Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Oh. My. God. ( Chapter 2 )

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Oh. My. God.
“Dinner’s ready!” Tohru called from the kitchen, holding her spoon up to signal Kyo, who was perched o the roof.
Kyo sighed and heaved himself up, flinching slightly as he almost slipped. He stood and stepped with ease across the tilted, smooth, metal surface and down the latter.
The table looked odd without Yuki sitting across from Tohru, even though Kyo told himself that he was glad Yuki wasn’t there, and even three days after the accident.
“Kyo, hurry up!” Shigure wined. “I’m starving!”
“You always are, damn dog.” He muttered, padding into the kitchen and flopping down by the table.
“Oh, shoot.” Shigure said suddenly, tapping his fist lightly into his other hand before Kyo had even picked up his chopsticks. “I told Yuki that I would bring him a few changes of clothes over, but I forgot.” He stared into space for a moment and looked slowly over at Kyo, an evil grin spreading on his face. “Oh Kyo…” he sang.
“No way!” Kyo slammed his hands down on the table, shooting Tohru an apologetic glance when she jumped. “No way in hell am I bringing that damn rat his stupid clothes! Make someone else do it!”
“But Kyo…” Shigure sobbed, his fan suddenly open and shielding the lower half of his face.
“You like to torment me, don’t you?!” Kyo held his fist up to Shigure.
“That’s beside the point!” Shigure said defensively. “Kyo…” he pleaded again.
“Fine! Damn it!” Kyo snarled, storming out of the dining room and up to Yuki’s room.
He kicked open the rat’s door and wrenched open the top drawer of the dresser, grabbing the first two shirts and pants he saw. The damn rat could deal… or hopefully go jump off a cliff if he didn’t like them. He kicked the door shut again, ignoring Shigure shouting: “Kyo, don’t break any doors!” from downstairs.
Kyo growled as he caught Shigure smirking to himself when he passed the dining room, but didn’t want to make Tohru and more worried, so he just growled louder and purposefully slammed the front door as hard as he could.
The only thing people would hear as the orange haired boy passed would be a string of profanities being spewed under the boy’s breath. “Damn Shigure—-stupid bastard—-spoiled little rat—-couldn’t even wait `til after dinner—-lazy fat dog—-damn drunk drivers and damn rogue cars—-”
Kyo stomped up to the hospital doors and flung one open, storming in and to the stairs.
“Excuse me sir! Visiting hours are over!” a nurse called, jumping in front of him to block his path. She froze in terror as their gazes met.
“I’m on special orders from Doctor Hatori Sohma to bring these to one of his patients.” Kyo growled slowly, frightening the poor girl even more.
“Do… d-do you have a note?” she held out her hand anxiously, as if she were afraid he was going to bite her. Maybe he should bite her, just to get her to leave him alone…
“You think he has time to write notes up when he’s trying to take care of one of his patients?” Kyo snapped. Trying to keep his cool wasn’t working, so if this girl knew what was good for her, she would move.
“I’m, sorry, I can’t—”
“Why don’t you fricking call him?!” Kyo barked, finally snapping. “You walk over to the phone, pick it up, dial and talk to the damn doctor and I’ll bring my damn cousin his damn clothes, and then be gone!”
“Y-you’re family?” she breathed, about to collapse, or at least run from fear.
“Does it matter? Visiting hours are over.” He said rudely, imitating her in a high pitched, winy voice.
“Please just don’t disturb the other patients.” The girl said quickly, trotting to get away as fast as possible while following the hospital’s `walking only’ rule.
Kyo huffed, and took several deep breaths to cool himself down before continuing to the stairs. He had to be calm, because if he got Yuki mad… well, Hatori would have his head, but Akito… Kyo shivered, not wanting to think about that.
Kyo took the stairs six at a time, wanting to get this over with and get himself out of there as fast as he could. He slowed as he reached Yuki’s room, curiosity again poking at his mind as he wondered how Yuki would act. All girly like the Prince Yuki Fan Club, or like Uo, or like Hana?
He shivered again. Another Hana… he might just throw up.
