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Kouja no Senshi Season 1
Chapter 1: Hero Gatherings Arc
Act 3: New Enemies

(OP: Moonlight Densetsu)

Narrator: Previously on Kouja no Senshi…

Fuzzy: Why can’t ‘dose critters just stay away fro’ it?

He then noticed a blade on a stone, looking confused.

Fuzzy: Huh? A sword?

He looked at the sword carefully, glancing around at it. Finally, he shrugged, taking the top of the blade as he began to pull.

Fuzzy: Only one ways ‘ta find out who’s property it is.

Just then, they noticed three familiar boys fighting against a familiar warlock.

Brick: Come on, is that the best you got, you sissy?

Boomer: My bros dress better than you, bub!

Butch: Come and take us if you can!

Each of them used their attacks, though Merlock only transformed into an eagle, flying and hitting the trio.

RRBs: Ugh!

Berry: (gasps) Boomer!

Cherry: Oh no!

Butch: Hey, who called in the pigs?!

Dog: (coming out) Pigs? No pigs here, kiddo.

Rabbit: Nope! Just your usual Freelance police couple of a dog and a rabbit. And when I say couple, I mean buddies, not gay, you pervs!

Berry: Awww…(hugs Max) A talking rabbit!

Rabbit: Yep! I am so cute, I attracted ladies!

Dog: (annoyed) Max, stop being hugged by the blonde haired. We got a case from the Commissioner to deal with.

Max: (gets out of Berry’s hold) Awww, you’re just jealous Sam because girls like me.

Sam: I am not!

Man: You dare hurt these ladies? This is not the way things go around here!

Merlock: (glares) And just who are you?

Man: I’m…

He then looked at the marking before he glanced back at him.

Man: I am called Sir Emblem, warrior to the people. And what you are doing, I cannot allow you to continue!

Max: Oh great, cool dialogue, and he thinks he’s Superman.

Brick: (annoyed) Just what do you think you’re doing trying to steal our turf?

Merlock: Doesn’t matter, because I can take you all out!

He blasted the group, though they quickly dodged.

Sam: Max and I took a relaxing vacation in Townsville for this?

The two used their weapons, hitting Merlock with the Rowdyruffs punching the warlock.

Butch: Stupid jerk! We oughta make you pay for what you’re doing! Whoever you are, do it now!

Emblem: (nods) Right…though I hope I know the right words. Enblem Blade Ragnarok!

The attack hit Merlock, sending him a few feet away. He grunted a bit, glaring angrily.

Merlock: (coughs) I was only here to help deliver a message to the half demon in case the cats got lost…

He then noticed smoke from a burning mall, smirking.

Merlock: However, seems they succeeded in giving him the message after all. Farewell!

Katz: The message has been delivered.

Figure: Ah, good…

Merlock: There was a bit of delay with the Freelance Police, but-

Figure: It’s not a problem.

He then looked out to the window, looking at the city.

Figure: If we are to succeed in destroying our enemies, we must carefully make our plot cautiously.

Mirage: Still, it’s interesting to see you again, sir.

Katz: So how do we take over this planet?

The figure stepped out of the shadows, revealing himself to be a familiar reptile.

Phage: We will start by gathering recruits…(grins evilly) and I know just the ones.

He snapped his fingers as the keychain and Merlock’s medallion glowed.

Merlock: I see…and these people shall be?

The two items glowed as the Phage rose his hand. Then, in an instant, some new portals began opening, much to their surprise.

Katz: So…it begins.


Narrator: Later that day…

At the Utonium Household, the group looked pretty concerned after what had happened with Sam & Max hearing the details.

Sam: So you’re telling us this Teknophage guy that you all encountered before has now arrived and plans to kill you?

Snake: Yesss…

Max: That must suck big time.

Boomer: Yeah, like when Butch made that stupid dare, got Julayla and Cherry drunk, and-

Cherry & Julayla: Boomer!

Boomer: What? He did.

While they were talking, Luna noticed a letter on the ground, picking it up.

Luna: Really, people shouldn’t throw away their mail.

Then, she noticed a name that caught her eye on the letter.

Luna: I don’t believe it, it’s from Dora!

Artemis: Dora?!

Inners: (shocked) Dora!?

Buttercup: Who the heck’s Dora?

They looked at the letter as they read it carefully.

