❯ New Destiny Reloaded – Book I: Roads to Succession – New Saotome on the Block ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

New Destiny Reloaded: Book I � Roads to Succession
By Robster80

Chapter One � New Saotome on the Block

Sweat poured out from Rusty�s brow while he rubbed his chin with one of his mechanical hands. His plan could work, but if Burter was setting a trap, it would be a disaster. Should he, or shouldn�t he play his trump card?

Burter, meanwhile, was growing impatient. �Hurry up and summon your creature! Though, it won�t do you any good while my beast is in play and your strongest one is dead.�

With a deep breath, Rusty took a card from his hand. However, before he put it down on the table, he flipped up a face-down card from his side of the playing field. �First, I play Dark Hole to wipe the field of all monsters, sending your Black Luster Soldier to the graveyard, along with the Axe of Despair card it was equipped with. Second, I summon to the field Berserk Gorilla in attack mode. Third, I play Monster Reborn and choose Gaia the Dragon Champion. First the Gorilla attacks in case you have any traps to try and stop me, and then I have Gaia attack. The combined attacks reduce you to negative 600 life points, and that ends the game. �Unless you can stop me?�

Burter simply placed his hand of cards face up onto the table. �Not a chance. You�re getting better at this game.�

�Seto�s been teaching me in exchange for tutoring him in English. He also referred me to a quaint little card shop that has some good deals in rare cards.�

Just then, there was a beeping noise coming from Rusty�s lowest third left arm. The Spider-man Doppelganger pressed a button on the arm and a tiny computer screen opened on the forearm to reveal an email message. The text made him smile broader than before. �It�s from TK. He and his mother are moving to an apartment building only a few blocks from here to live with his father, whom his mom remarried. They should be arriving in about an hour.�

Grinning, Burter began picking up his cards form the table. �What say we greet them on arrival and help with the moving-in?�

At first, Rusty gave a nod of approval, but then his smile faded as he remembered something. �What if Matt�s there?�

Burter hadn�t thought of that. TK�s older brother hated everyone in the Mega Avengers AND Ranma�s friends/rivals/fiancées since Ranma died almost six years ago, blaming them all for his death. Matt had also been very vocal against TK training under various MA members during the last 5 years. �Then we leave quietly and hope he doesn�t start throwing things. And maybe we should let Rob know� I mean, King Robert know, too.�

************************************************************************ ********

Hikari �Kari� Yagami rushed out the Tendo Dojo�s gates and hurriedly walked alongside her friend Ran Kotobuki as fast as she could. The faster she got away from the Dojo, the less likely Davis would catch her to ask her for another date. Daisuke �Davis� Hibiki was a classmate of theirs and self-proclaimed boyfriend of Kari�s. It didn�t help at all that his cousins were the owners/instructors of the Tendo Dojo. Mrs. Hibiki never told Davis to chase after Kari, but she didn�t tell him to leave her alone, either.

�I swear that Davis is so carried,� Ran stated in her usual Gal lingo. �He�s as bad as my last boyfriend.�

�Which one,� Kari asked quickly, �Machida Black or Fancomic-Fanatic Taishi?�

�Both! And I don�t care if she is our sensei: that Akane should at least say something about it. At least Ryoga tries to discourage Davis.�

This Kari couldn�t complain much about. Ryoga did try to keep Davis from constantly asking her out. However, he couldn�t be at school, where she was easy prey. �Let�s just hurry up and meet Taeko. She should be done working in a few minutes.�

The two kept walking down the street as the sun started its slow descent. As they walked, several moving vans passed them, which Ran took notice. �Hey, Kari, I heard a rumor that we might be getting a new transfer student. I hope it�s a guy and he�s totally hot.�

Though Kari didn�t look it, she seemed interested in this latest gossip. Maybe, after all this time, he would be coming to her school. [TK� I wonder what he�s doing right this minute?]

