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Kouja no Senshi Season 1
Chapter 1: Hero Gatherings Arc
Act 4: New Heroes

(OP: Moonlight Densetsu)

Narrator: Previously on Kouja no Senshi…

Sam: So you’re telling us this Teknophage guy that you all encountered before has now arrived and plans to kill you?

Snake: Yesss…

Max: That must suck big time.

Boomer: Yeah, like when Butch made that stupid dare, got Julayla and Cherry drunk, and-

Cherry & Julayla: Boomer!

Boomer: What? He did.

Amy: (reading) « Hola, amigos. It’s me, Dora. By the time you get this, Boots and I will be on our way to Townsville for a Foreign Exchange Program at a place called Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. I met lots of interesting people a while after I got back home. They were Atomic Betty, Juniper Lee, Danny Phantom, and the American Dragon. From each person, a different adventure occurred, but I will discuss that later. Anyway, just so you know, we’ll be seeing you when we get there. Hopefully, with Map and Backpack, we’ll find you girls. I hope you guys took care of Luna, Artemis, Shirly, and especially Courage very well. Adios, Dora. »

Raye: So the Phage isn’t the only one whom we’ll deal with later on.

Artemis: (concerned) And if this keeps up, we’ll have nothing but villains running a muck in the entire universe, let alone Earth.

Luna: I have this strange feeling that…

Fuzzy: What?

Luna: (grimly) The Phage along with these villains are planning to take over our world!

Blossom: I don’t think even the current Sailors and the Powerpuff Girls are gonna help at all.

The blond girl looked determined as she looked seriously to everyone.

Serena: Then there’s only one thing we should do…we have to bring in more allies and Sailors, starting with Sailor Avalon, Atomic Betty, Danny Phantom, the American Dragon, and Juniper Lee.

Phage: Ah, so we meet again, Sanford.

Snake: (angrily) Phage!

The older reptile’s tail rose up, about to hit Snake, though Fuzzy angrily got in front of Snake.

Fuzzy: If yew want muy property, ‘den come an’ git me, ya jerk!

The pink beast was hit away as he screamed, being sent far from the area.

Julayla: (gasps) Fuzzy!

Katz: Sorry, but you have us to deal with first.

Phage: Ahem. Since you knew these guys, then it’s obviously you knew the rest of our new friends. They are enemies we have gathered that involves the people your friend Dora has met.

Amy: Hey, how did you know?

Phage: I read minds, little girl.

Maximus: Excuse me, but can we make it quick? You told me that Atomic Betty would be here on this world and I got plans to end her life once and for all.

Nemesis: Just be patient, my lord.

Minimus: Yeah. (changes heads to angry one) We are going to stick our foot up their…

Maximus: Minimus, enough!

Katz: Why did I even bother inviting my step-sister and her Dracula imitating boyfriend, I would never know.

Nemesis: (blushing) He isn’t my boyfriend.

Maximus: (angry mark) And why must people always mention that Dracula part?!

Max: Oh bother. Can we go right to the fighting scene please?

Buttercup: Agreed!

Voice: Avalon Star Helpers Shot!

Then, many stars hit the foes as they grunted. Then, a familiar Hispanic girl and monkey with boots landed on the ground with Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto arriving.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Avalon!

Sailor Venus: (to herself) Dora!

Sailor Avalon: (grins) Hola, Boots and I have been looking for you guys.

Naruto: Whoa, so it is true you guys really are Sailor Soldiers like Dora told us!

Sasuke: And these people are trying to harm our town.

Sakura: But what can we do? It’s not like we’re actually descended from the ninjas of long ago!

Plasmus: (notices) Perhaps we could use some hostages.

Skulker: He-he. Just what I was thinking. Just be glad the Phage managed to get you back from space.

Plasmus: (annoyed) Don’t remind me.

The two ghosts prepared to head to them before an attack nearly hit them.

Voice: Enblem Blade Ragnarok!

The attack went toward them before they noticed some of the ghosts (non-important ones) were destroyed.

Plasmus: Who dares!

They looked as they saw a familiar pink haired man.

Boomer: Oh no, not that Sir Enblem jerk again!

Berry: Boomer, he saved us from Merlock earlier!

Alan: (notices) What?!

There, they noticed a familiar fox tossing the items away.

Sailor Avalon: Swiper!

Swiper: Ha! Too late, pal. You’ll never find it now.

Alan: (sweatdrops) Who the heck is this guy anyway?

Boots: Our friend, Swiper. He likes swiping alot, be it me, my friend, or anyone else.