Amy: (reading) « Hola, amigos. It’s me, Dora. By the time you get this, Boots and I will be on our way to Townsville for a Foreign Exchange Program at a place called Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. I met lots of interesting people a while after I got back home. They were Atomic Betty, Juniper Lee, Danny Phantom, and the American Dragon. From each person, a different adventure occurred, but I will discuss that later. Anyway, just so you know, we’ll be seeing you when we get there. Hopefully, with Map and Backpack, we’ll find you girls. I hope you guys took care of Luna, Artemis, Shirly, and especially Courage very well. Adios, Dora. »

Raye: So the Phage isn’t the only one whom we’ll deal with later on.

Artemis: (concerned) And if this keeps up, we’ll have nothing but villains running a muck in the entire universe, let alone Earth.

Luna: I have this strange feeling that…

Fuzzy: What?

Luna: (grimly) The Phage along with these villains are planning to take over our world!

Blossom: I don’t think even the current Sailors and the Powerpuff Girls are gonna help at all.

The blond girl looked determined as she looked seriously to everyone.

Serena: Then there’s only one thing we should do…we have to bring in more allies and Sailors, starting with Sailor Avalon, Atomic Betty, Danny Phantom, the American Dragon, and Juniper Lee.

Butch: Who the heck’s Sailor Avalon?

Shirly: It’s a long story.

Sam: Now the question is where to find these guys at.

Then, they heard an explosion. They turned, looking at a group of villains with a familiar demon reptile smirking.

Phage: Ah, so we meet again, Sanford.

Snake: (angrily) Phage!

The older reptile’s tail rose up, about to hit Snake, though Fuzzy angrily got in front of Snake.

Fuzzy: If yew want muy property, ‘den come an’ git me, ya jerk!

The pink beast was hit away as he screamed, being sent far from the area.

Julayla: (gasps) Fuzzy!

Katz: Sorry, but you have us to deal with first.

They glared at the foes angrily.

Sam: (notices) Holy Kung Fu Panda and random kung fu movies! I recognize those villains with them.

Raye: What are you talking about?

Max: (yelps) Look!

The group gasped at who they saw with the four foes that they met before.

Blossom: Oh, no, more bad guys!

Buttercup: Geez laweez!

Raye: This isn’t good.

Mina: I know.

Soda jerk like person 1: So we meet again, Sam and Max!

Brick: Oh great! Some stupid sissies in soda jerk outfits!

Soda jerk like person 2: (annoyed) That’s Soda Poppers, you stupid goon!

Brick: Hey!

Sam: It’s our old enemies, the Soda Poppers!

Serena: Wait, weren’t they those lovable but annoying child stars from the 70s?

Max: Yep! Specs, Whizzer, and Peepers!

Whizzer: (yelps) Time out for num…

Specs: Later, Whizzer! Now is not the time!

Sam: They killed off Brady Culture right after we freed the idiots from his hypnotism and decided to be bad guys. They wanted heck to break loose on the Earth. They hate us most of all.

Blossom: I hate to ask but what for?

Sam: Let’s say we ruined their birthday in four different ways.

Max: Glasses breaking, toilet crapping, chance ruining and birthday destroying.

Sam: Didn’t we send them further into heck?

Specs: We got better…way more better than you two!

Wolf: Hey, can I eat the rabbit when we’re ready?!

Bubbles: Eeek!

Bubbles hides under the couch:

Bubbles: It’s the mean wolf from the last episode of Tales of the Crypt! He killed two mean piggies, framed the third, then ate him after escaping the zombie pig poor Dudley has made.

Blossom: (annoyed) Who let you watch that show?

Buttercup: Come on! Who doesn’t want Bubbles to cry like a crybaby?

Blossom: Buttercup!

Wolf: The name is Bobcat, sweetcheeks, and if you’re lucky, I will have my way with the girls before this day is over. (made a suggesting gesture to the girls) Growl.

Girls: Eeeew!

Phage: Ahem. Since you knew these guys, then it’s obviously you knew the rest of our new friends. They are enemies we have gathered that involves the people your friend Dora has met.

Amy: Hey, how did you know?

Phage: I read minds, little girl.

Maximus: Excuse me, but can we make it quick? You told me that Atomic Betty would be here on this world and I got plans to end her life once and for all.

Nemesis: Just be patient, my lord.

Minimus: Yeah. (changes heads to angry one) We are going to stick our foot up their…

Maximus: Minimus, enough!

Katz: Why did I even bother inviting my step-sister and her Dracula imitating boyfriend, I would never know.

Nemesis: (blushing) He isn’t my boyfriend.

Maximus: (angry mark) And why must people always mention that Dracula part?!

Max: Oh bother. Can we go right to the fighting scene please?

