Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Memories and Emotions ( Chapter 4 )

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Memories and Emotions
“Why are you with carrot top over there?”
“Yeah, we’re much more fun, why don’t you come spend some time with us?”
Yuki’s straight face tightened, and his mouth pressed into a thin line, but that was nothing compared to Mr. Temper right next to him.
Kyo was trying to stay calm, but it wasn’t working. He was really pissed now. Really. Really. Pissed. Off.
His shoulders were bunched and his hands were clenched into fists so tight, he would break a knuckle if he squeezed them any tighter. His teeth were gritted, practically cracking from the strain, and a low mix between a hiss and a growl was steadily rolling off of his tongue. What pissed him of the most was the gall those guys had, to try to advance on Yuki like this with Kyo right next to him.
“Hey babe, I’m talking to you.” One guy said roughly, coming out of nowhere, his hand tightly gripping Yuki’s shoulder, with no intention of letting him go.
Kyo snapped.
He dropped the bags and lashed out, his fist trained on the chest of the man behind Yuki. If he were lucky, he would do some serious damage to the man with that first punch. The guy was going to loose that arm for laying it on Yuki, and Kyo was not going to give any mercy.
Kyo’s fist connected with the man’s nose and sent him flying into another one of the men. A full brawl started instantly, everyone attacking Kyo. Kyo took a few good punches, but mostly dealt them, when Yuki, out of nowhere, was fighting by his side and sending the men flying.
Kyo straightened, cracking his knuckles to pop two of his fingers back into place, wincing as he did so. Yuki sighed, sliding his headband back into his hair and hitting his skirt a few times to fix the way it hung. They looked up, hearing the crickets as they noticed the crowd of people around them. They looked down simultaneously, finally noticing that they must have looked like quite a sight. A boy and a girl, standing surrounded by at least fifteen unconscious grown men. One by one, the crowd started clapping, a few even whistled.
Yuki grabbed Kyo’s hand and Kyo grabbed the bags, both quickly dashing off.
Shigure’s House
“You’re late.” Shigure accused as Kyo and Yuki ran in the door, slamming it behind them and leaning over, hands on their knees as they both panted, their tongues were practically hanging out of their mouths.
“We… ran into some… trouble.” Yuki breathed heavily, straightening up and picking the grocery bags up off the floor.
“What sort of trouble?” Shigure pressed further.
“Nothing much, nothing that we couldn’t take care of.” Yuki smiled slyly, disappearing into the kitchen to help Tohru with the dinner.
Kyo smirked, his eyes popping as he realized what he was doing. He was smiling at Yuki. He shook his head and raced upstairs to his room, slamming his door in his haste. He flopped back onto his bed and closed his eyes, thinking.
What is wrong with me?! Yuki is a guy! And he’s going to remember that soon and start to hate me again! Kyo bit his lip and rolled over onto his side.
That’ll be for the better. He tried to convince himself, desperately trying to ignore how much that sounded like a lie. Even to himself.
It’ll be better that way. Besides, I still have Tohru. He told himself again, grinding his teeth into his lip until it bled.
“Kyo!” Tohru called from the bottom of the stairs. “Dinner’s ready!”
Kyo forced himself up from the bed and walked over to the window, he could taste the liquid, red salt on his lip and he wanted to see how bad it was bleeding. He didn’t need Tohru—or worse, Yuki—freaking out because he was bleeding. He managed to see his lip well enough in the dim light of twilight, and sighed when he saw that it was barely a miniscule cut. If anyone noticed, they probably would’ve thought his lips were just chapped.
He licked it before starting down the stairs, hesitating when he saw Tohru waiting for him at the bottom, one of her huge, loveable, goofy smiles lighting the entire house, but he decided to smile back, walking down the stairs a little faster than he normally would’ve.
He met her at the bottom, smiling back as they walked to the kitchen and sat down. The second he saw the rat, he scowled, yanking his bowl off the table and shoveling the food into his mouth as fast as he could without choking. He could feel Yuki’s gaze on him and wanted to get away from it as fast as possible. Damn hormones.
“Kyo, you’re going to inhale half of that into your lungs if you don’t slow down.” Yuki chided, chuckling. Kyo huffed in response.
He swallowed the rest of his food in one mouthful and slammed his bowl down in the table, beside him, Shigure sighed in annoyance.
“Done.” Kyo snapped, mostly to himself before storming out of the house. He jammed his hands into his pockets, stalking off towards the woods until the hair on the back of his neck prickled and he heard someone else shut the front door behind them as they stepped outside. He didn’t have to turn around to know who it was.
“What?” he snarled, not budging an inch.
“Kyo, I need to ask you a favor.” Yuki said in return.
“… Well!?” Kyo prodded harshly when Yuki didn’t answer.
