Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Meet the Dragon Prince ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Valley of Dragons
Chapter 1: Meet the Dragon Prince

« Take him away. » Atem said to the guards as they dragged Makalani away from the dorm room. « I am deeply sorry for how rude he had treated you. » Atem apologize as he looked over Jono, « There is no harm done. »Jou said.

« When is the blue moon going to rise? » Seth asked, skeptically glaring at the blonde. « Tomorrow to be exact. » Jono answered, glaring back at Seth. « Now, now you two, Seth rake Jono to his room. »Atem said. « Yes cousin. » Seth said, spinning around stalking out of the room with Jou following after him.

They walk in silence until they arrived at Jono’s room. « I hope you enjoy your stay. » Seth said, sarcastically. « I hope I will to this seems like a wonderful place. » Jono said not even noticing Seth’s sarcasm. Jou walked into the room closing the door behind him. Seth stood there for a second before walking away from the room leaving the corridor.

——————————————————– ————————————————————————— ——-

« I hope Jou is alright. » a soft voice said as his white hair flew into the wind. « Don’t worry Ryou, Jono will be fine. » tricolor haired teen said in reassuring voice. « I hope you are right Emperor Yugi. » Ryou saod to the tricolor teen as they felt their friend’s ki not to far from where they where in a giant like castle palace. They continued to head to the grounds of the palace knowing in the morning they would meet up with their stolen friends.

——————————————————— ————————————————————————— ——

Jono sat as he felt something entered the palace. Getting up out of his bed and went searching for the dark force that snuck into the caste. Sensing the figure behind the door that was covered blue lining, Jono pulled the cover back to see a tanner version of his friend Ryou. The only difference was his skin tone and he had a cavern on the side of his face.

« Ryou. » Jono whispered, startling the man causing him to lunge out. With reflexes Jono quickly evaded his attack. « What are you doing here? » Jono asked but the man’s eyes narrowed and lunged at him once again. This time Jono barely manage to doge in time. Jono sighed as they kept going back and forth between the two. « I had enough. » Jono yelled as his eyes glowed yellow which he started casting a spell on the man. As the man began to struggle against the bindings. « Stop struggling I won’t call any guards. If you tell me what your doing here. » Jono informed him. « I’m a thief I came here to steal. » The man growled. « I see. » Jono said releasing the man fro mthe bindings.

« Why are you letting me go? » the man asked. « I see you’re a thief you nyst have a reason behind stealing so I’ll let you go. » Jono said standing up and began to away.

« My name is Akefia what’s yours? » the man asked. « Jono, of you want to visit me again after tomorrow I’ll be here for few days before I return to my homeland if you wish to come along tell me. » Jono said as he walked away leaving the thief alone.

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