MegaMan NT Warrior (Rockman) Fan Fiction ❯ Nuclear WarFare ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Disclaimer: This story is based off the MegaMan X Series with some fictional characters added to it.
Things were looking grim for the Hunters as Sama brought his whole team including past foes, Vile, High Max, Lumine and Red Alert. You hunters are so gullible, I knew all I had to do was plant a nuke and your goody goody side would come looking for it to deactivate. Time to finish you pests once and for all said Sama confidently. You talk too much, you think you can defeat us this time? You’re in for a rude awakening shouted Zero angrily. Sama laughed loudly. You obviously don’t get it do you Zero? I don’t win with strength. I win with numbers! I have more followers than you’ll ever realize. You can take out a thousand and they’ll be another ready to fight you. you hunters should just give up. You’re fighting a lost battle. Enough of your talk! We’ll take out the core of your group and return peace one way or another shouted X. well, said Sama, since you big mouths think you can defeat us so easily? Prove it! JQuada, crush those meddling hunters! The fight was on. Both sides charged with intensity. X took on High Max, Zero took on Vile, Axl took on Red Alert while Laser Alloy and Amber were dealing with Lumine and the rest of the JQuada squad. Hey Blue Bomber, you won’t have such an easy time defeating me shouted High Max shooting spheres at X. X jumped over them hit High Max with his new saber, causing severe damage. What the? How did you? like it, specially made, by Dr. Green said X using Giga blast to finish him off. High Max fell down out of commision with Sama stunned. Vile used his armored carrier and charged Zero. Zero jumped over the attacked shot his Z-buster at it, causing it to tilt and knock off with the explosion. Vile then jumped out of his carrier and loaded his cannon. You got some new firepower, but nothing compared to mine! Vile fired his high powered cannon at Zero, only to miss as he jumped out of the way at the last second. Zero then dropkicked him to the ground. Would you like to repeat that statement big mouth? Why you! Vile charged his cannon, only to have Zero cut it into pieces. Zero finished him with 3 dragon slashes. Vile was out of commision. Sama was enraged. How can you be defeating my forces so easily? We got upgraded genius! And now you’re toast shouted Zero. enough of this nonsense! JQuada, unleash the rocket launchers ordered Sama. Meanwhile, Laser Alloy was duking it out with Lumine. You won’t win this time green pest shouted Lumine transforming to his ultimate form. Save your talk! Laser Alloy fired his blaster at Lumine, which he dodged and fired his weapon back. Alloy used fancy footwork and began firing rapidly. Both sides began to fire back and forth. Ha ha! I’m too fast for your laser blast loser taunted Lumine. Oh yea, try to avoid this shouted Laser Alloy. firing more rapidly. Lumine dodged every shot, only to get caught in Amber’s trap. She used her laser whip to confine Lumine. Hey, no fair! Laser Alloy charged his laser full power and fired, Lumine tried to get loose, but could not and was hit, knocking him back on the ground dazed. Nice teamwork sis! Meanwhile, Sama sent out out 100 JQuada soliders. Get them! The JQuada soliders fired their rocket launchers at X and Zero. we’re gonna have to use teamwork X said Zero wielding his saber. Let’s do it partner. Just then Axl ran into them. Axl, did you defeat Red asked X. no, he’s too tough, I need some help replied Axl. Well, I wish we could help you, but right now, we’re kind of in a pickle fighting Sama’s forces said Zero. we’ll have to fight em together, let’s get em team shouted X. give it up hunters, you’ll never win against us laughed Sama. You’d be best to shut your big mouth if you know what’s good for you shouted Zero. oh yea? ATTACK! JQuada surrounded them and fired many rockets at once. Now, Jump shouted X. the Hunters jumped high in the air, avoiding the rockets. The rockets blew up in JQuada’s face, causing terminal loss. YOU IDIOTS! Use your head when firing those shouted Sama angrily the rockets took out 65 JQuada members. Ok Sama, fun’s over! Surrender or I’ll cut you to pieces ordered Zero. Sama laughed loudly. You are so funny Zero, you really think you can defeat me that easily, I seem to recall my blaster almost put you out of commision with just one shot. Yea, but that was then and this is now Maverick scum! my armor is a lot stronger now so take your best shot! Very well then, Same sheathed a huge laser ax. Come and get me! Zero charged Sama with full velocity. Sama swung violently at Zero, Zero jumped over it and fired his Z-Buster, knocking Sama off his feet. What the….? Well, so you have gotten stronger I see, but its still not enough to defeat me shouted Sama. Save your talk for after the fight, that is if you’re still alive. You should heed your own advice before giving it to others, Zero!
Bring it on Sama! Zero and Sama charged each other full steam.
