Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Mightyest Saiyan Contest, Broly Versus Gohan ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Broly rose from the throne he was sitting on, as the two Spectrans lowered their arms to their sides. “I thought the earthlings would send the father not the brat,” Broly said as he walked towards Gohan.
“Sorry to disappoint,” Gohan said fearlessly.
“Is Kakarot to cowardly to face me again?” Broly towered over Gohan.
“No,” Gohan said starring up into the giant’s eyes, “he’s dead.”
“Little whinny Kakarot, died,” Broly let out a little chuckle.
“He died saving the world,” Gohan said still starring defiantly, “but don’t worry I’m more then strong enough to deal with you.”
“We will see,” Broly said as he sat back on his throne. “I assume you have come here to partake in the single combat for the fate of Earth?”
“No, I’ve come here to beat you and free Earth,” Gohan boldly said as he braced himself.
“Not here,” Broly raised his hand, motioning for Gohan to stop, “We will fight in the arena.”

Gohan looked through the gate before him across the arena and through the other gate at Broly; slowly the gates began to open both fighters flew forward entering the battlefield.

Videl starred down on the battlefield as both opponents glared at each other, she looked to her sides both the yellow and purple Spectran Elites were still guarding her.

“So you chose to be beat in front of all your people?” Gohan smirked.
“No,” Broly said as he adjusted his gauntlets, “I chose to murder Earth’s champion in front of my subjects.” Broly charged at Gohan who easily dodged the oncoming attack and smashed his heel into the great Saiyan. Broly spun into the ground as the audience gasped. Broly pushed himself off the ground and chuckled, “So you’ve improved since we last met,” Broly flew back up to Gohan’s altitude, “So have I.” Broly began to charge as his aura shifted to a golden green, his hair blew up turning the same shade as his aura, his eyes a piercing green. Again he charged at Gohan, he punch was caught by Gohan who flipped him over head. “You truly are stronger,” Broly chuckled as his aura began radiating around him, green lightning cracked around him, “Super Saiyan 2.”
“Not impressed Broly,” Gohan said as yet again Broly charged at him, Gohan ducked under the swinging arms and delivered three powerful blows to Broly’s abdomen.
“Then how about Super Saiyan 3,” Broly smirked confidently as he powered up, his hair began to grow as it reached his lower back.
“Ya, I’ve seen this trick,” Gohan said yawning.
“You worm,” Broly screamed, “you think that you can beat me when you aren’t even a Super Saiyan.” Broly charged at Gohan unleashing a furry of hits each of which Gohan easily blocked. Broly vanished and reappeared behind Gohan, Gohan shifted his head causing Broly’s punch to miss. Gohan grabbed Broly’s arm with his right hand and elbowed him in the stomach with his left; he let go as the Saiyan King curled, Gohan spun smashing his right hand into the side of his head. Broly collided with the arena wall and blasted back into the fight swinging his foot into Gohan’s direction; Gohan slid to the right and sent his own foot into Broly’s face. Broly flew backwards grabbing at his face, “You will DIE!”
Gohan shrugged his shoulders as Broly began to charge his aura again, “What’s next Broly? You going to grow your hair even longer?”
Broly smirked as his aura pulsed around him, “No worm, I will show you my true form as the Legendary Saiyan.” His aura turned to a pure dark green as he wretched in pain, his hair shortened back to its Super Saiyan length now also a dark green. His arms and chest were now covered in green fur that matched his hair, except for his pectorals and abs. He had grown a long furry monkey tail.
Gohan’s eyes narrowed as Broly’s power increased, ‘he truly is powerful, maybe just as powerful as me.’ Gohan wasted no time as he began to charge first his aura began to burn a blinding white soon blue lightning began to crack around him, “I’m ready when you are.”
“I’m ready boy,” the two most powerful Saiyans charged at each other, the force from their impact cracked the arena.

Videl looked down in worry, “Come on Gohan,” she could tell from her own ki sensing ability that they were extremely close in power levels.

