Crossover Fan Fiction / Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction ❯ New Beginnings ( Chapter 1 )

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With Katz, in an old factory, he was bandaging his wound up as he frowned to himself.

Katz: Damn you…I swear the Phage will come and he will make many lives miserable, and not just Queen Beryl’s!

Voice: Feeling down, Katz?

He looked back, noticing a brown cat in Egyptian clothing coming to him.

Katz: Oh, it’s only you, Mirage. At least I’m glad to see you’re up and about.

Mirage: Let me guess…you got your butt kicked by the Sailor Soldiers.

Katz: And not just that, I lost my minions as well.

Mirage: There has to be a way to get back at them.

The red cat pondered for a moment.

Katz: My only problem is that we need our leader to help us. But he’s trapped at his home world. How do we get him to help us in this world?

Voice: Perhaps I could be of assistance.

The two heard the voice, looking at a figure with a medallion on and a keychain held on his hand.

Cats: Merlock.

Merlock: It seems we meet at last, Katz.

Katz: (nods) Yes. So tell us, how do you think you’ll get him out of the portal?

Merlock: I believe this Item I was given years ago would prove to be a key link to it.

He showed the keychain with an eye on it. His medallion glowed as did the keychain. Just then, a portal began to open. To the cats’ surprise, it showed a familiar place, much to their shock.

Katz: It…it can’t be.

Mirage: Is it possible?

(OP: Moonlight Densetsu by DALI)

Kouja no Senshi Season 1
Chapter 1: Hero Gatherings Arc
Act 1: New Beginnings

Narrator: It has been over a week since the incident. But as usual, life returns back in Townsville. But who knows what else lurks around here.

In the streets of Townsville, the Girls with Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina, Serena, the dogs, and cats walked through the place with bags in their hands.

Serena: This trip to the mall was a great idea.

Bubbles: I feel like a kid in a shopping mall!

Buttercup: Bubbles, you are a kid.

Blossom: Anyway, this week has been quiet lately.

Amy: Besides Fuzzy Lumpkins and Julayla fighting alot?

Courage: (sighs) Don’t remind me.

Buttercup then glanced at a familiar group of green people with Julayla as she spoke.

Buttercup: That and she’s still hanging around with that jerk, Ace.

Lita: (concerned) Are you sure you don’t have a crush on him?

Buttercup: (annoyed) What part of « I don’t care » do you not understand!?

Mina: Well, you do blush alot when you see Ace with her, don’t you?

Buttercup: (denying) I do not!

Raye: And Queen Beryl hasn’t made an attack lately either. You noticed that?

They looked more concerned about that.

Blossom: I think I’ll go check on Jules, okay?

She flew toward where Julayla, who was admiring some clothing shown, was.

Blossom: Hey, Julayla.

Julayla: (grins) Oh, hi, Blossom.

Blossom: We were almost done shopping here. If you want anything, I’m sure we’ll pay for it.

Julayla: I was only looking and-

They then heard an alarm from inside the store as Blossom sighed.

Blossom: Well, duty calls.

The Powerpuff Girls flew into the store. Punching and yelps were heard before some familiar faces were punched out through the windows and bricks of the clothing store.

Julayla: (sweatdrops) Not again, Ace. (notices) Oh, I was looking for that dress.

She snatched it as she giggled.

Julayla: After all, it’s free and mine now.

She was about to head off before Buttercup flew in front of her, glaring at her.

Buttercup: Drop it before I kick your butt as well.

Bubbles: (coming to them) Buttercup! (to Julayla) Sorry, but since it looks like you’re stealing that dress, I’m afraid we’ll have to take you to jail as well.

Julayla: That’s bull! (shows the dress) See this? This has no tag or price tag on it! So that means it’s free!

Blossom then came, yanking Julayla.

Blossom: Julayla, you have to understand. We’re only doing our job and if we let you take a dress, even if it looks like it’s not priced, then we’ll look like criminals.

She was forced to drop the dress as the police came, taking the Gangreen Gang and Julayla away with the teen glaring at Ace before glaring at Blossom.

Julayla: (sarcastically) Thanks alot.

The others sighed as they groaned. Outside, on the rooftop, Katz and Mirage smirked at the area.

Katz: He says the Townsville Mall is the perfect place to strike.

Mirage: I agree…I think it’s time we made our move.

Their fingers snapped as part of the building was blown off. Inside, everyone screamed as the five females hid themselves.

Luna: Sailor Soldiers!

Artemis: Transform!

Serena: Moon Prism Power!

Amy: Mercury Power!

Raye: Mars Power!

Lita: Jupiter Power!

Mina: Venus Power!

Five: MAKE UP!

The girls transformed into their Sailor forms. Afterwards, the Sailor Soldiers joined the Powerpuff Girls as they frowned.

Buttercup: Who’s destroying the mall? Come out and show yourself, you jerk!

They heard some familiar chuckling. The other one was only recognized by Sailor Moon, Bubbles, and Courage, to their horror.

