❯ Morality Bites my version – Morality Bites my version ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Ok I do not own anything from charmed. It is owned by the people who made charmed. This episode was taken from charmed season 2 Morality Bites I don’t own this plot I just changed the names of the characters to my own and some other stuff. Again I don’t own charmed but I do own the character: Cam, Alex, jodern, and nick
.Scene: Halliwell manor. Kitchen. Cam brings in the groceries.
He’s holding his shoe. Nick and Jordan smell something.]
Jordan:Whoa. What did you buy?
Cam: Doodie.
Nick: We weren’t out of that.
Cam: No, I stepped in it, again. That man has turned our front walk into a puppy minefield.
Jodern:I can not believe that guy still lets his dog do his business right in front of our house.
Nick: Yeah, well, we’ve left notes.
Joden: Andgot no where.
Cam: Yeah, well, I’ve had it. The next time I catch him in the act, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.
(A dog barks.)
Nick:That couldn’t be.
Cam: Oh, I hope it is.
(They run to the window in the living room.)
Cam:That’s them. That’s the guy and his dog. I can’t believeit.
Jodern:That is so rude. He’s just going towalk away.
Nick:Then don’t let him. Use your magic. Well, if you can’t teach the dog new tricks, how about the owner. Just think the money we’d save on carpet cleaning alone.
Jordan: nick,we can’t use our magic just to teach him or anybody else a lesson.
Nick :Why not? It’s for the greater good, I mean, I mean, that’s our job, right? Think of it as community service. We’d be doing our whole block a favor. Come on. (he opens a window.) Okay, cam.
Cam: I hope he’s not out of my range. (he freezes the guy.)
Jodern: … (Joden flicksthe poo on his shoe.) Nice shot. (He unfreezes.) An eye for an eye, a shoe for a shoe. (The guy sees the poo on his shoe and tries to wipe it off. He looks around.)
Nick, cam, jodern:
Ooh! (They duck.)
Nick: Did he see you?
Cam: So what if he did? What’s he going todo? Cry witch? (The guy walks off.) Well, we’ve done our good deed for the day. I think I deserve fifteen minutes of channel surfing.
Jodern: Who wants coffee?
Cam:I’ll grind.
Jodern and cam goto the kitchen. Nick sitson the couch and turns on the TV. A news report about a rock star peter shows up cam he has a premonition. He makes a noise and camand jodern come in.)
Cam:nick,are you okay?
Jodern:Takea deep breath, dude, it’s all right.
Nick:No, it’s not. I saw my future. I was being executed. Burned alive.
Scene: Halliwell manor. Living Room. Continued from before.]
Jodern:Why would a report about a rack star trigger a premonition like that?
Nick:I don’t know. All I know is I could feel it, I could feel the fire.
Jodern:wewere just standing there? That can’t be right.
Nick:That’s what I saw.
Cam :There’s no way that we would let that happen, not in the past, present or future.
Nick:What did I do? Or what is it that I’m going to do?
(The doorbell rings.)
cam :That’s Alex I’ll get that. (Heopens the door.)
Hey, stranger.
Alex:Is that what I am now?
Cam:Playing hooky?
Alex:No, they’re making me work tonight so I’ve got the afternoon off. (They hug.)
Cam:The old ‘I got tosave the world’ excuse again?
Alex:Like you’ve never had to use it.
Alex:You’re about to use it.
Cam:Well, there’s just something I have to do. Maybe you could…
(The white lightersmake a noise to call Leo.)
Cam:Uh… alex?
Alex:itsokay, uh, you go. There’s actually something I have to take care of.
Cam:Well, we really need to talk about things, you know, where we stand.
Alex:Yeah, we do. Rain check?
Cam:That’s what we do best. (They kiss. Alex orbsout in the middle of the kiss.) I hate when he does that.
[Cut to the attic. Alex appears. He starts flipping through the pages in the Book of Shadows. He hears cam,joden andnick coming up the
Joden:So, what did he want?
(Alex disappears. The pages on the book keep turning.)
Cam:He cancelled our date. He’s working again.
Jodern:You didn’t ask him what we should do.
Cam:He had to fly… literally. The pages were doing that flipping thing on their own again.
(They look at what the page says.)
Nick:It’s a spell to take us to the future.
Joden:Two actually. One to send us, one to bring us home. But apparently we only get one shot. Once we use it they disappear.
