Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ Meet the gang… a witch and an avatar showdown! ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2: Meet the gang… a witch and an avatar showdown!
Aang woke up having the feeling that something important was going to happen today. Being the Avatar makes you think twice before thinking that a hunch is something unimportant. How many times did his hunches proofed to be correct? Like the time when he was flying over the swamp, everything led him to search for Toph and it turned out to be his best chance to learn earthbending. He looked around and found out that everyone was asleep. Sokka and Katara were curled up on their sleeping bags, and he could hear a strong snoring sound coming from Tophs rock tent. He decided that he should let them sleep a little more, the sun was only rising and besides, today was training day, with Toph first and later with Katara… nothing better to relax after a hard day of earthbending practice than spending the evening with her, enjoying her company, seeing her beautiful face smiling at him while she was teaching him something… Aang slapped his thoughts away from him, lately he wasnt able to control them. All he could do was surrender to the thoughts that Katara was producing him. Lately all he could do was to think about her, wishing that someday she would look at him more than just a friend and the avatar.
His steps and thought stopped when he saw that the sky went grey. What was happening? It was supposed to get brighter not darker! He looked up and saw a hole open in the sky and two figures fall from it. From what he could see, it was a man and a girl falling from the sky. If he didnt do something they could get really hurt! Aang bended the biggest amount of air between the falling figures and the ground, but the man moved away and fell directly into the ground.
Robin was surprised to see that they were still alive. She thought that whoever fell into Horubes void would die immediately. She saw the ground getting closer, but a sudden wave of wind slowed them down. She tried to look down to see what was happening and she saw a boy controlling the wind. Suddenly, Amons hand slipped out of hers and he disappeared of her sight. All she could think was that it was the boys fault and that he had made Amon get away from her with his craft. Why? All she wanted was to see if Amon was still alive and stop the weird-looking boy from doing more harm to anybody.
She got up from the floor, and faced the boy, that was running towards her. Thinking that he might want to hurt her as well, she made a huge fire wall between her and the boy.
Aang ran to the girl to make sure if she was OK, when a huge fire wall stopped him. He looked around to find the firebender, taking his defensive position, but he saw no one. He looked through the fire and saw the girl standing in front of the flames, not scared of what just happened. Then he realized…The girl was a firebender! Oddly, he never saw her doing any moves; it just looked like she summoned the flames with her mind.
“She must be one of Azulas new recruits!, she has always looked for weird benders anyways” He thought, leaving him to the conclusion that no matter what, he shouldnt left her get close to his friends. With one simple waterbending move, he made a path between the flames and got closer to her.
Robin couldnt believe it. The boy lifted a bunch of water and made a path in midst the flames. How many powers do this kid has? Right now, all she wanted to know was where Amon was.
“Who are you? What did you do to Amon?” She demanded.
“Amon? Thats the name of the man who was with you? What do you want from me? You are with Azula arent ya?”
“I dont know who Azula is! Wheres Amon?”
“I dont know!”
“Liar” She send a wave of flames towards the boy, but he made some movements with air and extinguished the fire right before it hit him. Right after that, he send a wave of air towards her, but she stopped it with a fire wall.
“I told you I dont know where he is! I tried to slow your fall, but he moved out. If you want I can help you find him! I dont want to hurt you!”
Robin looked at the boys grey eyes and chose to believe in him. The fire around them stopped.
“Whats your name?” He asked
“My name is Robin Sena. Yours?”
“Im Aang”
Know your enemy?