❯ Never let you go… – Midnight confessions ( Chapter 4 )

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It was about five in the morning when Ben rejoined the world of the living. He lay still, unmoving, not even bothering to open his eyes. `No nightmares? That’s new…what’s that smell?’ the smell wasn’t bad, actually, it was very nice and soothing. It reminded him of fruit, but there was something else, something very familiar. Suddenly, it hit him. `Gwen…It smells like…Gwen… Ben shifted, trying to get closer to wonderful scent. He felt two arms wrap around him and pull him close to something very soft. Ben’s eyes shot open and he looked down at Gwen’s arms, which were wrapped loosely around him. He was semi-horrified to realize that the soft thing he was using as a pillow was Gwen’s chest. “Gwen?” Ben whispered, not wanting to wake her if she was asleep. She didn’t move. Ben carefully wormed his way out of Gwen’s arms. She had fallen asleep in the corner holding him. `Why? Were you really that worried about me, Gwen?’ Ben thought as he laid her down on the bed so she wouldn’t have a sore neck in the morning. Ben glanced up front to where Max was sleeping. Turning back he brushed a few stray hairs out of Gwen’s face, a sad look on his face as he pondered certain feelings toward his cousin. “What do I feel for you, Gwen? A few years ago, I could honestly say I loved you, beyond the way I should…But everything’s different now…We could never be together…The moment I realized that, they started coming. The nightmares…They were simple at first, but slowly getting worse…It started to leak into the real world…I can feel it…clawing at my mind, ripping away my senses, perverting everything I see and think. I’m…I’m losing it, Gwen…I’m not sure how much longer until I simply fade away…I feel it…creeping in my mind…whispering, murmuring, taunting…I…I think I’m going insane, Gwen…It’s all changing…the way I think, the way I feel…Not even my feelings for you are the same…The moment I heard you scream…I was feeling murderous…I felt the world fall away…and there was only you. You, myself…and me…What if the next time, my opponent is human?…I would kill, just to know you were safe…years ago, I would be happy if you were, even if it wasn’t me that made you happy…Now, all I can think about is how many different ways to torture the boy who would dare to touch you…I don’t know what to do anymore…with you here, close to me, I feel calm, and content…I feel halfway normal…The whispers…they don’t stop, unless I’m near you…” Ben whispered, tears running down his face. “I’m obsessed; Gwen…my once pure love has been twisted into an obsession…You have to keep your promise…because in the end…If you can’t stop me…who can? I’m going to snap eventually…I’m scared, Gwen…I don’t want to disappear…But, if it’s you…I’ll let go… but…until then…don’t leave me.” Hesitantly, Ben leaned over Gwen and brushed her lips with his in a soft kiss. “Goodnight, Gwen…I hope your dreams are happier than mine…”
Next morning…
Gwen awoke to the feeling of something missing. For a moment her mind, still hazy with sleep, pondered on what was missing. “Ben!” Gwen looked around franticly.
“Calm down, Gwen! I’m right here.” Ben’s head popped around the passenger side seat. Gwen realized they were moving. “What’s wrong, Gwen? You look almost disappointed that you didn’t wake up with me in you arms…I didn’t know you liked me like that!” Ben said, eyes shining with humor…and there was something else. Something Gwen couldn’t decipher. Gwen sputtered, trying to come up with a reply. Ben laughed.
“Now, Ben. Gwen was very worried about you when you passed out…even more worried than I was.” Max scolded, shooting Gwen a smile in the rearview mirror. “You should be nicer to her. She never left your side…especially when you grabbed her hand in your sleep and asked her specifically not to leave you.” With one statement, Max effectively turned the tables. Ben flushed crimson, looking horrified. “I didn’t…” Ben breathed. Gwen smiled at Ben. Ben noticed it wasn’t a `you’ll never hear the end of this’ smile, but the one she gave him when she thought he wasn’t looking. The one that made his heart beat fast and his knees weak.
“Normally, I would never let you here the end of this, but I just glad your okay…” Gwen walked up to the front and hugged Ben tightly. Ben inhaled as deeply as he could without Gwen noticing, trying to memorize the feel of her skin and the scent that was just so…Gwen…unaware that she was doing the same.
“Gwen…Thank you…” Ben muttered into Gwen’s ear gratefully.
“It’s nothing Ben…just remember, I’ll always be here for you.” All thought processes halted when she felt Ben ever so softly kiss her on the cheek. Max cleared his throat ant they both jumped, Ben pushing Gwen away.
“Grandpa! That wasn’t what you think it was!” Ben panicked, then noticed the look of bliss on Gwen’s face as she touched her cheek where Ben’s lips had been just moments ago. Max nudged her and she snapped out of it.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Ben. It was just a friendly thank-you kiss on the cheek.” Max stated, an out-of-place smirk on his face. Ben and Gwen simultaneously blushed.
“Yeah, just a friendly kiss on the cheek. I don’t know what his/her problem was.” The Tennyson two said in unison. “Hey! Stop copying me!” They glared at each other, but there was no anger in their eyes, only a loving playfulness, which, for a moment, made Max wonder if Ben was really all that far behind Gwen in the depth of love. “You’re such a major doofus/dweeb!” Silence. Then the chuckles started. Max was slightly confused. His confusion escalated as the laugher grew louder. “That was amazing! Hey, we’re still doing it! Great minds and all that!” Ben and Gwen were laughing so hard they were crying. Max was still puzzled.
“Is there a joke I’m missing? What was the punchline?” Max waited until the laughing died down. The two cousins were wiping the tears from their eyes. “What was that all about?”
“Sorry, Grandpa. It just that we haven’t done that since we were ten. And we’re still doing it.”
“Well, it’s nice that you’re getting along. Try and keep it up, at least until tomorrow when we meet your parents in Florida.” Ben paled. Gwen turned white.
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Never let you go… – anything BUT platonic