Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Morning Arrivals ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

BGM START: D-6 [Peaceful]

Misato’s apartment, in morning.
SE: morning sounds.

Shinji’s bed. He is hiding under the blankets.
Misato (OFF) “Shin-chan!~”

Misato, surprisingly chipper for early morning.
Misato “It’s time to get up! We’re going on a cruise!”

Shinji sits up in bed, rubbing his eyes.
Shinji “Wha…”

Misato “Come on, Shinji! I told you about this a couple weeks back!”

Shinji groggily gets out of bed.
Misato (OFF) “Some new pilots are arriving today!”

Pen-Pen peeks his head out of the fridge, groggy.
Misato (OFF) “You don’t wanna miss them, do you?”

Shinji looks at Misato dryly.

A helicopter flies over a city.
It is heading towards the sea.

In the helicopter, Misato is still surprisingly enthusiastic.
Misato “I used to know one of the pilots, you know.”

Shinji blinks.
Shinji “What’s he like?”
Misato laughs.
Misato “She, actually.”

The helicopter approaches a boat.
Misato (OFF) “Anyways, don’t worry about what she’s like. You’ll see when we get there!”

A group of silhouettes watches the approach of the helicopter, standing rather apart from one another. One is Kensuke.

The boat tower. Several parts of it rotate.

Misato and Shinji get out of the helicopter.

They walk past various members of the boat crew in relative silence.

Shinji, surprised.

Two boys standing together, one is Kensuke.
Kensuke “Hey again, Shinji.”

Shinji “Ke- Kensuke?!”
Misato (OFF) “Yes.”

Misato “I didn’t tell you because I wanted it to be a surprise… He was the pilot of Unit 05…”

The other boy, he smiles gently.
Misato (OFF) “And this is Nagisa Kaworu, who will pilot Unit 04 when the Americans complete it.”
Kaworu “It is nice to see you, Ikari-kun…”

Shinji smiles back, politely.
Shinji “Hello.”


A girl approaches the trio of guys (only her feet are visible).
Asuka “Ugh… I was hoping my other co-pilot would be more interesting-looking.”

Shinji looks up.
Shinji “Huh?”

The girl from behind.
Asuka “But I see that the First Child is just as depressing as the Fourth and Fifth.”

Kensuke rolls his eyes.

Kaworu just smiles.

Shinji blinks.

Misato sighs.

The girl, pan UP.
Asuka “Anyways… I’m the Second Child. Asuka Langley Soryu, pilot of the elite Unit 02!”

Misato “Asuka… can’t you be a bit nicer to your co-pilots?”

Asuka blinks.
Asuka (disparaging) “Oh, Misato…”

Misato “It’s been awhile… You sure have grown.”

Asuka “Yes. And I’m filling out too.”

Misato suddenly turns.
Misato “Oh, excuse me…”
She leaves.
Misato (OFF) “I see someone I know…”

A gust of wind blows Asuka’s skirt up.

Kensuke and Shinji stare in shock.

Asuka “Ack! You perverts!”

SE: slap
Text: “Episode #08:”
SE: slap
Text: “Morning Arrival”

Shinji and Kensuke both have slap marks on their cheeks.
Shinji “Ow!”
Kensuke “Why didn’t you hit him?”

Kaworu continues to stand there, smiling.

Asuka glares at him.
Asuka “…Homo-boy? Look up my skirt? Not likely…”

Shinji looks, puzzled, at Kaworu.
He is smiling still.
Kaworu “Second, you really shouldn’t be so violent…”

Misato’s ID card.
Captain (OFF) “Hmm… Nerv. And from your antics on the deck, I was quite sure you were the leader of this Boy Scout Troop. Obviously I was mistaken.”
The card is pulled away, revealing a professional Misato.
Misato “Thank you for all your gracious hospitality, Captain.”

The Captain glares.
Captain “Oh-no. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to baby-sit so many more children.”

The group clusters around Misato.
Misato “And thank you for your assistance in the marine transport of Eva Unit 02. Here are the specifications for the emergency power supply.”
Captain (OFF) “Hm. You’ve wasted a trip, I’d never approve any request to activate that toy, while at sea in the first place.”

Misato “Think of it as being prepared for an emergency. The Eva is quite valuable, Sir.”

An immense fleet of boats.
Captain (OFF) “So valuable, that the entire Pacific Fleet has to be pulled for guard duty. Exactly when did the UN recommission us into a bloody cargo service?”

