❯ Monkey Power, American Dragon – Monkey Power, American Dragon – Part Two ( Chapter 2 )

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Kim Possible
Monkey Power, American Dragon
Part 2
By Aaron
It took another few minutes before Jake, Lao Shi and Fu were ready, but as soon as they were, Max had them popping into the museum with Kim in a puff of smoke and glitter. Of course, this was hardly noticed by anyone in the museum, all of who were all hustling outside to the sounds of blaring alarms.
“Okay, that’s NEVER a good sign,” Kim announced as the group dashed through the adjoining corridors to where the Dragon’s Cauldron was being housed. But when they got there, all they found was an empty display…and Rose’s legs sprawled out from behind a nearby corner.
“ROSE!” Jake shouted in panic, rushing over to her. Luckily, she seemed fine enough, letting out a dazed groan as she was starting to come to.
“Oh, man, are you okay, darlin’?” Fu asked while Jake helped her to her feet.
“I’ll be fine,” Rose answered with a trembling voice, wincing slightly as she clutched her chest. “The Dark Dragon…that body he’s controlling…it may not look like much, but that guy’s got a fist like a steel I-beam. I didn’t think ANYONE could hit like that.”
“Ron…,” Kim could only voice under her breath as she looked up towards the skylight overhead, her eyes filled with worry. Rufus, meanwhile, who had been with her the whole time, could only whimper as Kim tried to calm him by gently stroking his head.
“Just stay calm,” Lao Shi responded calmly, “Take a moment to catch your breath.”
“Jake…they’re not doing this alone,” Rose was quick to mention, looking into Jake’s eyes with worry. “I never saw his face, but…someone’s helping them.”
“Aw, man…,” Jake uttered under his breath, inwardly cursing himself for not getting there sooner, even with Max’s magic transporting them. But Max was soon needed for an even quicker exit as they were alerted by the shouts of approaching security guards. And that exit was exactly what he provided, whisking the entire group away in his trademark puff of glittering smoke before the guards could reach the room.
… … … …
“Okay, my parents aren’t going to be home until late,” Rose announced as she closed the door of her apartment behind her. “This is as good a place as any to hole up until we know what we’re going to do next.”
“I’m afraid our next move is all too obvious,” Lao Shi replied. “If their intention is to return the Dark Dragon to this dimension, there is only one place they will ultimately be heading.”
“Victoria Peak,” Jake chimed in, finishing his grandfather’s thought.
“I must contact Sun Park immediately and inform her of this recent turn of events,” Lao Shi added, as he set off to find a phone.
No sense for everyone else to just stand around like statues. Jake and Rose walked their separate ways, although they each gave the other a lingering look before parting. Fu plopped down on the couch to leaf through one of Lao Shi’s magic books while Max simply conjured up himself his trademark cup of tea. Kim, meanwhile, walked away from the group and made her way to Rose’s balcony, staring out over the Hong Kong skyline.
But even the endless sea of lights spread out before her like a blanket of stars could give her no as she propped herself up over the balcony railing, her fists clenching tighter and tighter. After all, there was only one thing she had on her mind at that point…or one person. And so far in the early goings, these new allies weren’t yielding the kind of results she had been hoping for. Rufus, it seemed, was thinking the exact same thing as he scampered off Kim’s shoulder to sit on the edge of the railing, sniffling and whining.
“I know, Rufus. It’s okay,” Kim sighed heavily, patting him on the head, “We’ll get him back…somehow…”
“I FOUND IT!” Fu shouted excitedly, bringing everyone else running into the room. And sure enough, projecting from the book for all to see was an exact image of the same amulet that had started this whole mess for Kim and Ron.
“That’s it, alright,” Kim noted immediately.
“It’s called the Amulet of Mind’s Eye,” Fu explained, scanning over the item’s description. “Apparently, if someone has a strong enough will, they can actually project a piece of their own consciousness into it. And if the amulet gets a jolt of magical energy, it automatically activates, allowing that consciousness to override the thoughts of anyone who happens to be in contact with it.”
“Now we know how the Dark Dragon is controlling your partner,” Lao Shi observed. “The only issue now is removing it.”
“Waitaminute, waitaminute…so all we’re talking about is mind control here?” Max asked, only to roll his eyes and wipe his brow in relief, his knees buckling together. “Oh thank you! For a while there, I thought we might ACTUALLY have a problem.”
“Excuse me?” Kim responded with a suspicious glare. “Would you mind clarifying that? What exactly about this ISN’T a problem?”
“Okay, you’ve already seen what spiritual possession does, right? Well, mind control is a SIMILAR thing, but it’s a lot more unstable. ESPECIALLY if we’re talking about MAGIC users,” Max explained. “See, not all magic is created equal. Some types are uniquely tailored to a specific user. So even if someone wanted to use mind control on them, they’d still have to keep a certain percentage of the host’s conscious mind active in order to access their magic. The problem is, it’s a VERY fine line. The more of the host’s consciousness you suppress, the less of their magic is available to you. BUT…if you open up too MUCH of the host’s consciousness, they can fight back and regain control.”
“Ron’s Mystical Monkey Power! That’s it!!” Kim exclaimed, her eyes coming alive with a glimmer of hope.
“You mean…the Mystical Monkey Power of Tai Shing Pec Whar? Him…?” Lao Shi remarked in surprise.
“You’re saying that kid’s got Mystical Monkey Power?” Fu chimed in, his eyes going wide before turning his attention to Rose. “Oh, man…well, don’t feel bad for losin’ NOW sweetheart. There was NO WAY you could’ve beaten HIM.”
“The point is, now that we have a WEAKNESS…now we have a PLAN,” Kim stated, activating the Kimmunicator before tossing a sly grin in Max’s direction. “Hey Wade…Max needs to pick something up for me.”
… … … …
Seconds later, Max had returned with the item in question, concealed within thin suit bag on a clothes hanger. And Kim was only too happy to receive it as she gently tapped fists with Max and flashed a confident smirk before going to find a bathroom to change. But her attention was momentarily diverted when she noticed Jake sitting on the couch, looking over at Rose in the next room with a longing gaze and a heavy sigh.
“Hey…had a fight?” she felt compelled to ask, getting Jake’s attention.
“Huh? Yeah…kinda,” Jake replied half-heartedly. “Guess it’s sort of obvious, huh?”
“A little bit,” Kim answered, pulling up a bench to sit across from him. “I’ve seen that look on a lot of faces in my time. I’ve probably given it more than a few times too.”
“It’s just…I don’t want to fight with her,” Jake went on, giving Rose another passing glance. “I just don’t know what to do or say to make things better instead of worse.”
“No one ever DOES,” Kim stated, her voice trying to sound reassuring as she paused before reaching out and putting hand on Jake’s shoulder. “It’s NEVER easy to go through. It’s just a simple fact of life…you’re GOING to have fights. Everybody does, you can’t avoid it. But when it DOES happen, well…just take it from someone who’s knocked heads with HER guy a couple of times…”
“…Don’t EVER walk away mad. Believe me, you have NO idea how much harder it makes things.”
With that, Kim walked off to change, leaving Jake to toss Rose another lingering stare. But just at that moment, Rose happened to turn towards him with a wistful look of her own. And as their eyes met, it was obvious to Jake just by looking at her that she was feeling the exact same thing HE was going through.
… … … …
“You should have let Haley and I come with you,” Sun Park declared over the speaker phone to Lao Shi as Max walked into the room to check on the conversation.
