Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ On the Other Foot ( Chapter 27 )

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War Diaries

Entry 25 – On the Other Foot

By Lord Archive

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Food, glorious food. There was nothing the world’s most powerful sorceress needed besides food. And well money, but blowing up bandits was good for that.


The sorceress blinked upon hearing the outburst and took in her surroundings. She then smirked at the big breasted woman that stormed into the inn. « Well, well. If it isn’t ‘Goldfish Feces.' »

« Who? » the blond man with sorceress questioned dumbly.

The girl’s face upon the overly developed and scantily clad woman’s body flushed dangerously in anger. « Goldfish what?! »

The sorceress waved her hand at her companion and his form shifted to that of a man with stone flesh and metal hair, yet his face remained unchanged. « One of the unflattering nicknames of Naga, ‘Goldfish Feces.’ Where the most powerful sorceress went, so did Naga. »

« Most powerful? we’ll see about that, Hikari, » the buxom one hissed before laughing strangely and then stopped abruptly. « Why did I do that? »

Hikari looked down. « Weird not being pregnant… She really doesn’t have a chest. Mine was bigger before I got knocked up. »

The scantily clad woman moved her arms around and nothing happened.

Hikari smirked at her. « Guess you’ve never seen ‘The Slayers.’ Be thankful I didn’t get into the second season yet, Sakura. Kouhsiro warned me there’s someone even more annoying than Naga in it. »

« Why isn’t this working? » Sakura demanded.

« You don’t know how to cast spells in this world. And it’s still my dream, and I’m in control. » Hikari lazily pointed at the ground. « Explosive Array. »

The ground underneath Sakura exploded, sending the girl flying through the roof.

« Good thing this is my dream, I can’t remember the full incantation. » Hikari pointed at the still airborne girl. « Dragon Slav! » A red beam of energy launch from her finger, striking Sakura with the power of a tactical nuke. « And that takes care of her. »


Mamoru frowned as he entered the dream.

Elecmon shared his partners look. « I certainly prefer attacking the girls. »

Mamoru shrugged upon the unfolding scenes before him: clawed black hands reaching out and grabbing all those Takeru loved. The boy chuckled. « Guess Takaishi was already having a nightmare. »

« Never again, » Takeru muttered, and then yelled it, « NEVER AGAIN! »

The dream version of Patamon evolved straight to Holy Angemon and began to cut away the black claws.

« No way I’m letting you defeat this dream, » Mamoru spat, willing his own darkness to raise up and give the dream more power.

The ground began to shake and a horned devil cloaked in black rose up, standing as tall as a mountain.

« Devimon, » Takeru hissed out as if it was the most vile of curses. « The powers of darkness will never defeat me. »

Devimon laughed. « Fight against darkness you’ll find that it’ll always take something from you. Whether it was Patamon, your innocence or your soul, you shall always lose something. »

« Hurt me all you want, but you’ll never take those I love! » Takeru protested.

« You don’t even realize the darkness within you, Chosen of Hope, » Devimon noted with demented glee. « In fighting the darkness, you’ve increasingly come to embrace it yourself. You may call it a ‘righteous darkness’ to do what is needed, but it is darkness none-the-less. »

« If embracing the darkness is what it takes to keep Hikari safe, I’ll do it! » Takeru stood firm. « Holy Angemon! »

« Excalibur! » The angel digimon intoned before striking down the devil digimon with his holy wrist blade.

Mamoru clenched his fist. « What was the point of all that talking? »

Takeru turned to look at the boy. « Confirming what I know to be true. »

« And that is? » Elecmon wondered.

« That to fight darkness, I need to accept the darkness within me, » Takeru informed calmly.

« Do you really think you can beat us? » Mamoru mockingly asked.

« Not all of you have fully embraced the Dark Seed, » Takeru noted. « Some of you show signs of fighting that influence. You, however, have embraced it. I know what Elecmon did to that D’Arcmon, what you both did to Miyako in a dream, that you tried to hurt Hikari as well. My only question remains, have you done that in reality as well, Mamoru? Have you taken a girl against her wishes? »

« And so what if I have? The bitch was stuck up and needed to know her place, » Mamoru spat.

« And what are you going to do? » Elecmon spat. « You’re powerless. »

« This is my dream, » Takeru retorted coldly. With a wave of his hand, golden chains shot from the sky, ensnaring both Mamoru and Elecmon. With eyes that looked through his enemies, he intoned, « Now let’s see what I can do about the darkness in you. » A golden knife appeared in his hand. « Let’s see if I can cut it out of you? »

Mamoru tried to flee the dream, but he couldn’t. This shouldn’t be possible. The holier than thou Chosen weren’t supposed to do this sort of thing. They weren’t the evil ones.