The first officer stands with the Captain.
First Officer “If my memory serves me correctly, it was just after a certain organization was established.”
Captain “Guarding a toy! What a ridiculously grandiose assignment for the entire Pacific Fleet!”

Misato “It’s still not enough, not when you consider the importance of the Eva. Sign these transfer documents please.”

Captain “Not yet. Unit 02 and the pilots have been entrusted to us by Nerv-03. You’re not gonna just waltz in and do as you please, Captain Katsuragi.”

Misato glares.
Misato “When will you transfer them to us?”

First Officer “Once we’ve unloaded in New Yokosuka.”
Captain “The ocean is our jurisdiction. You will follow our orders here.”

Misato “I understand. However, I should remind you that in an emergency Nerv’s military authority overrides your own.”
Captain (OFF) “Very well.”
SE: A door opening.

Shinji turns.

Fuyutsuki enters the room.
Captain (OFF) “Ah, Fuyutsuki…”

Misato goes very pale.
She turns to face him.
Her eyes widen.

Kensuke grins, and leans in to whisper to Shinji.
Kensuke “Apparently he’s the Vice Commander of Nerv HQ… He trained me in Eva-05…”

Fuyutsuki nods to the Captain, and to Misato.
Fuyutsuki “I trust I’m not interrupting anything?”

Captain “Of course not.”
He seems to be enjoying Misato’s sudden change in mood immensely.

Fuyutsuki “Good.”
He smiles at the four children.
Fuyutsuki “I trust you all will be joining me for lunch?”

Asuka “Sure!”
She and the others leave, Misato following a bit slowly.

The Captain sighs.
Captain “These kids are the future of humanity?”

First Officer “Times are changing. I understand that Congress has also pinned its hopes
on that robot.”
Captain “On that toy? The idiots!”

The ship cafeteria.
Everyone sits at the table in their respective default poses.

Fuyutsuki lowers a cup of water he was drinking from.
Fuyutsuki “So, Shinji…”

Shinji looks up. Asuka is slightly annoyed that Fuyutsuki is paying more attention to him.
Shinji “Yeah?”

Fuyutsuki “How do you find Tokyo-3?”

The whole table as Shinji considers his answer.
Shinji “Er… well… It’s okay, I guess.”

Misato, relieved that Shinji likes his home but still nervous. Kaworu continues to smile.

Fuyutsuki nods his approval.
Fuyutsuki “Your mother had a saying…” (bleed into next cut)

Shinji pales.
Fuyutsuki stops.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “I apologize.”

Fuyutsuki “I won’t mention her again…”

Shinji sighs but seems to be warming up to Fuyutsuki.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “Except to note she was quite a remarkable woma-”

Misato glares, although she still looks scared.
Misato “Hey. Drop it.”

Fuyutsuki isn’t quite making eye contact with Misato.
The four children all look a bit anxious about what might happen next.

Fuyutsuki “At any rate… I am glad you like your new home…”

Shinji looks down. He didn’t fully mean what he’d said.
Kensuke (OFF) “Hey, Shinji?”
He looks back up.

Kensuke “How’s everyone back home been?”

Shinji “I… I don’t really know… It’s been summer break for awhile…”
Kensuke (OFF) “Oh, right…”

Kaworu “Shin-”

Asuka “Enough with this already!”

Everyone stares at her.
Asuka “We don’t need to sit around asking him questions one by one!”
Everyone blushes.

Kaworu “Very well… I am finished with my lunch… Ikari-kun, shall we talk in private?”

Shinji blushes a bit.
Shinji “Er… sure…”

The two rise and depart.
Misato glares at Asuka.
Misato “Asuka…”

Asuka “What? You know I’m right! He shouldn’t hog all the conversation, and we shouldn’t be hanging onto his every word!”

Misato sighs. Kensuke seems unimpressed and starts fiddling with a camera.
Kensuke “I hope to get some of this on film! This is so cool!”

Asuka rolls her eyes at Kensuke.
Kensuke (OFF) “It would awesome if an Angel attacked! Wouldn’t that be great?”

Fuyutsuki facepalms again.
Fuyutsuki (MONO) “Talk about overenthusiastic…”

After lunch, Fuyutsuki looks out over the sea.
Asuka approaches, confident.

Asuka “Excuse me, Vice Commander?”

Fuyutsuki turns.
Fuyutsuki “Yes, Soryu?”