“I am sorry, Sun, but we had no time to bolster our forces. As it is, we were ALREADY too late to prevent the theft of the cauldron,” Lao Shi responded. “We are already formulating a plan of attack, but we need you to remain where you are and take appropriate action in case we fail.”
“I already HAVE begun to take action,” Sun answered simply.
“What kind of action?” Lao Shi asked curiously as Max’s eyes suddenly widened.
“Pleasedon’tsayyoutoldtheDragon’sCouncil, pleasedon’tsayyoutoldtheDragon’sCouncil, pleasedon’tsayyoutoldtheDragon’sCouncil,” Max pleaded under his breath, his face filled with worry. Sun, however, seemed unusually hesitant in her answer.
“D’AAAAAAOOOOOO!!! WHY DID YOU DO THAAAAAAAT?!?!” Max wailed into the phone, nearly shattering Sun’s eardrum in the process. “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!?! YOU KNOW WHAT THOSE IDIOTS ARE GONNA DO!!!”
“Maximillion, calm down,” Lao Shi responded, trying to be reassuring, “I am sure the Dragon’s Council will only do what it feels is right.”
“Oh, you’ve been around too long to be that naïve!” Max argued, as Jake, Rose and Fu ran into the room. “You and I BOTH know that the Dragon’s Council is a POLITICAL institution! There’s ONE thing they care about MORE than doing their job and that’s preserving their power base! And if this Dark Dragon is REALLY a threat to that power, you know how they’re going to react! They’re going to panic and they’re going to choose to do something they’re not SUPPOSED to do!”
“You must calm yourself. All will be well,” Lao Shi continued, even though he WAS well aware that his words were merely a half-truth. “If you would like, I will venture to the Island of Draco myself and…”
“No, forget it! I’LL handle this!” Max concluded, cutting him off. “You guys just get to the top of that peak as fast as you can! I’ll be right behind you!”
Max had already made his decision. Before anyone could even think to try and stop him, he disappeared in a puff of glittering smoke and was long gone. At that moment, however, Kim happened to poke her head into the room.
“Is something going on in here?” she asked, although the lingering curls of Max’s smoke immediately made her suspicious. “Where’s Max?”
“Uh…okay, listen…funny story. Uuummmmmm…” Fu tried to answer, but was at a loss to come up with an explanation. At the same time, the others could only respond with rolled eyes, hanging heads and shrugged shoulders, while Kim simply flashed a stern glance.
… … … …
At the same time, on the Island of Draco, a crucial meeting was taking place. So crucial, that even the doors to the Dragon’s Council Chamber were barred shut, allowing entrance to no one but those scheduled to attend. Gathered within the main hall of the chamber were the four remaining members of the World’s Dragon Council… Counselor Kulde, the European Dragon… Counselor Andam, the African Dragon…Counselor Kukulkhan, the Central American Dragon…and Counselor Omina, the Atlantean Dragon…as well as a dozen of the strongest dragon representatives from all over the world. Given the gravity of the situation Sun Park had outlined to them, the Counselors now had themselves a grim decision to make.
“The vote is in,” Counselor Omina announced solemnly. “The decision is unanimous.”
“So be it,” Counselor Kulde declared. “We all know what is at stake. To prevent the dreaded Dark Dragon from returning to this world, we WILL take whatever actions are necessary…even if it means forfeiting the life of the mortal he now controls.”
“Uh, I’d like to call for a recount on that!” a voice echoed from the far end of the hall.
Instantly, the gathered Dragons looked towards the entrance. And there wasn’t a single one not stunned as Maximillion stepped out of the shadows, twirling his cane and snapping it over his shoulder as he strode towards them. Hushed tones and whispers of “The Timeless One” could be heard uttered among the various representatives. It would seem that Max’s reputation in the world of magic had indeed preceded itself.
“You have no voice in this hall, wizard!” Counselor Andam shouted, pointing a defiant finger in Max’s direction.
“Good point…not remotely interested,” Max replied with a simple grin, not slowing his pace for even an instant. “Now…correct me if I am incorrect. But it seemed to me that you guys were getting ready to do something really, REALLY stupid.”
“Any and all steps MUST be taken to insure the Dark Dragon does not continue his campaign of magical conquest…even eliminating the mortal host who now contains his thoughts,” Counselor Kukulkhan stated plainly. Max’s response to his words, however, was a wave of his hand, sealing the hall’s entrance behind a glowing barrier.
“Yeah, see…that’s a problem,” Max remarked. “That `mortal host’ you’re all talking about…he just happens to be a friend of mine.”
“We do not have the luxury of ideals or emotional attachments when it comes to a threat of this scope,” Counselor Kulde argued. “The Dark Dragon is STILL considered the single greatest threat to the magical world.”
“The single greatest threat to YOU, you mean,” Max shot back, shaking his head with an almost amused smirk. “Huh, 200 years and you people haven’t changed a bit.”
“If the Dark Dragon is released again…” Counselor Omina began to state.
“It won’t happen,” Max answered with a firm tone, cutting her off.
“Are you prepared to wager your life on that?” Counselor Andam asked sternly.
“Won’t have to,” Max replied. “And neither will YOU, if that’s what you’re worried about. You’ve got two dragons, a slayer, a wizard and two mortals who’ve saved the world more times than ANY of you! And they’re going to be making sure that guy stays put!”
“We cannot guarantee that the American Dragon and his allies will be victorious in this battle,” Counselor Kulde disputed. “And should you fail, it will be far too late. We must act NOW!”
“Yeah, and you can’t guarantee that YOUR plan will work, either. You’re all just so scared that you’re going with what YOU think is the simplest solution…a POUND of prevention for an OUNCE of cure,” Max remarked. “See, that’s the problem with you guys. I’ve spent maybe an HOUR with that Long kid and I can already tell you that I’ve seen more heart and guts in him than every single one of you in this room COMBINED could ever HOPE to have. Not that you guys have a whole lot of hope, anyway.”
“Sacrificing an innocent mortal for the preservation of the state…,” he added with a hollow chuckle, removing his sunglasses before facing the entire hall with glowing white eyes, “…Not while I’M here to answer to.”
Now was long past the time for words as the Dragon’s Council and their representatives each transformed, ready to force their way through Max if necessary. But Max wasn’t giving an inch either, as a column of white light erupted from his body. At this point, he was more than prepared for what was to come next.
“You guys want to get through me?” he announced in welcome, waving every single one of them over as his voice lowered to a twisted hiss, “YOU’RE-WELCOME-TO-TRY.”
… … … …
Between Chang’s flight and the Dark Dragon using Ron’s Mystical Monkey Power to scale up the side of Victoria Peak, it took little effort for either of them to reach the spot where the Dragon’s Temple had once stood…and would stand again in another millennium. But if their plans came to fruition, they might very well see it much sooner than that. The only question was whether or not their mysterious benefactor would make good on his word.
“Well, we’ve arrived. Where is that insufferable worm?” the Dark Dragon asked, not seeing the stranger anywhere in the area. Just then, Chang happened to catch sight of a shadowy figure standing on a cliffside overlooking the grounds.
“There he is,” she answered as the stranger waved to her to bring the items up to him. With a groan of effort, Chang managed to fly up to his location, leaving the Dark Dragon below to secure the area in case any resistance arrived.
“Here are the items you requested,” Chang announced as she placed the Dragon’s Cauldron and the Phoenix Pendant down. But there was a hint of indignation in her voice, particularly when the stranger refused to turn and acknowledge her.
