D. N. Angel Fan Fiction ❯ Never Miss A Real Good Thing ( Chapter 5 )

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You Never Miss a Real Good Thing:
Disclaimer: I don’t own DN Angel and I was inspired by the song, “Never Miss a Real Good Thing’ by Crystal Gayle (country singer).
Warnings: Angst.
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Dark glared angrily at Daisuke, bristling at the last comment. “And you think I’m not?” he shot back. His eyes were flashing and there was no trace of the easy-going, playboy thief in him anymore. His whole being was consumed with rage and he was trembling with the force of his emotions.
“Look, Dark, if all you’re going to do is go out and smoke, drink and sleep around using my body, why on earth should I bother?” Daisuke shouted back, equally enraged.
“Just what business is it of yours what I do, anyway? Who do you think you are-my mother? Oh, I know, don’t tell me!” Dark laughed bitterly. “You’re trying to save me from myself, aren’t you?” He laughed mockingly and looked at Daisuke. “Sorry to disappoint you, Dai-chan, but this isn’t some love story. So get over it!”
Daisuke nearly howled in anger. He is such a jackass! He seethed. “It’s my body! Of course I’ll want a say in it! I let you use it because I trusted you, you stupid Kaitou you!”
The thief smiled smugly. “Hey, Daisuke,” he said, sarcasm coating his voice so thickly it could have dripped onto the floor and made a glistening pool there. “I’m a thief-you said it yourself. Thieves do things that aren’t allowed. It’s a fact,” he drawled. Right now, all he wanted to do was just ignore Daisuke and disappear. But oh, no, he thought angrily, Little Miss Daisuke Niwa wants to blether on about trust issues. Then he heard the next comment and all thoughts of disappearing vanished. Hell no. You are not accusing me of that.
“You didn’t even think about what you were doing, did you?” Daisuke shouted. “I’ll bet you didn’t use protection, did you?” He sneered, the expression quite foreign to his normally smiling features.
The thief threw back his head and burst out laughing, mocking Daisuke and aggravating him further. “Just what would you, someone who’s never been kissed, know about that?” Dark was operating purely on rage now, but before he could say anything else, Daisuke cut him off, rushing blindly onwards.
“I sure as hell know a lot more than you obviously think I do, Dark!” The redhead snapped back. “You know what? I wish we didn’t have this bloody curse. I wish Krad had really managed to murder you in that museum last week. I wish you’d disappear and never come back. Or even better-I wish you’d just do us all a favour and drop dead!” His voice dripped with venom and rage. Dark took a step back, stunned at the tirade flowing forth from the redhead’s lips. Something inside him snapped and he stepped forward, looming over Daisuke.
“You’re right,” he coldly said. “It’s clear I’m not doing anything for Azumano except depriving it of all the lovely artwork that hangs on the walls of the museums. It’s clear that I’m a bad influence on Harada-san,” The name was sneered, “and it’s clear that I’m certainly not welcome. You’re right. I’ll just go and fling myself off the dock, shall I Dai-chan?” There was no more heat in his voice, no more passion. His normally lively eyes were dark and empty and he seemed to have lost that confident aura that drew so many girls to him. “Good night.” With those words, he walked out the door.
Daisuke watched the door shut and glared, annoyed. He had no right to do that! He thought angrily. He had no right to take advantage of my giving him a solid form like that! He wasn’t worried about Dark’s throwing himself off a dock or committing suicide because first of all, the guy was all for survival. Secondly, Daisuke was too angry to even think about anything other than just what Dark had done wrong. He thought back to how he’d been rudely awakened.
He was sleeping, although in a corner of his brain he knew that he was probably flying around somewhere, as he had allowed Dark to transform into himself using his body and just go out. Daisuke didn’t think it was fair that Dark, someone who obviously enjoyed life so much, should be subjected to being cooped up just because his Tamer was trying to sleep. Hence the freedom.
As he slept, his subconscious picked up things. Flashing strobe lights whirled across his vision, dim figures moved and swayed and laughter permeated his senses. He didn’t mind; there was nothing new about this atmosphere and he knew that Dark liked nightclubs. It wasn’t much of a surprise, really.
He was slowly sinking deeper into unconsciousness when something hot and foul poured into his lungs. It continued and Daisuke soon coughed awake, red eyes glinting slightly even though where he was, there was no light. He felt lightheaded, woozy. What…? He wanted to look out through Dark’s eyes, to watch the world around him and see what the thief was doing. Daisuke concentrated on the outside, forcing himself not to change but to see, to watch over Dark’s shoulder in a faded, ghostlike form. The purple-haired thief had taught him this trick a few days ago and he wanted to try it out as well as check on his alter ego.
