SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Merciless High General Ace ( Chapter 19 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Crap crap crap!”
Slam! A muffled explosion came from behind the door.
“Okay… too close,” Daichimaru panted leaning against the door.
Commander Baku coughed and rubbed his right leg, “There are many of those wolves. Too many to count.”
“At least we got rid of that bunch,” Captain nodded, “Daichimaru; I request you have better aim next time.” The young musha archer narrowed his eyes at Captain; he knew all to well that was a bad shot that almost killed them, no need to rub it in!
Celestin looked around, “At least we are back where we started, thanks Hanabi.”
“Sure thing Last Knight,” she chirped.
Bakunetsumaru looked around walking towards where they became separated, “Looks like a dead end now.”
“It doesn’t look like they were squished,” Madnug spoke, “Captain, do you see what my scanners are picking up.”
Captain nodded, “Yes, there is an opening on the other side, looks like a tunnel as well.”
Madnug took of his scanner, “They must have gone down there. They are in the Fortress somewhere.”
“But where,” Zero questioned, “That is what I am worried about.”
Hanabi shrugged, “Maybe they were eaten.” Daichi, Celestin, Zero, and both Baku’s glared at her, “What?! What! It’s a joke!” She added defensively, “Joke! Come on guys.”
Baku snarled, “That is a sour joke.”
Daichimaru looked around, “Guess we’ll have to go around, it’ll take to long to dig through the rubble. And we might end back up in the cell. So should go… this way!” He pointed further down the hall leading to a corner and window.
“How about you all just go to hell!”
“Huh!?” The group spun around to the rubble, did it just speak?
“How’s there!?” Captain ordered.
“Good, even your scanners cannot see me.” There’s a rattling of metal followed by a deep throated snarl as the booming voice spoke again, “Good bye world killers!” Erupting from the rubble, a powerful and wide energy shot launched at the gundams and human pushing them down the hall and through the window.
“Hang on!” Captain grabbed the guard rail reaching out to find Daichimaru, who in turn grabbed Hanabi. “Oh no! Zero! Bakunetsumaru!”
“I got them!” Zero found his feet and grabbed Commander Baku who grabbed young Baku.
“Thanks, never thought I be saved by myself.” The samurai sighed.
“Come on Celestin!”
“I’m fine!” Celestin and Madnug pulled themselves up and back onto the balcony.
“What the hell was that?” Bakunetsu shouted.
“It’s High General Ace!” Hanabi shouted, “He’s the only one with cannons that strong! We have to run!”
“Where?” Baku asked.
“Up!” Daichimaru fired a grappling hook up several floors and started to climb. Those who could fly followed suit and pulled up those who couldn’t.
General Ace, leader of the Caynin Wolf Pack howled as he followed them outside and up, “You won’t get away that easily!” The invisible foe dug his claws into the side of the fortress snarling as he went. He had to hurry, the intense weight of his bulk and weapons severally slowed down the tank of a general.
“Hurry, hurry!” Commander Baku lead them around the outside landing back to the front of the fortress, in sight of the major battle field they had to but as much distance between them and the giant wolf as possible. Shouting of war, screams, and dying cries continued to ring across the landscape. Universal Castle launched its cannon into the mid of the field, Azural and the Kraken were able to keep their foes on swampy ground, Grappler Gouf has yet to given up, continuously shouting orders over the roar of battle, Loki and Tunk kept any air attacks under control. It was obvious both sides were growing weary. No one was sure how long the fighting had been going on, but the sun nearing its highest point.
“Everyone hang in there!” Hanabi yelled at the battle field, “You can win. Just hold out a little longer!”
High General Ace roared again from behind them, “What a joke! You can never beat the Angel of Death. I will make sure of it!” Another shot fired as they ducked, feeling the energy grazed across their backs.
“You aren’t the only one with an energy attack!” Celestin turned pulling forward his cannon and fired a mana pulse at the invisible wolf.
Ace grunted from the hit, the cloak dying for a quick second before restarting, it was enough of a glimpse to see the large grey and black wolf had inch thick near impenetrable golden armor, “Nice try pup!” He raised a large paw and swiped Celestin, Bakunetsumaru, and Daichimaru away, back inside the fortress, the sheer force of the hit was enough to knock all three unconscious as they fell to the nearest floor, “Now! Who else dares to challenge the might of the Caynin Army?”