Cam:Wait a minute, you guys. We almost died going back to the past. This is not something that you just do.
Jodern:We’re talking about your life, nick
Nick:And I’m talking about yours, cam I’m just saying I think we should think this over a little bit.
Cam: Look, you had that premonition today for a reason. It must mean that we’re supposed to do something about it. And going to the future might be the only way to find out what you did to put you on that pyre.
Nick : How do you know it’s something that I did? I mean, it might be a demon or a warlock that puts me there.
Joden:Do you really want to wait to find out? Okay, pack your bags. We go, try to figure out what happened and hopefully come back with enough information to stop it. We’re going toneed a date, nick.
Nick :February 23, 20,20 That’s two weeks before the date I saw in my premonition.
Jodern:Alright, that should give us more than enough time to figure out what put you there.
Jodern:I wonder how I look?
Nick:joden,you look great but this is hardly the time …
Joden:Not now. In the future. When we went back to the seventies we saw ourselves as kids and now we’ll be seeing ourselves walking around ten years older. All that vanquishing. Think of the wear and tear.
Cam:Okay. (Helights a match and burns the paper.) « Hear these words, hear the rhyme. »
Nick:« We send to you this burning sign. »
Joden:« Then our future selves will find. »
Cam:« In another place and time. »
(They disappear. Cam wakesup on the couch in the manor. A little boy runsin.)
Boy:daddy daddy daddy
Cam:Uh, I think you have the wrong house. Certainly the wrong daddy
Boy:Stop fool Hehugs cam. A car honks.) Car pool. (Heruns off. camlooks in the mirror.)
Cam:Ooh. (Hesees a wedding ring on her finger.) Ooh! (A report about nick showsup on the TV.) Nick. Where’s the volume? (Helooks around for a remote. The sound gets louder by itself.)
Reporter: More news on the execution of nick Halliwellcoming up in just a moment. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming MTV’s Real World 18, on the moon.
Boy:dad , I’m going tobe late.
Cam:Okay, uh, TV shut up. Mute. Something.
(Hewalks to the door.)
Neighbor: Morning, cam. You all right?
Cam : I guess.
Neighbor: Yeah, with your brother,it’s rough, I know. So, don’t worry about your little one. I’ll get him to school like you asked but uh, are you sure you want me to take her to your ex’s?
Cam:Ex? As in husband? As in mine? Yes, if that is what I told you, then yes.
Neighbor: So, you and him are getting along better now?
Cam:Maybe. Jodern? Jodern?
Neighbor: Okay, kiddo, let’s hit the road.
(The boy whispersto cam.)
Boy:Don’t worry, daddy Ipromise I’ll do what you ask. I won’t use my magic again, ever.
(Camgoesoutside and watches them drive off. A limo pulls up. joden andhisassistants get out of the limo. Jodenhas long blonde hair. They fuss over him bybrushing and touching him.)
Jodern:Hey, hey. Okay, enough! People, stop touching me. Stay, stay, stay.
Cam: joden, what’s going on?
Jordan: I don’t know, but I could really get used to it. Check me out. I don’t just work at Backlands, I own it. And three more. Paris, Tokyo and London.
Cam:And you’re blonde.
Jodern:Yeah, strange.
Cam:Wait, you had time to go to work already?
Jodern:Well, actually, I woke up there but it was amazing. I had all these assistants and this huge office and I have a chauffeur and she’s so totally hot. How’d you do? (camlaughs.) Is that a good thing or…?
(They walk inside.)
Cam:Well, if you ignore my apparently failed marriage and the fact that I’m still living in the manor.
Jodern:You are married?
Cam:Was. My son ison hisway…
Joden:Wait. Stop right there. You have a son?
Cam:Yeah, and, and, and he is beautiful.
(Camshows him aphoto.)
Jodern:Of course heis. What’s hisname?
Cam:Oh God. I don’t know. But, joden he has powers. But for some reason I told him notto use them. Why would I do that?
Joden:Speaking of why… Why are we in our future bodies? I mean, I thought we were supposed to come here and see them.
Cam:Well, apparently going to the past isn’t the same as going to the future. I just wish that since we are in our future bodies that we could have some memory of what’s happened in the last ten years, like how I got a daughter.
Joden:Okay, wait a second, if I’m in my future body and you are in your future body then that means that Phoebe…
Cam:TV… louder, louder.