“I think I need you to fight me.”
Kyo blinked, and finally turned. This pessimistic Yuki wanted to fight?
Yuki shifted uneasily. “For the past few days, I’ve had this wired feeling in my muscles, and I think I need to use them. Really use them to stretch them out. Will you fight me?” he repeated, his hands folded in front of him.
“Only if you promise to actually fight back.” Kyo finally said, giving in. “The last thing I need is you bailing in the middle of a fight and me kicking your lungs in.”
Yuki bit his lip, but finally nodded. Kyo sighed and began rolling his shoulders. “Now?”
Yuki nodded, and spread his feet apart into a fighting stance. Kyo brought his fists up, curling them, and charged, he had been so wired for a fight for weeks. He was so glad that he could actually fight Yuki.
Kyo kicked, delivering the first attack. Yuki swiftly dodged, ducking under Kyo’s leg to slam his cousin in the back.
Kyo recovered after pulling his head out of the side of the house. He roared, charging again only to barely dodge another vicious kick. It was almost as if this girl-Yuki in front of him didn’t know the freakish strength that Yuki possessed, or wasn’t quite remembering just how much he had.
Kyo punched, and then as the rat ducked, Kyo kicked, his eyes popping as he caught Yuki across the cheek. He had actually hit Yuki. Actually hit him. The next feeling that washed over him was regret, instant regret, and worry that he might’ve hurt Yuki, he knew he wasn’t the only one worried when he heard Tohru shriek over by the door and Shigure suck in a sharp. Surprised breath.
Yuki’s fall seemed so slow that Kyo swore he would’ve been able to do a lap around the house in the time it took for him to fall halfway to the ground, and then, he was gone. Kyo looked around frantically, and the rat materialized out of thin air behind him, kicking him sharply across the back of the neck.
Kyo felt two things as he flew forward, relief that Yuki wasn’t hurt, and then pain, nothing but sharp pain as headlights came out of nowhere, to close for him comfort, and then, black.
Everything was black.
“Kyo!” Tohru yelled, dashing forward, but Yuki easily beat her to his cousin.
“Hmph.” Akito huffed, stepping out of the car with an obvious air of disinterest. “I guess I was going too fast, but you’d think with him being the cat, he’d have enough reflexes to get out of the way.” He sniffed, glaring at the still form below him, lying motionless in front of the black sedan.
“Kyo! Kyo!” Yuki called his name over and over, shaking his shoulder to wake his cousin.
Kyo was sprawled limply on the ground, his front in a puddle of dirt and mud, blood saturating the ground around him, his unfocused eyes staring out into nothing.
“Kyo!” Tohru was by his side, shaking the boy with Yuki.
“What are you doing here Akito?” Shigure asked harshly.
Akito sniffed, a smirk appearing on his face after some time.
“I was in the neighborhood… and thought I’d come and see for myself if what Hatori said about Yuki’s… condition,” he chose the word after consideration, “was true.” He glanced down at Yuki, the headband holding his hair back, and a skirt flowing around his knees as he crouched by Kyo, calling his name relentlessly.
“And now that I’ve seen it, Shigure, you might want to go call Hatori, the cat doesn’t look too good.” He glanced back down at Kyo, his lips curling up slightly in disgust as he leaned on the open car door.
Shigure was gone in a flash, yanking the phone out of the receiver and dialing Hatori’s number so hard he was afraid he’d break the phone.
That was a lot of blood. A lot of blood. He thanked the stars when Hatori picked up on the first ring, and started spitting out words like an overflowing fountain the second he heard the click on the other end. He didn’t even wait for Hatori to say hello.
Please be ok Kyo! He prayed.
Later (Yuki’s POV)
Yuki gulped again, squeezing Kyo’s hand. He ignored the pricking tears in the corners of his eyes and concentrated on Kyo. He had a large bandage covering the better part of his forehead, tracing over the top of his left eyelid.
Yuki’s head tipped up as he caught the sound of Hatori’s voice outside the hospital door.
“He’ll be fine.” Hatori was murmuring.
“Thank goodness!” Tohru bubbled, Yuki could imagine her hands clasped in front of her.
“But there was so much blood…” Shigure sounded so serious that it was almost scary.
“He wasn’t wounded very much, he’ll only have a few bruises on his ribs, the blood was caused by a large gash above the eye. All cuts, no matter how deep or long, bleed more than usual in that region.”
“So that was it.” Shigure returned.
Yuki looked back at Kyo, the bandage covering his forehead and at his black and blue torso, the bruises having already shown up.
Yuki dodged another attack, barely moving his arm to get out of range, he ducked in and… Kyo was gone, flying, smashing through the door and slumping into the yard, the red Mark on his cheek a sign that Yuki, the only other one who could defeat the cat, had again defeated him. Yuki smirked, buttoning the top of his shirt back up, he had no need for it to be loose no that the fight was over.