Alan: (glares) Oh, that fox is sooo dead!

Then, the group noticed Julayla glowing white.

All: Huh?

Ember: What the crap?!

The dog medium realized before speaking to herself.

Shirly: (to herself) So it is almost time…and the new soldiers have been revealed.

She waved her hand, then a beam came from both Julayla’s heart and Shirly’s paws. Then, in an instant, a brooch and five pens appeared before they landed on the palms of the Girls, Cherry, Berry, and Julayla with some symbols (and Julayla’s moon on her forehead) glowing briefly.

Bubbles: (confused) We’re…Sailor Soldiers?

Then, to everyone’s surprise, the six began to transform. When it was done, the group looked surprised at the newly transformed heroines.

Phage: (angrily) They’re Sailor Soldiers as well!?


The six new Sailors looked stunned at their new forms.

Sailor Kamino: Whoa…I can’t believe we’re actually Sailor Soldiers.

Sailor Tokyo: I didn’t even know Tokyo had a planet.

Nemesis: Well, there is Planet Tokyo-(realizes) Wait, what am I telling you for?

Sailor Corusant: (smirks) Looks like we can kick butt after all!

Sailor Vegeta: That’s right! These villains are going down!

Sailor Terra: Phage, yew is first!

Phage: It doesn’t matter how many Sailor Soldiers there can be, they will fall!

He blasted toward them, though they dodged with Sailor Terra yanking Snake away.

Specs: Hey, they can’t do that!

Luna: You must use your powers quickly!

Sailor Solaris: Hey, we’re new at this, okay?!

She gasped as she felt the wolf’s hand touching her rear.

Bobcat: I didn’t know this girl could be very attractive.

She screamed, angrily kicking the wolf away.

Sailor Solaris: AHHHH! YOU PERVERT!

Bobcat: Ow! You hit my nose!

Sailor Solaris: (anger mark) Next time, it’ll be your groin!

She then glared at some of the foes before she used her attack.

Sailor Solaris: Solaris Heart Ultima!

The villains were hit, being sent back.

Swiper: Oh man, I gotta remember never to get someone mad again.

Sailor Tokyo: I wonder if any of us got any powers.

Sailor Kamino: Only one way to find out.

Sailor Vegeta: Let’s do it!

Hacker: Stupid little brats! You can’t hurt us! We’re more powerful than you all!

Sailor Tokyo: Then let’s find out, Hacker.

The Hacker: That’s The Hacker to you!!!

Sailor Kamino: Kamino Ice Breath!

The sailor’s send out a ice power that ends up freezing the Hacker in an ice cube.

The Hacker: (shivering) L-l-let me o-o-out.

Sailor Terra: Terra Earth Quake!

The sailor caused the ground to shake, knocking most of the baddies to the ground.

Sailor Vegeta: Vegeta Power Blitz!

Nemesis: Look out, my lord!

Nemesis pushed Maximus out of the way before Sailor Vegeta’s attack would hit him. The two cats are in a weird position, making them blush.

Max: Eeeew! Pussy cat love!

Maximus and Nemesis: (blushing) We are not in love!

Max: (sarcasticaly) Right.

Sailor Coruscant: Coruscant Hurricane Flash!

Sailor Coruscant sends out a big hurricane, knocking the Soda Poppers out of the house.

Sailor Tokyo: Tokyo Vocal Screech!

Sailor Tokyou send out a shock wave making some of the villains deaf.

Alan: Ouch, that was worst than Angelica’s yelling!

Katz: (shouting) What did you say?! Some moron is screeching in my ears!

Phage: (frowns) It appears we got a big problem especially from the three ninjas here.

Naruto: Eh? What the heck do you mean? Believe it.

Sailor Tokyo: (annoyed) Don’t say that!

Phage: I sense a great power in all of you, especially from the one called Sasuke.

Sasuke: He’s right. Perhaps we may have our ancestors’ Ninja Jitsus.

Ember: You dipsticks are going to be ghosts when the day is through!

Phage: No! We leave, now!

Bobcat: Aww, but we are just getting our second wind.

Phage: They got the edge this time. We will wait another day.

Maximus: (frowns) Fine. (to heroes) If you see Atomic Betty, tell her that Nemesis and I will be waiting for her!

Nemesis: Ling-Ling!

Ling-Ling: (Japanese) Solar Flare!

The little creatures use the attack to make the sun blind the heroes allowing the villains to retreat. By the time they recover, Phage and his goons are gone.