(The volume on the TV gets louder.)
Reporter: …execution. We’re less than eight hours away now until the burning of nick Halliwell. The witch accused of murdering Cal Greene six months ago.
Cam:Eight hours? We were supposed to be here two weeks before.
Reporter: Let’s go there now live where Sierra Stone is standing by. Sierra…
Sierra: San Francisco district attorney, Nathaniel Pratt, who’s discovery of the witch last August, has made him an early favour for the governor’s seat, just came out to make a statement. Let’s listen in.
Nathaniel: This is a reflection of our citizens’ resolve to ferret out the hidden evil. To turn fear into fight, and to band together as one. To cleanse our city of its greatest threat. Tonight, nick Halliwellwill burn for his crime. And when hedoes, let that be a warning to other witches out there. You’re next.
[Scene: Halliwell manor. Attic. Jodern andcam walkin.]
jodern: Oh, surprise. Here we go, up the stairs, into the attic, grabbing the Book of Shadows. Please tell me we’re still not going Tobe doing this in ten years.
(The book’s not there.)
cam:Apparently not.
Cam:The book is gone.
joden: It’s got to be here, we need it to find the return spell.
Cam : jodern
Jodern : cam , just help me look for it.
Cam : Okay, relax, we’ll find it.
Jodern : You don’t know that. I mean, what if it’s lost, what if we can’t find it? Then we’re stuck in our future bodies with no way of getting out of them and no way of saving nick.
(Heflicks hisarm and his powerdestroys the attic.)
Cam: Ooh! Been working out?
Jodern:I guess that’s a little sample of what ten years does to our powers.
Cam : And to our attic. (Camsees a key underneath a turned over table.) A key. (he picks it up.)
Jodern : It’s the key to my wall safe at Backlands.
Cam:Do you think that means it’s there? We’ve never taken the book out of the house before.
Jodern : Yeah, we haven’t but maybe our future selves have. The question is why?
Cam : We don’t even know what we’re like in this time, jodern, let alone what we think. But if the book is at Bucklands, maybe it’ll give us some answers.
Jodern : All right, then we’ll go there first, then to nick to see if he’s all right. (They walk towards the door.) Sorry about the mess.
Cam:Mmm hmm.
[Scene: Hobart State Penitentiary. Nick ‘s in a prison cell.]
Nick: Hello? Hello? Could somebody please answer me. I really need to talk to someone. Okay, how about a snack? Maybe some crackers, peanuts, something? (A guy slides a tray full of slop in the room.) A tray full of goo? Hey, wait a minute. (he touches the glass and it gives him a shock.) Don’t I even get a phone call?
Man’s Voice: (From other room) Shut up, witch!
[Scene: Outside Backlands. Cam and joden pullup.]
cam:I can’t believe you get a limo and a driver and I’ve still got my same old car.
Jodern : You have a husband.
Cam : Had a husband, you mean. I’m getting divorced, remember. And how do you know you don’t have a girl in this time? I mean, after all, I have a kid and an ex, you could have several.
Cam:No, kids. I mean, we’re in the future but with no memory of the past ten years. I don’t even know who my ex-husband…
(A guy holding a cup of coffee bumps into someone and cam freezes him before it spills. They look around and notice everything is frozen.)
jodern : Okay, apparently my power isn’t the only one that’s grown. You just froze…
cam : Everything. What a difference a decade makes.
(Alexshows up.)
Alex: What the hell are you doing?
cam:Alex, I’m so glad you’re here. I have so many… (cam goes to hug him but alex backs away.) Uh… what’s wrong?
Alex : You know, I knew you’d do something stupid like this. You used your magic in public. What’s the matter with you? Are you insane?
Cam : Uh, Alex..
Jodern : Remember he thinks we know what’s going on.
Alex : You wanna end up like your brother? Huh? We had an agreement. No using magic for Cody sake.
Cam: Cody?
Alex:Our son. What’s wrong with you?
Alex:Our son?
Jodern:Wait a second, you’re cams s ex?
(A woman walks around the corner and sees everything frozen.)
Woman: Witch!!
Jodern : Okay, what’s going on here?
Cam jodern 
(They see posters saying « Rid the evil. Turn in witches ».)
Woman: Over there! Witch!
(Everyone unfreezes.)
Alex: All right, hurry, we got toget outta here before they see you.
