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Chapter 2: More Than One Conspiracy?

Shigure smiled as he stood on the porch waving at the three teens that were now on their way to school. This morning had been pleasantly quiet-an abnormal occurrence that he would love to have repeat every morning from now on. However, that would only happen as long as Akito never found out about the budding relationship between the cat and the rat. Their so-called ‘God’ did not approve of relationships between family members. Once, a long time ago, Shigure had cared for Akito; but that was before Akito became so twisted. It was ironic that Akito called-well more like screamed it-Kyo a monster when instead the real monster was the sickly male.

The two boys were surprisingly well suited to each other. Both possessed qualities that would make the other stronger; and because of similar experiences, they would be able to help each other heal from years of Akito’s abuse. Shigure could not help but be pleased by this development. He’d known for quite some time that their feelings for each other were slowly changing.

He waited until they were out of sight before turning and walking back into the house to his office-he had a few phone calls to make. Maybe he could help the two boys. Besides, I’m sure that Aya would be extremely happy to know that Yuki finally has someone.


The walk to school was surprisingly quiet with the exception of a little light bickering between the two boys. Tohru got the impression that the bickering was more from habit. Knowing these two, by now it was probably a form affection.

Since she had seen Kyo holding Yuki in the hallway with that sweet smile on his face, Tohru could barely keep her excitement contained. I CAN’T WAIT TO TELL HANA AND UO ABOUT THIS!! She glanced to her left side where Yuki walked noticing that the normally alert boy seemed somewhat out of it. Poor Yuki, he’s still not completely awake. If he didn’t wake up soon, Tohru had a feeling that his fan club would try to rape him or kidnap him, whichever came first.

To her right Kyo was walking along with a calm expression on his face. To the brunette girl’s delight after every so many steps, he would take a quick glance at Yuki. I never realized just how good they were at hiding things from others-she thought because she couldn’t tell what they were thinking. While she was used to not being able to read Yuki, she could normally read Kyo fairly well. I guess I can’t blame them for being hesitant to let their feelings show since Akito is so against the Zodiac members being in any types of relationships. Uncharacteristically, Tohru felt anger welling up inside of her at the thought of the ‘God’. At first, she had been sure that underneath all of that misery and pain Akito showed everyone there was a good person, who just needed someone to show him that life didn’t have to be hell.

As time went on, though, Tohru realized there was nothing good about a person who tried their hardest to hurt the ones surrounding them just because those people happened to find a bit of happiness.

“Ms. Honda, is everything all right?”

Yuki’s concerned voice broke through her thoughts making Tohru realize that they must have been showing on her face. She slowed down enough so that she could walk in between the boys and noticed that Kyo also looked concerned. Pushing those dark thoughts to the back of her mind, she smiled to reassure them. “I’m fine. “ Her smile switched to mock anger, “Yuki, how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that! Call me Tohru. If you don’t…” She left the rest of what she was going to say trail off in threat.

Yuki grinned before bringing up his bag in between them. He chuckled at her mock anger and bowed to her. “All right, all right, from now on I’ll heed your order Princess.”

Kyo snorted in amusement.

Tohru pouted then grinned mischievously. Doing something un-Tohru-like she acted as if she was going to pounce on the silver-haired boy.

Said boy laughed as he dashed out of her reach. Meanwhile, Kyo was trying to choke back his laughter.

“DON’T CALL ME PRINCESS EITHER!” Tohru chased Yuki around until he slowed down breathing a little heavily. She stopped chasing him out of concern for his asthma only to have her mouth drop open when he stuck his tongue out at her. No one’s going to believe that he actually just did that. I wish I had a camera right now.

Kyo finally couldn’t contain his laughter anymore and began laughing so hard he held his sides.

All traces of mock anger faded from the brunette girl’s face to be replaced with a large smile.

I have a feeling that today’s going to be a good day.


As soon as they’d arrived at school, Tohru immediately searched for Hana and Uo anxious to tell them about the morning’s events. She found them in the classroom watching the Prince Yuki fan club, which was huddled in the corner giving every student in the room dark looks. “Hi, guys! You won’t believe what I saw this morning!”

At the sound of her cheerful voice the blonde and raven turned and greeted her.

“Hey, Tohru!”


All three studiously ignored the hateful glares that were thrown their way as soon as they started talking. They were so used to them by now that they hardly noticed them anymore.

“So, what did you see this morning? Did it have to do with our mission?” Uo asked curiously.

Tohru nodded her head so hard she gave herself a headache. She motioned the other two girls closer and in a whisper told them what she’d seen.