“Ah, the Dragon’s Cauldron, formed from the molted skin of 1,000 dragons to enhance the properties of any magic it contains,” the stranger boasted silently. “And the Phoenix Pendant, created to focus and concentrate enormous amounts of magical energies. With these two items, it should take no trouble at all to produce enough magical power to force open the dimensional barrier that holds the Dragon’s Temple.”
“Perhaps. But to produce this force will require an already potent level of magical energy to place inside the Dragon’s Cauldron. What exactly did you have in mind?” Chang remarked, suddenly very thoughtful. But all the stranger offered in response at first was a wicked chuckle.
“You’re right…there IS one more thing I require,” he stated cryptically.
Before Chang could ask what he meant, however, the stranger slowly turned. And Chang’s eyes went wide as she saw the stranger’s face from behind his hood before he immediately lunged at her.
Meanwhile, Jake and Lao Shi had arrived at the temple grounds, landing just as the Dark Dragon turned to face them. Carrying Kim and the others up the peak, their power of flight had made the job easy. But they weren’t the only ones ready for a fight. Rose, having had time in recent months to fully examine her stockpile of former Huntsclan weaponry, came equipped with a duffel bag containing anything she thought might be useful in the coming battle. Kim, meanwhile, had clearly come prepared as well for a second round with the Dark Dragon, now dressed in her battle suit. But Kim’s change of clothes seemed to mean little to the Dark Dragon, who merely looked at his opponents with a sinister grin.
“Okay, first of all, here’s a little hindsight advice,” Kim announced, ready for action as she cracked her knuckles. “If you REALLY wanted this plan of yours to work, you TOTALLY picked the wrong boyfriend to brainwash.”
“Hmph! As if the puny threats of an insignificant mortal mean anything to me,” The Dark Dragon boasted. “Although you HAVE saved me the trouble, gathering my most hated enemies all together in this spot, of all places. Within moments, I will be free. And it will be most fitting that you all will taste a most bitter revenge at my hands.”
Just then, a puff of glittering smoke appeared beside Kim and the others, revealing none other than Maximillion. Much to everyone’s surprise, Max’s clothes were completely in tatters as he stepped into view. But a quick straightening of his jacket lapels later and another puff of smoke appeared around him, easily mending the problem as he reappeared, completely unscathed.
“Sorry. I know I’m a little late,” he noted.
“The Dragon’s Council…What-Have-You-Done…?” Lao Shi asked with a trembling voice, fearing the worst.
“Nothing, nothing. Everything’s fine,” Max answered simply before turning to Lao Shi and handing a small piece of paper over to him. “Oh, by the way, on my way here, I took a minute to research the formula for this salve. Give it to that dude from Africa. Trust me, all he has to do is apply it to his jaw and I PROMISE he’ll be eating solid food again by the end of the day.”
“Aiyaa, oh please no…,” Lao Shi shuddered under his breath, hiding his face in his hands.
While Jake and Rose were equally dumbfounded, Kim could only roll her eyes in response, hardly surprised at all. But Max had already put the matter behind him and was focusing on the situation at hand.
“Hmmm…Now I’m not sure, but your side seems to be short a few players. Now where do you suppose they could’ve…?” he remarked thoughtfully to the Dark Dragon. But, Max’s question was about to be all-too quickly answered. Just then, a bright orange glow penetrated the darkness in the cliffs overhead…a glow that was most likely the result of dragon’s fire.
“Come on, let’s take a trip, shall we?” Max suggested, placing his hands on Jake and Rose’s shoulders. Rufus, meanwhile, managed to scamper off Kim’s shoulder and reach Max’s pant leg just a split second before they transported away. But instantly, they were on cliffside, investigating the mysterious light. This, however, was of no significance to the Dark Dragon, who only became more confident in his upcoming victory as he viewed his remaining opponents.
“Hah! A mortal, a mongrel and a withered old dragon,” he declared, looking at Kim, Fu and Lao Shi with menace. “Even THIS body’s meager power is more than enough to handle the three of you!”
With that, the Dark Dragon wasted no time in charging forward, eager to prove his point. Lao Shi and Fu were quick to retreat to the sides, which only made the Dark Dragon’s decision that much easier as he chose to focus his attack squarely on Kim, who simply stood her ground as the Dark Dragon surged forward with a crushing fist. The force of the blow shook the air, kicking up a streaming cloud of dust and blowing Kim’s hair back like a stormy breeze. But to the Dark Dragon’s shock, the attack had absolutely no effect on Kim at all, who had simply reached up and caught Ron’s fist with minimal effort.
“Please. You call that a punch?” Kim stated, her hand tightening its grip. “Even with this battle suit on, there’s no way I’d be able to stop Ron at his BEST. Looks like Max was right. As long as you have to keep Ron’s mind suppressed, you can only use a LITTLE bit of his power, can’t you?”
“You mortals are even more foolish than I ever dreamed if you’re willing to gamble yourselves away on a theory like that!” The Dark Dragon argued, trying to demonstrate that he still had the upper hand. But Kim would have none of it as she pulled back with her arm, tossing the Dark Dragon over her head and sending him skidding along the ground.
“It’s no gamble,” she replied, turning around and tossing a warm smile at Ron’s face, hidden behind the Dark Dragon’s fearful image. “I trust Ron with my life…”
“…I love him.”
“Uunnh…Kim…” Ron managed to groan, smiling weakly at Kim as he seemed to be regaining control. But it was only for a brief moment. Within seconds, the Dark Dragon growled in anger and reasserted himself, the image of his head enveloping Ron’s becoming even clearer.
“We’ll just see how much you talk when you see just how weak your pathetic love really is!” he bellowed, managing to force more of Ron’s Mystical Monkey Power to the surface. Kim, however, wasn’t about to back down for an instant as Lao Shi and Fu rejoined the battle at her side.
“Ron, I know you can hear me! Just listen!” she called out, taking her stance for what was to come. “This is going to get a little rough, Baby! But I PROMISE you, we’re going to get through this! I just need you to hang on, okay?!”
The Dark Dragon simply roared in response as he charged ahead. Without a pause, Kim, Fu and Lao Shi ran in as well.
Meanwhile, Jake and Rose were making their way along the cliffside, investigating the strange glow that could only be where they’d find Chang and their mysterious enemy. And a few moments later, they’d found exactly that, with Chang standing over the Dragon’s Cauldron, possessing a strong light coming from within. The hooded stranger, meanwhile, appeared to be lying on the floor several yards away, looking completely unconscious. It seemed as though either he tried to betray Chang or Chang betrayed him. Either way, he was the one who’d lost. Still, Jake and Rose needed some answers.
“Don’t move Chang! We got ya beat! Now let’s find out who THIS guy is!” Jake announced as Rose kept a Huntsclan staff trained on Chang, who curiously, made no sound or movement in response. But nothing could prepare Jake for the sight that greeted him as he knelt down and pulled the strangers hood back.
“What the…?!” he exclaimed, clearly confused, “BANANAS B.?!?!”
“Uuunnnnhh, my head. What happened, yo…?” Bananas B. groaned as he came to, only to screech in fright upon seeing Jake’s face and scamper up onto a large rock. “Jake Long! What are YOU doing here?! Wait a minute, rewind it back…what am I doing here?!”
“Exactly what you were supposed to do,” Chang’s voice answered, still not turning to face Jake and Rose. “You can take him now if you wish. He has more than served his purpose.”
