❯ Old Demon Comes Back – Demon ( One-Shot )

[ A - All Readers ]

It’s a sunny Monday morning when Phoebe walks in the kitchen.

She looks up surprised when she doesn’t see Piper making coffee or making breakfast..

Phoebe: “She must be tired”
While Paige walks in the kitchen she hears Phoebe say “she must be tired” and asks; “Who must be tired?”
Phoebe jumps up “My god Paige don’t scare me!”
Paige: “Sorry… I just heard what you said so I responded by the way who must be tired?”
Phoebe: “ O Piper I thought she might be here but no.”
Paige: “Yeah well even Piper sleeps”
Piper walks in and responds to Paige; “Yes I do but now I’m awake!”
Paige: “Sorry didn’t want to gossip….”
Piper: “It’s ok sis!”
Phoebe: “Well since your down here.. make me some coffee plss?”
Piper: “Are you kidding me I’m dying here so yeah I’ll make coffee!!”
Phoebe: “Thank you”

Suddenly a load sound hits their attention.

Phoebe: “What the hell was that?”
Piper is looking around the kitchen trying to figure out what caused the terrible sound. Paige walks into the living room checking if it might be coming from there.

Suddenly Paige screams and says;“ you guys.. you might want to come over here..”
Piper and Phoebe run into the living from where the sounds was coming.
When they enter the living room their faces turn white.

Piper: “O God why now!”
Paige: “What we can handle a demon!”

Phoebe calls Leo.
Leo orbs in with a swirl of white/blue lights.

Leo: “You rang?”
Phoebe answers quickly with a short sentence; “Yeah! Look what we found” and she walks away. Leo: “O.. well I’ll go and check with the elders and see if they know what we should do..”
Piper: “Thanks Hubby but we need to figure out how he got here”
Paige: “ Could someone tell me what’s going on?”
Leo: “Paige.. It’s someone we know from before you came”
Piper: “We are confused..”
Paige: “I don’t care I’d like to know who this is”
Phoebe: “I’ll tell you”
Piper turns to Phoebe and says; “Ok..”
Phoebe walks over to Paige and sits her down on a chair.
Phoebe looks at her and starts to talk; ”Paige, the reason why we are so confused by this demon (Paige holds her breath a little bit more every second) is because…. He killed an important family member of ours.” “This is Shax?” Leo asks her confused.
“Nooo!” Phoebe answers him, he’s not Shax it’s… Matthew.” “Matthew?” “Who’s Matthew?”, Paige asks Phoebe.
Phoebe: “He made sure Melinda Warren went on the stake”
Paige looks weirdly to the floor and then asks; “How do you guys know this and why wouldn’t you tell me who this is?”
“Well ;Piper answers; because we put him in the locket and Melinda took it with her when we send her back to her time so we are confused about how he got here.”
“Wow Melinda was here?” Paige asks her mad. Piper: “Yeah we had to call her when we didn’t know what to do.” Phoebe: You guys.. I don’t want to disturb you but.. we have a problem.. Matthew is awake..”
Matthew: Ladies.. Long time no see!”
Paige wants to call a lamp from the table but Phoebe stops her; ”No Paige! He copies powers!” Paige: “O god .. why can’t they make it easy!” Matthew: “Sorry honey but I will not make an exception for poor witches!” Phoebe: “Neither will we! We will not make exceptions for a stupid demon like you!” All of a sudden he blinks to Piper and grabs her and then kills her with his own hand by burning her face. Phoebe yells from pain in her hearth.
“Noooooooooooooooooo! How could you!” Leo starts to electrocute him. But he survives by blinking away. Then everything turns black in front of Phoebe’s eyes.

Bathing in her own sweat Phoebe wakes up from her terrible dream.
She stand up from her bed and walks towards the stairs. When she’s downstairs she sees Piper, Leo and Paige sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee.

Piper: “He your up.”
Phoebe: “I had this terrible dream Matthew Tate was back from..”-
Paige stops her story by saying; “We had the same dream”
Phoebe: “What? Really?”
Leo: “Yeah every detail was worked out by someone.. This wasn’t a normal dream”
Phoebe: “How come?”
Leo: I could see it. Matthew Tate was send by Rex and Hannah remember and Prue got him out of the locket and now he just fell in the living room”
Phoebe: “But how can someone make dreams I thought we already vanquished the Dream Source..”
Leo: “Well he could’ve came back”
Piper: “We just have to figure out who did this and why so we can kick his sorry ass!”
Paige: “You bet ya sis!”