Is he awake? Kyo’s hand hesitated by the door, but he forced himself to knock, again baiting himself with the idea of getting out of there fast enough.
Kyo sighed, worried he would be mad by waking him, but pushed the door open.
“Thought I heard you.” Yuki laughed.
Kyo froze. I did wake him downstairs. Crap. Here comes the punch. He braced himself for another iron fist to his cheek, but it never came.
“I woke you?” he verified unsurely.
Yuki laughed again. “Yeah, but it’s fine, I’ve been sleeping for the last two days straight because of the pain medications, so I was ready to wake up.”
“Oh.” Kyo nodded, not sure whether to be glad that Yuki wasn’t mad, or scared to death because of how nice Yuki was being. This was not normal.
“What’s that?” Yuki nodded at the clothes under Kyo’s arm.
“Oh, Shigure told me to bring `em over.” Kyo dropped them on the dresser and whirled to face the door.
“Thank you.”
“……What?” Kyo turned back at the pace of a snail. Yuki was really starting to freak him out. The laughing was scary, but thanking him?!
“I thanked you.” Yuki repeated, a tone of warning in his voice.
“I heard.” Kyo snapped.
The two stood staring each other down until Kyo huffed and turned for the door again.
“K-Kyo, wait…”
Kyo twitched. He was going to get a fist in the jaw when he turned around, he just knew it, but because he wanted to leave… he braced himself, spreading his feet into a fighting stance and rotated at a pace worthy of molasses. Better to get it over with as fast as possible.
He peaked through his closed eyes to see Yuki staring at him like he was crazy. He probably was crazy.
“What?” he asked, letting the curiosity fill his voice. Hey, it was better than the nervousness inside of him bubbling out through his voice so it sounded like anger.
Yuki looked away, just staring out the window to the lights of the city in the black night. Kyo groaned and sank into the chair by Yuki’s bed. He stared at his feet, waiting for the damn rat to break the silence.
“Kyo…” Yuki began again, but stopped and turned to the window again. Kyo looked up at the rat’s face. It was if he was… fighting with himself, conflicting about something.
Kyo stood. “I’m going to go.” He faced the door and was about to take a step when a hand grabbed his hand and pulled him back into the chair.
Kyo’s shocked “What the hell are you—” was cut off when he realized just how close his cousin was.
To his lips.
Yuki’s hands was warm and tight around Kyo’s and he was gradually pulling Kyo closer, and Kyo found that he had completely been robbed of ability to move. He wasn’t able to move until the electric shock of Yuki’s forehead touching his jolted him awake.
Kyo shot up out of the chair, flew through the air and landed by the door, wrenching it open and slamming it behind him. His breathing was ragged, and he had to lean against the door for support. Yuki had tried to…
Kyo began running, not stopping for any of the nurses or doctors yelling at him, he didn’t even slow when a stretcher with a bloodied patient on it appeared in front of him. Instead, he managed to jump start his brain enough to flip himself over the cart, landing gracefully on the other side on his finger tips and toes only to keep running.
He burst through the doors, slipping slightly on the wet, newly rained on sidewalk as he took off for… he didn’t even know where he was going. But as he ran, water splashing around his ankles, he glimpsed Yuki by his window, gazing down at him with regret, or sadness, or… longing.
Two Days Later
Kyo was stretched out on the roof of Shigure Sohma’s house, his hands folded behind his head, his eyes following the clouds as he waited.
Waited for the sound of the car.
The car that was bringing Yuki back from the hospital.
He hadn’t gone back with everyone else to visit Yuki, he hadn’t answered the phone when it was the hospital on the other end of the line, and he hadn’t brought anything else over to his cousin.
What had happened at the hospital that night still had Kyo utterly perplexed, and because of it, he had decided to sleep on the roof for at least a week after Yuki was back.
And the he heard it. The sound of rubber tires bouncing along a dirt road and the soft purr of the engine driving alongside it. Kyo’s shoulders tense up and he unconsciously gripped the metal tiling on the roof.
“Welcome back!” Tohru shouted gleefully, waving her hand at them before the car had even stopped.