“What’s the deal, Chang?” Jake asked angrily. “`Cause ain’t NOBODY leavin’ until we get some answers here!”
“The perhaps you should be asking the right person,” Max stated, walking up behind them. “Because the truth is…you’re not talking to Chang anymore.”
“Uh…say WHAT now?” Jake could only blurt out in a confused stupor.
“If she’s not Chang, who IS she?” Rose immediately followed up, every bit as perplexed as Jake.
Max, however, didn’t answer immediately. He simply gave a knowing smirk and a hollow chuckle before turning his attention to Chang, who simply remained every bit as motionless as when they’d arrived. It was only then that the words finally escaped his lips.
“Say hello…Le Fay.”
Jake and Rose whirled around back to Chang in complete bewilderment. At that moment, Chang finally turned around. Her staff was in one hand, but the simple wooden pole in her other hand told the story all too well. Chang had indeed been taken over by the Le Fay spirit Kim and Ron had come across shortly after first meeting Max. And Rufus, who had scurried up to perch on Max’s shoulder, could only swallow hard in response as Le Fay flashed an evil smirk though Chang’s lips.
“I suppose NOW you’re going to tell me that you knew all along…right?” Le Fay remarked sarcastically in Max’s direction.
“I suspected…as soon as I realized the grandfather was right,” Max replied with a smug grin of his own. “There was no way a rank amateur like Chang could have put this all together on her own. She HAD to be getting help from someone who knew a lot more than she did.”
“Okay, hold up,” Jake chimed in, interrupting the stare-down, “How `bout lettin’ US in on the gag, huh? Who’s Le Fay?”
“She’s a long story,” Max answered quickly, “But to make it short…bottom line, she’s in the stick over there. Anyone who touches the stick, becomes her. End of conversation.”
“And believe me, I had to pass through MANY hands to get to this point. All the way from England, where I was dealt that humiliating defeat at the hands of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable…with your help, I might add,” Le Fay went on. “Eventually, I ended up in the paws of that foolish little simian over there. But it was through HIS memories that I was able to sow the seeds of my eventual triumph.”
“The magical fire from a powerful dragon, its power increased many times over through the magic of the Dragon’s Cauldron,” Le Fay continued, flashing the final piece of the puzzle. “All I need is to add this final element. And then, the dimensional barrier which conceals your precious Dragon Temple will be brought down, enabling me to restore the most powerful of all dragons to this world.”
“But why? What’s in it for YOU?” Rose could only ask, still unsure as to what the payoff was to Le Fay’s plan. Le Fay, however, simply chuckled in reply as she looked over her newly acquired body.
“I must admit, I always wondered what it would be like to possess the body of a dragon,” she answered with a sinister grin. “And now that I have, its untapped power is far beyond anything I ever could have imagined. I can see now why they were chosen so long ago to be the guardians of magic. With my knowledge and control of such a creature at my disposal…”
“…but this isn’t even the STRONGEST one, now…is it?”
“Aaahh…the light dawns,” Max deduced, realizing why Le Fay was indeed so fixated on releasing the Dark Dragon. “You want HIM.”
“Well, if I TRULY wish to seek out the power of a dragon, how could I POSSIBLY settle for anything less?” Le Fay responded confidently. “In the end, they REALLY shouldn’t have trusted me so completely. But their mutual lust for power simply reined in their better judgment, as I well knew it would. Creatures like them are so utterly predictable.”
“And you ACTUALLY thought that overfed iguana was going to make you strong enough to beat ME?” Max had to ask with a hollow laugh before turning to Jake momentarily. “No offense.”
“With HIS abilities…and OUR combined knowledge…?” Le Fay answered, “…I’m sure we could unearth objects of darkness that could make even the likes of YOU tremble in horror.”
“Not on the Am-Drag’s watch, Lady! You’re goin’ down HARD!” Jake announced, transforming into his dragon form and unleashing a stream of fire in Le Fay’s direction. But he was caught completely by surprise as Le Fay conjured up a barrier, completely protecting her from his attack.
“How cute,” she mocked as she lowered her barrier, planning to return the favor with a burst of Chang’s own dragon fire. But this time it was Max’s turn for a defense, erecting his own barrier, protecting both Jake and Rose.
“No kidding,” he remarked as Le Fay sneered at him in contempt. But just then, he happened to turn his attention down from the cliff to see Kim’s battle with the Dark Dragon continuing to rage at the site of the Dragon Temple.
“Oh boy, I’d better get back down there,” he noted, taking Rufus in the palm of his hand. “Okay, you’re gonna have to give them a hand, okay? I know you’ll know what to do.”
“O-kay!” Rufus chirped with a quick salute before jumping from Max’s hand.
With that, Max leapt off the edge of the cliff as Jake and Rose charged forward to continue the fight against Le Fay. But Le Fay showed not even a hint of concern, crossing her staff with Chang’s to double the power of its magical blasts and send Jake and Rose flying. Rose slammed into a rock face a moment later, trying desperately to get back on her feet. But Le Fay was already on her, looming overhead with a sinister laugh.
“This is a grown up game you’re trying to play, little girl,” she boasted menacingly, preparing to unleash Chang’s staff once again. But just then, Jake streaked into view, letting loose with another stream of dragon fire which forced Le Fay to erect a barrier and back away.
“Hey! You show a little respect, okay?!” he shouted before turning to Rose and offering her his hand. “After all, she’s MY girl.”
“Thanks Jake,” Rose replied softly as Jake helped her up. And in spite of the danger they were in, neither one could avoid looking into the other’s eyes with a light smile before Rose’s mind returned to the problem at hand.
“Listen, I’ve got something in the bag that might help,” she suggested under her breath. “Can you keep her busy for just a few seconds?”
“You just TRY and hold me back,” Jake responded wholeheartedly.
A moment later, he was whirling around and charging towards Le Fay again. Another stream of fire exploded from Jake, which met with no greater success than the first two, as Le Fay simply threw up another barrier to defend herself. But this time, Jake wasn’t going for a successful attack. He was going for a diversion.
“Jake, turn it off!” Rose shouted, diving in from above wearing a pair of heavy gauntlets and boots, each with a diamond-shaped gemstone in the center.
Jake immediately did as he was told, realizing he’d done what he was supposed to do, giving Rose the time to get what she needed. Meanwhile, Le Fay could only stand and watch Rose’s foolhardy attempt at an attack. After all, she couldn’t possibly imagine this would work when Le Fay’s barriers had proven to be completely impenetrable. But as Rose’s fist made contact, the entire shield vanished like a fragile soap bubble. And a shocked Le Fay had barely enough time to dodge as Rose’s fist slammed into the ground. What had just happened? How was it possible that Rose had penetrated her defenses so effortlessly?
“Surprised?” Rose asked teasingly as she flashed one of her gauntlets in Le Fay’s direction, “The gems in these gloves and boots are used to disrupt the flow of magical energies…”
“…What are those force fields of yours made of again?”
… … … …
Down at the site of the Dragon’s Temple, the Dark Dragon was becoming increasingly frustrated in his fight with Kim. He’d completely lost count of the number of times Kim had dumped him on his face. And the indignation was only worse as Kim jumped on top of him, with Lao Shi and Fu right behind, holding him down on the ground.
“What’s wrong?” Kim taunted into Ron’s ear so the Dark Dragon could really hear it. “Didn’t you say we were just a mortal, a mongrel and a withered old dragon? You said you had enough power to take us all on, so what’s the problem?”
“Maybe you’re not as tough as you think you are.”
