❯ Milk ( with a straw) and Bubble Tea – Who what where? ( Chapter 1 )

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Milk (with a straw) and Bubble Tea.

“I’ve never done anything like this before…”
“Me neither! There’s a lot of stuff I haven’t done before…like pogo sticks.”
“Yeah! Those big metal sticks with springs and handles that people jump around on. I’ve never gotten the hang of `em…”
“That…sounds different.”
“It’s supposed to be a lot of fun! But I keep falling over. I do that with bikes, too, until I got a lot of practice. Dad would hold onto the seat and we’d both go into a ditch because he never knew when to let go-”
“Can I take your order?”
“Um, a bubble tea for me, please.”
“One bubble tea and one milk-”
“With a straw.”
“- and one milk with a straw, okay, I’ll be right back.”
“Thankya very much!”
“Um, yes…xiexie.”
“Ooh! I know that! It’s `yer welcome’ in Vietnamese!”
“…it means `thank you’ in Chinese.”
“Oh. Um.”
“You look pretty strong. Are you a martial artist?”
“I am, actually.”
“I bet you’re….a tae-kwan-doist!”
“Kenpo, actually.”
“Really? That’s cool! I wanted to try karate but the teacher cried after I couldn’t touch my toes and told me not to come back.”
“Are you okay? Even for a kung-fu master, that had to hurt.”
“Uh…no, thanks to my life I constantly am pounding my head into things harder than tables…”
“Do you do a lot of facefaults or somethin’?”
“…um. Yes…”
“Your drinks.”
“Thanks miss!”
“Thank you.”
“…moths, ya know?”
“Why are they all flyin’ around lights? Wouldn’t they get burned?”
“I don’t know. Perhaps it’s like people being attracted to neon signs?”
“Yeah! That must be it.”
“What made you think of that?”
“Well, I was thinkin’ about mayflies…”
“Yeah. If they live fer less than a day, then wouldn’t they live real fast?”
“So…does that mean we look slow to them?”
“Could be. Maybe they’re secretly martial art masters!”
“Ya think so?”
“Well, a master martial artist is supposed to be able to see the swing of a katana, so maybe they’ve mastered an art so well that they live it and burn up, so they die quickly and must pass on their skills to the next generation?”
“That must be it! You sure are smart.”
“I suppose so.”
“I’m not too bright, because I’m not big on studying. But I’m real patient…when I remember what I’m doing.”
“Well, I’m fairly patient too. I suppose we’d get along well.”
“Uh huh. It was nice meeting you, Shiki-san.”
“Please – call me Shuto, Ms. Kasuga.”
“Then you gotta call me Ayumu. Or Osaka.”
“It’s where I’m from, and a lotta my friends call me that, so sometimes when people call me Ayumu I lose track…”
“Then wouldn’t it be better for me to refer to you as such?”
She smiled, standing. “I guess it’d give me somethin’ to look forward to, huh? I hope we can do this again soon, Shuto-kun.”
He smiled warmly at her, his handsome face lighting up. “I would certainly enjoy that, Ayumu-san.”

Yes, I made an Azumanga Daioh/ Hentai Kamen crossover. I still think this would be a hilarious couple. Don’t own nothin’, folks.

For those still lost, read/watch Azumanga Daioh, and then hit up mangafox or some other site for Hentai Kamen. Shuto (Shuutou) Shiki is from Kamen, Ayumu Kasuga (Osaka) is from Azumanga.