❯ Never let you go… – Fonder than I would like… ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
I’ve noticed that Gwevin fans only real defense for Ben 10,000 and Ken 10 is that it was possible future…Thus most fics reflect that. Well, here’s to you, Gwevin fans. Not only does that not ensure Gwevin, it helps us Bwen fans as well, cause anything could happen. You want to play the possible future card? Fine. Two can play that game.
“Ben! What’s wrong with you?” Gwen was very concerned now. `What is he talking about? Never let me go? Why does he think I’m going to die?’ “Ben! Stop being such a doofus crybaby and tell us why you’re so upset!” `There! A good old insult should snap him back to normal…’
“I…I…I just had…” Ben mumbled the last part, looking ashamed, as if he had committed a horrible crime.
“Sorry, didn’t catch that. Could you say that again, without mumbling?” Gwen said impatiently. `The sooner he answers, the sooner he’ll get off of me. He’s making that strange feeling in my chest come back…
“I…had a nightmare…” Ben whispered softly, but just loud enough for Gwen to hear.
“That’s what this is about?! You’re fifteen! What could have been so bad that you can’t look at me without bursting into tears?” Gwen was extremely annoyed now. `I risked letting that feeling out, for this?’
“Well, SORRY that walking into a destroyed city full of bodies, hearing you say that everyone in our family was dead, and then being forced to watch you die while I was helpless upset me!” Ben pushed Gwen away and stormed out of the Rustbucket. Gwen was thoroughly ashamed of herself.
“Don’t worry, Gwen…There was no way you could have known.” Max said comfortingly.
“Grandpa, Ben turned to me for comfort, and I judged him prematurely. He could just as easily talked to you, and you wouldn’t have reacted that way.”
“That may be true, Gwen, but just remember this for next time. Ben was immature when he got the Omnitrix. Now that he’s older, he understands the burden that he has been given. A nightmare like that would upset anyone, but for Ben, it shows his greatest fear: He fears that he will loose everything he cares about and will be powerless to stop it. If a dream like that didn’t upset him, then he would not be fit to wear the Omnitrix. It simply proves that he cares.” Max stated wisely.
“I should apologize to Ben…” Gwen said softly, suddenly feeling strangely flattered.
“Just remember, Gwen: the day such things stop bothering him, then we should be worried.” Max called out to Gwen as she left to find Ben. “Though, I do wonder why he chose to tell Gwen, rather than me…” Max wondered out loud.
Gwen found Ben out by a nearby stream, throwing rocks into the water. “Hey Ben, do you have a moment?”
“Gwen…Why are you out here?” Ben asked without turning to look at her.
“I was looking for you, Ben…listen, about earlier…”
“I’m sorry!” Ben half-shouted.
“Excuse me?” Gwen was shocked. `He must have been really upset.’ Gwen thought. “What are YOU sorry for?”
“I shouldn’t have yelled at you, because you were right…I’m too old to fall apart over a stupid dream. I mean it was just a dream, right?” Ben said. Gwen could hear the guilt in his voice.
“No…I don’t accept your apology…Because I was wrong. I talked to Grandpa, and he explained everything. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on…I’ll be willing to listen. Just…don’t stop caring…If you need to cry, don’t keep it bottled up. Because…” Gwen bit her lip. `Should I risk saying it? “Because…I’m flattered that you care enough to cry in the first place…” Gwen said, even though her senses told her not to.
“I obviously didn’t care enough…” Ben whispered quietly.
“Why do you say that?” Gwen asked, inquiringly.
“Trust me, you don’t want to know…Please, don’t ask anymore questions. I don’t want to think about it.” Ben said. A small smile spread across his face. “Gwen…Thanks…I’m happy…that you cared enough to come find me.”
“Of course! I can’t have my doofus cousin turning emo on me!” Gwen taunted, hoping that he would return the favor.
“Hey! I’m NOT emo!” Ben yelled, indignantly. “Take It Back!” He jumped at Gwen, who in her relief that Ben was at least acting like his old self, was taken by surprise as Ben pinned her down and held her hands to the ground. Gwen squirmed, trying to free herself.