As Kim whispered in Ron’s ear, the Dark Dragon’s eyes began to glow with a searing rage and hatred. He’d heard quite enough. To hear a mere mortal address him in such a manner…it was unforgivable! This was the last he was going to endure of this humiliation! Ignoring the risks, the Dark Dragon put everything he had into his next move, releasing what looked dangerously close to Ron’s full power and reared back, sending Kim and the others flying. Fu, in particular, was REALLY sent for a ride, flying up into the higher cliffs. Kim, meanwhile, had other concerns as she tried to get to her feet, but turned around in shock to see the Dark Dragon charging towards her, with a faint Mystical Monkey Power glow around Ron’s body.
“This will silence your disrespectful tongue once and for all, you prattling, insignificant…!” he roared as he lashed out towards Kim with a tightly clenched fist.
Kim couldn’t help but flinch at the Dark Dragon’s attack bearing down on her. But as she opened her eyes, she immediately realized that she hadn’t been struck. But what was even more surprising was the sight that had greeted her next. Ron had actually stepped into the Dark Dragon’s punch from his own fist and had caught it tightly in his free hand, struggling to fend it off. There was only one thing that could mean.
“RON!” Kim shouted, overjoyed as the Dark Dragon’s image began slowly fading.
“WHAT?!” The Dark Dragon growled, trying to regain control. But it was already too late. His wounded ego had blinded him to the consequences and he’d opened up too much of Ron’s mind in order to access more of his power. Now his influence was waning and Ron was clearly reasserting himself. But it wasn’t without a fight.
“K…K-Kim…?” Ron whimpered desperately, looking into Kim’s eyes for support as he still tried to hold his own fist at bay.
“Ssssshhhh…it’s okay. Don’t worry,” Kim whispered, reaching up and gently cradling Ron’s face in her hands, “I’m here. And I’m not going anywhere.”
Without a pause, Kim slowly leaned in, pressing her lips to Ron’s in a deep, long kiss. She wasn’t sure what a kiss might accomplish, but she knew it worked in fairy tales. And if this day didn’t qualify as a fairy tale, then what DID? A few seconds later, though, and she could actually feel Ron kissing her back. And to Kim, that was already a good sign. Suddenly, a thin stream of magical energy snaked through the air and wrapped itself around the Amulet of Mind’s Eye.
“HOOOOOO-WEEEEEEE DAWGIES! Ah dun cawt me a BIG wun!” Max howled jokingly with a wild laugh as he yanked back on his cane, pulling the energy stream it was attached to taut. A second later, the amulet snapped off Ron’s neck and clattered onto the ground.
“NOOOOOOOOoooooooo…!” The Dark Dragon bellowed in fury, the image of his head vanishing into wisps of nothing as Kim and Ron’s kiss continued. A moment later, their lips parted and Kim couldn’t help but smile as she looked into Ron’s eyes and realized with absolute certainty that she finally had Ron back.
“KP?” Ron uttered, hoping his ordeal was finally over and that it wasn’t just his mind playing tricks on him.
“Oh, Ron…,” Kim sighed happily as she threw her arms around his neck. And Ron instantly pulled her close, savoring the moment as the two simply held each other tight, neither one willing to let the other go for even a second.
… … … …
Back on the cliff overlooking the site of the Dragon Temple, Le Fay was having no better luck in her battle with Jake and Rose. As soon as Rose brought her new gauntlets and boots into play, with their ability to disrupt magic, Le Fay had lost the advantage of relying on her barriers for protection. With one series of swift, fluid strikes after another, Rose was popping her shields every bit as fast as Le Fay could raise them. Still, if Rose was all she had to worry about, she might still have been able to hold her own. But having to fend off Jake’s attacks as well, Le Fay was being forced to deal with simply one thing too many. And if that wasn’t enough, Rose and Jake were leading her further and further away from the Dragon’s Cauldron, with the Phoenix Pendant still in her hand.
“Oh, man, what a night. I’m never mixin’ wet cat food with dry dog food again,” Fu groaned, stumbling onto the battlefield in a haze. He’d been knocked so hard after getting thrown by the Dark Dragon, he’d completely forgotten where he was. But he got a quick enough reminder as a stray blast from Chang’s staff struck the ground in front of him, causing him to yelp in fright.
Le Fay, meanwhile, was quickly losing her window of opportunity. The fire in the Dragon’s Cauldron had already reached the peak of its intensity. If she didn’t add the Phoenix Pendant now, the flames would soon begin to dwindle and she might lose the power she needed to open the dimensional barrier. And she already knew there was no way she could win this fight alone. Even if she couldn’t possess the Dark Dragon right away, she at least needed him as an ally to help even the odds.
Le Fay had to act fast. Using Chang’s wings to whisk herself away from Jake and Rose’s relentless assault, she tossed the Phoenix Pendant towards the Dragon’s Cauldron, taking a moment to charge it with magic so it would fly directly where she wanted it to. Unfortunately, Jake and Rose were too far away to catch it and could only watch in shock as the pendant sailed straight and true towards its target.
Just then, Fu suddenly came running into the picture. Leaping over the Dragon’s Cauldron, he managed to catch the Phoenix Pendant in his teeth before it went in and landed safely on the other side.
“Alright Fu!” Jake shouted as Le Fay could only look on in disbelief.
“You’re good to go, kid!” Fu called back, “Now wrap this up!”
Le Fay turned her attention back to Jake and Rose, glaring in anger. Clearly, she had had just about enough of these annoyances. Crossing her staff with Chang’s, Le Fay prepared to launch a monstrous surge of magical energy in her opponents’ direction. Suddenly, a sharp pain drilled into her arm, breaking her concentration and dispelling the magic. Instantly, Le Fay looked down to see what had happened. While she had been distracted fighting Jake and Rose, Rufus had climbed into Chang’s robe, sinking his teeth into her wrist at just the right moment.
Rufus, meanwhile, simply offered a playful wave as Le Fay glowered in rage. But fortunately, her diverted attention and her loosened grip on the staff due to Rufus’ bite gave Rose the perfect moment to strike. Dashing in, she lashed out with a roundhouse kick, knocking Le Fay’s staff out of her hand and sending it spiraling into the air as Chang collapsed to her knees in a daze.
“I got it! I got it!” Jake shouted, following the staff with his eyes as he flew backward.
“Jake, you’re not supposed to touch it!” Rose shouted in panic.
“Oh, right!” Jake remembered, quickly coming up with a second plan and breathing a stream of fire towards the staff. Curiously, the staff refused to burn, but the force from Jake’s blast still sent it streaking into the night sky like a shooting star as Rose ran up to him.
“Oh…what would you do without me,” Rose sighed, cupping one of Jake’s hands with her own.
“You know what? I don’t even want to know,” Jake answered, folding his free hand over hers. And as their eyes met, the two couldn’t help but let themselves get lost in the feelings they knew they were sharing at that moment.
Fu, meanwhile, was more than happy to let Jake and Rose have their moment, polishing the Phoenix Pendant on his fur and preparing to walk off quietly. After all, the danger was passed. Unfortunately, the first step he took slammed his foot right into the searing hot, rock hard surface of the Dragon’s Cauldron.
“Gi…! OW, OW, OOO, OOO, OUCH, OUCH, OOO, OOO, OW!” Fu howled in pain, throwing his front paws up before grabbing his injured foot. Unfortunately, in doing so, the Phoenix Pendant slipped out of his hands, flying in a high arc straight back down towards the Dragon’s Cauldron!
