❯ Oh…Pretty Colors.. – Oh…Pretty Colors… ( Chapter 1 )

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Oh, What Pretty Colors
By: M14Mouse
Type: Arc The Lad: Twilight of Spirits
Summery: Bebedora’s POV on her awakening and her master.
Disclaimer: Don’t own them.


Deep Sleep . . . Deep Darkness.

No colors . . . Just Darkness.

Then lights and I awoke.

I rose from my tomb. Humans . . . simple humans and such simple colors. Green and Purple. Desire for power and greed. Such easy puppets. I cut into their colors and souls. Their minds scream and fight my control. Why do they fight? In the end, they are mine. What simple puppets. I am master. I pull the strings of their souls and I watch my puppets jerk. The humans are mine. I order my puppets to fight. I love to watch the colors of a fight. I giggle as I watch the red and black dance before my eyes. My eyes show me all their colors. I was curious of the odd looking one. He was neither human or demios. He was both and his colors mix and twist until my head pop. Finally, the colors of demios and humans clash, mix, and die like fireworks.

Now look . . . my puppets are broken. Humans are so easy to break. There are always more puppets to play for me. On the walls, my guards awake from their darkness. I awake them because I am master and they are my puppets. I order my puppets to attack. I want to watch the colors of the odd one. Oh, what pretty colors. Yes . . . Yes, They dance and twist. Yes . . . Yes..His soul . . . his colors are so different. The colors finally become little lights in the sky and other puppets were broken. Pity.

The odd one was called Drac. This Drac order me to open the bridge. Yes…Yes…I will do. I told him of the switch on the right. He didn’t know that the bridge would open my freedom as well. Yes..Yes..I am free. I jump down from my tomb. This Drac ask me to join him because I was powerful. Yes, I am the all powerful Bebedora. But yet, I need someone to control my strings. To be a puppet as well. This Drac…my master. He will be my master and he shall control my strings. I am a puppet for his plans. His plans are to save the demios. His plan matter not to me. It is the color of his soul.

His colors twist and burst….

Oh, what pretty colors…

The End.

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