Yuki blinked and shoot his head vigorously until his neck hurt. He grabbed his temples in his hands, his breathing at practically light speed.
W-what… was that? He coughed, shaking his head again.
His brow furrowed. This hadn’t been the first time that had happened.
When Kyo had kicked him across the face, something stronger, and much more powerful had smashed through his mind with the force of a tidal wave.
A memory.
He was sure that was what it was, but it was hard to believe that it was his memory.
And after that second memory hit him, everything washed over his mind like a sea, of emotions, pain, longing, suffering, and… hope.
Yuki looked back down at Kyo.
Yes, I had felt hope. And something else, love. I remember everything, the car accident, and everything I did while I wasn’t really me. A furious blush spread over his cheeks like wild fire.
I kissed him. I kissed Kyo. And… I liked it. I did it because I wanted to.
Yuki looked back down at Kyo’s face, his eyes eventually resting on Kyo’s lips. He leaned forward, and then flipped himself back, flipping the chair while he was at it so the back of his head smashed against the linoleum floor.
What’s wrong with me?! I was about to—
The door banged open and Haru very nearly missed stepping right on Yuki’s face.
“Yuki, are you ok?” Tohru leaned around Haru to look at him, Momiji just jumped over Haru, landing on Yuki’s stomach.
“OOMPH!” Yuki cringed, his hands leaping to his throbbing middle. Momiji wasn’t that heavy, but it was a different story when he was jumping on your vital organs.
“Yuki, why are you on the floor?” Momiji asked innocently, Yuki’s eye twitched.
“Now, now, Kyo needs his sleep, let’s not disturb him.” Hatori sighed, clearly aggravated that the Sohmas were (yet again) causing a scene in the hospital.
Yuki managed to look back up at Tohru, trying to hide the wincing he was sure he was making. “I’m fine Ms. H— Tohru.”
“…What?” Shigure asked, stuffing himself and Hatori into the room, so everyone was crammed right up to the walls of the tiny room. “What… did you say Yuki?”
“I said `I’m fine Tohru.’ ” Yuki repeated, editing out his slip, hoping that Shigure wouldn’t get too suspicious, or Hatori for that matter either.
“Hmm.” Shigure tapped his fan against his bottom lip, and then shrugged, turning back to the doctor.
“Good news Yuki! Kyo is going to be perfectly fine!” he yelled, his hands shooting into the air.
“But he needs sleep to get better.” Hatori growled as calmly as he could, hinting that Shigure was going to have to `leave’ if he didn’t shut up right that second.
“Ok everyone! Family only until further notice, and even after that, only two of his friends will be allowed in here at a time!” a nurse shouted, trying to squish herself into the stuffed room to shoo them out.
“Oh, um, ok then, I’ll wait for you guys outside!” Tohru said as happily as she could, waving as she exited.
The nurse rounded on the rest of them. “Well?” she prompted, one eyebrow raised.
“But we’re all family.” Momiji whimpered, jumping onto Haru’s back and clinging to him. Haru didn’t flinch or wobble at the sudden extra weight, no doubt used to Momiji’s crazy personality already.
“Oh, um…” the nurse blinked, fumbling for some words. Haru smirked. She obviously hadn’t been expecting that.
“Well, then I’m afraid we’ll have to stick to our two visitors at a time rule!” she barked proudly, pointing to the door enthusiastically.
“Aww!” Momiji whined as Haru walked out of the room, refusing to let go of his cousin’s back. Shigure quietly followed, waiting in the doorway for Hatori.
Hatori took advantage of the quiet opportunity to wave the nurse over.
“Yes?” she leaned in closely.
“I want you to put all the staff on red alert. If a girl of eighteen or so with brown, shoulder length hair comes in and asks for Kyo Sohma, tell her that he’s been moved to a different hospital.”
“Red alert?” the woman repeated.
Hatori nodded.
“His life may depend on it.” Shigure added, coming up out of nowhere and placing his hands on the poor woman’s shoulders. She nearly jumped out of her skin.
Yuki’s eyebrow ticked, and he was about to pound Shigure when he realized that his `former self’ wouldn’t have done that unless her life depended on it.
Speaking of girl… Yuki gulped and let his eyes slowly sink downwards, coming to rest on a frilly blue skirt, heeled sandals and tight white top, the clothes in Chinese style.
He gagged.
He was wearing a skirt, even if it was covered with mud and Kyo’s blood from the road. The things he avoided his entire life because of how girly he already looked were clinging to his body like wet paper towels. Girls’ clothing.
“Yuki, would you like to stay in here with him for a while?” Hatori asked politely.