Yuki smiled through the window and eased himself out of the car, Hatori stepping out after him. Hatori reported something to Shigure while Tohru led Yuki inside, and Kyo cursed himself for not being able to hear. It was probably something about that bastard Akito, or what Yuki had to avoid.
Jeez, some people just over react at every little thing. Isn’t that right Shigure? Kyo smirked, inching over to the latter to hear what the people downstairs were saying.
“Yuki, remember to take it easy. Unless you want to wear a brace, I suggest that you not fight Kyo.”
“Don’t worry.”
Kyo’s face hit the roof as he deadpanned. He isn’t blaming me? Why the hell didn’t he say something like: “That stupid cat is the one who wants to fight, not me”… what’s wrong with him?!
“Did you hear that?” he heard Tohru ask from bellow him, looking up to the sound of Kyo’s face hitting the roof top.
“It’s probably just Kyo.” Shigure waved it off. “Anything else Hari?”
“No, that’ll be all.”
Kyo pressed himself flat against the roof to not be seen as he heard the car door slam and Hatori drive off.
“So Yuki, are you hungry?” Shigure asked, probably hinting the he was hungry as well.
“Dinner’s ready, just let me go call Kyo.” Tohru said enthusiastically.
“Oh, um, I can do it.” Yuki said suddenly, and the blood drained from Kyo’s face as he heard Yuki’s feet walk to the veranda.
“Kyo?” Yuki called up, not wanting to climb the latter after his injury.
Kyo pressed himself further into the tiling on the roof, hoping that he would suddenly become a chameleon and hide in the tiling.
“Kyo?!” Yuki called again.
Damn it, he’s going to climb up next. Kyo squeezed his eyes shut.
“Yuki, he might not be hungry, but he’ll eat later, come in.” Shigure called from inside and Kyo thanked his stars as he heard Yuki walking back inside.
Kyo sighed. Damn he was hungry, he would just have to wait.
Kyo winced as the floor creaked under his feet. Why did the damn house have to be so noisy every time he was sneaking around? It was two in the freaking morning and he had school tomorrow, but he had to wait that long because Yuki and Tohru had insisted on cleaning the entire damn downstairs all because Yuki had wanted to learn.
Damn girls and their damn habits. Yes there were exceptions. *Cough* Uo *cough* Hana, but it seemed that Yuki was really becoming the Tohru type of girl. Kyo supposed he should be glad that Yuki wasn’t turning into one of those Prince Yuki Fan club girls, but it was still seriously not normal.
Kyo snuck into the kitchen and grabbed some leftover rice from the fridge, flipping them into some plain rice balls.
What’s school going to be like tomorrow? Hatori warned the school about Yuki’s accident, and they were supposed to tell the students, but all the same, I wonder what’s going to happen.
Kyo groaned audibly as the Yuki Fan club girls burst out from the school doors and bombarded Yuki, like usual.
So no one cares that he’s wearing one of Tohru’s uniforms. Good? I guess? Kyo’s eyebrow twitched as the fan girls surrounded a very-feminine looking Yuki wearing a very short blue skirt and a very flattering white, short-sleeved top.
“So Princess Yuki, would you like to sit with us at lunch?” the what’s-her-face-vice-president asked Yuki, getting right in his face.
“Oh, I was going to have lunch with Tohru, but maybe tomorrow, ok?” Yuki smiled as he walked off, waving as he went.
Kyo’s eyebrow twitched again. Princess Yuki? What is this?! Why don’t they just skip to Yuki?! And at least he’s not calling Tohru, Miss Honda while he’s like this, makes it seem more like friends and less like… I don’t know… lovers?
All eyes were on Yuki as he walked into the classroom, with his legs bare for all eyes, and his defined arms gleaming in the sun. It would have made more sense—-for the way people were staring at him—-if his skin was glowing instead of just showing. Even the guys were staring in awe. Kyo’s ears popped up in annoyance as even the teachers stared, some even flirted with him.
“So Yuki, you having lunch with us?” Tohru’s friend Uo asked him, leaning on the back of Tohru’s chair.