What he saw shocked him. Well, not so much shocked as angered. Dark was leaning against the headboard of a bed which was obviously in some cheap motel room, smoking. Probably upstairs from the club, Daisuke thought. Some brunette cat of a woman leaned against him, her eyes hooded and her lips glistening red. Her nails raked down his chest gently and Dark’s chest moved as he chuckled and leaned in closer, moving the cigarette out of the way. He was drunk, Daisuke noted. His movements held none of the grace that they usually did, although he was certainly more alert than most intoxicated people were. The kiss deepened but he was unable to tear his eyes away, blushing furiously with anger and embarrassment. “Dark!” He shouted. “DARK!” Dark jerked upwards, startled and then his violet eyes widened as Daisuke made himself known in the presence of his mind. He had his arms crossed and his eyes were blazing. “Go home, Dark. We can talk there.” The redhead’s voice was low and deadly and he was trying to hold back tears. Dark tried to protest and leaned in for another kiss, but he wasn’t going to get anything done, what with Daisuke pestering him. “DARK! HAUL YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED AND GET HOME, NOW!”
=Geez, all right Dai-chan, all right.= The kaitou apologized profusely to the catty brunette, who looked annoyed. He moved his lips, but Daisuke couldn’t hear what he said; he was too angry to listen anymore. Then the woman slapped him across the face, nails dragging across the smooth skin and leaving red trails behind. He staggered back, shocked. Then he glared and pulled on his shirt, shouting something back at her. Dark stormed out of the little room and flew home on With, making sure that he wasn’t seen.
-End Flashback-
Daisuke growled angrily at the memory of the scene in the bedroom. It was clear that the pair had slept together and the redhead couldn’t help but wonder whether this meant that he would end up with lung cancer somewhere along the line. It was, after all, technically his body that was taking the abuse. Dark had also been drunk, as shown by the alcohol on his breath and his slight swaying as he walked up into Daisuke’s bedroom. Thankfully, no one had woken up. The redhead sighed again, wondering what to do. A feeling of betrayal crept in and he sniffed a little, knowing that his crush would never return his feelings.
He looked at the sky thoughtfully, dangling his feet into the dock and ignoring his dripping hair. He’d dunked his head into the cool water and it had instantly sobered him up. He was still dressed in his party clothes and in his `solid’ form. Not Daisuke’s body-more like a solid one of his own. However, he would have to return to Daisuke in twelve hours’ time, as the spell only lasted that long and Dark could not keep recasting it. He sighed, blowing a strand of damp hair out of his face. The tugging at him was increasing-a sure sign that Black Wings was soon going to awaken. I wonder if Krad feels this, he thought wryly. He’d gone a little wild tonight, more so than usual. Still, Daisuke had no right to accuse him of indiscretion upon his behalf and he scowled at the thought. It’s not like I do it regularly, he thought irritably, annoyed at the way Daisuke had accused him of irresponsibility. You’d think that he’d remember all those times I’ve saved his scrawny ass would count for something, he bitterly thought, but do they? Oh no they don’t!
He took another deep drag of the cigarette in his hand and continued glaring at the sea and stars, just thinking about things. He’d gone wild tonight because he knew that he didn’t have very much longer in this world and he just wanted to enjoy himself a little, like any normal teenager. His violet eyes glinted and he gently raised a hand to touch his cheek, feeling the scratches that that bitch had left behind. She didn’t seem so bad when we first started talking, he thought to himself ruefully. Whatever. He stood up and stretched, his frame twisting. I guess…leaving that thought unfinished, he turned around and headed home.
The next few weeks were pretty much the same-he would bug Daisuke and the other would inevitably do something embarrassing in the view of all his classmates. There was no more talk of that night, but both Tamer and angel knew that things would never be the same between them again. There was an unspoken tension and sometimes one of them would deliberately make a stinging comment, intending to hurt the other. They both knew it. Then Black Wings awakened.
Dark pushed Krad up against the wall of Black Wings, pulling out a feather as he did so. The golden one screamed in fury and pushed back, desperately trying to get out before Black Wings closed around him. Already the piece of art was shifting and creaking ominously and its ribs were fast closing. In a last desperate attempt, Krad screamed, “You idiot! You’ll seal us both in!” Dark smiled and continued to perform the spell, knowing that there was now no way that Krad would be able to reverse it. With a sad smile, he vanished. His last feeling was one of regret that he could not tell Daisuke why he had broken trust.
They stood there, on the cliff, watching the rising sun. Daisuke bowed his head silently, listening to Satoshi. He smiled at the way the blue-haired detective solemnly promised to have more fun in the future. He might have more intelligence than most adults, but in some ways he was just like everyone else. “Can I keep this coat?” Daisue nodded silently and thought, That’s-that was-Dark’s. He felt empty now. I never said the things I wanted to say, he thought before Riku grabbed him and he hugged her.
Twenty years later:
“Dad! Dad!” Fourteen year old Daigo Niwa ran in, purple locks flying around his head. “What’s going on? Why do I look like this?” His voice was shocked, but less scared than Daisuke’s had been at that age, when he’d first found out about the family curse.
Daisuke whirled around, already knowing what-or more accurately-who he was going to see. “You’ve transformed, son,” he gently said. He expected a scream or something dramatic like what he himself had done, but his son seemed to like it.
