Fruits Basket Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Money doesn't matter ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Sango: Hey…hello Inuyasha are you there
Inuyasha: Yeah what’s up
Sango: I just wanted to know if your going to school tomorrow
Inuyasha: Yeah and I’m going to come take you with me
Sango: Ok I’ll be ready at 7 ok
Inuyasha: Yeah I got to go bye
Sango: Bye
They both hanged up and Sango went to eat dinner with her twin sister Kagome, her mom and dad.
Sango Dad got a big promotion at his job and they had to move from their little town in New Jersey to LA. They had a usual quiet dinners since living in LA, until their mom started a conversation.
Mom: Ever since we moved here you to have been very distant.
Kagome: Maybe because our lives had to change and one of us doesn’t even care
Sango: Or have you ever thought that one of us still isn’t over the lost of her boyfriend and the other just wanted to move on
Dad: Okay! What happen to the two little angels that never left each other side?
Sango: Sorry dad but we have grown up
Kagome: actually we have grown apart ever since we moved here.
Sango: Kagome the life we had was okay but the life we can have now is even better we’re in LA the city of angels.
Kagome: The only reason you’re saying that is because what happen to you and your new boyfriend
Dad: Sango! You have a boyfriend since when? What’s his name?
Sango: I do not have a boyfriend
Kagome: So Inuyasha the boy who your always all over isn’t your boyfriend?
Sango: I’m not all over him and your so pathetic all over my life what about you we been here for 2 months and you only have one friend!
Kagome: May I be excused
Mom: yes you may Kagome
Kagome walked away and their mom and dad gave Sango a disappointed look
Mom: you should be ashamed of yourself you know how sensitive she is
Dad: Yeah go apologize to her
Sango: Okay
Sango walked away rolled her eyes walked up stairs and stared at the door and then she open the door to see her sister crying. She walked up to her.
Sango: I’m sorry Kagome I didn’t really mean it its just that I was angry about you telling them about Inuyasha
Kagome: NO your right I’m just a looser I’m just not used to all this stuff
Sango: You just need a little help. How about you some with me to school and you hang with me it can be like old times
Kagome: okay that will be good I guess
Sango: Okay before that you’ll need a make over we’ll wake up extra early tomorrow for that.
Kagome: Okay I guess I’ll go to sleep now goodnight
Sango: goodnight
Sango walked out and turned off her light then went to her room and change her alarm clock time back 30mins. She went to sleep later the sound of her alarm clock woke her up. She turned it off and went to wake her sister up they brushed their teeth then went to look for clothes for her and Kagome. After that they took showers and Sango curled Kagome’s hair and straighten her hair. They went down stairs and waited for Inuyasha.
Kagome: I feel so nervous I cant believe I look like this
Sango: you look like me
Kagome: Yea but its still weird
Sango: Don’t worry just pretend you’re the hottest girl in the world and feel confident
Kagome: Thank you your the best
Inuyasha called Sango and told her to come outside. Sango and Kagome walked outside Inuyasha saw Kagome and was very shocked they got in the car.
Inuyasha: whoa who is she
Sango: That’s my sister
Inuyasha: Well damn she’s hot where you been hiding her
Sango: In my closet
Inuyasha laughed
Kagome: Hey thanks for giving me a ride too
Inuyasha: Yeah its all good
Sango: Yeah she’ll be hanging out with us for now on
Inuyasha: Okay its alright with me
Kagome: Okay lets go to school
Inuyasha drove to school and they listen to the music. When they pulled up at the school they got out the car and walked in the school. They went into the café to their usual table and saw Koga, and Toru.
Toru: Oh hey Kagome, Sango and Inuyasha
Kagome: Hey Toru
Sango: Hey
Inuyasha: Sup
Koga: Sango has a twin?!
Sango: Yeah I do
Koga: Damn she’s hot
Kagome: Thank you
Inuyasha: Yeah she’s mine
Koga: Just because you have one sister doesn’t mean you get both
Inuyasha: I get them both because I want them both
Koga: Well Kagome doesn’t want you anyways
Inuyasha: Yeah right who doesn’t want me
Kagome: Um I hardly know you so I don’t like you like that
Inuyasha: Hmm that’s something I never heard before do you know who I am
Kagome: Yeah your name is Inuyasha
Inuyasha: I’m the richest and most popular guy at this school
Kagome: Okay I don’t care about your money and how much girls like you
Inuyasha; Hmm that’s a first
Koga: Yeah Inuyasha nobody cares about your fame and fortune
Sango: Wow you actually think we’re that shallow
Toru: Yeah Inuyasha we care about your personality not how much money you have
Inuyasha: I know you do but nobody else actually gets me
Sango: I do
Inuyasha: Yeah but not as much as Toru and Koga do
Sango: Well I know you smell your food before you eat it, and your nose moves when your bored and..