Sama again swung violently at Zero with his ax, Zero sidestepped it and fired his Z-buster, knocking Sama backwards. Why you dirty… Sama jumped back on his feet and this time fired his cannon rapidly. But once again, Zero, dodged the attack, fired his Z-Buster at the ground, Sama tried to avoid it, but the explosion was too big to. Sama got up again enraged. No more games you Maverick Hunter! Face me one on one with your saber! Be glad to Maverick! Sama and Zero charged each other with their weapons in hand. The ax and saber traded off huge sparks, both determined to knock each off. Finally, Zero got the upper hand, knocking Sama off balance. This is for all the misery you caused shouted Zero. Zero went for the kill. He slashed again and again at Sama, cutting his robotic limbs off. Sama fell to the ground gravely injured. Zero then looked at him with rage in his eyes. Now, its time to end this once and for all. As Zero went in for the kill, he was hit from behind by a rocket launcher, knocking him down. What the….? Just the the entire Army of the US came. Ok, you Hunters! Hands up! You’re under arrest shouted a commanding officer. What do we do asked X concerned. only one thing to do, escape shouted laser alloy. Laser Alloy then fired an energy beam that exploded and began to fill the room. The beam was a disrupter device that caused the US Reploid Army to malfunction. Hurry! It won’t last long shouted Alloy. the Hunters then destoryed the nuke and took off in the jet. You won’t get away you troublemakers! One way or another, we’ll capture you and then destroy your organization for good shouted the general of the Army. Sama sir, are you ok asked one of his top JQuada members. I think I’ll live, but I’m gonna need major repairs replied Sama. Commander, what do we do now? they nearly wiped out our unit asked Red. I have a feeling Dr.Green upgraded them all. That scientist is always meddling with my plans! When we plant the next nuke, I want a group of JQuada Reploids to pinpoint his location and then kill him ordered Sama. Consider it done commander, now we need to get you repaired and then we have to get some upgrades ourselves because they are indeed stronger than before. Oh don’t worry bout that, just make our Doc is ready to go for phase two of the nuke plan said Sama. Meanwhile, as the Hunters were retreating back to base, X asked Zero, you really were gonna kill Sama weren’t you? you bet I was, that Maverick has caused so much harm that if I didn’t, he wouldn’t be stopped replied Zero. I understand, I don’t know, it just seems like what good would it have done? He has so many members who will take his place, by the way, how’s your back asked X. its not too bad, took a good shot with that rocket launcher, but these new upgrades really pack a punch. Just then, Axl went to the cockpit where Laser Alloy was flying the jet. Something wrong Axl asked Alloy. why did we retreat? I mean, didn’t we have the firepower to wipe em out? Yes, but Axl, you have to remember, those reploids are reprogrammed, plus, it would have been risky since there were thousands of em surronding the building, sometimes, retreating is the best option replied Laser Alloy. but what if we run into them again? Axl, look, if its kill or be killed, you know what we have to do. I want peace as bad as you do, but you have to remember, we have to count the cost and then come up with a plan that will have the best result. I understand Alloy. I just hope we can do it since Sama has so many troops on his side. Quanity is not the way to go Axl, quality is, as long as we have the best quailty, we will win. Thanks for the encouragmeant, so how far are we from base Alloy? um, bout 4 hours Axl, just sit tight and don’t worry, we got the advantage now. thanks bud said Axl as he turned back to the cargo compartment. Meanwhile, back at Sama’s base. Sama was being repaired while his troops prepared to get the 2nd nuke in place. You took quite a bit of damage said Sama’s scientist, you’re lucky one of your members bailed you out, otherwise you’d be beyond repair. Thanks doc, by the way, we need upgrades so we can compete with X and his goody good Hunters. Oh don’t worry bout that, I’ve been developing a new arm cannon and an armor so tough, not even a scratch will get on it easily. I like that, how soon will it be ready? It’ll be bout a couple weeks. Which works out since its gonna awhile before I can restore you to full power. Zero’s saber really did a number on your limbs. Can you outfit it for the whole squad doc? Oh don’t worry bout that. If my calculations are correct, I should be able to repair and upgrade you and your entire team with this new technology. X and his team’s attacks will be so small, it’ll be shocking said the scientist with an evil grin on his face. Get to it Doc, we’re gonna rule the world together. Oh, you know we are.
Meanwhile, X and the team arrived back at base.
Oh thank goodness you’re all right, I was worried sick when I found out the JQuada Mavericks had you surrounded said Dr.Green. don’t worry bout us Doc, your upgrades kicked butt said Zero gloating. Well, I’m glad to hear that, but Zero, we musn’t get too cocky. You got to remember that Sama is very dangerous and whoever he has on his side really makes him a threat to the whole world. Oh c’mon doc, what can Sama do to us now? I almost killed him had his wannabes not taken me by surprise said Zero too confidently. Zero, please, if my hunch is correct, Sama and his group will be much stronger next time, I just have this bad feeling said X. X, c’mon you worry too much, we got these guys cornerned, its only a matter of time. Zero, that’s enough! Look, I’m glad what you accomplished, but we have a job to finish. I’m not gonna start celebrating till we complete it said Laser Alloy firmly. Zero shrugged his shoulders, ok ok, sheesh, sorry, I mean, I’m just confident is all. I know, but we can’t underestimate Sama, if we do, the world is doomed replied Laser Alloy. well then, let’s get ready for his next attack said Zero enthused. Hold on a min Zero, I think you need some repairs before you do said Dr.Green. huh? Oh yea, I guess so, it hasn’t bothered me too much, but do what you like doc said Zero. ok team, said X as Zero was being repaired. Let’s train and be ready for Sama’s next move, we can’t leave one stone unturned. The Hunters joined hands and then went to prepare.
While the Hunters have the upper hand at the moment, Sama is nowhere close to being finished, what are these new upgrades his scientist is talking about? If equipped, will they make JQuada invincible? And just who is Sama’s inventor?
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