Buttercup: Agreed!

The Girls flew toward the villains, though Katz used a shield spell, making the Girls collide with the shield before hitting the ground.

Heroes: Girls!

Max: Take this!

He brought out his guns, firing rapidly to the Phage. However, when it cleared, they looked concerned before they noticed the bullets all falling to the ground.

Sam: Well, that doesn’t look good.

Snake: Only Off-World Matter objectsss can harm him.

Phage: And you seem to qualify. (to the villains) You may do what you please with the others, but leave the half demon to me.

They began fighting with the Sailors transforming, using their attacks.

Sailor Mercury: I guess we can’t hide our identities if he can read minds and told them about us.

Le Quack: Oui, Mercury.

Courage: (dodges) Oooohhh!

Shirly used her spell to blast them, though the boy, Alan Matthews, glared at her, dodging.

Alan: How stupid can you get?

Nemesis: I say we destroy them once and-

Voice: Avalon Star Helpers Shot!

Then, many stars hit the foes as they grunted. Then, a familiar Hispanic girl and monkey with boots landed on the ground with Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto arriving.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Avalon!

Sailor Venus: (to herself) Dora!

Sailor Avalon: (grins) Hola, Boots and I have been looking for you guys.

Naruto: Whoa, so it is true you guys really are Sailor Soldiers like Dora told us!

Sasuke: And these people are trying to harm our town.

Sakura: But what can we do? It’s not like we’re actually descended from the ninjas of long ago!

Plasmus: (notices) Perhaps we could use some hostages.

Skulker: He-he. Just what I was thinking. Just be glad the Phage managed to get you back from space.

Plasmus: (annoyed) Don’t remind me.

The two ghosts prepared to head to them before an attack nearly hit them.

Voice: Enblem Blade Ragnarok!

The attack went toward them before they noticed some of the ghosts (non-important ones) were destroyed.

Plasmus: Who dares!

They looked as they saw a familiar pink haired man.

Boomer: Oh no, not that Sir Enblem jerk again!

Berry: Boomer, he saved us from Merlock earlier!

Merlock: Sir Enblem, what are you doing here?

Emblem: Stopping you monsters from taking these people, especially since Tuxedo Mask seems to be occupied with taking care of Queen Beryl.

Sailor Moon: (surprised) How did you know about that?

Julayla was the only one who realized who he was.

Julayla: (to herself) It can’t be…

All while Alan, still attacking the non-fighters, noticed his sunglasses, his cap, and what appeared to be a book being snatched away.

Alan: (notices) What?!

There, they noticed a familiar fox tossing the items away.

Sailor Avalon: Swiper!

Swiper: Ha! Too late, pal. You’ll never find it now.

Alan: (sweatdrops) Who the heck is this guy anyway?

Boots: Our friend, Swiper. He likes swiping alot, be it me, my friend, or anyone else.

Alan: (glares) Oh, that fox is sooo dead!

The Phage angrily tossed Snake to the ground as he grunted. The Powerpuff Girls, Cherry, Berry, and Julayla blocked his path as they noticed.

Phage: Don’t make me destroy you easily. I was saving you for a late night snack.

PPGs: You’ll have to go through us!

Berry: We’re not letting you hurt Snake, even if he is a juvy.

Cherry: He’s our friend!

Julayla: And we’re not giving up.

Then, the group noticed Julayla glowing white.

All: Huh?

Ember: What the crap?!

The dog medium realized before speaking to herself.

Shirly: (to herself) So it is almost time…and the new soldiers have been revealed.

She waved her hand, then a beam came from both Julayla’s heart and Shirly’s paws. Then, in an instant, a brooch and five pens appeared before they landed on the palms of the Girls, Cherry, Berry, and Julayla with some symbols (and Julayla’s moon on her forehead) glowing briefly.

Bubbles: (confused) We’re…Sailor Soldiers?

Blossom: I don’t believe it…

Buttercup: Then that means…(smirks) We can kick their butt with magic powers now!

Shirly: Girls, transform!

Phage: What?!

Then, they rose their items, beginning their transformation.

Julayla: Solaris Prism Power!

Cherry: Terra Power!

Berry: Vegeta Power!

Blossom: Kamino Power!

Bubbles: Tokyo Power!

Buttercup: Coruscant Power!


Then, to everyone’s surprise, the six began to transform. When it was done, the group looked surprised at the newly transformed heroines.

Phage: (angrily) They’re Sailor Soldiers as well!?

(ED: Truth by Luca Yumi)

They Call Me Sir Emblem!
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