❯ My Last Breath – My Last Breath ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Sailor Ra: Based on the song `My Last breath’. I don’t own either shows.
Warnings: Hints of sex (nothing descriptive) and characters death.
Vegeta: Why the heck do you write such depressing things?
Sailor Ra: And you have a problem with that?
Vegeta: Uhh, no.
Sailor Ra: Good, now on with the oneshot!

My Last Breath (Shuro’s POV)

I hear Seto’s crying as I hold onto my breath. I taste his tears as they fall into my mouth and I can’t help, but reach out and brush his tears away with my hand. He smiles as if everything will be okay. I know that things won’t be so easy, love. I know that. I wish you would know this as well.
Can you feel me? Feel me clutching to you? I know you can because I hear you whispering to me.
“Everything is going to be okay…” He whispers this, believing every word that falls from his own lips. These words fall like wilted rose petals so gently that I can barely hear them.
Don’t cry love. Please don’t. I will only make things harder and harder, but you don’t need that nor do you deserve it. I don’t want you to suffer because of me. I only did this to stop the suffering. I did this for Aya, Yuhi, and the others.
I knew I should have told you about this. About the C-project and everything. The real reason why Kei died, but I didn’t want you to suffer. The reason why was because I knew that Kagami would have gotten confused with that Shadow magic with celestial magic. I didn’t want you nor Mockoba to suffer.
God, I love you so much. You made all the pain from Kei’s death disappear. You made me feel like I was beautiful. You made me feel like a woman, a real woman. You were the one to take my fears away. I can never thank you enough for that.
That night when it was just you and me. I couldn’t refuse you and you kept calling me a tennyo. You whispered that in my ear all night as I felt your breath on my face. I liked how you held me afterward and fell asleep with your arm wrapped around my waist. I never thought that love felt so good.
You see Kei was taken from me when I finally to him. I broke through to him, but I did as death closed his eyes. Now death is about to close my own as my lover holds me close, whispering everything will be okay.

Hold onto me love, you know I can’t stay long all I wanted to say was that I love you and I am not afraid
Can you hear me? Can you feel me in your arms?

“Shuro, Tennyo, everything will be okay. You’ll live and…don’t go to Kei yet. I still need you. Damn it! Stay Shuro! I’ll never forgive you if you do! Damn it! Shuro!” I hear him, but his face looks so sad, so it’s hard to take him seriously.
Tennyo, that was his nickname for me. He knew that my ancestor was a tennyo and he believed me too. I can’t help and think how funny that is because he didn’t believe Yugi. I adored that nickname even if he didn’t believe me. He called me that because he said I was beautiful.
“Tennyo, it’s perfect for you. It’s so perfect.”
I liked how you said that to me so many weeks ago. I liked how soft and tender your voice was and how you let your words wrap around me like a warm comforting blanket. They fell like warm summer rain, the kind of rain that cleanse the soul.
“S-Seto…” my voice is raspy and it’s so hard to breathe. It’s hurts, Seto. Everything hurts so much. All my nerve endings are screaming as if in a horror movie.
Your face looks down at me as I smile lightly. Oh god, all I want is for him to be happy. I don’t care what happens to me. I just want him to be happy and live. I want him to live with his little brother and move on.
“Shuro, I’m right here. I’m right here,” his voice is so soft. I don’t know if I can stand leaving him, but I can’t stop it and neither can he.
“S-S-Seto tell M-M-Mockoba that h-h-he’s a…” I take a breath in and hold it as I think about the little boy I had only just met, “a g-g-good b-b-boy and tha-,” I cough some blood up. “That I-I-I lov-v-ve him v-v-very much…” I let go of the breath as I see Seto nodding like there’s not tomorrow.
I see begs under his eyes and I can’t help, but chuckle to myself. The chuckle sounds like a squeak, but I see him laugh as tears leave his eyes. He was always a workaholic. He worked so hard and I couldn’t help, but admire him for it. I hope that he goes to sleep…
Hm, that’s odd. I’m about to die and I’m worrying about if I sleep or not.
“Seto…p-promise me that you’ll s-s-sleep at night. Don’t s-s-stay up all night,” my voice is like a mouse now and he nods.
“I’ll sleep, I’ll learn to cook, and I’ll sing with you…just don’t leave me!” his shout makes me wish I could stay.

Holding my last, sleeping inside myself,
Sweet rapture tonight it ends here tonight

Seto, you fool. You big fool. You act as if I only have a broken leg and I know that’s all you wished it was. I wish it was too, but it was the only way to get Aya out of that place and make things right for us. I know you’ll be angry with me and you will probably hate me, but I needed to do this.
The pain…it’s stopping. Why is that? Is this what dying is like? Falling up? That’s what I feel like. I’m falling up to the sky. I’m falling up to Kei.
“Kei is being selfish if he takes you. You won’t go with him because you hate that about men,” Seto is whispering, but my vision is slowly turning black, but I can still hear him so well. I hear your breath against my neck as you nuzzle in my neck. Trying to make me return by your touch.
Your crying. I didn’t know you still had tears to shed after what has happened to you. Stop, please, it won’t help. Stop that crying, please. It can’t stop what is to happen so stop before I…
Seto, can I hear you say my name one last time? Can I hear you say you love me one more time? Please, just once then I’ll say what I have to say. I remember what your response was when I asked you that for the billionth time between the hot kisses.
“I said it over a million times already!”
“Last time, but only because you used that damn trick Mockoba taught you. Shuro, I love you…”
It was funny how annoyed you got when you had realized that I learned that puppy dog eyes from your brother. You groaned when I first tried out on you and I remember how you said `damn it! I’m going to kill that little brother of mine!’ I couldn’t help, but laugh.
That trick became handy when I told you I needed your help with air plane tickets when Yuhi and the others had to look for the robes.
“Shuro, I love you…” Your whisper is so so gentle and soft. Now I can say what I want to say. It was the same thing Kei told me before he died.

I’ll miss the winter a world of fragile things look for me as I hide in the
Hollow tree (come and find me)
I know you hear me I can taste it in your tears

I hold my breath knowing that it will be my last and I didn’t want to stutter and not understand me.
“Seto…You and me…forever…” I let my breath go.

Closing you eyes today supreme you pry your dreams will leave you here
You wake and you know the truth no ones there
Say goodnight don’t be afraid Holding, holding me as you fade
(holding my last breath)

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