Inuyasha: Okay I get it you know a lot of weird things I do
Toru: There not weird its just different ways of making you different and what makes you Inuyasha
Sango: Yeah what Toru said
Inuyasha: Okay I never thought of it like that
The bell ringed and it was time for them to go to class. They all walked away Sango and Inuyasha went to class together and Kagome, Toru, and Koga went to class together. Inuyasha and Sango sat at the same table in biology class.
Inuyasha: So why all of a sudden you and your sister are hanging out
Sango: Because before we moved here Kagome and her boyfriend were madly in love but we had to move and relationships don’t work out if one lives on the other side of the country. Also for a while she’s been distant and soon we started to go our separate way. Until we got in an argument and we actually talked to each other and I really do miss her.
Inuyasha: Oh so she’ll be hanging with us for now on
Sango: Yeah if you are okay about it
Inuyasha: I’m happy theirs two of you for me
Sango laughs
Sango: Yeah me and my sister don’t share
Inuyasha: Well I feel like you two will learn
Sango: So I’m not enough for you
Inuyasha: Nobody is enough for me I always want more
Sango: Well I guess I’ll have to change that
The teacher started teaching the class and Sango was taking notes in class while Inuyasha just watched her. After a while he got tired and fell asleep and turned around and looked at him. A while later she woke him up.
Inuyasha: How long was I out
Sango: The class is almost over
Inuyasha: Yeah that’s good
Sango laughed. After school they all were on their way leaving when Inuyasha suggested they go hang out at his house.
Koga: Yeah we should no parents
Sango: Okay can we go to our house first so we can get a bathing suit
Toru: Yeah me to
Inuyasha: Okay Koga go home to get ya stuff and meet at my house okay
Koga: Yeah don’t forget to call your security and tell them I’m coming
Inuyasha: Okay I will
Koga: Okay Toru lets go
Toru: See you later
They all left Inuyasha drove Sango and Kagome home they all went in the house and Inuyasha followed Sango To her room and laid on her bed. Sango walked to Kagome’s room
Sango: Do you need something to wear
Kagome: Yeah my bathing suits are kind of lame
Sango: Okay I got the perfect one for you
Kagome: Thank you
Sango: NO problem
Inuyasha screams: What’s taking you two so long
Sango walks to her room.
Inuyasha: Ya ready
Sango: Yea I guess we will change at your house
Inuyasha: Yeah you two can change in my room with me
Sango: um.. I don’t think so
Inuyasha: Well I do so lets go
Inuyasha got off her bed and gave her a kiss and walked out the door. Then he went in front of Kagome door and said lets go and walked out the house.
Sango: I got you’re bikini
Kagome: Okay Inuyasha left already
Sango: Okay lets go
They both left and went into the car they drove to his house and was at the front gate.
Inuyasha: Did Koga show up yet
Security guy: Yeah he been here for about five minutes
Inuyasha: Okay thank you
He drove to his driveway and parked his car in the garage they got out the car and walked into his house. Koga and Toru was waiting they got up and walked toward them.
Koga: Took you guys long enough
Inuyasha: You been waiting five minutes
Koga: I shouldn’t wait a minute
Inuyasha: Yeah whatever okay we can go change
Sango: Where are we suppose to go
Inuyasha: I’ll show you but Koga and Toru you know ya rooms
Koga: Yeah we do
Koga and Toru went to their rooms to change Inuyasha lead Kagome and Toru to his room.
Inuyasha: Here is our room
Kagome: Yeah Can I get my own room or one without you
Inuyasha: You don’t want to share with me
Sango: Inuyasha I told you we are not sharing rooms with you
Inuyasha: Okay just take the to rooms beside mines then
Kagome: Thank you
Kagome walked out and went to the room on the left
Inuyasha: So are me and you sharing a room?
Sango: No we are not sorry
Sango gave him a kiss and walked out to the room on the right. They all changed their clothes and one by one they made their way outside. They sat in the patio waiting for Inuyasha to come out.
Kagome: So how long have you two known Inuyasha?
Koga: Well our family are real good friends so since preschool.
Toru: Yeah our dad’s are best friends and have been since college
Kagome: So are you guys like the 2nd richest in the schoolKoga: No we are the 3rd
Kagome: So who is 2nd
Toru: Kyo
Inuyasha: Why did I hear his name
Toru: Oh because Kagome wanted to know who was the 2nd richest in the school
Inuyasha: why
Kagome: I thought they were and I was just curious
Inuyasha: Or is it because who want a rich boyfriend
Toru: Inuyasha that was mean
Sango: My sister isn’t like that and you should apologize to her
Inuyasha: Yeah what ever
Inuyasha walked back inside his house.