It had been almost five years to the day since Kari had last seen TK, before she and her family had moved away to Nerima. She had never gotten a chance to exchange phone numbers or addresses before the move; TK had been training hard in martial arts ever since his favorite cousin died. Kari deeply missed him, so much that she kept trying to imagine what he would look like now that he, like her, was a teenager.

�Looks like she�s still working.�

Reality came back to Kari as she stopped walking. Ran had stopped to look at the entrance to a restaurant, �Ucchan�s.� �Let�s go inside, Kari. I�ve never eaten here before and Taeko tells me the okonomiyaki is to die for.�

Kari read the sign. �I think I heard this name before� but it was for a girl, not a restaurant.�

�It�s the owner�s nickname. Now come on!� With that, Ran took Kari by the arm and pulled her inside. There was a decent crowd inside, with a few empty tables, and a long table that doubled as a large grill. A young woman with long brown hair was flipping okoyomiyakis at the table with several spatulas while a large panda was taking orders with a pad and pencil while using large signs to speak.

�Weird,� Ran stated. �Why�s a guy dressed in a panda costume to take orders?�

It took a moment, but Kari�s eyes widened a bit at the panda. �That�s not a costume. I think I know who that is.� Not waiting for Ran to ask her what she meant, Kari walked over to the panda and lightly tapped on its back to get its attention. �Excuse me?�

The panda looked at Kari and held up a sign to ask �Yes, can I help you?� Then, it quickly turned the sign and it read �Oh, you�re Taeko�s friend, yes? She�s in the bathroom changing.�

Slowly, Kari smiled warmly. �Hello, Mr. Saotome.�

The panda rubbed his chin while looking at Kari, puzzled that she knew who he was. Then it dawned on him and he held up another sign. �Kari?! My, it has been a while. You�ve grown.�

Just then, the lady flipping okoyomiyakis gave a yell. �Genma, move your tail! I got five orders ready to serve!�

�Coming, boss! Excuse me, Kari.�

Ran walked over to Kari, still staring at the Panda. �Uh� friend of yours?�

�Not exactly. He�s the uncle of my best friend back in Odaiba. He turns into a panda when he gets splashed with cold water, and changes back with hot water.�

�An irate customer threw water in Mr. Saotome�s face earlier because we didn�t have teriyaki steaks,� said a soft voice from behind the girls. They turned to see their friend Taeko, who was adjusting her glasses. �He hasn�t had a chance to go change back yet. How were your martial-?�

�Don�t get us started,� Ran stated before Taeko could finish the question. �Let�s just sit down and order dinner before thinking about Davis makes me lose my appetite.�

But Taeko shook her head. �I have to meet my mom for dinner tonight. Besides, I try not to eat Okoyomiayki more than once a day or two.�

�But what about your homework?� asked Kari.

�Oh I got all but one problem solved in study hall today. I can finish it later tonight. Catch you two later!� With that, Taeko grabbed her things and raced out the door.

Ran sighed heavily. She asked Kari �Remind me again, who�s helping who with their homework these days? Say, you don�t have to be home in a hurry, do you?�

�No. My parents are working late and Tai and Sora prefer to be �alone� at home. Besides, I�d like to talk to Mr. Saotome about TK when he�s not so busy. But do you think the owner will mind if we do schoolwork here while we eat?�

�Taeko told me a few students from various schools come here to eat and do homework without any hassle from the management so we should be okay. Now let�s grab a table and get started! My folks promised to give me extra money for every A, B or C+ on my homework.�

Kari rolled her eyes at this. �That explains a lot.�

************************************************************************ ********

It felt strange to TK, being back in Nerima after so long; after Ranma�s funeral. He wondered why Matt decided to attend college here when he hated everyone associated with Ranma in the past, with the exception of their aunt and uncle. Even if Tai and Sora were also with him, there wasn�t much reason for Matt to stay in the city.