Hana was the first to respond, “Well, it seems like our job won’t be too hard. All we have to do is make them confess to each other.”

Uo gave the raven a skeptical look, “Yeah, that’s true; but remember these two aren’t going to give in so easily.”

Tohru nodded her head as Hana shrugged. The raven replied, “If it’s too difficult to get them to confess with our help than we can always just lock them away somewhere and not let them out until they do confess; or until they screw each other senseless.”

Uo burst out laughing, “That’s true.”

Tohru couldn’t respond because she was so embarrassed; but then her mind supplied her with a mental image and her face turned the color of a lobster. That morning she learned something about herself that she never knew before. She was a yaoi fan girl.


Kyo was barely able to restrain the growl that threatened to erupt from his throat. Who the hell in their right mind gives a pop quiz on a Monday? Then there was the girl from another class who currently had Yuki sitting so far on the edge of his chair that he was going to fall off any second now because she kept leaning closer and closer trying to touch him. His rat was still somewhat out of it and was reacting a lot slower than normal. Across the room the Prince Yuki fan club sat huddled together glaring daggers at the girl’s brazenness. Kyo grinned evilly internally because the only thing keeping them from jumping the girl was their teacher’s presence. He could imagine what they would do to the girl if they could get to her.

Off to his side poor Tohru looked like she was about to have a heart attack at the possibility of Yuki transforming. His mental evil grin was wiped away as reality set in. Fuck, if something doesn’t happen soon then Hatori just might have to wipe the memories of all our classmates. Kyo could clearly picture in his mind how the next few seconds would play out.

That girl will keep leaning closer and closer to my Yuki until he falls out of the chair. As soon as he hits the floor, she’ll be all over him begging for his forgiveness and will hug him. POOF! Yuki will transform leaving his clothes in a puddle on the floor. Tohru really will have that heart attack from completely freaking out. Finally, once the shock wears off the girls will either run away from the sudden appearance of a rat in their midst or become even more crazy over Yuki and try to squeeze him to death with hugs. At an inopportune moment Yuki will transform back to normal and there will be a riot once the girls realize that he’s naked.

That last thought did not sit well with Kyo-not at all. I’m the only one allowed to see Yuki naked.

“Mia, may I suggest that you return to your own class right now. I’m sure your parents would be thrilled to learn how you spend your day at school.” The teacher’s cold voice cut through the classroom catching everyone’s attention. The girl blushed, cringed, and tried to stammer out a response; but the teacher’s glare was so nasty that in the end she fled from the room.

Kyo could’ve kissed the teacher out of gratefulness. A muffled thump drew the cat’s attention to Tohru who’d slumped down hitting her head from sheer relief. He smirked at her before turning his attention back to Yuki who was now wide awake and sitting properly in his chair sending their teacher a look of thanks. The orange haired teen squashed the tiny spark of jealousy that flared up.

His eyes drifted lazily up to the clock and he sighed. We’ve still got another twenty minutes of this class.


A few hours later, Yuki felt the tension melt from his body. It was now lunch time and he was hiding from everyone in a tree. It wasn’t the choicest of hiding places but he would take what he would get. Oddly enough the only two people to not bother him today were Kyo and Haru. First that Mia girl, then my fan club, followed by Momiji begging me to go with him to the hot springs this weekend. Can’t they just leave me alone for a day? Though, he had to admit the idea of spending the weekend at the hot springs was very tempting–no crazy fan club following him around, no Aya ( Momiji swore that his brother wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near him), and no one expecting him to have all the answers. The only problem with the whole concept was the prospect of spending the entire weekend with the rabbit who had been acting oddly for a few weeks.

Yuki wasn’t sure exactly when Momiji’s behavior changed since he only noticed the changes a few weeks ago. Contrary to popular opinion Momiji was very good at hiding his feelings so there was no telling just how long whatever was affecting him had been affecting him. There was just no way to pinpoint when the rabbit’s behavior changed because he’d always been clingy. He’d always listened to Yuki. Lately, though, the blonde rabbit was just a little more clingy than usual, he listened more intently, and he was oddly restrained around Tohru. This change worried Yuki since he’d always been very close with the blonde.

The teen couldn’t stop the deep sigh that escaped him. The gentle breeze was warm against his cheeks ruffling his hair. The warmth was subtle not like the warmth Kyo emitted. That thought brought back the memories of leaning against Kyo earlier. He remembered every time that he’d ever leaned against the cat even though he was not completely awake. Kyo’s warmth wasn’t something he could ever forget even if he wanted to–of course, he never ever wanted to forget. Yuki felt his cheeks warm as he thought of the orange haired teen.