Alex:The witch hunters.
[Scene: Penitentiary. Cell. Nick hears a door open.]
nick: : jodern ? Cam?
(Nathaniel walks up to the cell.)
Nathaniel: They haven’t been to visit you before. Why would they come now? No… They’regoing tobe as happy to get rid of you as I am.
Nick : Who are you?
Nathaniel: I’m sorry. It’s been so long since our last visit. Executions are a bitch to plan. Logistics, alerting the media, gathering the kindling.
Nick : Uh, you know, I’ve had a lot of time to do some thinking about why I’m here.
Nathaniel: No amount of thinking will affect the outcome. Justice will be served for your crime.
Nick : But it wasn’t really a big crime, was it?
Nathaniel: You are truly evil. What bigger crime is there than taking a man’s life?
Nick : I killed someone?
Nathaniel: nick , what is this? An attempt to stay your execution? Plead insanity? It won’t work. You have five hours to live. Tick tock.
Nick : What? Five hours? But that’s not possible.
Nathaniel: Well, I’m happy to see the seriousness of your crime has finally hit you. See, you represent everything I abhor. You’re a threat. A danger to everything that is good and pure in our world.
Nick : You’re talking out of fear. Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t make it evil.
Nathaniel: No, it’s you who doesn’t understand. You killed a man using your power and now you’re going todie because of it. I only wish I could burn all of your kind with you. But don’t worry, in time I will. This is only the beginning.
[Scene: Underground. A lot of people are living there.]
Jodern:Alex,listen to me. The two of us, the jodern andcam thatyou see before you are from the past. From ten years ago.
Cam:So, we have no idea what is going on.
Alex:Don’t even lie to me. Right, nick isset to die today and I only hope thatthis madness dies with him Right, these people are in danger because of the witch trials he started.
Jodern:How? How did he start them?
Alex:You know, I don’t know what you hope to accomplish by pretending not to know… (Camkisses him passionately.) You haven’t kissed me like that since…
Cam:Since this morning. 2009, remember? We were supposed to meet, you had to leave, I went up to the attic and this is where I came, the future. If you don’t believe me, at least believe what you feel, trust that.
Alex : I remember that was the day they sent me up to the attic to open the Book of Shadows, the future spell.
Jodern : Wait, that was you? We just assumed it was Grams.
Alex : No, it was me. They didn’t tell me why. What, you don’t know what’s happened the last ten years? Any of it? (jodernshakes himhead.) These people, they’re here underground because they’ve been accused of practicing witchcraft.
Jodern:They’re witches?
Alex:Some of them. Most of them have been falsely accused. They’re safe here for now.
Jodern:What did nick do?
Alex:Six months ago hekilled a man. Peter Greene.
Cam:The rock star?
Jodern:This is crazy. I mean nick wouldnever hurt anyone.
Alex:he hurt him because he murdered someone. Someone nick caredabout very much. A dear friend who he brutalized. But a technicality set him free. Nickwasfurious, outraged. And that’s when hecrossed the line from protecting the innocent to punishing the guilty. Heused her power to kill Greene, got caught, and his magicexposed by Nathaniel Pratt.
Cam:And this is the result modern day witch trials with Pratt at the helm?
Jodern:And nick atthe stake. I don’t buy it. Her power can’t kill.
Alex:Well, it can now. It’s been ten years. All your powers have grown.
Cam:We have to get to nick and explain.
Alex:You can’t. All right, as it stands, you and jodern aresafe. Pratt checked you out and he doesn’t suspect you’re witches. To get to nick you’dhave to use your powers and they’ll catch you then kill you.
cam: Alex, he’s our brother . We’re not going tolet himdie.
Alex:Wait, I’ll go.
Jodern : Alex , this is our brother . We have to.
Alex : No. I’m still your guide. I can orb in and keep you out of danger.
Cam:Fine. Then we’ll go back to Buckland’s and get the book and get the spell to get us home.
Jodern:We’ll meet you at the manor.
Cam:Alex, um, we got married? (Alex smiles.)
Jodern:cam,later. We’ll have plenty of time later.
[Scene: Bucklands. Jodern and cam walk out of the elevator and all these people crowd around them.]
