never said that. But you are right. »
« Sweet. »
« Come on, I’ll bet that they’re all trying to figure out why you had an apparent mental breakdown. »
« Hey, Artemis? » Asked a male voice.
Artemis looked up from her book. She smiled when she saw her teammate, Mark, standing at her door. « Hey! What with all the planning, I haven’t spoken to you all day! »
« Yeah. » Mark agreed half heartedly, plopping down on the couch beside her.
« Hey, I something wrong? » Artemis asked, tossing her book across the room onto her bed. « You okay? »
« Yeah, I’m fine. I was just wondering…No, never mind. » Mark said, moving to get up.
Artemis grabbed his arm and pulled him back down. « Minding. » She said firmly, smiling.
« Alright…What’s up with you and…Artemis. You know, the other one. » Mark asked.
« What do you mean? » Artemis asked.
« I don’t know, it’s just that whenever I look at you, he glares at me like he’s trying to melt me. And…The way he acts around you…He almost seems like he’s about to grab you and run. » Mark said slowly, closing his eyes as he leaned back on the couch.
Artemis took a deep breath before speaking again. « Markarov Von Argott, are you jealous? » She asked, mocking incredulity.
Mark sighed, smiling slightly. « I guess I am. I mean…you know…I worry about you. I really care, you know? I think…A lot more than a teammate should. »
Artemis was speechless for a moment. Did he really say that? I mean, I’m sure we’ve kissed and all, but did he just say…THAT? She thought. The words echoed in her head, More than a teammate should…More than a teammate….More…
All at once, they sunk in. Artemis smiled widely, before tackling Mark to the couch. She laughed before kissing him lightly on the lips. « I care about you, too. Way more than a teammate should! »
Markarov smiled through the kiss, rolling over so he was the one on top. « Artemis, can I ask you something? » He asked, burying his face in her neck.
Artemis laughed slightly, moving so she was lying next to, not under, Markarov. « Sure. »
« Will you promise me…You’ll be careful? » Mark asked. « Just, don’t get to comfortable with him, okay? »
Artemis laughed suddenly, breaking the mood. « Oh, Mark, you’re acting like you’re running away or giving me up! You know you’re the only guy I care about!…Don’t you? »
« Of course I do. I’m sorry, I was being silly. I just worry. » Mark said. « So do you want to go get some dinner? » He asked.
« Isn’t it a little late? » Artemis asked.
« That just means we’ll get it all to ourselves. » Mark said. Both he and Artemis got up and, holding hands, they walked off to find kitchen.
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