Every time he was around the other teen Yuki forgot the fear that he had lived with for so long. Being around the cat made Yuki feel free; it was like the past didn’t matter. He could be whoever he wanted to be and do whatever he wanted to do. Something about Kyo stabilized the rat’s often chaotic emotions and thoughts. Despite what others thought, Yuki was anything but calm on the inside. He just learned to hide behind a serene shell to avoid irritating questions that no one really wanted the true answers to. Though, that was unfair to Hatori, Tohru…and unfair to his brother. Taking a deep breath Yuki pushed the slightly depressing thoughts to the back of his mind choosing to dwell on thoughts of his cat instead.

It hurt so badly to fight with the cat every day. It hurt to think that Kyo might possibly hate him; yet a tiny part of Yuki, the part that refused to give up hope, argued that if Kyo really did hate him then he would push Yuki away when he leaned against him. He certainly would never hold him the way he did this morning. The rat felt his cheeks heat up even more as he relived being held.

The sound of laughter from some of his classmates caused him to tense, but he quickly relaxed when a group of boys walked right past the tree he was in without noticing him. When he recognized who they were he wouldn’t have minded if they had found him because none of those boys were inclined to be more than his friends. He was just grateful that no girls had passed by yet. Their laughter reminded him of the walk to school.

For just this once, there was no fighting and bickering. The three of them walked to school with no animosity tensing the air. It was wonderful. Yet the best part was when Kyo broke out laughing at his and Tohru’s antics. Kyo didn’t laugh like that a lot. Occasionally he might hear a chuck or two but even that was infrequent, most of the time he would just smirk. This morning had been great. If only all of our mornings were like it. However, that was like wishing that Akito would change personalities. As if that would ever happen: he thought bitterly.

The sound of voices coming closer to his hiding place once again caused him to tense up especially since the group approaching his tree was comprised solely of girls. Unfortunately for him they were walking a lot slower than the group of guy that passed by previously and took much longer to move away from him. Fortunately, their presence reminded him that he needed to head back to class as he only had a few minutes before lunch was over.

Good bye peace. It was nice knowing you.

As he walked quickly to class he could feel the tension settle back into his body winding his muscles up like tense springs. Thankfully, the weekend was only a day away. With that in mind Yuki finally allowed himself to seriously consider the trip to the hot springs. After all, there’s nothing better than sitting in a hot spring for relaxing. I’ll see Momiji after classes are done for the day and tell him I’ll go.


Tohru chatted with Hana and Uo at the gate to the school while she waited for Yuki and Kyo so that they could walk home together. She winced when Uo commented about her reaction to Mia getting so close to Yuki.

“I know you want to get the cat lover and the prince together; but seriously, you didn’t have to freak out so badly earlier.”

Tohru laughed nervously to herself thinking: If only she knew the real reason I was freaking out. Instead she replied, “I just want this to work out. I can’t stand the idea of them not getting together.” She let them think that was why she overreacted. Her reaction was nothing compared to Kyo’s, though.

“Kyo looked like he was going to skin her alive.” Hana said.

Uo chuckled evilly, “Yeah that would’ve been fun to watch. I wonder who those girls think they’re kidding by being so pushy. If the prince liked pushy girls he would be dating one of them all ready.”

“Yes, but there’s no way to understand how the heart works,” Tohru said thinking that she should at least give the girls some sort of defense.

Uo gave her a look that clearly asked: Are you crazy?

“Oh look, here they come now.” Hana said in her usual soft voice. Tohru turned to look over her shoulder to see that her friend was correct. Kyo and Yuki were indeed heading in their direction and were soon standing with them.

“Are you guys ready to go?” Tohru asked cheerfully but before anyone could answer her another voice was heard.


The rat shook his head: “Momiji, how many times do I have to tell you that you don’t need to yell.”

The blonde rabbit barely paid anyone else any attention as he ran up to the group. “I’m sorry,” he responded not looking sorry at all as soon as he stood right in front of Yuki. “I just got so excited about this weekend. We hardly get see each other anymore.”

Kyo looked at Momiji like he’d grown another head. “What are you talking about? You see him every day at school; not to mention, all the times you show up at Shigure’s unexpectedly.”

Momiji gave the cat an odd look before turning his attention back to Yuki: “Yuki, Kyo’s being mean to me!”

Feeling like she should do something before a fight started, Tohru asked the blonde: “What’s going on this weekend?”

The look on Kyo’s face when Momiji answered was priceless.

“Yuki is coming with me to the hot springs. We’re going to spend the weekend together.”

Chapter 2 End

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