❯ Mystic Visions – Misaki ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter One: Misaki
By mid-afternoon the next day, Oujiro had had another epiphany. It occurred to him that, in addition to the aforementioned insanity, he was also very, very tired.

The problem was that the wretched dream had woken him up at two in the morning, and he hadn’t been able to get to sleep again. No, that wasn’t it – he hadn’t wanted to get back to sleep again. Hadn’t wanted to with a passion. So he’d tossed and turned for a bit, watched the clock for a while, and then had given up and gotten himself some coffee. Since he was usually such a good boy – recent events excluded – he had used his extra time to catch up on his homework – and the problem with that was that he now felt like he’d been in school for two days straight.

Of course, there was another problem, more subtle and sinister. Usually Oujiro Mihara didn’t have homework to catch up on. But then again, usually Oujiro Mihara paid attention in class. Or at least, he usually used to. Once upon a time. All in all, he was rather startled when school let out for the day.

Oujiro gathered up his things and drifted out into the crowded corridors. The overwhelming buzz of happy conversation around him harmonized nicely with the fuzzy droning in his head, and he complacently allowed himself to be pushed this way and that, only putting in just enough effort to make sure he was always heading in the general direction of the doors. He was somewhat bothered by a feeling that he was forgetting something, but it just wasn’t coming to him, and he suspected that that had something to do with the blue hair and the mischievous eyes that kept appearing to him of their own accord…


Oujiro jumped, and spun demurely on his heel to cover up his momentary lack of poise. “Misaki-chan?” He stared incredulously at her as she hurried over to him; a slight shy blush colored her cheeks, but she was smiling broadly…

Oujiro let out a relieved sigh as he finally remembered, and not a moment too soon. Had he really just almost forgotten his own date…?

Misaki was beaming up at him. “I’m glad I caught you! It’s so loud out here; I guess you didn’t hear me the first time…”

“Gomen ni,” he said sincerely, though secretly he was wondering about that. “How was your day?”

“Oh, it was great! Ito-san didn’t give us any homework, because a few of us are entering the tournament and he knew we’d want to practice this weekend; he’s so nice…”

As she went on, Oujiro took it all in and delighted in the way his mind cleared and his muscles relaxed just from being with her. Once they were outside the school grounds, he casually took her hand, and they walked together to the Piffle Princess store. The tournament was a week away tomorrow, after all – and more importantly, because Oujiro and Misaki were the best of the best, there was really no one better for them to practice with than each other.

After they had gotten checked in, as they sat down at a small layer, Misaki hesitantly spoke up. “Ano… could we warm up with dancing first, please?” She smiled brightly. “I think Hikaru likes it.”

Oujiro couldn’t help but arch an eyebrow in amusement. “Of course we can… She does, huh?”

Misaki instantly turned fuchsia. “Ah – ah -! I mean, sometimes I talk to her – I mean, of course she never talks back…” Her voice trailed off, and she laughed miserably. “I’m sorry. It’s really childish.”

Oujiro set his angel in the layer and switched it on as he answered, dropping his voice to secretive tones. “Actually… sometimes I talk to Wizard, too.”

As Wizard came to life, and Oujiro found himself inadvertently making eye contact with him, he wondered if that had really been a good thing to say, when you got right down to it. Because it didn’t mean what she thought it did, and so it was almost like lying to her… But it made her happy, so he decided to let it slide. The angels kept perfect time with the song and with each other, and Oujiro was filled with an oddly strong feeling of contentment, as he wondered stupidly if Wizard liked to dance too. He really, really, really needed to get that dream out of his head right now, he decided.

He was blessedly able to do just that, as they moved on to the next and rather more intensive part of their training. They played three rounds, of which Oujiro was able to win one by throwing Hikaru out of the layer. Afterwards, Miraki pouted at him.

“You’re going easy on me. You are, aren’t you? You could’ve won this one…”

“I’m not, promise,” he said honestly. “I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Oh, really?” she asked, concerned. “Maybe you ate something funny?”

“Probably,” he agreed, and linked his fingers with hers again as they headed towards the store’s exit. “Should I walk you home?” It was merely a matter of etiquette; he asked every time they practiced together, because her house was on the way to his anyway, and Misaki always graciously and blushingly agreed.

Sometimes people mistook Misaki for Oujiro’s little sister, much to her chagrin and theirs as well, but as they walked down the street holding hands in the red-orange light of the setting sun, their affection couldn’t have been more obvious. It would’ve made a perfect picture, Oujiro reflected, except he’d never really liked red. Such a garish color, he thought – funny, that… They walked in silence, but even so he thought they reached her house too soon.

“Well…” Misaki gave a small bow, which Oujiro found strangely embarrassing. “Thank you for practicing with me. Can you come again tomorrow?”

“Well… Yes, but can we do it sometime later, maybe after three? I have classes, and then my brother wanted to meet with me.”

Misaki nodded enthusiastically. “Oh, is it for MYSTIC?”

“Mm-hmm. He wanted some more readings…” The already feeble conversation petered utterly away, and Oujiro felt his pulse speed up accordingly. Hmm… his mind was feeling fuzzy again, but he was pretty sure that he was leaning towards her… At the last moment, he tilted his head slightly to the side to kiss her on the cheek.

Oujiro stumbled a step back and stared at her, startled. Surely he had been meaning to kiss her properly, it wasn’t like they hadn’t before, and from the look on her face that was what she’d been expecting. And yet the urge that had compelled him not to had been as strong as a command shouted in his ear… “Well, good night,” he said pleasantly, and fled.

X………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………..X

“It’s okay. I’d rather dance with you, though.”

Oujiro sat bolt upright in bed, waking up from his half-asleep doze in a split second. “What? Who’s there-?”

A hand gently grasped his shoulder, and he froze as he realized he was not, in fact, sitting on his bed. Whatever the surface underneath him was, it was as black as the rest of the nothingness around him, with no end in sight, neither soft nor hard, hot nor cold… Oujiro groaned.

Wizard crawled around to where he could see him, and made himself comfortable on his lap while Oujiro was still too disoriented to protest. “It’s just me,” he answered obediently. “You were wondering earlier if I liked to dance… It’s okay, but I don’t really like Hikaru’s Deus, so I’d rather dance with you.” He smiled, and tried to steal a kiss, but Oujiro hurried clapped a hand over his face, attempting to push him off.

“Don’t,” he said, with feeling. Wizard promptly made an obnoxiously loud kissing noise into the palm of his hand instead, and Oujiro jerked back. He scrambled backward to get out from under his Angel in a most undignified fashion and leapt to his feet to glower, breathing heavily, down at the blue-haired boy. “You-!” Wizard merely smirked sweetly up at him, and he crumpled. “You’re impossible,” he grumbled, turning away.

“Merely improbable,” Wizard assured him, standing too. He rested a hand on Oujiro’s shoulder as he stalked catlike around to face him.

“That’s really corny, you know,” Oujiro murmured, not making eye contact. Wizard made no reply, but placed his other hand on Oujiro’s hip. Oujiro jumped at the gross invasion of his personal space – it tickled, damn it – and grasped the Angel’s arm with the full intent of removing it… but he never got around to it, somehow, as Wizard swung them around with surprising grace. Before he knew it, the nymph of a boy was guiding him easily along to a song he couldn’t hear, and Oujiro sighed in defeat. It was frankly a bit embarrassing, how easily he allowed Wizard to lead, but oh well. Might as well let him have his fun for now… it was only a dream, so why fight it? He let his head droop onto Wizard’s shoulder, and they danced until the world began to fade away once again.


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