TK heard his mother ask him what he thought was the six hundredth time if he was feeling okay. Though he was tired of the question, his voice remained neutral. �I�m just adjusting to everything, mom. That�s all.� It was difficult to adjust to it all. After several years of divorce, his parents decided to give it one more try and got remarried. His mother got a better job in Nerima, not only for better pay and benefits, as well as to not force his father to relocate, but also to be closer to her sister Nodoka. One major gray area in the move was seeing whoever was left of the �Nerima Wrecking Crew� still living in town. Ryoga and Akane were at the top of his list to avoid like the plague. From what he had heard, Akane was strongly anti-Saotome, and he wondered how she�d react to his return and the fact that he had his last name changed to Saotome.

There was, however, a plus side to the move: he�d be very close to the Mega Avengers. The super hero team co-founded by the Blue Goblin, who was now King Robert, had been looking out for the teen since he began his training. Current and former members like Goku, Vegeta, Genkai, and even Happosai (who was NEVER a member) took turns teaching TK various techniques, some of which even Ranma never learned while alive. And if memory served him right, the current leader was one of his favorite teachers: Burter.

It was then that TK saw something as his mother pulled off to park their car along the sidewalk of their new apartment building. His father was standing there waiting for them, but he wasn�t alone. Standing beside Mr. Ishida were Rusty, Kurama, and Burter, all smiling or waving at him. Burter and Rusty looked normal; Burter in his Black and Brown Saiyan-style armor and pants while Rusty wore nothing since his remaining skin looked like Spider-man�s original costume. Kurama, however, was wearing a red suit with matching tie. They had received his email, as hoped, and had come to greet him.

The movers arrived shortly after TK and his mother got out of the car, but TK didn�t notice. He immediately ran up to his father and friends, and exchanged greetings after hugging his father. �I was hoping you�d come, guys.�

�Wouldn�t miss it for the end of time, kid,� Rusty said with a jagged grin. �Burter was with me when we got your email, and we ran into Kurama on his way home from work.�

Kurama grasped TK�s hand in his, a warm but sad smile on his face. �Welcome to the neighborhood,� he said in his usual monotone voice. �Most of us have been wondering about you since we heard you began your training.�

�It�s been too long, Kurama. There�s something I wanted to ask you or Yusuke or Kuwabara for some time.�

Kurama slowly let go of TK�s hand, his smile fading. �You�re wondering if it�s true that Hiei tried to murder Akane Tendo after he heard Ranma had been killed. I�m afraid he indeed attempted to kill her, but he was stopped and is currently serving his sentence. That is all I can say.�

Nancy Ishida decided to end the discussion quickly. While she neither liked nor hated Akane, she never liked to discuss about the former Tendo daughter. She also didn�t like TK to inquire more about Hiei. They had never met, but Nancy overheard talk during Ranma�s viewing about the demon serving time in a portion of Hell under the control of a former MA member, someone named Simmons. �I do hate to interrupt this reunion, though it is nice to meet you three again. However, we really should start moving my and TK�s things into the apartment.�

�Just consider us your pack mules, Mrs. Ishida,� Burter said while saluting. �We may not look it, but we�re as gentle as a flock of kittens.�

TK shot a funny look at his former mentor. �Now which �Three Stooges� short have I heard that line from before?�

�And that reminds me,� Rusty said as he handed a greeting card to Nancy. �We�ve spoken to their majesties and they asked us to deliver this invitation to dinner on their behalf. They also send their congratulations on your remarriage and hope for many happy years to you and your husband.�

During the talking, and while he picked up one of his boxes from the moving van, TK looked down the road and along the skyline to see Goblin Tower in the distance. It had been built shortly after Rob and Ami, who were also the Blue Goblin and Sailor Mercury, graduated from High School and announced their wedding date. The wedding was when they had made their secret identities public and reclaimed their ancient birthrights as rulers of the near-extinct Goblin Race, though it was mostly due to the Dark Goblin, who had an obsession with Ami, crashing the ceremony with a small army of Negaverse demons. TK had followed the newspapers and TV reports on the event closely while getting extra information from his previous mentors during his training.

[Rob was the only one who didn�t give me any training,] TK thought. [Yet, I�m almost glad he didn�t. From what Burter told me back then, he had enough problems to deal with. Still, he could have at least written or visited once in a while.