“NO!” Jake and Rose cried out together. But it was too late.
Almost instantly after plunging into the fire contained within the Dragon’s cauldron, the Phoenix Pendant gave off a blinding flash. And a thin stream of light shot up from the pendant’s jewel, streaking into the night sky until it struck what appeared to be an invisible wall. A moment later, a swirling mass of light appeared and within seconds, the Dragon’s Temple appeared around Kim and the others, exactly where it was supposed to. But that wasn’t the only thing that appeared as the enormous frame of the Dark Dragon slammed into the temple floor, his smile a mix of joy and menace.
“I’m free again…I’M FREE AGAIN!!!” he hissed, then shouted, his voice rising to an almost deafening roar of laughter. Meanwhile, Jake, Rose and Rufus could only look down from the cliff in stunned silence.
“Uh, heh heh…woopsy,” Fu stammered with a frightened chuckle.
The sight of the Dark Dragon raging inside the Dragon’s Temple left everyone at a loss as to exactly what to do. But the distraction was enough for Chang to recover, shaking the cobwebs out of her head.
“Unnnh, where am I? What hap…?” Chang thought out loud until she saw Jake and Rose standing just a few steps away. “Jake Long, what are YOU doing here! I will not allow you to…!”
Chang’s words were cut off as Jake and Rose whirled around angrily. A fist from Rose and a swing from Jake’s tail was all it took to send Chang flying as she bounced down the side of the peak and disappeared into the darkness.
“We SO don’t have time for this,” Jake stated as he and Rose checked to make sure Chang was really gone.
“I hear THAT,” Rose replied.
With that, Jake collected Rose, Fu and Rufus and flew back down towards the temple. Meanwhile, the distraction was enough for Bananas B., who had taken care to stay out of sight for most of the battle, to climb down the peak in search of Chang.
The Dark Dragon was still in the midst of his celebration when Jake and the others reached the temple, landing beside Lao Shi and Max. As he continued to bellow in laughter, lightning from his hands struck in all directions, nearly engulfing the entire temple in clouds of swirling dust.
“At last!” he boasted excitedly, “Now, the world is MINE!”
“That’s what you think, Tall, Dark and…!” Jake shouted as he and Rose prepared to move in. But Lao Shi suddenly stepped in front of them with an outstretched arm, barring their way.
“Jake, wait!” he called cautiously.
“Gramps, what are you doing?!” Jake yelled back. Just then, Max stepped in front of them as well, flashing a confident smirk in Jake’s direction.
“He’s right, kid. Don’t worry…this one’s in the bag,” he stated, raising his sunglasses to toss Jake a playful wink. “Trust me.”
Jake and Rose simply looked on as they were told, unsure of what exactly was going to happen as the Dark Dragon continued laughing in sadistic glee. Just then, a figure slowly began to appear as none other than Kim Possible strode out of the dust, her lips curled in a positive smile. And being the first person he finally noticed, Kim was as good a candidate as any to be the first to feel the Dark Dragon’s wrath as he loomed over her with wicked intentions.
“And NOW, little girl, you are about to learn a lesson in TRUE power!” he boasted a loudly as he could. But his words held no sway over Kim, who simply crossed her arms as she maintained her smug grin.
“Oh, SOMEBODY’S going to be learning a lesson, alright,” she replied, looking quite sure of herself. “But it’s NOT going to be who you think.”
Unsure of what Kim meant, the Dark Dragon simply regarded her with a glare of contempt as he roared to the sky and prepared to attack. But just then, a second image slowly stood up in the clouds of dust behind Kim. A moment later, all the dust the Dark Dragon had raised was suddenly blown up against the walls of the temple, as if kicked up by an angry wind. And in that instant, the figure behind Kim immediately became clear, as it was Ron standing behind her. His eyes were closed angrily and his fists clenched tight, but the most notable feature was his Mystical Monkey Power glow, which was shimmering at its fullest intensity. And at that moment, it was enough to give even the Dark Dragon pause.
“You made me fight my girlfriend,” Ron hissed through his teeth. Just then, his eyes snapped open as his head whipped around, looking the Dark Dragon right in the face with a wild-eyed glare.
Suddenly, the entire floor of the Dragon Temple mysteriously shattered under Ron’s feet, as if smashed by an invisible force. The force field from Kim’s battle suit kept her from losing her footing, but Jake and Lao Shi flew upward with Rose, Rufus and Fu as the ground was crushed beneath them. Even the Dark Dragon instinctively took to the skies, unsure of what had just happened. They all landed a moment later as the ground settled, which was exactly when Ron made his next move, surging ahead with a yell of rage.
“You’ve already defied my power once, boy!” the Dark Dragon growled, raising his clawed hand to strike Ron, who was still charging in blindly. “But I assure you, this will be the last time!”
Ron had made no effort to dodge as the Dark Dragon brought his hand down. And the Dark Dragon definitely felt the force of the impact as his blow made contact. He smirked at first, satisfied at a successful attack against a puny mortal with inferior magic. But it took him a second to see what had really happened. And his eyes widened in shock to see Ron not only unharmed, but holding back the Dark Dragon’s whole arm with only one hand pressed against his palm. And he didn’t seem to be exerting any effort at all in the process. It was as if…he’d just caught a punch from a TODDLER. Even Jake and the others could only look on from the sidelines, lost in complete disbelief.
“…way,” Rose finished Jake’s thought, both of them frozen with stunned eyes and hanging jaws.
“Incredible…the Mystical Monkey Power of Tai Shing Pec Whar,” Lao Shi uttered under his breath. “I had heard so many legends, but never could I have IMAGINED…”
Ron, however, was in no mood for praise as the fury in his eyes refused to fade, the knuckles of his free hand crackling into a tight fist. Shaking off his astonishment, the Dark Dragon raised his other hand and prepared to strike again. But Ron was faster on the draw, snapping forward and driving his fist hard into the Dark Dragon’s chest, stopping him dead in his tracks. Stunned by shock and pain, The Dark Dragon only seemed able to let out a few short, broken rasps as his whole body trembled from the impact of Ron’s blow.
Jake and the others felt like their eyes were going to pop out of their heads, even more astonished than they were before. All except Kim, who suddenly streaked in beside Ron and leaped up high. A second later, the Dark Dragon’s head snapped back as Kim tagged him under the jaw with a backwards flip kick, finally toppling him to the ground in a heap.
“Kim?” Ron blurted out, finally appearing to have snapped out of his frenzy.
“Oh, come on,” Kim responded with a playful look, “I want a piece of this guy, too.”
Ron could only respond with a light smile, his mood clearly lifting. The Dark Dragon, however, wasn’t nearly as entertained, bellowing in fury after he slowly managed to recover.
“I will not be made fun of with these childish games!” he shouted, conjuring up a swirling mass of shadows from his hands.
Within seconds, the shadows took form and suddenly, the entire temple was filled with hundreds of the Dark Dragon’s trademark Shade Demons, most of them hovering around Kim and Ron. But just then, thousands of beams of light pierced the air, striking each and every one of the Shade Demons and destroying them even faster than the Dark Dragon had summoned them. Whirling around in the direction the light had come, it was obvious what had happened as the Dark Dragon saw Max standing with Jake and the others. An intense ball of light, almost like a miniature sun, could be seen shimmering in the palm of Max’s raised hand before he closed his fist and finally extinguished it.
“Uh, uh, uh,” he taunted with a wicked grin, wagging his finger in the Dark Dragon’s direction, “No ringers.”