“Daichimaru!” Commander Baku called out watching his son go flying quite possibly to his death.
“We have a winner!”
“Huh?” Commander turned back to the voice only to feel himself get tossed skyward by the High General’s jaws, “Ahhhhh!”
“Commander!” Madnug called out.
“Go join him!” Ace then bit down on Madnug’s jets and launched him skywards. Zero gasped and flew upwards to save them from a hard fall.
Ace laughed, “Three up, three higher up!” He stood on his hid legs and reaching up and knocking that trio through the walls, making the bounce up higher and get caught on a railing knocking the wind out of all of them.
Captain took the chance to fire at General Ace’s under side, at least where he hoped it was. Success, the wolf yelped in pain bringing his mighty fore paws back down and pinning Captain under him, “My orders were to not kill you.” Ace’s invisibly dissipated, “You have no idea how lucky you are, gundam scum!”
“Let go of him!” Hanabi tried to attack only to get caught under Ace’s other paw.
“Aww, how cute, and typical!” He scoffed, “You humans and gundams, working together to destroy planets and kill the natural inhabitants. You don’t deserve to live!”
“Neither do you hypocrite!” With that the Kraken launched at the Ace grabbing him in a tentacle grasp. Azural shouted over the speaker as she pulled his up, “I got him! Run! Go get the others! Hurry!”
“Witch!” High General Ace turned to the water beast jumping at and began to rip the mechanical amphibious vessel apart, “Go join the others of your kind!”
“Forget about me!” the pirate yelled at Captain, “Go! Find them! Rewrite history! Make sure this never has to happen! Save my family! Save us all!”
Captain nodded, “I will Azural! Don’t you worry! Hurry Hanabi!” With that promise Captain scooped up the young human and flew into the hole Ace had made earlier, but no one was to be found.
“Where did they go? Captain questioned flying further inside.
Hanabi shrugged, “I don’t know. But we are near that prison I was talking about!”
Captain nodded, “Please be okay Shute. I know you are here. He must be close by. My Soul Drive says so.”
Zero coughed rubbing just below his soul stone as he grunted in pain, “Damn over sized wolf….” He slid back to his feet and looked around, “Are you two alright.”
“I’ve been worse.” Commander Bakunetsumaru replied, lying on his back as his right limbs sparked, “Madnug? You still alive.”
Madnug gave a gruff huff and he sat up, “I’m okay, save for my jet pack.” He turned his head completely around to look at the bitten metal, “I should have expected the leader of Caynin could do that. That was careless.”
Commander waved, “Don’t worry about it. We are alive. And so are the others.”
“How can you be sure?” Zero inquired.
“Nothing’s changed, that’s how I know,” he stood up rubbing the injured leg and smiled, “My nano skin still cannot fix these wounds; therefore my younger self is still alive in here. Somewhere.” Baku looked around forlorn, he could tell they were higher up but didn’t know where exactly. “Let’s go. Now we have eight to find.”
“Right behind you Commander,” Madnug replied marching after him, “Come on Zero.”
“Round and round and round roses riceballs round and round with the stars and the moons~”
“Snap out of it man!” Bakunetsumaru smacked Celestin on the back of his head.
“Ah!” The knight flared at the samurai, “Bakunetsumaru! What was that for?”
“You shouldn’t be sleeping behind enemy lines, that’s what!”
Daichimaru clutched his pounding head, “Keep your voice down will you. Someone is going to hear. Oh my head…. Ow.” He stumbled around trying to regain some balance.”
Baku growled at the two youngsters, “Are you two okay? Nothing broken at least?”
“We’re fine,” they answered in unison.
“Good. Now… uh, we need to go… um…” Baku looked around uncertain he had no clue as to where they currently were within the fortress.
Daichimaru piped in, “We should hide. Only three of us will be easy pickings in here. Follow me. We’ll go into an air shaft and use that to get around.”
“An air shaft,” Celestin repeated incredulously, “I hope you are not serious.”
“Air shaft or meet big, black, and hairy again,” Daichi replied as he walked past Bakunetsumaru, “If any one sees us, High General Ace will be after us in no time. Remember what happened on Caynin.”
“Don’t remind me,” Celestin followed after his friend leaving the confused samurai behind.
“Wait up!” Baku called chasing after them, “What happened on Caynin?”
Daichi turned to face him, “Short version. High General Ace took a chomp out of the Gundamusai before we were able to clear the planet’s surface.”
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