“That’s cool!” Daigo whirled around, laughing. “I’m Kaitou Dark!” Daisuke sighed.
“Well, I guess that means I’ll have to start sending out warning notices,” he dryly replied. “And of course, find out…no wait, I know who your Sacred Maiden is.” Wiping his hands dry and ignoring his son’s claims that he didn’t like anyone `in that way’, he grabbed a sheet of paper from the stack near the telephone and scribbled something on it. Grabbing his coat, he walked out of the door and headed for the museum where the `Daughter of Dreams’ was being displayed. It was child’s play for him to leave the note somewhere where it would be found and he returned home.
Fifteen minutes later:
“So you mean he’s like an alter personality?” Daisuke nodded. “Neat!” His son laughed.
“You’re going to be stealing the Daughter of Dreams tonight,” he told his son before leaving the room to get some of his darker clothes out. “I’ll get some dark clothes-it won’t help if you’re wearing bright red into the museum.” Daigo laughed and walked back into his room, leaving Daisuke to sigh and lean against the back of the squashy sofa. Twenty years and still acting like a schoolboy, he mused to himself before sighing. Well, what was past was past. He doubted Dark had completely forgiven him and now that he had had twenty years to brood over things, he didn’t think that the thief would be in a mood to forgive. Then a flash of purple caught his eyes and he looked up once more. “Daigo?”
“I’m not your son.” The familiar, deep voice shivered along his senses and for a moment Daisuke could pretend that he was fourteen again. “Well now, it’s been a long time. Did you miss me?” Was there a hint of sarcasm in there? Daisuke could not hear it. The redhead gave a non-committal shrug.
“Aw, that’s a pity then.” Dark looked at him. “Who did you knock up then?”
Daisuke shook his head in response. “I didn’t knock anyone up, Dark.” He gave a short laugh. “She should be home soon.”
Dark walked over and Daisuke felt himself go red in the face again. Stop it! He scolded himself. You’re not fourteen anymore and you are not going to jump Dark and tell him you’re sorry. You are a responsible adult of thirty-four, now act like it! “You’re going to steal—“
“The Daughter of Dreams, I know.” Dark cut him off abruptly. There was still a hint of awkwardness between them. He gave Daisuke an unreadable look and then joined him on the sofa, where they sat in stifling silence for a few moments. Then the thief started talking again. “You know, Daisuke,” he softly said, “I…I wish we’d mended things.” Daisuke didn’t need to think to know what he was talking about.
“Yeah,” he said shortly. “I guess—“
“It’s okay,” The purple-haired teen cut him off. “I was being a jackass too. Like you said.” They laughed uncomfortably before Dark continued. “I…I wanted to tell you sorry but…”
“Pride?” It was Daisuke’s turn to interrupt. Dark nodded; it was easier than saying he was afraid of rejection. They sat in silence for a while longer, staring at the clock as its hands moved closer towards the scheduled time. With nestled at their feet, waiting for his master to call him.
“I loved you,” Dark softly said. Daisuke gave him a sharp look before his mind registered the past tense. Oh. “I loved you,” the thief continued. “I loved everything about you. And…I think…” Daisuke held his breath, unsure of whether to cry. “I think I still love you,” Dark whispered. “I wish things could have turned out a little more differently.” When he saw the look on Daisuke’s face, he shook his head. “It’s okay,” he said. “You can tell me. I’ll be going soon anyway, so it won’t really matter.”
“I…” Say it! Daisuke told himself. Say it! He was fourteen once more, free from the chains of duty. Then he remembered. No, he told himself sadly. I can’t. I’m married now, and I have a son. I can’t.
“Please,” Dark was almost begging now. “Just say something, Daisuke. Anything. I don’t care if you reject me; shrink away in disgust if you will, but please, do something!” His voice trembled and Daisuke wanted to hold him and comfort him, but his body remained perfectly still.
“I…I loved you as a brother,” he softly said, the lie tearing him apart. “I loved you as a brother.” He was proud of how steady his voice was and how serenely he behaved. “I’m sorry.” The lie continued to rip him apart, filling his heart with an ache that burned. He reached for the box of tissues on the coffee table and silently handed them to Dark. He could see the unshed tears in his eyes, even if he didn’t verbally acknowledge them. “I’m sorry Dark.”
The thief nodded, then stood up. His voice was calm but there was a single tear resting lightly on the tip of his nose. “I’ll be going then,” he said. His voice was steady, as steady as Daisuke’s was. “I’m sorry about that night,” he said before he walked out into the night. Minutes later, Daisuke saw a figure soar into the air. The dam broke and he sat down and buried his face in his hands, tears leaking out from between his fingers. I’m so sorry, Dark. Forgive me. Riku found him in this position when she came home for dinner.
You never miss a real good thing
Till he says goodbye.
-Crystal Gayle, `Never Miss A Real Good Thing’
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