Paige orbed to the attic and went to look in the BOS for some help.
Paige: “You know Grams we could use your help..”
The book started turning pages.
Paige: “Thanks Grams, hmm what’s this?”
She reads this; Dream Demon,
The dream demon makes dreams about the greatest fears of witches
He works with the demon of fear Barbas who reads the fears of witches.
Too stop them both you need to overcome your fear and release your dream.

Paige: “Ok but.. how the hell are we supposed to do that?”
Piper: “To do what sweetie?”
Paige: “Read this Grams found it for me”
Piper reads it and then says; “Old friends keep coming back”
Paige: “What?”
Piper: “We’ve met Barbas a couple of times”
Paige: “O.. well I hope that I ended right”
Piper: “O yeah it did but we need to end it now once and for all”
Phoebe: “Found anything?”
Piper: “It’s Barbas”
Phoebe: “Awww old friend!”

When Phoebe said that Barbas appeared.
Barbas: “Well hello! Who’s fear will I be reading today?”
Phoebe: “Nobody’s fear”

Piper blows him up (he wasn’t vanquished) and he disappeared.
Piper: “There must be a potion…”
Phoebe: “Well I don’t know lets see”
Paige: “It doesn’t say that there is a potion”
Piper: “Maybe under Barbas?”
Phoebe: “I’ll look it up in the mean time why don’t you think of a spell or something and ask Leo to check with the Elders”
Piper and Paige: “You got it”
Phoebe: “Barbas… aha! Barbas.. bla bla bla.. nope no spell or what so ever.. wait a sec what’s this? Thank you for letting them in your heart?”
Phoebe: “Mom… Prue….”

Downstairs Paige has wrote a spell with Piper;
“Take his soul
And his power
Give him pain
In this hour.”
Paige: “Now all we have to do is figure out how we release our fear..”
Phoebe comes walking down the stairs and says; “Well we need to believe we can overcome our fears and see our dreams disappear…”
Piper: “Sounds.. hard..”
Paige: “Yes…”
Leo orbs in.
Leo: “The Elders had a visitor before I was there guess who?”
Piper: “God?”
Leo: “…….No Barbas. He said he was mad and then he left”
Paige: “That’s all he said?”
Leo: “According to the Elders”

Suddenly Barbas appears once again.
Barbas: “Howdy ho!”
Piper: “Howdy ho?”
Paige: “Piper the spell!”
Piper: “Well what about the overcoming of our fears??!”
Barbas: “Haha let’s see what your fears are-“
He gets frozen by Piper.
Piper: “Paige Phoebe we need a plan!”
Phoebe: “Think of Mom it will work..”
Piper: “Ok.. do you really think it will work?”
Phoebe: “I do”
Paige: “Ok”
Together they put their feet firm to the ground and Piper unfreezes Barbas
Piper: “This will be your last visit to us!”
Paige: “Ok enough talking the spell!”
All Together: “Take his soul and his power give him pain in this hour!”
They close their eyes and see their mother and Piper starts to cry.
I a loud sound they hear Barbas get vanquished and The Dream Demon appears. Before he can do anything he gets sucked up into the ground screaming for help.

Piper: “Wow.. that was overwhelming”
Paige: “Yeah.”
Piper: “Well Phoebe good thinking..”
Phoebe: “Don’t thank me.. thank Mom and Prue”
Paige: “I saw her too..”

The scene cuts to later that day.
Leo: “Piper.. I’m so tired..”
Piper: “Come on.. keep those eyes open!”
They want to kiss but Phoebe walks in saying; “Kids in the house!”
Piper: “Ow Phoebe.. Hello Wyatt did you have a nice time with aunt Phoebe?”
Phoebe: “We went to the playground!”
Paige orbs in.
Paige: I just came to say that.. I have a date tonight.. here so if you guys could go out to P3 and drop kids at magic school that would be great..!”
Piper: “Our “normal” life has begun again….”

The end! This is my first Charmed fanfic so I hope it wasn’t terrible..