[That reminds me, I wonder where Cell is? Maybe Burter and Rusty couldn�t get a hold of him. Or maybe� maybe he blames me for what happened.]

************************************************************************ ********

The semi-quiet footsteps approaching him didn�t irritate Cell as he sat Indian-style, or hovered in mid-air in Indian-style as the case was, though it did bother his meditation. Still, he remained silent and unmoving, his eyes closed.

�I know you�re not that deep in mediation.�

�You, of all beings, know better than to disrespect someone who�s trying to clear his mind,� Cell stated quickly, and then said no more. He didn�t want to talk; he wanted to empty his mind and his heart. He wanted to finally get rid of the pain buried inside him in the last few years. That was why he had come to Kami�s Lookout, where Piccolo and his wife Patty lived along with Mr. Popo and Dende, the current Kami.

Behind him, Piccolo shrugged his shoulders. �Have it your way. But, I just thought you wanted to hear what TK�s doing right now.�

The mention of the name caused Cell�s eyes to open quickly. His upper body jerked around to face the Namek. �Is he in trouble? Is something wrong?!�

�Not quite. His parents remarried each other and they�re all living in Nerima now. Burter, Rusty and Kurama are helping them move into their apartment as we speak.�

Cell stopped hovering and landed on his feet. TK had moved, and to Nerima of all places. �They shouldn�t have chosen that place. You and I both know Akane will cause him no end of problems. And what if Cologne decides to force TK to marry Shampoo or one of the other Amazons, or-?�

�If you�re so worried about the boy,� Piccolo said while raising an eyebrow (if he had any eyebrows), �then there shouldn�t any reason for you to not go there and help him stay out of trouble.�

The idea stung Cell like a swarm of bees. �You know I can�t face him! Not now. Not yet. I need more time-.�

�Dammit, you�re as bad as Robert! For once, listen to what we�ve all been trying to tell you all this time: nobody�s blaming you for Friezor killing Ranma! Not your friends, not his family-.�

�Matt does.�

�But TK does NOT! You want to know what he told me while he was my student for two years? He thinks you don�t visit him because you think he�s why Ranma died. He believes you blame him.�

Cell wanted to say something, but his voice was lost at this revelation. It was a shock to him. Finally, he spoke in a half-whisper. �Is that what he� what he thinks?�

Piccolo took several deep breaths before he spoke again. He didn�t mean to shout but his patience was waning. Not to mention he was sick of watching Cell beat himself up. �Cell, you and I never got along well, but we�ve been friends for a long time. And as your friend, I really think you should go and talk to TK. If not for your sake, then for the boy�s as well. The two of you will meet again eventually. Just� just think about it, okay?�

Cell didn�t move from where he stood, though Piccolo had gone into the palace. The android slowly sat down, thinking hard about what Piccolo had said. Rob and many others had said the same thing to him in the last few years, but he refused to listen. However, this time he had listened to what he had been told, and perhaps it was finally time to return. Perhaps it was time he and TK had talked.

************************************************************************ ********

Matt hurried down the hallway leading to his family�s new apartment. He was supposed to help with the moving in, but had been delayed by practice with his band and, most importantly, by trying to lose Jun Motomiya on the way over. It had taken him almost a half hour to finally shake her off at, of all places, the Mega Mansion, the headquarters of the Mega Avengers. Normally, he avoided the building as he still couldn�t forgive the MA for letting Ranma die, and yet he had very little choice but to duck into one of the alleys next to it. As he finally made it to the door to the apartment, he silently prayed that his excuse would save him from being scolded by his parents or the target of TK�s anger.