Asuka “Why is everyone so impressed with the First, anyways?”
She begins to swing back and forth on the bars of the ship.

Fuyutsuki laughs.
Fuyutsuki “Simple. When he first got into an Eva, he had a synch ratio of 10.325 percent.”

Asuka’s eyes widen in shock.
Asuka “Mein Gott! That’s…”

Fuyutsuki “Yes… Higher than your initial ratio…”

Asuka glares angrily at the thought.
Asuka “So, you knew his mother?”

Fuyutsuki is impassive.
Fuyutsuki “A long time ago, yes.”
Asuka (OFF) “Huh.”

Asuka “What about the others? Is it part of your job to know our mothers?”

Fuyutuski laughs.
Fuyutsuki “I’ve never met the parents of any of the other Children, including yours.”
Asuka sighs.

Asuka “Good.”

Fuyutsuki looks at Asuka with something resembling pity.
Fuyutsuki “We do, however, still know about your past.”

Asuka is not happy to be hearing this.

Kaworu and Shinji lean over the rails at another part of the boat.
Shinji “So, how long have you been training to be a pilot?”

Kaworu shrugs.
Kaworu “As long as I can remember…”

The entire fleet.
Kaworu (OFF) “I haven’t had much to work with, though…”

Kaworu “It’s only very recently that Unit 04 has been complete enough for a simulation to be accurate.”

Shinji looks down.
Shinji “So Kensuke and I are the only ones who are actually new at this…”

Kaworu “Strange…”

Shinji looks at Kaworu in confusion.
Kaworu “I just mean… Unit 01 has been complete for nearly a decade. Same with Unit 00 and 02.”

(flashback) A crying, young Shinji.
Shinji (MONO) “He really doesn’t want me…”

Kaworu “But Nerv has its reasons, I’m sure…”
Shinji looks like he’s about to comment, but holds himself back.
Kaworu “Ikari-kun, I have a question…”

Shinji “Huh? Oh… sure…”
Kaworu (OFF) “What is Pilot Zero like?”
Shinji looks surprised.

Rei, synching with Eva-00 UP
Shinji (OFF) “Well…”

(flashback) Rei slapping Shinji.
Shinji (OFF) “I guess she’s okay…”

(flashback) Shinji on top of Rei.
Shinji (OFF) “A bit strange though.”

(flashback) Rei smiling.
Shinji (OFF) “I guess she’s nice…”

Kaworu “….”

The boat fleet sailing in the red sea.

Kaworu and Shinji ride up an escalator.

At the top of the escalator is Asuka, her hands on her hips.

Shinji looks mildly surprised.

Asuka “You! First!”
Shinji (OFF) “Huh?”
Asuka “You’re coming with me!”

Shinji turns to Kaworu.
Shinji “Uhm…”

Asuka “He’s not coming!”

Kaworu doesn’t even flinch at the fact that he isn’t being included.

Shinji steps off the escalator.
Shinji “Okay then…”

The boat fleet yet again.
Shinji (OFF) “So, where exactly are we going?”

Asuka and Shinji stand together at another part of the boat.

Something immense is being kept under a tarp.

Asuka is beaming.
Asuka “You have no idea what you’re about to see!”

Shinji looks like he has a pretty good idea.


Asuka steps forward and pulls away the tarp.
Under it is Eva-02!

Shinji’s eyes widen, he’s never seen an Eva that looks like this.

Asuka has climbed to the top of Eva-02. She gives off a little flourish.
Asuka “This is Evangelion Unit 02!”

Shinji seems suitably impressed.
Asuka “The truth is, the first two Evangelion units just weren’t built for battle.”

Kensuke runs up to the Evangelion.
Asuka (OFF) “This is the first completed Eva that was meant to fight!”
Kensuke frowns.


Kensuke (OFF) “What about Unit 05?”
Asuka scowls.
Asuka “That thing? It was a provisional unit and you know it!”

Eva-01 UP.
Asuka (OFF) “Just like Unit 01 was the test type!”

Eva-00 UP.
Asuka (OFF) “Or Unit 00 was the prototype!”

Shinji “Wait…”
Asuka (OFF) “What?”
Shinji “Why’s it called Unit 05 if it was completed before Units 03 and 04?”

Asuka is not happy that Shinji is not idolizing her Eva.
Asuka “That doesn’t matter! It’s because the Russians built it cheap or something!”