“Ben! Let me up! Do you know how inappropriate this is?” Gwen tried to say, but it came out as more of a whimper. Gwen cursed her treacherous body as her face got hot.
“Such tricks don’t fool me, Gwen! I refuse to let you up until you take it back!” Ben replied, sounding like he was ten again.
Gwen’s heart was beating a million miles a minute. `Ben…can’t you see? Can’t you see what you’re doing to me?’ “Ben…please get off…”
“No! Not until you say it!”
“Ben…” Gwen murmured breathlessly.
“Say it!” Ben said stubbornly, mentally wondering why Gwen was reacting the way she was.
“…” Gwen opened her mouth, trying to say something, anything, to make him release her. But her voice wouldn’t come out. Something was running through her body, making their points of contact tingle pleasantly, and begging her to refuse to take it back, just to prolong their current position. `No…I refuse to admit it!’ Ben’s yellow-green eyes bored into her emerald orbs. Gwen broke their undeclared staring contest, focusing instead on Ben’s lips. Ben’s lips…Gwen couldn’t stop herself from wondering how they would taste. Unconsciously, Gwen licked her lips. `Why? Why do you torture me?’
“Ummm…Gwen? Gwen!”
“Yes, Ben?” Gwen mumbled, mind in a daze as all intelligent thought fled her mind.
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
“What?” Came Gwen’s brilliant reply.
“Fine! You win! I don’t know how long you worked on that look, but it’s really starting to weird me out. Hmmm…maybe I should learn it too…If it creeps me out, I wonder how other people would feel…” Ben said thoughtfully as he got off of Gwen. Gwen felt dizzy as her brain rebooted and processed what just happened.
“Ben…” Gwen tried to be mad at him, to tell him never to do that again, but her voice refused to cooperate. “You shouldn’t do that to a girl” `unless it’s me…’ came the unwelcome thought, “You could get in a lot of trouble…But…I’m glad you’re feeling better.”
“Thanks Gwen…I really shouldn’t have let those dreams bother me, though…”
“Don’t worry, Ben… I’ll always be here for you…” Gwen said, unaware of the loving look that had developed on her face. Ben, thankfully, didn’t notice due to his momentary shock.
“Gwen…If I go insane with power…don’t hold back…I want you to destroy me…Don’t let me kill anyone…” Ben said, his voice full of melancholy. Gwen was horrified that Ben would even think, let alone say something like that.
“Ben! How could you say something like that! Remember when we went to the future? You were a hero. You were fine…So…please…never say something like that again…” Gwen reprimanded.
“Just promise me Gwen…I’m trusting you with this…don’t let me down…” Ben said, turning to face Gwen.
“Fine…If it comes to that, I’ll kill you in the most painful way possible, just for daring to leave me. So…Never…EVER say something like that again.” Gwen said, snarling unconsciously.
“See? Was that so hard?” Ben changed from emotional and dark, to happy and sparkly in a millisecond, shooting a smile at Gwen that made her knees weak. “Now we better get back to the Rustbucket, Grandpa’s probably waiting for us. He did say we were going to the mall today…I hope they have an arcade!”
“Ben…you’re going to give me whiplash, changing directions so suddenly…” Gwen mumbled, shaking her head. “Dweeb…talk about hot’n cold…” Ben shot her one of his charming, heart melting, knee-weakening smiles that he seemed unaware that he had.
“Awww…you know you love me.” Ben smirked, and was not expecting the reaction he got.
“W-what? Me, l-love you?! Of course not! Get real!” Gwen mentally slapped herself for panicking.
Ben raised an eyebrow. “I know you’re not fond of me, but isn’t this a little much?” He quoted laughing, eyes shining with mirth. “And you say I need to lighten up? Maybe I should learn magic and bring your past self here to talk to you.”
Gwen and Ben walked back to the RV, bickering all the way. The entire way, Gwen was pondering why she reacted the way she did when Ben pinned her down, refusing to accept the obvious answer. `You’re wrong, Ben…I’m fonder of you than I would like…More than I ever should be, not that you will ever know…’
Never let you go… – Don’t let me go…
Never let you go… – anything BUT platonic