Koga: I’m sorry Kagome but he and Kyo has a bad past
Kagome: what happen with them
Toru: Inuyasha and Kyo used to be step brothers and after Kyo’s mom and his dad had a divorced things begin to change but slowly. They started arguing a lot and then one day Kyo took his girlfriend away from Inuyasha. After that Inuyasha and Kyo have been worst enemies
Sango: Wow that has to be very hard for him to handle
Kagome: I have to go apologize to him
Sango: He’s probably in his room watching TV
Koga: Yeah that’s what I was going to say
Kagome got up and walked towards where she thinks Inuyasha room is. She took a guess this is where his room was so she opened the door and saw him laying on his bed flipping through the channels. She walked inside and close the door behind her.
Inuyasha: I’m not apologizing to her
Kagome: it’s okay I came to apologize to you
Inuyasha turned around
Inuyasha: what are you doing here
Kagome: I came to apologize to you
Inuyasha: Why are you apologizing to me
Kagome: Because I brought up old and painful memories to you. I didn’t take any notice to who was popular and You are in each group. I don’t even know that 2nd place boy until today.
Kagome walked over to Inuyasha and he sat up and looked at her as she sat on his bed.
Kagome: I know how you feel
Inuyasha: Yeah and how’s that
Kagome: You feel betrayed hurt that one of the two most important people in your life can just betray you like that
Inuyasha: Yeah but do you know how that feels
Kagome: Yes I do, I was about to give my virginity away to my boyfriend that I loved to death until I found out my best friend already beat me to it and now their having a baby.
Inuyasha: Well no need for revenge
Kagome laughed: Yeah I guess
Inuyasha: So I guess after that I must say sorry so sorry
Kagome: No it’s okay
Inuyasha: No I should of never yelled at you like you were here even though it happen a month before you came here
Kagome: How long did you know my sister
Inuyasha: Since the first day of school in the hallway when Koga said I needed to move on and date then I saw her looking lost so that’s when I made my move since I knew she was a knew student
Kagome: How did you know
Inuyasha: Because she was looking lost and the fact I never seen her before also she didn’t know my name
Kagome: Oh she really like you
Inuyasha: I like her too
Kagome: good you better
Inuyasha: You know every time a girl comes up to my room and touches my bed I have to have sex with her it’s a rule
Kagome: Wow you’re so bad you break your own rules
Inuyasha: No I make exceptions
Kagome: Yeah me Toru and my sister are exceptions
Inuyasha: Toru yes you maybe but your sister is my girlfriend
Kagome: So you mean to tell me you took my sister virginity
Inuyasha: Your sisters a virgin
Kagome: Yeah so that means you haven’t had sex yet
Inuyasha: I think we should back outside
Kagome: Okay lets go
They both got up and Kagome ran and Inuyasha followed her then they went outside and saw Koga, Toru and Sango playing in the water.
Inuyasha: Sango you couldn’t wait for me
Sango got out the water and ran up to him
Sango: You two took forever to come back down and we were bored sorry
Inuyasha: It takes time to apologize to people
Kagome went and jump in the water and played with koga and toru. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around Sango and kissed her
Inuyasha: You’re so wet
Sango: Yeah I was in the pool
Inuyasha: Are you cold
Sango: Yeah kind of
Inuyasha: Okay I’ll put the pool heater on
Inuyasha walked to the door and put the heater to the pool on and then ran and jumped Sango jumped in after him. They played around in the pool for a while. They all got out sat and talked.
Inuyasha: Why don’t you guys stay the night over
Koga: Okay I’m in
Toru: yeah I’m in
Sango: Yeah our dad wouldn’t let us spend the night at your house
Inuyasha: Okay just say you’re staying at Toru’s house
Sango: Okay Kagome you have to call
Kagome: Why me
Sango: Because thanks to you dad thinks I have a boyfriend
Inuyasha: Maybe because you do have a boyfriend
Kagome: Okay what ever
Kagome called her dad and told him that her and Sango are staying at torus house tonight and he was okay with it because today was Friday.
Inuyasha: Okay lets go clean ourselves up and I’ll give you to something to sleep in.
Sango: okay
They walked up stairs and they went in there rooms. Inuyasha walked in kagome room and gave her a shirt and some shorts that belong to him. Then Inuyasha walked in Sango’s room and stared at her body.
Inuyasha: Why aren’t we sharing rooms
Sango: I don’t know
Inuyasha: Well I might have to sneak in here when nobodies up
Sango: Yeah and I’ll lock my door
Inuyasha: Sango you would really do that to me
Sango: yes I will why is sex all you think about
Inuyasha: I don’t only think about that
Sango: Yeah you kind of do
Inuyasha: Maybe because I cant control myself around you you’re so sexy
Sango: Thanks but I’m just not ready for that yet