Takeru shoved the blade into the back of the boy’s neck. « Hold still while I try to get that Dark Seed out of you. »

There was no way for Mamoru to comply as pain ripped through his body, screams of agony exploding from his mouth.

« Well, that didn’t work. » Takeru frowned. « Next is to try to carve it out of your partner. »

More screams soon followed.


Iori stood before a projected map of the Digital World. « We must hold the line. »

« What ‘we’ would that be? » a harsh voice questioned.

Iori turned around. « Do you not know the true meaning of being a Chosen, Hitochi? We are never alone. »

Hitochi laughed. « You know what I did to Kido. You’re next. »

« With just you and Black Wargreymon? » Iori questioned. « I don’t think so. »

« What army do you have to stop me? » Hitochi demanded.

« He has me, » Armadimon vowed.

« And us, » Yume added with Bakumon.

« Can’t forget me and Psychemon, » Sayuri added.

« Or us, » Daisuke added standing before V-mon, Hikari, Takeru, Tailmon, Patamon, Ken and Wormmon.

« Mess with one of us, mess with all of us, » Taichi intoned. The rest of Odaiba’s Chosen and their digimon nodded in agreement.

« And us, » was chorused by hundred of children from around the world and their digimon.

Hitochi took a step back. « How? I’m supposed to be in control! »

« My dream, my rules, » Iori shot back. « You are not welcome here! »

Hitochi spun around. « Come on, Agumon. »

His black scaled digimon nodded and vanished with him.


Takeshi smirked. Apparently Daisuke was also a sport’s nut. He could do the same thing he had tried to do to Taichi and wreck his confidence. At least that was the plan.

« I did it! » Daisuke cheered as he scored yet another goal.

« This really needs to be baseball! » Takeshi complained.

« Sure! » Daisuke chirped.

Takeshi grinned as he was now on a pitcher’s mound and Daisuke was at bat. « There’s no way you’ll ever hit this! » The young child threw an impossibly fast ball that curved to sink at the plate.

With a crack of the bat, the ball roared out of the park.

« That’s not possible! » Takeshi stomped his foot.

« Rather try a different game? » Daisuke asked. « How about boxing? »

Takeshi saw stars as he got a face full of red boxing glove.


« This is ridiculous, » Yume complained. « Three typhoons THIS MONTH! »

« Whatever, do you have any fours? » Sayuri groused.

« Is it really okay to be here? » Armadimon questioned. « The storm is pretty bad out there. »

« We’re only getting a glancing blow from Typhoon Megi, » Iori groused. « If things get really bad, we can at least escape to the Digital World. »

« What about Hikari? She can hardly move, » Yume questioned while reluctantly handing over a four. « Do you have a seven? »

Psychemon grinned. « Go fish. »

« That is why we’re at Iori-sempai’s, » Sayuri pointed out. « If she needs help, we’ll be there in seconds. »

Sayuri pouted. « Three typhoons? What month is this? »

Iori looked confused. « August. Why? »

Sayuri shrugged. « Because it’s probably going to happen. You know some of my dreams of the future. »

Yume blinked. « Really? This will happen? »

Sayuri stared at the girl. « Yume? »

The crippled girl stood up. « Yup! You’ve been having dreams of the future? »

Sayuri frowned. « I was until the Dark Seed kids were messing with them. »

Yume grinned. « After tonight I seriously doubt they’ll try ever again! »

Sayuri hugged the girl. « You’re going to wake up. »

Yume smiled. « I guess I will. »

Sayuri glanced over seeing one of the Dark Seed Children was there with them. She could tell the presence was part of the dream, and not their enemy spying on her. « What’s going on? »

Yume shrugged. « Maybe that’s our ‘sixth Ranger?' »


Noriko scowled. What a boring ass dream. Taichi watching television with Sora at the Yagami apartment. What could she do about that?

The Dark Seed Child grinned as she got an idea. She had lived in Odaiba all her life. She had been brought before the vampire digimon. Cried when she could not find her parents. Saw the giant beast the vampire had become. It would serve a lovely way to wreck a dream.

Venom Vamdemon appeared and ripped apart the giant Ferris Wheel.

« Oh, Taichi… we’ve got a problem, » Sora fretted.

« Nah, let Godzilla deal with it, » Taichi groused.

Noriko blinked. « Godzilla? »

The giant nuclear lizard of film emerged from the Tokyo Bay with a loud roar.

Venom Vamdemon seeing the new threat turned to face it.

Noriko tried to do what she could to sway the dream. To at least include the Yagami home in the destruction.

Taichi and Sora merely munched on snacks as they watched the one-hundred meter tall lizard jump up and down on the much smaller vampire. Blasted the digimon with nuclear fire. And finally spun Venom Vamdemon around and around, launching him into space.

« So much for that. What’s on television? » Taichi wondered.