Gohan smashed his fist into Broly’s face, who grabbed his arm and smashed his fist into the bottom of Gohan’s jaw. Gohan pulled his arm free and back flipped out of Broly’s oncoming kick. Gohan charged at Broly spinning and smashing his foot into the side of Broly’s face, he pulled his foot back and punched, Broly swung his fist forward. The two fists collided sending both fighters backwards. Gohan looked up as a small black and green orb flew at his head; Gohan raised his right hand flicking a blue blast that shot into the orb blowing it up. Broly’s fist pushed through the smoke knocking Gohan back. Gohan spun in the air, catching himself he dived at Broly driving both fists into the behemoths upper chest. “So you truly are stronger than your father,” Broly said as the two fighters floated across from each other.
“Ya, and plenty stronger than you,” Gohan said as he sped at Broly dodging a series of oncoming punches, getting close enough to uppercut into the Saiyan’s chest.
Broly regained his composure and dived at Gohan; Gohan disappeared and reappeared behind Broly, punching him in the back. “Nice moves boy, but they aren’t going to save you,” Broly dipped under the oncoming kick and shot two fists into the young man’s chest. Gohan looked up and saw green energy focusing in each of Broly’s hands. Broly shot the orbs forward; Gohan dodged the first one and crossed his forearms blocking the second one. Broly darted forward as Gohan dodged to the left driving his fist into the Legendary Saiyans face. Broly flipped downward and sped up grabbing Gohan in a full nelson, “Kill his whore!” Broly yelled up to his two Spectrans. Gohan screamed in anger as he ripped his arms free turning and bashing his fist into Broly’s face, he sped off to where Videl was in danger.

Videl turned as the two Spectrans, both of significantly lower level than Amaranth, charged at her; she dodged the yellow ones punch, and hopped over the purple ones kick. The yellow one managed to connect his right fist to her stomach, she curled in pain as she spat up blood. The purple one raised his hand and released an extremely powerful ki blast, Videl screamed. The smoke cleared and Videl stood there, she wiped the blood from her mouth as her aura burnt a dark purple, black lightning cracked around her. Videl charged at the purple one, dodging the second blast and driving her knee up into its chest. The purple one fell to the ground as blood bubbled out of his mouth. Videl turned to the yellow woman as she brought both arms up before her, “Justice Cannon!” purple energy swirled around Videl’s arms before it shot, punching the enemy through the wall. The purple man got to his feet and charged at Videl, she dodged to the left and smashed her elbow into its back.
“Videl!” She turned to see Gohan hovering at the balcony, a look of shock on his face.
“I’m fine,” Videl said as Broly tackled Gohan back into the arena. She was about to dart after her fiancé when she heard a voice behind her.
“Not so fast little lady,” Videl turned to see both Spectrans injured and ready to continue the battle. She sped into the first one delivering a powerful bunch while dodging their kick.

Broly pushed Gohan into the ground, and stood up smiling with pride, “Huh, not so powerful after all.”
Gohan open his eyes and swung his feet tripping Broly, “Still strong enough,” Gohan said in a cocky tone as both fighters prepared to continue the battle. They both charged at each other shifting into an exchange of hits so fast the audience that hadn’t left in fear couldn’t follow. Gohan slammed his right foot into Broly, then back into the speed blitz. Broly shot a fist into Gohan’s chest; Gohan ducked under the next attack and sent Broly back with his own punch. Gohan dodged side to side as Broly unleashed a shower of green ki blasts. Gohan was just close enough when Broly smacked him to the ground his right hand. Gohan created a massive crater as he crashed.
Broly picked him up by the top of his head and began delivering a series of powerful punches to his face, “This is the end brat.” Broly pulled back his arm ready to deliver the final blow, he released his fist. Gohan grabbed it and smashed his boot into Broly’s head sending him flipping backwards. Broly braced himself as Gohan delivered a powerful kick to the dictator’s face. Gohan flipped himself over Broly’s head and sent him flying with a massive kick. Gohan disappeared; he reappeared in Broly’s flight path and with an uppercut sent Broly into the air. Gohan again reappeared in Broly’s way this time delivering a series of punches to the chest and face before pulling his arm back and smashing his fist into Broly’s face sending him crashing to the ground.
Gohan pulled his arms to his side, “Kameha,” blue energy began swirling into the cupped hands. Broly opened the one eye he could and looked up in fear, “MEHA!” Gohan pushed his arms forward releasing the massive blue blast. Broly brought both his arms up pushing against the blast. “Not a chance Broly, your just a second rate Saiyan,” Gohan pushed both arms down forcing the blast to engulf Broly. Gohan lowered himself to the ground, landing beside the empty crater that Broly last stood, “Well Broly you may have been the strongest Saiyan, but this Semi-Saiyan just proved he’s leagues above you.” Just then there was a massive explosion up from the observation deck, “Videl!” Gohan blasted up there to see Videl unleash a massive purple orb blowing the back wall to pieces and ending the yellow Spectran. “Wow, what have you been eating?” Gohan asked as he felt Videl’s power level, it easily surpassed Mina’s and rivalled Uub’s.
“I don’t know…” Videl began to faint, Gohan rushed over catching her.
“I’ve got you,” Gohan said as he looked down lovingly.