Woman: Mr Halliwell, can you sign the P.O…
(Everyone starts talking at once.)
jodern s assistant: Give the man some air. he will meet with all of you after lunch. Thank you. (They go into joderns s office.) Okay, good news first. The acquisition paperwork was approved and… (cam entershisoffice.)
Cam:I’m with him
(Joderns assistant looks at jodernconfused.)
Jodern:It’s cam. My bro
Assistant: Oh, right, sorry. Almost forgot you had another one, I mean other than…
Cam:That’s okay, I forgot your name too.
Anne: Anne. Mr.Hallowell’spersonal assistant.
Jodern:Anne, right, my personal assistant. By the way, Anne, um, do you know if my wife calledby any chance?
(Anne laughs.)
Anne: wife goodone. Very funny. Like you have the time. Okay, I just need to get your final okay on the acquisition. Your brother was amazing. I mean, at first the board was a little resistant, what with the layoffs it would entail, but jodern pushedit through.
Jodern:I did?
Anne: I thought the « to hell with the little people » part was particularly persuasive.
Jodern: Okay, Anne,, I really need some private time with my brother so if you can just…
Anne:Oh, no problem, just buzzesme.
(Anne leaves.)
Jodern:Look at me. All right, I am booked with work, I’m about to lay off countless people with a flick of my pen, no girl to speak of.
Cam:Maybe you’re just picky.
Jodern:What’s happened to me? Okay, well, I could dwell on the nightmare that my life will become, but we have work to do. At least some things around here haven’t changed.
(he opens the wall safe and gets out the Book of Shadows.)
Cam:Okay, it should be after the demon with the tusk and before the spell to discourage a lover. (They look for it in the book but it’s not there.) Where is it? It was here in 2009
Jodern:Yeah, and now it’s gone. So, if the spell can only been used once, that must mean that our future selves have already used it. Which means…?
Cam wehave no way of getting home.
[Scene: Penitentiary. Cell. alexorbs in.]
Nick:Alex,oh, thanksGod. Look, I know what they think I did and if you just…
Alex:Shh… They’llhear you.
Nick:Where’s the rest of the cavalry?
Alex:They’re not coming.
Nick:So, what, you’ll grab me and we’ll just orb or whatever, and we’ll meet them back at the…
Alex:nick …  I’m so sorry.
Nick:For what? Did something happen to my brothers?
Alex:Nobody’s going torescue you.
Nick:If that is some kind of whitelighter humour, let me be the first to tell you, you are not a very funny race of people.
Alex:I wish you remembered what you’ve done. It’d make this so much easier. Your future self used witchcraft for vengeance, nick . Pratt is using that as a platform.
Nick:Why does everyone think I killed someone? I wouldn’t. I mean, I couldn’t. What did I do? Premonition the man to death? My power is passive.
Alex : Not in the future. It’s grown. It’s changed. As have you. Which means unfortunately you have to suffer the consequences?
Nick:I don’t believe it.
Alex:Then believe what you see.
(He hands him a newspaper clipping. Nick hasa premonition. In it heheld hishands either side of peterGreene’s head without touching and electricity-like power came out of his hands and killed him.)
nick:Oh my God. What have I done? (Alex orbsout.)
Alex? Help me!
[Scene: Halliwell Manor. Living Room. Jodern andcam are there.]
Cam:You want totell me again exactly how screwed we are?
Jodern:Pretty screwed.
Cam:Thanks. I wonder what’s taking Alex so long?
Jodern:(Looking through the B.O.S.) Some of these pages are marked. The top corners are turned down and all of them are new spells.
Cam:Such as?
Jodern:Like, here’s a spell to create a door, one to induce slumber, glamourto change ones appearance. Some of them have these little baggies attached.
Cam: This must be potions of some kind.
Jodern:But what about these? Okay, one to create money, to bend someone’s will, to erase a memory, a binding spell.
Cam:Binding? What are all these marked for?
Jodern:This must have been our future selves’ plan. Here’s a prison map. We were going touse all of this to break nick out. But something is bothering me. Clearly some of these spells are for personal gain.
Cam : Which would break the most basic of wiccan rules. We wouldn’t do that.
joden: We wouldn’t. But maybe in ten years our future selves would for nick .
(Alexwalks in.)
Cam:Perfect timing. We found the book but we can’t… Where’s nick?
Jodern:Where is he?
Alex:he’s in prison where he belongs.
Jodern:Alex,you were supposed to bring him backhere.