[Then again,] he thought to himself, [TK�s been learning to control his emotions from the likes of� No! I won�t think about� them� I�ll put on a smile, walk in, and-.] He turned the doorknob and opened the door. Immediately, his smile was replaced by a heavy frown as deep anger surged through him. He pointed to the people in front of him and gave a loud cry that was likely to have been heard all across the city. �What the hell are you doing here?!�

Burter, Kurama, and Rusty froze in place while staring back at Matt; Burter and Rusty were setting down a couch for Mrs. Ishida while Kurama had finished putting up a framed picture on the one wall. They had been expecting his reaction from the start. However, his cold words still struck them to the core. Kurama tried to politely greet Matt, but the teen never gave him the chance as he resumed talking, or to them, yelling.

�Answer me! Why are you three here in my family�s apartment?!�

�They came to help move stuff in, obviously,� said TK�s voice as he walked out from his new bedroom, followed by his mother. �I told them we were moving in today.�

Matt�s burning gaze fell on his younger brother. The ice in his voice now turned on TK. �How could you, TK? You know how I feel about their kind!�

�I had hoped, as they did, you were finally past all this. They are my friends and I wanted to let them know I was moving into the area.�

�Friends?! TK, have you forgotten they let Ranma die? One of their enemies kills him, and even though they have ways to revive their dead, they didn�t bother to give Ranma a second chance-.�

Now it was TK�s turn to raise his voice. �He didn�t WANT a second chance! The only reason he�d have allowed being revived would have been Akane, and she left him for-.�

�That�s enough, Takeru,� Burter said in a calm tone. �The landlord won�t appreciate his new tenants being so noisy, after all.� He became silent while looking at TK, who surprisingly gave a loud sigh and muttered an apology. Burter then turned his attention to Matt. �When Rusty and I thought you�d be here to help as well, we made an agreement. And we shall keep to it; we�re leaving in peace. Let�s go, you two.�

�Sorry, kid,� Rusty said quickly before he started for the door. Kurama followed him, which left Burter trailing behind. They made their way past Matt, who never moved an inch from where he stood, but he continued to glare at them as the left.

Nancy crossed her arms. �Well, I�m not pleased with your actions just now, Yamato.�

Matt looked back at his mother, shocked. �Me?!�

�TK�s friends came to greet us on our arrival, and then offered to help us move in, which saved some time for us, and you not only showed up late, but as soon as you walk in you start yelling like a banshee and insult those three.�

�But-! But Ranma�s dead-.�

�And hating almost everyone connected to him in his life won�t change that. Now, I can�t stop you from hating them, but I will expect you to tolerate them from now on when they visit again, if they ever do.�

�Fine,� Matt grunted loudly. He then looked at TK. �And I guess warning you to keep away from them would be a waste of breath. But just be careful around them, okay?�

TK gave a nod. �There�s not much left, expect for the few things you left behind when you started college.� He then turned to his mother. �I feel like taking a walk. I won�t be out late.�

This brought some relief to Nancy, although she thought it was rude of TK to leave before they finished moving in. However, she mentally decided that, since he was late, Matt would have to carry his things up without TK�s help. �You�d better not be out late,� she said, �because you and I are going to Furinkan High tomorrow to meet the principal and discuss you attending at the school.�

By the time Matt and their mother started a shouting match about TK attending Furinkan High, TK was already out the door.

************************************************************************ ********

TK stood under the bridge, staring at Ranma’s favorite place to think and
be alone. So he was rather surprised to see a bouquet of flowers drop from
the side of the bridge and land beneath. Looking up, he saw one of the last
few people he’d ever expect to see again so soon: Nabiki.

« He may be buried in the cemetery, but his spirit is here. » Nabiki said
staring out into space. « This place… it was his and his alone. »

« Why are you here, Nabiki? » TK could care less about the Tendos. As far as
he was concerned, they were all responsible for Ranma’s death, through
action or inaction.

[No… it’s not their fault that Akane is a violent delusional maniac,] He
thought to himself. [I can’t start thinking like that or I’m no better than
any of them.]