“Yes, Tohru asked me to sit with you today, if that’s ok.” He added quickly.
“It isn’t a problem.” Hana murmured quietly, her nose stuck in a book.
“Oh Yuki!” a group if girls sang, waltzing up to him, “you remember the dress we bought you for the culture festival last year?” they hinted innocently, leaning too close to Yuki for anyone’s liking but theirs’.
“Of course.” Yuki cocked his head to the side, and Kyo could see some… remembrance of not liking that memory. Yuki remembered hating to wear that dress, even though he was wearing a skirt now?
“Well, we decided that dress didn’t quite suit you, so we got you this instead.”
Kyo’s blood drained from his face as he looked at the skimpy dress, if it was enough cloth to actually call it a dress. It was a short empire dress with a bow right under wear the girl’s breasts would have been, two spaghetti straps on each shoulder, and a skirt that would be at least seven inches short of reaching Yuki’s knees.
Kyo’s throat caught in his breath, no, his breath caught in his throat and he quickly glanced at Yuki, making sure that his damn cousin wouldn’t wear it. He thought there was no more blood left in his cheeks, but when he saw Yuki’s expression, even more blood drained from his skin, if possible.
Yuki was going to wear it.
It was obvious he didn’t want to, but he was going to wear it to be nice. He was going to put on the stripper dress to be nice because he thought he was a girl.
A Few Weeks Earlier
“Is that all we do? Is run away?” Yuki had looked up at him with those furiously determined eyes, his hands locked on Kyo’s leg to keep him from running despite Kyo’s claws embedded deeply in his shoulder.
“Is that all we do?!” Yuki screamed in desperation, ignoring the ripping, searing pain of Kyo’s talons tearing through his skin.
“Well I, for one, am tired of running!” Yuki fought against the pull of his monstrous-looking cousin with everything he had.
“I don’t want to do it anymore!”
Kyo had fought with all his might, only remembering that he wanted to tear his cousin limb from limb for doing this to him.
For holding him there.
It was over, and Yuki was dead-set on not letting him run.
He was not going to just let it be over.
Present Time, Back in the Classroom
If he hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be here. Kyo stared at the desk, long and hard, and then looked up, his eyes finding Tohru’s expression worried for Yuki. She wouldn’t have stayed, I would be gone, I would be…
Kyo looked back down at the desk, searching for a word to what would have happened to him if Yuki hadn’t been there. His brow furrowed in pain. He would live in an unfeeling, cold, spiritless existence.
I would be dead. I would have no reason to live.
“Yuki, please try it on!” the girls bubbled, holding it out to him. Kyo couldn’t explain what happened next. He only knew one thing: he was furious.
They were taking advantage of Yuki while he couldn’t defend himself as well. Those girls were forcing something on him, the one thing Hari had clearly said to not do at all costs, because it could make Yuki’s switch permanent. They were forcing him into something he didn’t want to do.
Kyo was out of his chair in seconds as Yuki reached for the dress, and just as Yuki’s fingertips brushed the fabric, Kyo’s fist connected with the wall on everyone’s side, so he was standing between Yuki and the girls.
The senior girls and everyone behind them jumped back in shock, the dress slipping into a crumpled pile on the floor. Kyo didn’t move from his protective stance even as Tohru shrieked: “Kyo!” in shock, worry and warning all at once.
Kyo blinked as he realized what he had done, and just how idiotic he looked right then. Everyone was staring.
“Damn it all!” he snapped, marching over to the door and throwing it open, nearly taking it off its track with the force behind his throw.
The roof.
That would be a good place to cool his head. What the hell had he just done anyway? And why?!
He was glad that everyone in school had enough common sense to get the hell out of his way and he stormed to the door to the roof, it wouldn’t be good if he accidentally broke a nose or two in his rage. It seemed that a reputation for the school’s temper-student came in handy from time to time.
“Damn it all.” He spat again, throwing the door leading to the roof open and slamming it shut behind him, not noticing the small click as the door opened again after he was halfway up the steps, or the small footsteps as someone followed him; he couldn’t hear anything through the haze of his fury.
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