Alex:No, I said I’d go to him. And I did. To explain to him why hehas to pay for his crime.
Cam:You’re our guide, you’re supposed to protect us and you’re just going tolet himdie.
Jodern : You’re signing his death warrant.
Alex:I’m to protect the greater good. If nick lives, if you use your magic to save him, then the persecutions will continue. And our sonwill grow into a world where his power is punishable by death. Do you want that?
Cam : Of course not.
Alex : Well, then it has to end with nick . Hehas to die.
Jodern : Like hell.
(Camfreezes alex)
Cam:Relax. We’ve seen what your new powers can do when you’re angry.
Jodern:He’s gonna stay frozen right?
Cam:If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll stay frozen.
Jodern:Alright, let’s get these spells.
[Scene: Penitentiary.]
Nathaniel: (on TV) Now, some people say this is a victory for me. But I say here’s a victory for us all. For today a blight on everything that is good in our world, will be extinguished. Tonight, the witch will burn!
[Scene: Outside a House. Cam andjodern arein the car.]
Jodern:cam,if you’re going todo this, you’d better hurry. Alex canunfreeze and be home any second. Besides, nick hasless than an hour.
(he gets out of the car. he looks through a window and sees Cody playing. Cam isholding a bind spell. Alex orbsin.)
Alex:You can’t do it, can you?
Cam:No. Our grandmother did it to us for protection.
Alex:You don’t have to bind his powers, cam. We agreed that I’d take care of him andI will, I promise.
Cam:I know you will. So we were together. Does that mean you clipped your wings for me?
Alex:No. You wouldn’t let me. We tried to make it work with our powers, but it didn’t, and then this happened.
Cam:Were we happy? Just for a little while were we happy?
Cam:Are you going totry and stop us?
Alex:I can’t do that.
Cam:I hope you understand why I have to do what I’m doing.
Cam: What are we going todo?
Alex:What we always do.
Cam:Talk about it later. (cam getsback in the car
jodern looks upset.) What is it? What’s wrong?
Jodern:I have no one to say goodbye to. No life. They didn’t even know who you were at the office, my own brother. If we die tonight, my tombstone will read « Here lies jodern,he worked hard ».
Cam:We’re not going todie. We’re going tofind a way back to the present and we’ll create a new future.
Jodern:What if we can’t. What if we can never get home?According to nicks’spremonition we fail.,
Cam:Our future selves fail. We still got a shot.
Jodern:You’re right, you’re right. Let’s go get nick.
[Scene: Outside the penitentiary next to a big wall.]
Jodern: So far so good.
Cam:Don’t people normally break out of prison?
Jodern:Nothing about this is normal.
Cam:« To create a door. » Okay, but where?
Jodern:No place like here.
(Hedraws an imaginary door on the wall with her finger.)
jodern:Kind ofsmall for us dontcha think? « When you find your path is blocked, all you have to do is knock
(cam knocks. The door opens and they walk inside.)
[Cut to nick. Two guards put handcuffs on him.]
[Cut back to jodern andcam.]
Guard: Freeze!
cam: Good idea.
(he freezes him.)
jodern : Al lright, um, hiscell should be up those stairs, come on. he’ll be guarded, are we ready for this?
Cam : Do we have a choice?
(nickcell is empty.)
jodern : We’re too late.
[Cut to nick. he is walking towards the pyre.]
[Scene: Penitentiary. In a room where nick is tied to a pole and below her feet are holes where the fire comes out.]
Nathaniel: I love the smell of burnt witch in the morning.
Nick : At least I’m paying for my crime. There’ll come a day where you have to pay for yours too.
Nathaniel: Remorseless to the end, huh. (To the people watching.) Let today be a lesson to all those who would seek to defy human nature with their way of life. Let today serve notice that black magic will not be tolerated in our society and let today be remembered as the day we burned the witch.
(Jodern and cam enterthe room.)
Jodern: cam,freeze them.
Cam:We’re getting you outta here.
Nick:No, wait. You can’t. jodern , I’m serious.
Jodern:What are you talking about?
Nick:You guys have to leave. I deserve to be here. Or my future self does.
Cam:You killed a killer. Don’t be ridiculous.
Jodern:Look, this is Pratt’s personal crusade. This isn’t about us, this is about him. Where ever we go, he will follow us. He will hunt us. He will hunt our families. If anybody should be punished, it should be him.