Courage: Oh no…it can’t be…

Blossom: What is it, Courage?

Sailor Venus: Yeah, what’s wrong?

Sailor Mars: (gasps, noticing what’s going on) Guys, take a look at this!

The scouts and the Powerpuff Girls looked towards the evil chuckling, and then, they gasped in shock and horror.

Courage: AHHHH! It’s…

Katz: Oh shut up, dog. That cliche is getting way too old.

Mirage: Well, isn’t this nice? Looks like some old friends of mine have entered the gang. It’s time to see you three again..Sailor Moon, Bubbles, Courage!

Blossom: Huh?

Buttercup: Okay, Bubbles! Mind what is going on here and how pussy cat here knows ya?

Courage: Eh, it’s kinda a long story…

Katz: Oh, we got time before we begin what we’re about to do.

Sailor Moon: Well, okay. Remember when people think the Toon World is nothing but a fake? Turn out it isn’t.

Sailor Venus: What the heck are you talking about?

Sailor Mars: (shocked) You mean to tell us that the Toon World is real?!

Bubbles: Uh…yeah.

Buttercup: (frowns) I knew there was something going on when you were temporarily stuck in the past.

Katz: We do not have time for games. We have a message and it must be delivered, even if we have to destroy you to do it!

Sailor Moon: What message?!

The cats began destroying the mall, trying to hit the Girls and Sailors.

Sailor Moon: Gah!

Shirly: Sailor Soldiers, Katz must be destroyed!

They nodded, preparing their attacks.

Sailor Mercury: Mercury Bubble Blast!

The fog covered the area up.

Mirage: Damn, where are they?

Then, they saw the lasers, yelping as they were nearly hit by the three Girls.

Sailor Jupiter: My turn! Jupiter Thunder Crash!

The two were surged through electricity, groaning.

Katz: (angrily) We are not leaving…(coughs) without delivering the message to-

Buttercup: Who the heck cares what the stupid message is, so long as we kick your butts!

Sailor Mars: Mars Fire Ignite!

Sailor Venus: Venus Crescent Beam Smash!

The two were hit by the attacks, grunting a bit with the Girls punching the cats at each turn.

Blossom: Hurry, Sailor Moon!

Bubbles: Let’s get rid of those cats!

She nodded, bringing out her weapon.

Sailor Moon: Moon Tiara Boomerang!

She threw it toward the cats with both of them looking like they were about to be defeated.

Katz: (sarcastically) Oh dear, seems like we’ll be dead.

Just then, the cats’ eyes glowed as they rose their arms, with the attack bouncing back. Then, to their horror, the Girls were tossed toward the Sailors.

Females: Ugh!

Courage: Oh no!

Shirly: Sailors! Powerpuff Girls!

Katz: Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a message to deliver personally for the half demon.

Shirly: (realizes) Snake!

Courage: But the Gangreen Gang and Julayla were-

Just then, they saw the cats going passed them. With Julayla, she and the green boys were placed in the wagon.

Julayla: I still can’t believe you did something stupid like that.

Ace: Hey, don’t go pointing fingers, Jules.

Big Billy: Big Billy feel sad.

Arturo: Tell me about it. I mean what next?

Then, the door was busted by two corpses of the cops. The other green boys yelped before fainting, leaving only Julayla and Snake conscious.

Julayla: What the hell!?

Snake: We’re…free?

Then, they turned, noticing both Katz and Mirage.

Julayla: (annoyed) Great, not you again, Katz! (notices) Who’s that cat lady with you?

Mirage: Just a partner in crime, dear.

Katz: (steps in) Now, we have a message to deliver, Snake of the Gangreen Gang.

Snake: (glares) I rather ssspit on the floor than lisssten.

Katz: You don’t have a choice.

Julayla gasped as Snake was grabbed by the neck.

Katz: Now listen, this is an important message…and it will be heard by you.

Snake struggled, trying to make him let go.

Katz: Our lord and master has come, you and your friends will die, and of course, from the current state you are all in, I’m afraid this death will only be quicker.

Julayla: Huh? What are you talking about? What master?

She struggled through the chains she was on as Snake coughed a bit.

Katz: Oh, and one more thing about our master…I’ll give you a little hint on who he is…

He then leaned to Snake’s « ear », snickering.

Katz: Your demon friend’s back…

Snake gasped in fear before being let go by Katz.

Katz: I’d love to destroy you now, but our master will have our heads if he wasn’t the one to finish you off.

Julayla: (struggles) Ugh…I know who you’re talking about! How the hell did he escape?

Mirage: (chuckles) Let’s just say we had some help…for now, farewell.

With that, both cats vanished. Once they were gone, Snake and Julayla broke out of the chains.

Julayla: Come on.

Snake: Where are we going? And what about the othersss?

The two got out as Julayla had a worried look on her face.

Julayla: Something tells me they shouldn’t be involved…besides, I think it’s better this way.

(ED: Truth by Luca Yumi)

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