Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Of Tricks and Love ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Of Fire and Ice
By: Asakane Kotoro
Summary: Yuki and Kyo were always complete opposites, they were polar opposites to be exact and both of them love Tohru in their own way. One cause for their many fights is to win Tohru over but what happens when all the Sohma males join in? Comedic Fluffiness.

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Chapter Two:
Yuki couldn’t help but smile at his triumph over the stupid cat. Kyo’s stupidity came through again and Tohru was far too polite to admit that he had made mistake but then again, Miss Honda was always like that. Yuki’s heart began to beat a million miles a minute at the mere thought of his crush.

What made him become so drawn to her so much? Was her smile? Her naivety? Or was it the simple fact that she could be won over by any means?

Yuki was always known for getting bored with one thing and moving onto the next, which is why he always tried avoiding his many fights with Kyo but the damn cat was so persistent. It almost bothered him that Kyo had even tried to impress Miss Honda. Biting his lip to keep from scowling at the mere thought, the Prince immediately straightened up. Maybe it was best that he backed off some to allow Kyo to impress Tohru in his own way. After all, Kyo deerves a little break from being the infinite loser that he was.

And he could always do something more…awe-inspiring later on.

The sixteen year old looked over as two voices could be heard from inside the nearby classroom. One belonged to Miss Honda and the other belonged to some girl he didn’t really associate with.

“Um, Tohru, could you give this letter to Yuki?” The girl’s meek voice was barely audible as she spoke. Yuki could almost imagine the lit up expression on Tohru’s face and the big smile tugging at her lips. She would do anything for anyone. Of course he hoped murdering or stealing wouldn’t one of those favors. Yuki sighed, rubbing his temples at the mere thought of Tohru going on the wrong side of the law.

Surely she wouldn’t do something like that. Would she? ‘Of course not. It’s not in her nature to even lie.’ He thought, chewing on his lip gently. Tohru’s voice sounded from inside the class in response to the favor. “Do you want me to say who it’s from or…?” Her gentle but confused voice trailed off and the girl giggled lightly.

“No, that’d be pointless, Silly! Tell him it’s from a secret admirer, ok?” The girl asked and of course, Tohru accepted. He could sense the smile in Miss Honda’s voice. She’d do anything for anybody as long as it had good intentions. Even if it meant delivering a stupid love letter from one of his many fans. “Of course, Saya-chan!”

Yuki let out another exasperated sigh as he heard the classroom door opening and he sat up more. Time to politely refuse another love letter. And delivered by Tohru even. The brown haired girl soon stepped out into the hallway. A happy innocent smile was on her face as she approached him. Yuki returned a smile of his own. “Yuki! I was asked to deliver a letter to you. It’s from a secret admirer.”

“Really?” Yuki said through his false smile. His violet gaze flickered over to the doorway where Saya had proceeded to hide and watch from the safety of the classroom. Tohru let out a quiet giggle, which made Yuki’s smile become real. Only she could make him feel happy. In her hand was a pink envelope with his name written on it as she held it out to him.

“Open and see what it says.” Tohru couldn’t hide the excitement in her voice whereas Saya was glaring at Tohru with an smug look on her face. Taking notice of this, Yuki smiled more and gently took the note from his charge, “I’m sorry you had to go through all the trouble of delivering this, Miss Honda but could you tell Miss Saya that it’s pointless in tricking you to give a phony love letter that was supposedly from you?”

Her turquoise colored eyes went wide from shock and in plain confusion, Tohru tilted her head, watching as her friend ripped the message in half, letter and all. “…phony love letter…?”

From behind her, Saya looked completely flabbergasted and she stepped out from the safety of the doorway. Her green eyes narrowed. “How do you know it’s really from Tohru and not a phony love letter?” She asked, her long blue hair framing her angry features.

“Because Miss Saya, it is not within Miss Honda’s nature to write a love letter muchless one stating any erotic fantasies that anyone would like to have with me.” Yuki replied bluntly, there was a cold edge to his voice as he now rose to full height and stood before the angry fan girl. Tohru just looked on in confusion with a faint blush on her face. Saya’s cheeks huffed in annoyance as she put her hands on her hips, “Oh come on, Yuki. It was just a harmless little prank!”

“one where you tried to making a fool out of Miss Honda.” Yuki said. This time, he let his anger get the best of him and be known. Saya cowered under his anger, tears shining in her eyes now.

“Y-you’re mean! Yuki! I don’t even know why anyone would want to be your girlfriend!” She yelled, her voice cracking. The girl then ran off.

“Saya!“ Tohru felt a stabbing pain in her heart and she started to run after the girl, but she was stopped by Yuki grabbing her arm. “Let her go, Miss Honda.” The rat ordered but he was only greeted by the most disheartening look ever. Tohru’s long brown hair followed her head’s movements as she now looked at him with sad turquoise eyes.

“The letter was from me, not a cruel joke from Saya.” His object of affection whispered. Those words immediately forced the cursed youth to release her elbow and take a step back in shock. The letter was from her? But what was with the look on Saya’s face as she watched Tohru deliver the letter to him?

This confused him, leaving him a stunned silence. Seeing that he wasn’t going to respond, Tohru proceeded to run after Saya.

A smile graced his lips as his red eyes darkened. Kyo couldn’t suppress his happiness at finally tricking the damn rat at long last. “Heh, that’ll teach the damn rat not to underestimate me.” He smirked. Suddenly Saya appeared beside him with a triumphant smile on her face. “How was that, Kyo?” She asked, looking at him.

Kyo stuffed his hands into his pocket and smiled as nice as possible, “Thanks, that was good.” Saya giggled and nodded, “It was fun making a fool out of the Prince but mind you, I still love him.” Her green eyes narrowed with a glare directed at Yuki’s cousin, and Kyo nodded.

“I know I know.” He siad irritably. Kyo dug into his backpack and pulled out one of Yuki’s many Chinese shirts, “Here as promised.”

The fan girl’s eyes went wide with happiness and she immediately snatched the shirt from the orange haird boy, “Omigod! Thank you!” She was truly in heaven now as she walked off, hugging the shirt to her chest.

Kyo just smirked more before turning his gaze back to his sulking cousin. It was hard to get one of the Prince Yuki Fan Club to go along with him but with the right tools he managed to bribe one of them. “The score is tied now, ya damn rat.” The fiery teen whispered, walking off in the opposite direction that Saya had went.

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The Rat and the Cat