Butch: Ha! Run, you sissies, or we’d hurt ya again!

Boomer: Are we?

Shirly: Looks like the battle has got more intense indeed than fuzz one’s rock concert.

Brick: You mean Deli-Bob Head?

Sailor Solaris: (hits Brick) DON’T CALL HIM THAT!

Courage: Weird.

Later, the group (minus Enblem who left) with the Sailors normal again were going through the streets as Naruto spoke.

Naruto: So you’re telling me that there may be more Sailor Soldiers out there?

Luna: That’s our guess.

Artemis: And besides, the Phage mentioned that you three, especially Sasuke, may have some hidden powers within you.

Shirly: And until then, we are not letting you out of our sights. Townsville is too dangerous to live in for right now.

Serena: And besides, if they try again, we have to make sure our friends and families are not involved in this.

Swiper: I see your point.

Dora, the girl who was Sailor Avalon, looked at the items she had found earlier from Swiper’s swiping.

Dora: I see you swiped a pair of that boy’s sunglasses, his hat, and…

Boots: (notices) Wow, it’s the Mr. Men and Little Miss Collection book! I’ve heard it was made by the creator and his family.

Bubbles: Whee! I bet we can read all those while on the road. Like origins on why Mr. Tickle tickles, and Mr. Grumpy getting tickled the first time-

Buttercup: Bubbles, we have to focus on important things right now like making sure we get out of this place.

Blossom: But what about the Professor and the others? What if they learn we’re gone?

Shirly: They won’t.

They all looked confused just as Boomer noticed the panting Fuzzy frowning.

Boomer: Oh man, where the heck were you when we were kicking that demon reptile’s butt?

Fuzzy: (angrily) Don’t ya start ‘wit me!

Courage: What do you mean they won’t worry, Shirly?

Shirly: Observe.

She then waved her glowing paw, then in an instant, everything around the group was glowing a blue glow before it died down.

Blossom: Shirly…what did you do?

Shirly: It is an amnesia spell. Only temporary until I cast the reverse of it. But that will be a long while later.

Sam: Holy Halloween Time to make Halloween Parodies, that’s some magic you got there.

Max: Oh, can you make weapons appear?

Shirly: (annoyed) No.

Sakura: (shocked) So wait, you’re saying we’re gonna be with you from now on without our families worrying?

Brick: Seems interesting…what’s the catch?

Boomer: Oh, can I stay with Berry, please?

Butch: (annoyed) Ewww.

Brick: Also, if Mojo and Him don’t get affected, what’s gonna happen to them?

The group then came to a familiar car of the Freelance Police’s.

Fuzzy: I hope ‘dey don’t know nothin’ ’bout ‘dis.

Berry: Same goes to Princess and Sedusa. Those guys look like they’ll be nothing but trouble.

Julayla: (concerned) I have my own concerns myself…

The group got in as Sam looked at them.

Sam: So, where to next?

Dora: I think we should go to Amity Park. I bet Danny will be surprised to see me and Boots.

Boots: (grins) Yay, we’ll see him again.

Max: I wonder if I can turn any ghosts inside out?

Sam: (grins) You crack me up, little buddy.

With that, they headed off as Buttercup glanced at Fuzzy.

Buttercup: So…how do you know about what’s going on anyway?

Fuzzy: Um…I overheard it fro’ ‘dat new guy.

Butch: Yuck, I hope we don’t see that jerk again.

Meanwhile, in a familiar lair, Queen Beryl was looking through the crystal ball.

Queen Beryl: So, it seems that the Phage has managed to arrive in this world.

She then turned, looking at Malachite and Endymion bowing.

Queen Beryl: Until the Phage is killed, make sure you and Malachite watch over Julayla.

Endymion: What about your missing sons and daughters?

Queen Beryl: They have not awakened, so they should be safe for now.

Effeminate Voice: Oh really…

Just then, a familiar red demon smirked as he appeared.

Queen Beryl: What do you want?

Him: (effeminate voice) Oh, just wanting to help you. After all, we can’t let a wannabe take over our planet, do we?

Malachite: (glares) And what do you propose?

Him: Oh, I just have the most wonderful idea…and it involves certain devices to block out him reading our minds…for a price that is.

Malachite: What!?

Him: Of course, I could just make yourselves appear to the Phage unprotected and have yourselves destroyed.

He only grinned slyly to them, eying to the queen. The queen finally sighed as she spoke.

Queen Beryl: What do you have planned?

(ED: Truth by Luca Yumi)

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