Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Obaasan ( Chapter 5 )

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word count: 869
Hiei/Kuwabara or Hieibara if you prefer. XD


Genkai had few regrets in her life, however her decision to not have children was not one of them. Especially since she’d ended up with kids anyway. Yusuke and his friends were all the family she needed. Or so she thought.

She’d never expected Kuwabara to drop such a bombshell. Yusuke was always the one who left her world shaken like an earthquake. But one look into those big green eyes and that baby smile and she knew they were doomed. No kid had a right to be that cute.

“Obaa-san?” Kuwabara was giving her a worried look, she’d been silent for too long.

“Do I even want to know where you got a kid?”

The young man shrugged from where he sat beside Hiei. “Hiei didn’t say and I didn’t ask.”

She turned her gaze on the demon, who held baby Hari in his lap. “Can’t do anything simple can you?”

Hiei frowned at her. “Will you examine him or not?” The rudeness earned him a nudge from his mate.

“Behave.” Kuwabara muttered. Hiei snorted in response, but his glare did lessen. Kuwabara started again. “We don’t know much about Wizards so I wanted another opinion on what happened to Hari-chan. There’s a mark on his soul that worries me. Would you please take a look at it?”

Genkai felt her eyes widen. Wizards tended to get a bit crazy when one of their children went missing. “You stole a magical family’s brat? That was a very stupid thing to do.”

Hiei looked into her eyes with something that she had only seen a few times in her life. “He was abandoned. Left to humans that would have abused him. He was not wanted by them.” The rage that burned in his gaze was honest and dark. She flicked her own eyes to Kuwabara, the young man was gently rubbing soothing circles on his mate’s arm.

However Kuwabara nodded at her. “I don’t know much about their magic Genkai, but I know that to keep Hari the clan will have to rejoin their society.”

She sighed. “I remember the uproar it caused in their ranks when the Kuwabara clan left Tokyo’s Magical Society. It was a great embarrassment that such a strong family turned it’s back on their way of life.” She met his eyes. “When you go back, do not beg, do not let them see you flinch. The Kuwabara clan is not what it once was.” At her words Kuwabara snickered.

“You’re wrong about that.”


“My dad had two sisters, and several cousins, all of them were girls so they don’t bare the name. But they are part of the clan.” He grinned. “One of my cousins is the Priestess at the Higurashi Shrine.”

Hiei looked perturbed at that. “I’m going to have to meet her and the others, aren’t I?”

Kuwabara did not look apologetic. “Yep.”

She snorted. “Fine. I’ll look at the brat.” She held her hand out toward Hari who blinked back at her curiously before reaching out to her with a baby smile. When his magic touched her awareness she gasped at what she saw and felt. Someone had tried to kill the kid with death magic, that damn killing curse the Wizards had invented, and the kid was still alive. Bu that mark on his soul…it had to go. “Hiei, you’ll need to use your Jagan and black fire on the mark. It cannot remain there.”

“What is it?” There was real fear in Kuwabara’s voice.

“A soul fragment left behind by the one who tried to kill the boy. If you leave it alone it would leave the kid vulnerable to outside influence over long distances. Perhaps even mind control.”


Hiei’s eyes had narrowed her words and he handed their son to Kuwabara and unwrapped his Jagan. The implanted eye glowed eerily and Hari whimpered. However Kuwabara’s reiki surrounded him in a gentle blanket, soon accompanied with a layer of Hiei’s youki, the energy signatures of both men calmed the kid down and Genkai watched in fascination as the taint on Hari was burned away in an instant by a black flame that dissipated almost as soon as it appeared. Hari jerked, gave a single cry and then shook himself as if startled before reaching for Hiei and crawling into the demon’s lap and falling asleep. The Jagan no longer glowed, in fact it, along with Hiei’s true eyes, gazed at the boy fondly.

Kuwabara snorted, though his face was filled with relief. “That was easy.”

Genkai rolled her eyes. “Only because the damage was new, fresh so to speak. If it had been left alone it would have become a permanent fixture.”

“Thanks ba-san…Can we count on your support when I make it official?”

“What? Your re-entry to Wizard Society?”



Hiei smirked at her over the sleeping Hari’s head. “With a grandmother like you, who would dare oppose us?”

Genkai blinked at him before chuckling. “Flatterer.” She nodded at Kuwabara. “Count me in.”


Wake the Baby and Die
Kuwabara Clan: Kino Makoto