Shinji “Oh…”
Asuka (OFF) “The point is, my Evangelion unit is the best of the ones that are completed…”

Asuka (OFF) “…and at the rate the Chinese and Americans are going, it’s gonna be the only one completed before this war is over!”

Kensuke, looking at Unit 02 enviously.
Asuka (OFF) “Besides, Fifth! You just managed to wreck your Evangelion!”
Kensuke glares up at Asuka.
Kensuke “Sh- shut up!”

Shinji looks back and forth between the two of them.
Kensuke (OFF) “I had to kill one of the Angels!”
Asuka (OFF) “Oh, like that’s an excuse!”
Kensuke (OFF) “It is, you just don’t know it because you haven’t killed any of them!”
Asuka (OFF) “Yeah, but when I do, I’ll do it without wrecking the Eva!”

Shinji sighs in disbelief.

Asuka “Anyways, what are you even *doing* here?!”

Kensuke “Whaddya mean?

Asuka “I wanted to have a private chat!”

Kensuke grins.

Asuka realizes the implications of what she just said.
Asuka (flustered) “You’ve already seen this Eva, that’s all!”

Shinji “And Nagisa-kun?”

Asuka goes from flustered to bitter.
Asuka “He’s currently back-up to Unit 02. He’s been in here.”

Kensuke “And I’m back-up for Unit 00!”

Asuka scoffs.
Asuka “Give it up, Fifth. They’ll never let you pilot again after that last battle.”

Kensuke glares.


Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 8: Asuka Strikes!”

BGM START: D-2 [“Shock (Serious)”]

The boat fleet.
Something jumps out of the red water and destroys a boat!

Asuka, Shinji, and Kensuke run to the railing.
Shinji “What?!”

Kaworu leans against a wall, watching.
Kaworu “The seventh Angel…”

Another boat is taken out.
Kaworu “I wonder why it’s all the way out here…”


Kensuke looks excited.
Kensuke “This is so cool!”

Asuka, too, is excited.
Asuka (to herself) “This is my chance!”

Shinji “We have to stop it!”
Kensuke (OFF) “But h-”

Asuka is already running away.
Asuka “Come on, Ikari!”

A bedroom. Asuka is pulling things out of a suitcase.
She finally gets what she’s looking for and tosses it to Shinji.

Shinji unrolls it in front of him.
It is a female plugsuit.
Shinji “Wha-?”

Asuka “Don’t complain! It’s the best I’ve got!”

She pushes him out of the room.
Asuka “Go change or something, and hurry!”

She slams the door shut behind her and begins undoing her dress.

Shinji looks awkward and uncomfortable in his plugsuit.
SE: door opening
He covers his crotch.

Asuka looks at him disapprovingly.

Full body shot of Asuka in her plugsuit.
Asuka “Well, what are you waiting for?”

She grabs him and begins pulling him along.
Asuka “We have an Angel to beat!”

BGM START: D-10 [“Fear and Hastiness”]

The boat fleet. It has begun to group into a tight collection so the Angel can’t destroy more.

One boat suddenly fires a couple of torpedoes.

They rush through the waters towards the Angel.

An AT Field forms around it.
The torpedoes explode without causing any damage.

Captain “Damn that thing!”

Shinji and Asuka rush past Kensuke, who stares in shock.

The Entry Plug is opened up, and both climb in.

Asuka sits comfortably in the Plug. Shinji looks around awkwardly.

Close-up of Asuka, her eyes shut.
“LCL Füllung. Anfang der Bewegung. Anfang des Nervenanschlusses. Auslösung von Linkskleigung. Synchro-start.”
She opens her eyes.
SE: error

All around them, an error message (in German) flashes.
Shinji “What? What’s going…”
Asuka glares at him.
Asuka “You idiot!”
He is taken aback.
Asuka “Your thoughts are interfering! If you must think, do it in German!”

Shinji sighs.
Shinji “Um… okay…”

He holds his hand to his chin in thought.
Shinji “Well, uh, there’s baumküchen…”
Asuka snaps again.
Asuka “Oh, I give up! Restart the synchronization! In German!”
Shinji “S- sorry…”

Asuka, trying to look as determined as possible.

The main deck. A man leans over a computer.
Man “Telex from the Othello!”

The captain looks up.
Man (OFF) “Unit 02 is in the process of activation!”
Captain “What the…?”

Misato is beaming.