The Dark Dragon could only growl with contempt as he glared towards Max. But he didn’t have time for such concerns as Ron struck again, slamming his fist into the ground and sending a wave of earth in the Dark Dragon’s direction. Just as he did before, the Dark Dragon took to flight, but this time, he had no intention of landing. So far, Ron had been focusing on a strictly physical attack. If the Dark Dragon could just stay out of Ron’s strike zone, he would still have the advantage.
But the Dark Dragon wasn’t in store for such luck as he looked down to see Ron twirling through the air towards him, his legs spiraling like helicopter blades. Before the Dark Dragon could react, Ron had reached him, slamming his foot into the side of his head with a thunderous kick. At that moment, Kim came up from behind, running along the roof of the Dragon Temple and leaping into the air. Curling her body, Kim flipped end over end countless times before straightening out and landing hard, planting her feet into the Dark Dragon’s back and sending him crashing back down to earth. Desperately, the Dark Dragon tried to get up as he growled and sputtered. But he had no hope of recovery as Ron came screaming across the courtyard, driving two open-palmed fists square into the Dark Dragon’s side and smashing his entire body into the temple wall.
But it still wasn’t over…
Landing in the middle of the courtyard, Kim braced herself hard and activated the Proton Cannon from the left wrist of her battle suit, the barrel flashing wildly. Ron immediately picked up on her hint as he jumped back, landing behind Kim and grabbing her left arm as his free hand draped around her waist. Within seconds, Kim’s battle suit began to glow more brightly as its new ability to absorb energy began feeding off the magical energy from Ron’s Mystical Monkey Power. Energy that was immediately transferred to the Proton Cannon as Kim let loose with an enormous, white hot beam which headed straight towards the Dark Dragon. The beam struck the Dark Dragon hard in the chest, just as he was emerging from the rubble of the temple wall. And not only was he sent flying through the wall, but into a rock face on the other side, losing consciousness and slumping to the ground as the falling rocks partially buried him.
Jake and the others were still in a haze of amazement as Ron powered down and turned to Kim, their fingers intertwining as he moved in closer and pressed his forehead to hers. But then suddenly, Jake, Rose and Fu finally snapped out of their stunned silence and began letting loose with wild cheers. Lao Shi, meanwhile, simply responded with an approving nod as Max flashed a confident grin in Kim and Ron’s direction.
“Aw, yeah! Was that off-the-hook or WHAT?!” Jake hooted and hollered. “I ain’t NEVER seen ANYONE bring the hurt like THAT before!”
It was nothing but smiles and applause as Rufus scampered across the courtyard, running up to Ron’s shoulder and happily hugging his face. And Ron was all too happy to get have his girlfriend and his mole rat back as Kim leaned in and kissed his other cheek. But just then, Fu happened to look up into the sky and the celebration was instantly ground to a halt.
“Uh guys, hate to be a damper on the hayride,” he shuddered, pointing up to the sky. “But…is that still supposed to be there?”
Instantly, everyone looked up, only to be stunned as the dimensional rift that had released the Dragon Temple was still lingering in the sky above. Even Lao Shi was completely bewildered as to what was happening. But Max seemed to understand the situation all too well as he slapped his forehead in frustration.
“Oh, great,” he groaned. “I was afraid this would happen.”
“What didn’t you tell us NOW?!” Kim called over, anticipating that this was another one of those situations she should be starting to feel very annoyed about.
“This is why I said it was risky! Essentially, the magic they used knocked a hole in another dimension!” Max explained. “You can’t just kick down a door and expect it to close up behind you again! ESPECIALLY when we’re talking about a door like this which only opens at certain times! Pocket dimensions don’t like getting woken up early!”
“Great! So how do we FIX it?!” Rose shouted sarcastically.
“Pocket dimensions require balance. So if we’re lucky, the rift will just try to re-absorb the temple,” Max answered. “If it does, then the problem should just fix itself.”
“And if it doesn’t?” Ron had to ask.
But Ron didn’t have to wait for an answer as the rift suddenly transformed into a vacuum, sucking up the Dragon temple. Unfortunately, it was also sucking up everything…and EVERYONE…that happened to be inside it.
“Okay, he REALLY has to be quicker with these explanations,” Kim sighed, rolling her eyes as she fired her grapple into the wall by the temple entrance.
Ron was quick to pluck Rufus off his shoulder, holding him tight in his hand as Kim swung them out of the temple entrance. Max, meanwhile, teleported Jake and the others outside just as the first pieces of the temple were beginning to get drawn into the vortex. Within seconds, the rest of the temple sucked away into the opening, with Kim and the others staying as far away as possible to make sure it closed. But even as the last bits of the temple had disappeared, the rift still refused to seal itself.
“I don’t get it! Why isn’t it closing?!” Jake exclaimed, his voice panicked. “There’s nothing left!”
“Oh yes there IS! HIM!” Max replied, pointing over towards the Dark Dragon, who was finally beginning to stir from under the crumbled rock face.
“His body must have become mystically linked to the temple when he went through the first time!” Lao Shi deduced, “As such, he is now PART of the temple! The rift will not close unless he goes back through it!”
“…rrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRR NO!!” the Dark Dragon shouted, suddenly springing to life as he burst from the rubble and thundered forward, grabbing Kim and Ron tightly in his hands. “I won’t go back! Or at least, I won’t go alone!”
Acting quickly, Jake transformed and struck, blowing a wave of dragon’s fire while Rose fired a blast from her Huntsclan spear. Just then, Max appeared behind them and with a twist of his hand, the two streams spiraled together into one swirling attack, striking the Dark Dragon in the face and causing him to lose his grip on Kim and Ron. But now it was Kim and Ron’s turn as they both leaped up, Ron’s Mystical Monkey Powered fist crossing with Kim’s jump kick across the Dark Dragon’s skull, forcing him to collapse to the ground once more.
With the Dark Dragon struggling to rise, it was time to bring the battle to an end as Max leaped over Jake and Rose, slamming the end of his cane into the ground. Suddenly, an explosion of magical energy erupted from the earth, carrying the Dark Dragon off like a tidal wave and sending him flying towards the vortex. Whirling inside as he entered, the Dark Dragon could only bellow in fury as the rift finally sealed, itself, allowing everyone else to breathe a sigh of relief as Max simply clapped off his hands in satisfaction.
… … … …
The endless glitter of the Hong Kong skyline was even more beautiful from the heights of Victoria Peak than it was from when Kim saw it on the balcony of Rose’s apartment. But again, to Kim, it couldn’t have been any less meaningful. There was only one thing she had on her mind at that moment as she sat curled up in Ron’s lap, feeling his arms around her as they traded a series of soft kisses, one after another.
“Now…what did we learn about picking up strange jewelry?” she joked, pulling back for just a moment as she gently tickled Ron under his chin.
“Uh…yeah, point taken, good safety tip from now on,” Ron answered, taking a moment to savor Kim trailing feathery kisses across his cheek before turning and tenderly pressing his forehead to hers. “Thanks for getting him out of my head, KP.”
“Well, somebody should have warned him,” Kim stated, tracing little circles on Ron’s chest as she looked lovingly into his eyes. “If I don’t get my designated cuddle time with my Baby once a day…I get REEEEEEEAALLY nasty.”
“Uh-oh,” Ron noted playfully. “I think I need to do something about that.”