(Joderngets ready to use his power.)
Nick:jodern,what are you doing?
Jodern:Saving the future good witches and our future.
Nick:jodern,wait! Don’t become a murderer too. It has to end with me.
Cam:nick,he was evil, he deserved what you…
Nick:(he starts to cry.) The wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing. Our job is to protect the innocent, not punish the guilty. And I crossed that line, I know that. And now you guys have to know that too.
(They all start crying.)
jodern : We are not leaving here without you.
Cam:Jordan,we were sent here for a reason. Maybe not to stop this like we thought. But maybe to understand why this has to happen. Why you have to let this happen. I don’t want to die. But I don’t want you to die because of me. (They hug.) I love you.
(he stands back next to the pole. Everyone unfreezes. They turn on the flames and nick burnsto death.)
[Jodern andcam end up back in the manor.]
Jodern: What are we doing here?
Cam:nick? You don’t think hewas… we saw…
Jodern:I know. Oh, please God, don’t let it be truenick! (Nick walksin the room. They hug.) We thought that we lost you.
Nick:You did. I was burned. And I could, I could feel the flames on my skin. And then I was here. I don’t know what happened.
Jodern:It’s okay, you’re safe now, and you’rehome.
Cam:Yeah, home, but when? (Heturns on the TV. The report about peterGreene comes on.)
Nick:Wait, that’s the rock star. That’s what triggered my premonition. We’re right back where we started. The day we cast a spell.
Jodern:Maybe because it worked. We were sent into the future to find out what Phoebe did. We came back to stop it from happening.
Cam:But we didn’t cast a spell to come back. We didn’t even have one.
Nick:Maybe they sent us back.
Cam:But who? And why today? If we were sent back to keep the future from happening, shouldn’t we be sent back to the day nick killedpeter Greeneinstead?
(They hear a dog bark. They go to the window.)
jodern:Not again.
(The guy’s dog squats on their path.)
Cam:This guy still hasn’t learnt his lesson.
Nick:Apparently neither have we. I think this is why we were sent back here to this moment in time. This is where it all started. The first time we used our magic for revenge.
Cam:But it’s just a little thing, it’s harmless.
Nick:Yeah, but once you break the small rules, it’s just a matter of time before the big ones are next.
Jodern:A very smart guy once told me that we were supposed to protect the innocent, not punish the guilty.
Nick : I haven’t told you yet.
Cam : Maybe you won’t have to. (jodern sees the face of the guy.)
Jodern : Pratt.
(Pratt walks away.)
cam : Do you think we should follow?
Nick:No. Our little act of revenge might have been what sent Pratt on his path to seek his own.
Jodern:Which might have led him to start the future witch trials?
Nick:Hopefully now he won’t.
Cam:I still think we should keep an eye on him just in case.
Jodern : Absolutely.
[Scene: Manor. Jodern picks up the phone.]
Nick:Hey, what’s up?
Jodern:Not work. There is no way I am going to the office tonight. I’m going out with you guys. We all have a lot of changes to make if we want to avoid ending up where we just came from.
Cam:I had a future that wasn’t all bad. You were like Mr. Fortune 500 and I had a beautiful little son.
Cam : Details later.
Jodern : You know, we can still make the good things happen, cam . We just have to make the right choices.
Cam:So maybe Alex andI will end up together.
Nick:Wait, you and Alex?
(The doorbell rings.)
cam:Speak of the angel. I’ll get that. (Heanswers the door.) Hey, stranger. (Hegrabs him and gives him a passionate kiss.)
Alex: I would have settled for a nice hello.
Cam:Didn’t anyone tell you not to settle?
Alex:That’s a good lesson.
Cam:I’ve been learning a lot of them lately.
Alex:So I’ve heard. Look, honestly, I didn’t know you were going tobe sent to the future. I don’t even know what happened when you got there. All I was told was apparently you had something to learn.
Cam:So, that’s why you’re here.
Alex:No. That’s why you’re here. You three were given a glimpse of your future to learn a valuable lesson. And I’m glad you learned it too because I know they wouldn’t have brought you back if you didn’t. Speaking of which, they’re making me work tonight, so I can’t really…
Cam:This is always going tobe a problem for us isn’t it?
Alex:I’m willing to work on it.
Cam:Good. Because I’ll never forget you said that.
(They kiss passionately.)