Azure now sat on the throne, Gohan and Videl standing before her, “Thank you both so much.”
“No problem,” Videl said as she stepped forward and bowed followed by Gohan.
“You need not ever bow before a ruler of Spectra, for your are its liberators, we owe you everything. If every there is anything we can do just let us know.”
“Well actually,” Gohan smiled, “could you get us a ride home?”
“It will be done.”

Gohan and Videl again starred out then space ship window, “So I was thinking next week,” Videl said turning to Gohan, “how does that sound?”
“For what?” Gohan asked looking at her.
“You said you wanted to get married right away,” Videl said walking close to Gohan.
“Ya but why wait a week?”
“Because silly, I need a dress, we need a cake, we have to send invitations, organize a dinner, and plan the ceremony,” Videl wrapped her arms around Gohan.
“Ya, I’m pretty sure we can do that in a day,” Gohan bent his head down and kissed his soon to be wife.

Videl awoke the next morning and sat on the edge of the bed looking out the window, it had been a week since they took off from Spectra and earth was now fully in view. Slowly the panelling came down shielding the window, Videl turned to the sleeping Gohan, “Wake up and get dressed, we’re home.”
Gohan stirred awake and smiled, “Good, cause we have a long day in front of us.” Gohan and Videl waited at the door; slowly it opened as the morning light poured in. They both inhaled the fresh air, “Ah it’s good to be home.”
“Where is everyone?” Videl asked as they stepped out of the ship, there was a large boom as the ship took off again. Videl and Gohan turned to see the Z-Scouts and the rest of Earth’s heroes gathered outside Gohan and Videl’s home.
“Gohan!” Goten yelled as he jumped into his older brother’s arms, “You’re back.”
“Ya and we have great news,” Gohan said putting down his little brother a large smile on his face, “We’re getting married tomorrow.”
“It’s about time,” Bulma said.
“They’ve only been engaged for a year,” Chichi stated glaring at her friend.
Bulma ignored it, “We’re all so happy for you.” Bulma ran towards the young couple hugging them, soon everyone had hugged the soon to be wed couple.

There was a large party to celebrate the return of the two heroes, the saving of Earth, and the upcoming nuptials, after they all helped Gohan make all the arrangements as Videl and the scouts went to find her dress. Uub turned to Gohan, “congratulations.”
“Thanks,” Gohan said as Mina pushed her way past him looping her arm around Uub and pulled him onto the dance floor.
“So when are we getting married?” she asked causing Uub to stammer and blush, “Just kidding.”

Soon the party died down and everyone went home, Videl was picking up the dirty dishes when she was spun around by Gohan who grabbed her and embraced her in a passionate kiss, the dishes fell to the floor. “So how was your last night as Miss Satan?”
“Not nearly as good, I’m sure as being Misses Son will be,” she said playfully kissing him again.
“Uh hem,” the two turned to see Chichi had let herself in they both began to blush. “May I talk to Videl alone?” she starred at Gohan; he quickly bent over picking up the dropped dishes and sped into the kitchen.”
“Yes Chichi,” Videl asked not quite sure why her future mother-in-law had come back after the party.
“I just want you to know that I’m extremely proud of my boy, and well,” Tears began to swell in her eyes, “I just wanted to tell you that I couldn’t be more happy that you two are getting married.” Chichi ran towards Videl hugging her as she cried. “I’m so proud of both of you,” Videl began to feel awkward as Chichi began sobbing uncontrollably and going on about how happy she was.
“Gohan!” Videl called.
He entered the room surprised to see his mom balling, “Is she okay?”
“Yes I’m just so happy,” Chichi said now latched onto Gohan.
“How about I take you home now,” Gohan said as he picked up his mother, “I’ll be back in a second,” he leant over and kissed Videl on the cheek. He sped out the door and Videl continued to clean up the mess that was her house.
“No wonder we have these things at Bulma’s house,” she said to herself as she began loading the dishes into the washer.
“Ya,” Videl turned to see her fiancé back already carrying a load of dishes, “she has robots to do this stuff.”

Soon the house was clean and the two had made their way to bed, “Videl,” Gohan sat up looking at the beautiful young woman. “Where did the power increase come from?”
“I truly don’t know,” Videl said sitting up half asleep, “But we can deal with that after the wedding,” she laid back down and closed her eyes.
“Aren’t you curious?” Gohan asked.
“Yes,” she reached her arm up pulling Gohan onto the bed beside her as she snuggled up to him, placing her head on his chest, draping her arm across him. “But currently I’m more tired,” with that the two fell asleep resting for their big day.

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