“Mmmmm, I think you’d BETTER,” Kim replied with a blissful grin, grabbing the lapels of Ron’s jacket and pulling him close, softly nuzzling his nose. Another set of soft kisses danced across their lips a moment later, finally growing into one long, deep kiss as they moved in tight. A moment later, they held each other close as they snuggled cheek to cheek, allowing the rest of the world to simply fade away.
“Wow. Even after everything the Dark Dragon made him do, she never gave up on him,” Jake uttered as he stood alongside Rose, neither one of them able to resist a quick spy on Kim and Ron before they turned away behind a big rock. “It’s kinda unreal, huh?”
“No it isn’t,” Rose sighed, turning away from Jake as she felt a twinge of guilt coming over her. “Jake, listen…I don’t think I’ve been very fair to you the last couple of days.”
“Huh? No…Rose, it’s okay, really,” Jake replied, trying to be reassuring. “Look, just forget…”
“It’s just…we went through so much to get to this point…I mean, me in the Huntsclan and then me NOT in the Huntsclan…,” Rose went on, cutting Jake off. “And now, we’ve FINALLY got all that behind us, we’re FINALLY on the same page and I…just want it all right NOW, you know?”
“Yeah, I do,” Jake answered with a solemn nod.
“But then, you’re all the way over there and I’m all the way over here…and it’s just so FRUSTRATING!” Rose continued. “And the last few times, I’ve tried to talk to you about it, but you’ve just been so calm and laid back about everything. And I know I shouldn’t think this way, but I just couldn’t help wondering if you really felt the same way I do and…”
“Rose, listen to me,” Jake blurted out, now his turn to cut Rose off as he took her hands in his and looked up at her, pausing only for a hollow chuckle. “Oh, man…you’re probably gonna think this is the lamest thing I’ve ever said, but I swear to you right now, it is ABSOLUTELY the truth…”
“What?” Rose asked, her soft voice prompting Jake to take a deep, trembling breath before he answered.
“It’s just…the thing is…Rose…the first time you ever looked at me…I knew I’d been waiting my whole life for you,” he uttered, looking deeply into her eyes so she could see it was true. “I guess maybe I just figured…I’d waited THIS long, right? So what’s a little longer? I just…KNEW we were meant to be together…”
“I don’t care about days or weeks or months or even YEARS, okay? I NEED you, Rose. And I’ll wait for you…as long as it takes.”
Rose didn’t say anything at first, looking on at Jake, almost in stunned silence. And Jake wasn’t sure exactly what more he could do or say to move the conversation along until Rose suddenly leaned in, meeting his lips in a soft, lingering kiss. It was only when they broke away and Jake opened his eyes that he saw Rose’s real response, looking at him with a warm, loving smile.
“Believe me, Jake. There isn’t a girl on the planet who would think that was lame,” she voiced, gently gliding her hand along Jake’s cheek, “Especially not me.”
There didn’t seem to be anything more that needed to be said as Jake and Rose hugged each other close before walking down the peak, holding hands and enjoying the view. Meanwhile, Max, Lao Shi and Fu were doing the best they could to look away from both pairs of lovebirds and give them their privacy.
“Well…looks like the party’s winding down,” Max observed, taking another quick look around before he put his hands on Fu and Lao Shi’s shoulders and started guiding them down the peak. “Come on, they’re not going anywhere. I say we hit the Mahjong tables for a couple hours.”
“I say, I like the way he thinks,” Fu added, chuckling in anticipation.
“I only have one question,” Lao Shi asked with a suspicious glint in his eye. “What EXACTLY did you do to the Dragon’s Council? I want to know EVERYTHING.”
“Nothing, nothing. Just relax,” Max answered, turning away for a minute. “That’s reminds me though, just give me a minute.”
Back on the Island of Draco, a spent Dragon’s Council and their equally battered representatives were still trapped in the Council Chamber, due to Max’s barrier over the entrance. However, Max had also thrown up an observing spell, like a glittering television screen, that allowed them all to see everything that had happened since he arrived at Victoria Peak. And they were just watching him leading Lao Shi and Fu away, when Max suddenly turned and walked over to face them. The barrier around the entrance even started to lift as Max leaned in and lowered his glasses for the Council’s benefit.
“Told ya it wouldn’t happen,” he announced smugly, tossing the Dragon’s Council a playful wink before raising his sunglasses. And as Max turned away, laughing in amusement, the observing spell swirled away into glittering wisps.
… … … …
“Oh, for sure we’re gettin’ together tonight…Dream charms it is…Yeah…Yeah, I love you too. Bye, Rose,” Jake replied as he snapped his cell phone shut and turned back into the Spudinski family restaurant.
Kim, Ron and Max were already inside, sitting at a table with Trixie and Spud. Trixie was babbling on and on in her typical shrill way. But finally, she pulled out her cell phone and set the digital camera function, holding her arm out so she could get a picture of her and Kim sitting side by side.
“Aw, yeah! Now that’s what I’M talkin’ about!” Trixie announced excitedly after the phone clicked. “Ain’t nobody gonna tell ME that I didn’t get to spend the day with Kim Possible! You better believe I’m gonna be bloggin’ about this AAAAAAAALL night!”
“No big. I figured it was the least I could do,” Kim replied with a shrug before flashing a stern glare in Max’s direction. “I mean, after what a certain SOMEBODY did…”
“Don’t look at me,” Max stated calmly with a sip of his tea, not even acknowledging her, “YOU’RE the one who was in a hurry.”
“And besides…it looks like Ron has yet another name to add to his fan base,” Kim added as she and Trixie turned the other way to observe Spud.
“This…is the coolest guy…I’ve ever met!” Spud declared, shoving Rufus into Trixie’s face. “Look! He’s got a naked mole rat for a pet! Isn’t he cute?! You wanna hold him?!”
“Uh…I’ll pass,” Trixie answered dryly, lighting pushing Spud back. But this refused to deter Spud as he clutched Rufus and ran past Ron into the kitchen.
“Yeah, I kinda like this kid,” Ron commented, sitting down beside Kim. “It’s like I keep saying, KP…naked mole rats…pets of the future. It’s nice to see that there are people out there who can see that Ron Stoppable KNOWS what he’s talkin’ about.”
“Statistically, I suppose SOMEBODY has to,” Kim replied before following up with a kiss on Ron’s cheek and a playful smile so he would know that she was only teasing.
“Hey Mom, check THIS out! You wanna…?!” Spud called from the kitchen, only to be answered with screams from his mother, followed by clattering pots and pans and crashing silverware.
“RUFUS!!!” Ron shrieked as he ran into the kitchen. Kim, meanwhile, could only shake her head as the ruckus continued in the back.
“Huh!” Max suddenly blurted out for no reason as he took a sip of his tea.
“What’s up?” Jake asked as he sat down at an adjoining table.
“Well, it’s nothing really, I guess. It’s just that with everything that’s happened…I KNOW I’ve forgotten something,” Max answered, pausing to take another sip. “I mean, I know it’s nothing IMPORTANT. It’s just one of those things that I know is gonna drive me nuts until I remember it.”
Max simply kept on sipping his tea in the restaurant, trying to think of exactly what it was that he forgot about. Meanwhile, in a farmer’s field in New Jersey, an innocent grazing cow suddenly let out a curious “Moo!” as Hans Rotwood shambled by, still lost in a daze.
“Yes, I will…go away now…,” Rotwood replied as he staggered on through the field, making his way to parts unknown.
“Yes, I will…go away now…,”
Monkey Power, American Dragon – Monkey Power, American Dragon – Part One