She grabs the radio.
Misato “Nice going, Asuka!”
She is shoved out of the way by the captain.
Captain “No! Abort the activation sequence! Reset it!”
The two struggle with the mic.
Misato: “Don’t worry about him, Asuka! Just launch!”
Captain: “What are you saying?!You can’t just violate my command authority over the Eva and its pilot!”
Misato: “What are you talking about? This is an emergency! Who gives a damn about
your procedures?”

First Officer: “Are you really serious? Unit 02 is still using type B equipment!”

Misato: “Shinji, are you in there too?”
Shinji (RADIO – OFF): “Yes.”
Captain: “Two kids!”
Misato: “Good chance to test it… Asuka, launch!”

Eva-02 rises, still wearing its tarp.

The Angel approaches.
Shinji (OFF): “It’s coming!”

The Entry Plug.
Asuka: “Here we go!”

The Angel disappears under the water.
Asuka: (OFF) “Where is it?”

Shinji points.
Shinji: “That way!”

Eva-02 looks around desperately.
Shinji: “We’ve only got 58 seconds left!”

Asuka: “I know that! Misato! Get the external power supply onto the deck.”

Misato: “Understood.”
Captain: “What is she going to do?”

Asuka: “Okay, we’re going to jump!”
Shinji: “Jump?”


Eva-02 launches itself into the air. The tarp around it flies away.

The deck of a boat. Everyone is scrambling to get out of the way.
Sailor: “Run!”

Eva-02 jumps from boat to boat.
Man (OFF): “Evacuate the flight deck!”

The main bridge.
Captain: “I can’t believe this!”

Asuka: “Unit 02, landing on deck!”

Eva-02 crashes onto the deck.

Kensuke and Kaworu lean against a wall, watching.
Kensuke: “It’s just not fair!”
Kaworu hums to himself idly.
Man (OFF): “Target is approaching rapidly!”

The Angel swims towards Eva-02.

Shinji: “It’s coming! Port, 9 o’clock!”
Asuka: “Switching to external power!”

Eva-02 plugs itself in.
Asuka (OFF): “Switch completed.”

Shinji: “But we don’t have any weapons!”
Asuka: “The prog knife will be more than enough.”

The Angel gets closer and closer to the boat.

Shinji: “It’s pretty big!”
Asuka: “That just makes the battle more fun!”

Captain: “What are they going to do?!”
Misato: “Hand-to-hand combat is the best way to defeat Angels.”

The Angel jumps out of the water, the Angel mask visible for the first time.
Eva-02 grabs it and stops its motion.

Misato: “Good work stopping it, Asuka!”
Captain: “That’s not funny! The flight deck is a mess!”

The Angel suddenly regains all of its momentum, diving into the water with Eva-02.

Captain: “Hey, they fell!”
Misato: “Asuka! It’s impossible to fight underwater with the B-type equipment!”

Eva-02 is a sitting duck under the water.

Asuka: “You never know unless you try!”

Kensuke: “What a waste! I could pilot better than that!”
Kaworu seems not to believe it.

The Angel suddenly bites down on Eva-02 and drags it down.

Misato: “How much cable is left?”
First Officer: “Another 1 ,200 meters!”
Captain: “What are you going to do?”
Misato: “We’ll manage somehow.”

Shinji (MONO): “I’ve got to do something.”

Misato: “The cable’s going to run out! Brace for the shock!”

Asuka: “Shoot!”

The cable goes taut, and the Angel lets Eva go.
Man (OFF): “Eva lost the target!”
Man 2 (OFF): “The target is approaching Eva again!”
Shinji (OFF): “It’s coming again!”

The Angel approaches.

Asuka: “I’ll finish it off this time.”

Eva-02’s knife does nothing to it.

Asuka: “What?! It’s not working!”
Shinji: “That’s because this is B-type equipment.”

The Angel, again.
Shinji (OFF): “Here it comes!

Man (OFF): “Eva 02 has entered the target’s body.”
Misato: “Asuka, do you read me? Don’t let go, no matter what!”


The main deck.
Misato “Captain…”
Captain “What?”

Misato points to a display screen.
Misato “I’m requesting your cooperation.”

The display. Two ships attack the target.
Captain (OFF) “A point-blank assault by two of the surviving battleships?!”

Misato “Correct. We’ll scuttle two of the evacuated battleships..”

