❯ nephilim – Any good? ( Chapter 1 )

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My name is Serenity and for those who would believe it, I am an abomination. Since I turned twelve I have been hunted for who my father is, or perhaps for being something that they believe has been a part in tainting all the good that they are.No I wont pretend to know their reasoning, for that in itself would be a crime. That is, to pretend to know the ways of their
higher thinking, of their holy thinking. If you haven’t already guessed it I’m the product of the lust of a fallen angel and of gods favored being, man. Yes, I’m a Nephilim.I grew up in a single parent home living a normal life until I was twelve. It all started out as a fever, many days of which I don’t personally remember. I was snapped out of my stupor by a horrifying pain originating in my back and then radiating outward to the rest of my body. For the next three hours I lay in my bed sobbing pitifully. Then, tearing through my back, wings emerged. That was when my entire life changed. That was when I became one of the hunted.

This is a story that I am thinking of writing. Please tell me if it’s worth it. Thank you!!!