« I’m just… I don’t know, wishing I’d done it all differently. »

« Let me guess. » TK said sarcastically. « You realized too late that you loved
Ranma and that after everything you did, there was no way he’d trust you. »

« Yeah, » She said morosely, « That’s it exactly. »

TK couldn’t help but note the depression in her voice. « Why? »

« I’ll admit, I fell for ‘Ranko’ hard from the day I met her, but Ranma… he
was so coarse and unrefined, and he upset the tenuous balance… well, hell,
anywhere he went! Men seemed to hate him, and some women, too. Still, more
seemed perfectly happy to fall at his feet. And yet he stayed so innocent,
just taking his life as best he knew how. But you wanna know what was the real
kick in the teeth? That chaos that I hated so much… it made me feel alive,
when I thought I was dead inside. Ranma made me feel that way, and it scared
me, because I was out of control. I’ve never lost control of my life… not
since mother died. »

« You know he never asked for the kind of life he got: the rivals, the
fiancees, the curse, any of it. »

« …Still, if it weren’t for that chaos, maybe Rob and the others wouldn’t
have become a central part in his life. And yours, too. Then again, I think
that may be another reason why Akane grew irritated with him. »

[Akane.] The mere mention of the name sent a strong rush of hatred through
TK’s being. His anger took control quickly, so much that he didn’t notice
the ice in Nabiki’s words at the name. « And just how is your little sister-? »

The ice in Nabiki�s words turned to red hot anger. « That bitch is NOT my relation, period! The day she took her vows and became Akane Hibiki was the day I, and Kasumi as well, severed all ties with her. Kasumi’s married to Dr. Tofu and they’re in Kyoto running a nice little clinic. As for me, I’m now Mrs. Tatewaki Kuno-. »

At this, TK’s jaw dropped. « Oh, you did NOT just say what I thought you
said! You married that nutcase?! Even if it was for the money, it can’t be
worth it. »

Nabiki suddenly did something TK didn’t expect her to do; she leapt over the
bridge railing and landed perfectly on her feet in front of him. « No one’s
been the same since you last came here years ago, TK. Money doesn’t mean
that much to me anymore. And watch your mouth about my husband! Tatewaki
changed just before Ranma’s death, I’ll have you know, only he was too late
to apologize to Ranma. He’s now the principal of Furinkan High, and he’s
done loads better than his father. »

TK’s hand quickly made impact with his face at this latest news. Kuno was
going to be his new principal. Changed or not, he could still be a problem.
« Dare I ask about Kodachi and the old Principal Kuno? »

« The Hawaiian nutcase is safely locked up in an asylum in Siberia for life.
As for Kodachi… » Nabiki heaved a heavy sigh. « She was locked up for a few
months after Ranma’s funeral. Then she escaped and went for Akane… who was
waiting at the Dojo; with a loaded pistol. Two shots to the head, and the
judge let her off on a self-defense plea. Yes, Kodachi was utterly mad, but
even she didn’t deserve that. »

As much as he tried to deny it, TK couldn’t help but agree. Kodachi deserved
a good slap or two, but a bullet in the head was going too far. « What about
the rest of the old gang? »

« The Amazons closed down the Nekohanten and were China-bound in a few days,
and no one’s heard from them ever since. No one’s seen Pantyhose Tarou in
years, and same goes for Happosai-. »

« That’s because he’s dead. The withdrawal from lingerie killed him. He used
up what time he had to teach me the basics in martial arts. …And, no, he
didn’t teach me how to be a pantythief! The MA would’ve beaten me to a pulp
before I followed that path. What about Ukyo? »

« She’s still here, running her restaurant. I guess she has nowhere else to
go, what with her father disowning her. Last I heard your aunt and uncle
work for her and they live together in the apartment above. »

« …How are they? »

« Not sure. I… can’t bear to face your aunt. I’m sure her seeing any of my
family will bring back memories of Ranma and… you know. Look, TK, there’s
something I want to tell you: I fell partially responsible for what happened
to Ranma, adding to his problems more than helping with them. I won’t make
that same mistake again. If you or your family are in need of anything, it’s yours. You just have to name it. »

TK said nothing for a moment, but when he spoke, it was warm towards Nabiki.
« I appreciate the offer, Nabiki… but that won’t be necessary. I tend to
solve any problems I get on my own. And you know Rusty and the others will
watch my back if I need help. »