The display again.
Misato (OFF) “…along the umbilical cable and set a trap. During that time…”

Eva-02 being held in the Angel’s mouth.
Misato (OFF) “Unit 02 will open the target’s mouth, both ships will rush in,”

The display corresponds to what Misato is saying.
Misato (OFF) “fire all of their bow turret cannons, and then self-destruct,”

The boat fleet, being pulled along by the Angel.
Misato (OFF) “….destroying the target.”

Everyone of the crew is shocked.
Captain “That’s absurd!”

Fuyutuski smiles at the captain.
Fuyutsuki “Absurd, perhaps, but I don’t think it’s impossible.”

Misato scowls.

Captain “Very well.”

The deck of a boat.
Man (OFF) “All hands, abandon ship! Repeat, all hands, abandon ship!”

A fleet of lifeboats, floating helplessly in the sea.
Man (OFF) “All frigates, hurry and rescue the lifeboats!”

Captain “But what about the Eva?”

Misato “Not to worry. They’ll be fine.”
Fuyutsuki “The pilots do seem to be very resourceful when it’s required of them.”

The interior of the Evangelion.
Shinji leans in to take the controls.
Asuka “Hey! Don’t use Unit 02 without my permission!
She smacks him.

Misato “Do the two of you understand the operation?”

Shinji nods.
Shinji “I’ll do my best.”
Asuka rolls her eyes at him.
Misato (RADIO – OFF) “I’m counting on you.”

Two boats begin to move.
Woman (OFF) “Both ships have opened the Kingston valve! Scuttling towards point Z.”

Misato “Roger!”

Misato (OFF) “Cable reverse!”
The cable begins to pull back.

The Angel’s path slows.

The red sea. Slowly, something begins to rise out of it.

Shinji and Asuka are knocked around in the Entry Plug.

Kensuke and Kaworu watch. Kensuke, excited; Kaworu, amused.
Man (OFF) “Eva has started to surface! T-minus 70 to contact!”

Shinji has landed on top of Asuka.
Asuka “Hey, how long are you going to stay there? Get off me already!”

The boats continue to move forward.

Shinji “But we’ve got to pry open its mouth soon, or we’ll be killed too!”
He moves to the controls.
Asuka blinks in confusion.

The Eva begins to try to pry open the mouth.

The boats are almost in position.
Man (OFF) “T-minus 60 to contact.”

Misato “Status on the Angel’s mouth?”

Fuyutsuki “It’s still not open…”

The battleships sink into the sea.
Woman (OFF) “Both battleships are sinking towards the target.”

The Angel is pulled slightly more upward.
Man (OFF) “Eva is continuing to surface, T-minus 50 to contact.”

The Evangelion pulls at the mouth.

Asuka is still just watching.
Shinji “It’s not working!”
Asuka “Move over!”
She pushes him aside and takes the controls.

The Angel passes the boats.
Woman (OFF) “Target has passed beneath the Tempest!”

Man (OFF) “Speed of ascent increasing!”
Misato “You’re not going to make it! Hurry!”

Asuka “See? It takes a skilled pilot to do anything!”
Shinji glares.

The mouth of the Angel is beginning to open.
Asuka “I bet your Eva wouldn’t be able to handle this…”
Shinji still says nothing.

Man (OFF) “T-minus 20 to contact!”
Eva-02 continues to rip the mouth open.
Man (OFF) “T-minus 15 to contact!
Asuka (MONO) “Open! Open! Open! Open!”
The mouth opens up.

Misato “Fire!”

The two boats burst into the angel.

Eva-02 is knocked away and floats backwards.

The Angel explodes in the red sea.
Its blood is much, much darker than the sea.

Asuka leans back in her plug, relieved.
Asuka “That was easy.”

Shinji close-up.
Shinji (MONO) “If it was so easy, why do you look so tired…?”

Asuka “So, there you have it, so-called First. Eva-02 operating in battle.”

Eva-02 floats in the sea.
Shinji (OFF) “So-called?”

Asuka “You might have been the first one to be picked to pilot, but it’s obvious that I’m better! Same with Unit 01 and Unit 02!”
Shinji sighs.

The main deck.
Misato “There! The seventh Angel has been defeated!”

Everyone begins to celebrate, even the Captain.

Fuyutsuki “Congratulations, Captain Katsuragi.”

Misato pales suddenly.
Misato “Er… ye… yeah…”

She grabs the radio quickly.
Misato “Hey, kids…”

Misato (OFF – RADIO) “Are you okay?”
Asuka and Shinji are sitting as far apart as possible.
Both “We’re fine.”

