❯ Meeting – One-Shot

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Tim couldn’t help but feel groan as he flew from Lucius Fox’s rooftop where he had just dropped off the business tycoon’s daughter moments ago. Thinking of Tam’s tear-filled eyes as she thanked him repeatedly for saving her life, and bringing her back Gotham.
“It’s alright…I should be the one apologizing to you for getting you into the whole mess to begin with.” He had said as she climbed out from the two person jet. “You were just trying to bring me back…home.”
“Yeah, there’s nothing like it,” she then leaned back into the jet, so that her lips were mere inches from his. “Oh, and let’s keep that little kiss I gave you…between us. You’re a good guy, but the whole facing off against assassins thing…isn’t my thing.”
She lifted her pinky finger in the air.
“Only if you forget about the whole secret identity thing,” he had replied, wrapping his own pinky around her in a childish truce.
“What secret identity thing?” she said with a smile, as she closed the door to the jet, “Goodbye…Red Robin.”
How she had said the name for some reason had made Tim feel awful. He knew it wasn’t Tam’s intent to cause him discomfort, but being called by his new name reminded him just as far away he was from the days of being Robin to Bruce’s Batman.
He couldn’t let the feeling consume him much longer, he had to get to the bunker and tell Dick what he had learned. Bruce was going to be coming back, and Dick would go back to being Nightwing, and he would go back to his old job…and hopefully Damian could be stuffed into a box and shipped right off the face of the earth.
Just as Tim was enjoying his vision of stuffing the brat into a small box, he noticed a girl swinging from the rooftops dawning what appeared to be Bat-ears. Turning his attention to his computer, he scanned the area and the jet’s sensors showed him a closer image of the swinging girl and noticed something strange. She was wearing more than Bat-ears, for one thing, she was dawning what looked like a Batgirl costume.
But the girl wasn’t Cassandra Cain.
“Computer,” he called. “Set to auto pilot, stealth mode, and course to the Bat Bunker underneath Wayne Tower.”
“Auto pilot, activated. Stealth mode, activated. Course change, complete.”
Manually, Tim opened the hatch of the jet, and leap head-first out of the vehicle. As he leap he heard the computer’s automated voice response, “Hatch now closing…have a good flight, Red Robin.”
He didn’t remember changing that, but he pushed the thought to the back of his mind as he free fell. Launching a grapple, he hooked to the ledge of a nearby building and swung along the rooftops adjacent to the girl in the Batgirl suit.
“Nice night for a stroll isn’t it?” she called to him, and smiled. “I didn’t know any other capes were on patrol tonight.”
Silently he swung from his line, throwing a shuriken as her line broke, she fell with a scream into a large Gotham City dumpster as he landed with pose on the fire escape above.
“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?” she screamed as climbed out of the messy waste. Seeing the crouching caped and cowled man above her.
“I’ll ask the questions around here,” Tim grunted, hopefully making his voice sound more threatening. “Who are you?”
“I’m Batgirl,” she groaned as she lifted herself out from the trash and onto the pavement. “I’m taking from the bird on your chest you’re Captain Coc-”
“What happened to the other Batgirl?”
“I’m gonna take it from fact that this conversation has been going on for two minutes and the only damage I’ve sustained is smelling like garbage that you’re a good guy,” She placed her hands on her hips with a smirk, “Either that or you think I’m hot.”
“Answer the question, or you’ll have more to complain about then smelling bad.”
“She quit, so I took up the job. Now who are you?”
He paused for a moment before answering, “Red Robin.”
“Did he just say Red Robin?!”
“One second,” Batgirl motioned him with her gloved finger, placing one to her ear. “Yeah O, he said that. Why am I in trouble or something?”
“No, but there’s something you should know…”
“Wait, did you just say O?” Tim heart raced, so this girl was legit. “Do you mean Oracle?”
“I said one second, little bird, I’m speaking with someone.” She went back to her conversation. “What is it?”
Back at the bunker, Barbara Gordon or better known as Oracle, typed frantically on the keys of her massive computer. Breaching security, she managed to get through the frequency on Tim’s communicator.
“Red Robin?” Tim heard in his cowl. “Is that you?”
“Oracle!” he called, happy but also quite annoyed that she managed to get onto his frequency so easily.
“No, I’m Batgirl,” the girl next to the dumper said, pointing to herself. Her end of the communicator now dead.
“No, he’s talking to me.” Oracle said, coming back onto her line.
“Why are you talking to him for?”
“Because it’s Tim!”
The girl stood frozen, “No way…”
Tim looked down at the new Batgirl, “Oracle, is this girl really your new Batgirl?”
“Yes, after Bruce…passed…Cassandra left and Steph took the up the role.”
“Wait…by Steph you mean…”
“Stephanie Brown.”
Swallowing hard, Stephanie pulled back her mask revealing her face and long blonde hair. She still couldn’t form words, but she wanted him to see her and know that she was the Batgirl everyone was talking about.
Tim couldn’t believe his eyes, and he pulled back his cowl to make sure the blonde in front of him really was Stephanie Brown.
They stood like that for what seemed like hours, both trying to figure out what to say in a moment that left them both speechless.