« TK-! »

« I’m not Ranma, Nabiki. I’ll never be like Ranma, though I will surpass him
one day and earn my right as his successor. Don’t think I’ll be too proud to
ask for help. …Actually, there is one thing you can do for me. Tell your
husband, and the Hibikis if you should by chance see them before I do, that
I have no intention of going after them, as per Ranma’s dying breath.
However, should they come after me, for any reason, they will regret it;
I’ll make sure of that. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my mom’s probably
wondering where I am. »

Nabiki watched as TK walked away. Just then, she remembered that Kari was now
living in the area and wondered if TK knew. She was about to call after him,
but he was already far off and probably couldn’t hear her now. No, she’d let
him find out on his own about Kari. It would be a shocking, though happy,
reunion for the both of them.

************************************************************************ ********

�Time out,� King Kai shouted, causing Ranma and Bardock to freeze in their midair sparring. �You guys have been going at it for over an hour. Take a break already.�

Bardock pulled back his leg and Ranma lowered his arm before they shook hands and floated back down to the ground. Ranma had to admit; things certainly weren�t dull in the afterlife for a martial artist, especially one who got to keep his body and earned the right to train under the Kais on the Grand Kai�s planet. Normally, though, they would be training on King Kai�s planet since they were under his jurisdiction, the Northern Galaxy. However, that planet had been destroyed when Bardock had brought himself and Black cell there seconds before Black Cell self-destructed, resulting in Bardock and King Kai�s deaths.

Ranma eyed the food Grand Kai�s cooks had brought for him and Bardock. Being a Saiyan, Bardock had an extremely healthy appetite, the cooks made sure there was enough food for him and anyone he would be sparring with at the time. However, before he could take a step towards the buffet, King Kai called out to him.

�Just a minute Ranma, we need to talk.�

�But King Kai-!�

Bardock gave Ranma a thumbs-up sign. �No worries, kid, I�ll save you half.�

Ranma waved his thanks at the retreating Saiyan before he walked over to join King Kai. �I�m not in trouble again, am I?�

King Kai shook his head. �No, you�ve been a good boy lately. I�ve been watching things on Earth, and it seems TK�s moved to Nerima. Your aunt and uncle decided to try it again as a couple.�

At this Ranma smiled. �Really? Cool.�

�You�re not worried about TK? Akane still considers you and your family as evil incarnate, you know.�

�I may not look it, King Kai, but I am a little worried. Still, I trust TK to keep his promise to me. Akane and the others can do their worst. TK will handle it, and he�s got Rob and the gang to back him up.�

��You sure put a lot of faith into that boy.�

�Before I died, I arranged it so TK would get my journal. By reading it, he�ll know better than to make the same mistakes or any mistake similar to the ones I made. TK�s loyal and dedicated, and the Mega Avengers will help him stay on the right path.�

At this King Kai smiled. �You�re right. And actually, if I understand it, he should see his friend Kari again should he attend Furinkan.�

Ranma turned his gaze to the violet skies, thinking about his younger cousin. TK would restore honor to the name Saotome. There wasn�t a doubt about it in Ranma�s mind.


End chapter 1

Author�s notes: Many, many apologies for the lateness of this first chapter in the rewrite of New Destiny. However, with a full time job, plus not much access to a computer, and the fact that I can be very lazy when I choose to, getting this chapter took longer than I thought.

I wish to give special thanks to Archangel N. Bloodraven for writing the section between TK and Nabiki. Nabiki remains one of his favorite characters and frankly, he would have done a better job at writing her than I would have. Kudos, bro!

Next chapter: TK & his mother meet Kuno at Furinkan to discuss TK possibly attending school there. It�s during a sudden attack on the school that TK leaps into action and we meet new supporting characters, including� Oops, I almost said too much.

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New Destiny Reloaded – Book I: Roads to Succession – New Friends, Old Friends, Terrorists and a Rival