Yuki’s first reaction was to snap something he’d probably regret later and stomp out of the room, and then wait at home until the stupid cat finally woke up so he could torment Kyo again.
But something else arose. That memory again.
“Yeah?” Kyo prompted, trying not to sound agitated or impatient, and failing miserably.
“…I’ve been thinking, a lot, mostly about what you said this afternoon, especially about the whole `doing something for myself’ thing.” Yuki gripped the edge of the counter, seeming to be fighting with himself again.
Uh oh. Kyo braced himself. Here came the punch he had been waiting for the past few days, ever since Yuki had wound up in the hospital.
“You’re right.” Yuki said finally.
“What?!” Kyo gaped, his arms nearly dropping to his side in shock.
“I just… I don’t know if I can have it. You know, the thing I want, so… I’m scared to look for what I want.” Yuki bit his lip, the counter almost cracking under his vice grip.
“Well… I would… just… go… for it?”
“Really?” Yuki looked up at him, awe and hope in his eyes.
“Sure.” Kyo shrugged. “I mean, if you want it, you gotta fight for it, right?”
“…You’re right.” Yuki repeated suddenly, but gently all the same.
Kyo nodded, preparing to turn to leave, when Yuki was standing in front of him from out of nowhere. Yuki looked up at him carefully, and slowly slipped his arms under Kyo’s arms and around Kyo’s chest, pulling him into a tight embrace, hiding his face in Kyo’s chest, where Kyo’s heart was pounding like a jackhammer.
“I want to find it. I really do, but…” Yuki whispered.
The rat stopped talking and looked up at the cat, who had completely frozen from the blow. Yuki moved closer, sliding up onto his tiptoes, closed his eyes, and slowly pressed his lips to Kyo’s.
End Flashback
Yuki furrowed his brow and then nodded slowly, pushing himself out of the awkward position on his back, making sure that his repulsive skirt didn’t ride up any more.
“Then we’ll leave you be, wont we Shigure? Or you might just find a new novel of all your weaknesses and every perverted thing you’ve done since you were ten on the market.”
Yuki shivered, Hatori’s eyes were practically black.
“Of… course.” Shigure shivered, gliding out of the room with a distant look on his face. Apparently, Yuki hadn’t been the only one startled by his death glare that could kill an army. Yuki mouthed “Thank you,” to Hatori as they left, closing the door behind them.
“Are you his girlfriend?” the nurse asked suddenly, right in Yuki’s face.
“Oh, I’m not—!” Yuki skittered back, trying frantically to deny it.
“You must be really special to Sohma-kun, I mean, if his family left you alone with him. Normally we wouldn’t allow this, but I would want my boyfriend to come visit me in the hospital if I ever got sick.” She smiled brightly, and skipped out of the room, shutting the door firmly behind her.
Yuki gulped at the atmosphere in the room. He was alone with Kyo, he was nervous, he was embarrassed for wearing these disgusting clothes, he couldn’t take his eyes off Kyo and… Yuki gulped again… he really wanted to kiss those lips again.
Yuki righted the chair and cautiously slid into it again, making sure to stay far enough away so he didn’t accidentally take advantage of Kyo while he was unconscious and kiss him.
Another memory flooded his mind.
Yuki was on his tiptoes, his lips against the cat’s.
Yuki flinched as Kyo’s hands shot up to beat him to a pulp, but he forced himself to stay motionless. His eyes almost flew open as, instead of taking his head off, Kyo gripped Yuki’s shoulders and pulled him closer.
Yuki smiled. Thank god, he had found it. He had found what he had wanted.
End Flashback
Yuki licked his suddenly dry lips, and wrenched his eyes away from his cousin’s face. He was already blushing 56 different shades of red, he didn’t need to kiss that cat again and have another reason to be embarrassed. And what if Kyo woke up?! He was trying everything to convince himself from doing it, going as far to try to tell himself that Akito would walk in the room the second he had pressed his lips to Kyo’s.
Yuki shook his head viciously. He would need neck therapy if he kept this up.
The rat sighed. He had come to a few conclusions in the hour he had sat unmoving my Kyo’s side. And no matter how hard he wished they weren’t true he couldn’t deny that they were true.
One: I kissed Kyo. I made the move.
Two: I… I want to do it again. A lot. He added as an after fact.
Three: Kyo didn’t reject me when I kissed him, he… welcomed it.
Four: My girl side fell in love with Kyo somewhere along the way.
Five: When I remembered that I was me—a boy—those feelings didn’t go away, in fact, they grew stronger.
Yuki gulped again and took a deep breath, forcing himself to think the last one.
And Six: I am in love with Kyo Sohma. After all these years of hate, the rat has fallen in love with the cat.
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