Misato “Good!”
She looks around for something else to keep her distracted from Fuyutsuki.

He watches her, silent.

Misato continues to struggle to find something to do.
Misato (MONO) “Come on! There’s gotta be something!”

Kensuke and Kaworu watch as Eva-02 is pulled behind the boat.
Kensuke “So, uh, Nagisa…”

Kaworu turns, smiling.
Kensuke (OFF) “How often have you piloted?”

Kaworu shrugs.
Kaworu “I have synched with Eva-02 on multiple occasions…”

Kensuke “So why are you only a back-up?”
Kaworu (OFF) “Don’t you know?”
Kensuke shakes his head.

Kaworu smirks coldly.
Kaworu “Then perhaps I shouldn’t be the one to tell you.”

Kensuke looks rather confused.

The docks.

Ritsuko approaches Misato
Ritsuko “You certainly went all out.”

Misato looks down.
Misato “I should have anticipated underwater combat.”

Ritsuko is cold as ice.
Ritsuko “A rare creature… you, remorseful?”
Misato “Who cares?!”

Fuyutsuki smiles at Ritsuko.
Fuyutsuki “We’ve collected valuable data.”
Ritsuko (OFF) “True…”

Eva-02 is pulled out of the water by crane.
Ritsuko (OFF) “And we’ve proven Unit 02 works…”

Misato holds out some papers.
Ritsuko takes them and reads them carefully.
Ritsuko “Misato…”

Eva-02’s entry plug ejects.
Ritsuko (OFF) “This is something quite special…”

Asuka leaves the plug, Shinji struggles after her.
Ritsuko (OFF) “They both broke their synchronization records…”

Kensuke, no longer in the heat of battle, sees Shinji’s suit properly.
Kensuke “What?!”

Kaworu is unaffected.
Misato (OFF) “Admittedly only for seven seconds, but…”

Shinji blushes fiercely.
Ritsuko (OFF) “The danger, no doubt.”

Fuyutsuki clears his throat.
Fuyutsuki “If I’m not needed here, I have a mission of my own to complete.”

Ritsuko nods.

Misato is relieved.

Ikari’s office.
Fuyutsuki walks across the room.

Ikari rises.
Ikari “Hello, Fuyutsuki…”

Fuyutsuki nods.
Fuyutsuki “Ikari. It’s been awhile.”

Ikari smirks.
Ikari “A few months. And in the meantime, Unit 05 has been destroyed.”

Fuyutsuki “Seele is furious, then?”

(flashback) Ikari is sitting with the council.

Committee Member A “The destruction of Unit 05 was perpetrated by one of your selected pilots.”
Committee Member C “Should we recall your other selected children?”

Ikari “No, that is unnecessary.”

Kiel “Oh?”

Ikari “Unit 05 was built to contain or destroy the Third Angel Asariel. It did so. It is no longer required.”
Kiel scoffs.

Committee Member D “Very well, Ikari. We’ll let this little incident slide…”
Committee Member B “This incident. But if we hear of you wasting the rest of our resources…”

Kiel “We will be taking action. Understood?”

Ikari “So our successes against the other Angels mean nothing? Four angels for one Eva is not an unreasonable bargain.”

The whole group.
Ikari “When you consider that we have six to their sixteen… We’ll have two to spare.”

Kiel scowls.

(present) Fuyutsuki “Yes, I suppose they would be.”

Ikari “But now that Gaghiel has been defeated with its brothers, we’re at five to one…”

Fuyutsuki sighs and pulls a box out of his briefcase.
Fuyutsuki “Well… enough of the Angels…”

Ikari’s eyes brighten.

The box contains an embryo.
Text: “Adam.”
Ikari “The first human…”

To be continued…

Text: “Next Time”

An airplane takes off.
Misato (OFF) “Fuyutsuki’s arrival at Nerv”

Shinji ducks down a corridor quickly.
Misato (OFF) “has more of an impact than initially thought.”

Red and blue water, fading into each other, around a strange facility.
Misato (OFF) “Meanwhile, a school trip”

Hikari walks away from the rest of the class.
Misato (OFF) “only makes Hikari more curious about what happened to Toji.”

Fish swim in a glass tank.
Misato (OFF) “Next Time: ‘Reflections’.”

A Manmade Problem