« Porno review of… Daisuke Does Dark Seed Girls? » Sora shrugged. « Wonder if it’s any good. »

« Oh, hell, no. » Noriko fled the dream immediately.


Miyako grinned. This cake was all hers. She had intentionally chosen one she liked but most of her family and Hawkmon did not like at all. Either it was too rich in chocolate or the raspberry laced into it that kept the others away.

« No cake for you, » Keiko intoned, snatching the whole cake away.

« Give that back, » Miyako demanded.

« Not happening. » Keiko’s Gabumon moved to defend her partner.

« That cake is mine! » Miyako’s fists pounded the table obliterating it.

« Ah… Gabumon evolve to… » A pillar of light enshrouded the digimon. When it subsided mask wearing black scaled and furred creature stood in her place. « Dark Lizamon! »

Miyako seemed to double in size as she took a step forward, grabbed the adult digimon and bodily threw her through the outside wall.

Keiko blinked and then rushed to see her partner fall from from the sixth floor apartment. She then turned around as the cake was plucked from her hand. With a kick from the suddenly even larger girl, she too was in free fall.

« That sucked, » Gabumon moaned, once again a child digimon.

Keiko sat up and saw she had returned to the dimension of dreams. She frowned at the various states the other Dark Seed Children were in. Only Yuri seemed to be perfectly fine, Noriko seemed okay physically but she looked ready to kill, while Sakura was burnt, battered and barely had her clothes intact and Mamoru was covered in blood and curled into a ball clutching his digimon who was somehow first stage baby of Babumon.

« Your plan to remove the Chosen of Dreams backfired, » Noriko hissed.

Sakura folded her lanky arms. With a shrug her burns changed to red skin blotches and her clothes began to reform. « Hardly. We’ve grown complacent in our superiority. They have learned how to fight back once they realize it’s a dream. »

« Doubt that, » Keiko pipped in. « Miyako didn’t seem aware it was a dream as SHE tossed me out of her apartment. »

« Nor did Sora… » Noriko trailed off. « Not even sure if I was in Sora’s or Taichi’s dream. I thought I went into hers, but he seemed more in control. Either Yume being constantly asleep has allowed her to aid them or their anger at us for hurting her has taken away our ability to attack them. »

Hiroshi nodded, his jaw bruised. « I’d have to agree. I’d rather not have Yamato slug me again, or worse the fag deciding he likes me and I get the nightmare of him raping my ass. »

Sakura frowned. « Regardless of why, we have lost this advantage. We will need to act soon to complete our objective. »


« Ken, is something wrong? » Mrs. Ichijouji wondered.

The boy frowned. « The children that have been infected with dark seeds… They’ve been attacking our dreams. »

Mrs. Ichijouji looked confused. « Are you sure? »

Ken nodded. « Kind of funny how their nightmares were sometimes tamer than my normal ones. »

« But you’ve been sleeping well these past few nights, » Mrs. Ichijouji observed.

« It’s because I’ve been trying to talk to them. See what the seeds have been doing to them. I think I’ve been getting through to one of them, » Ken told her.

Mrs. Ichijouji smiled a little. « That’s good. But why do you seem so troubled? »

Ken flushed. « Because the dreams are more than dreams. And it wasn’t just words used. »

Mrs. Ichijoiji blinked. « What do you mean? »

« Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Yuri… has been cold and alone. I tried to show her she doesn’t have to face the world alone. » Ken looked away. « Things went father than I intended. »

Mrs. Ichijouji smiled. « Do you like this girl? »

Ken frowned but nodded.

« If she likes you as well, there’s no problem, » Mrs. Ichijouji stated.

Ken shook his head. While the dark seed continued to influence Yuri, there would still be a very large problem, regardless of anyone’s feelings.


« Good morning, » Sayuri greeted.

« Good morning, » Iori replied respectfully. « Sleep well? »

Sayuri smirked. « I slept great. Had a chat with Yume. »

« So she visited you last night, » Iori noted.

Sayuri nodded. « She kind of found out about my prophetic dreams. I believe I was having one. »

Iori raised an eyebrow. « Oh? What happened? »

« Apparently this will be a bad year with typhoons. The third typhoon, which will be Megi, to hit Japan in August will be causing damage to Tokyo. One of the Dark Seed Children, Yume, you and me will be at your apartment waiting out the storm to be on hand if Hikari needs help, » Sayuri explained.

Iori blinked. « Yume was there? »

Sayuri nodded. « She will be there with us. »

Iori smiled a little. « So she will wake up. »

Sayuri gazed at the boy waiting for him to ask the obvious next question, yet he said nothing. « Aren’t you curious who the Dark Seed Child is? »

Iori glanced at her. « What will be, will be. Best to say nothing until it happens, if it happens. »

Sayuri blinked in confusion. Why wouldn’t he want to know?


Author’s Notes:

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