Ouran High School Host Club Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Koshiro! ( Chapter 2 )

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« Haruhi-chan we will be starting to your school tomarrow. » Tsukiyo said looking up from her labtop her glasses sliding down her nose. « Okay but why tomarrow? » Haruhi asked giggling Tsukiyo reminded her of Kyouya at times. « I have to send in the lyrics for Alejandero, Beautifulo Nightmare, Me Against the Music, and Tears Don’t Fall. » Tsukiyo said pushing her glasses up. « Okay. Where are the guys? I wanna say bye before I head to school. » Haruhi said. « They are destroying my kitchen, like ususal. » Tsukiyo said with anger in her voice.
« Nashano! Yasie! Tsukiyo will be pissed if you don’t clean up this mess! Oh! Bye I’m going to school! » She called walking out the door. « Oh shit Yasie hurry get the broom I’ll get the mop!!! » Nashano yelled.

« Haruhi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter!!!!! » Tamaki yelled when Haruhi entered the room. « Ohayo Sempai. » Haruhi yawned. « Haru-chan did you not get enough sleep last night? » Hunny asked. « Not really I was up late studying for a upcomming test. » Haruhi lied. ‘More like I didn’t get home till 3 am because that damn concert. Damn-‘ Haruhi thought. Haruhi’s thoughts were cut off when her cell phone started to ring. « Hai? » She said.

« You forgot your bento that I made you. Nashano will bring it to you at lunch. »
« Thanks, will he be at the front gate? »
« Side gate, away from all thoes rich bitches. »
« Okay. Th-« 
« Your binding bandages are also in the bag, you forgot the second set. »
« Oh! Thank you I compleatly forgot! »
« I know and it’s no problem, I’ll see you tonight. Ja. »
« Ja. »

« What? » she asked when she saw all the looks that she was getting. « Who was that? » Kyouya asked looking up from his computer. « My father, I forgot my bento this morning. » Haruhi said. « Oh! Tell Papa I say hi!!! » Tamaki exclamed.
The bell rang for class. « Todays cosplay is Angels and Devils! »Tamaki said while Hikaru, Kaoru, and Haurhi walked to class.
« Haruhi we know that wasn’t your father. » The twins said. « My dad moved to Los Angles a few months ago, my room mate called me. » Haruhi said. « Why didn’t you tell us Hauhi? » Hikaru asked. « Because, I knew you would pity me if I did. He wanted to go so I told him he should, I am capable to take care of myself. » Haruhi said sitting down.
Soon lunch came. Haruhi was waiting at the side gate for Nashano. « That idiot made me come. » Tsukiyo said from behind her. « Wow! You really look like a guy Tsukiyo. » Haruhi said taking her bento. « That was the plan Haruhi-chan. I do not intend to come to this school looking like a girl. » Tsukiyo said.Tsukiyo had her breasts bound to her chest with binding bandages, the bump that was left was left unnoticable because of her slightly over-sized Monster Black Unisex Fishnet Shirt. She had on a pair of black ripped up skinny jeans and ankle high combat boots. Her long hair was pulled into a brade that was draped infront of her sholder. She wasn’t wearing her reading glasses eather.
« Do you want to eat lunch with me Tsukiyo-chan? » Haruhi said looking at her bento. « Sure, but while i attend this school call me Koshiro, okay Haruhi-chan? » Tsukiyo asked. « Hai. » Haruhi said walking with Tsukiyo to the cafeteria.
« Guys this is Koshiro, an old friend of mine. » Haruhi said. « Koshiro, this is Tamaki-sempai, » She said pointing to the tall blond french man, « Kyouya-sempai, » The tall man with black hair and glasses, « Hikaru and Kaoru, » The twins, « Hunny-sempai and Mori-sempai. » The short man with blond hair and the tall man with black hair. « Hello. » Tsukiyo said bowing slightly. « Hello, finally a commoner with manners. » Kyouya said. « Rich bastard. » Tsukiyo said.
Tsukiyo put her glasses on to start writing some notes on the host club in her notepad. The hosts other then Haruhi looked surprised. « Haruhi, today I am picking up my bike with Yasie would you like me to pick yours up and drop it off here? » Tsukiyo said. « Why would we let Haruhi ride a bike home when we can drop her off in a limo. » Tamaki asked not trusting Tsukiyo. « Not a bicycle Sempai, a motorcycle. I got it for my birthday. » Haruhi said regretting that last part. « Your birthday!!!!???? When was that!?!? » Tamaki yelled. « Two weeks ago. » Tsukiyo said with a slightly evil smirk. « Sweet! » Kaoru said. « Yea, I designed the paint job myself. » Tsukiyo said showing the twins a picture of her and Haruhi’s motorcycles. « You even get all the details in. » Hikaru said. « Hai. » Tsukiyo said proud of her work.
Tsukiyo’s phone started to ring. « Koshiro are you going to answer that? » Haruhi asked. « Hell no its Okkuu, Haruhi. » Tsukiyo said putting her phone on silent. « Ugh! Why now? » Haruhi asked. Tsukiyo showed her a text message she got an hour earlier

The concert date has been moved up. The next concert is on Saturday of next week.
Kin Okkuu-

« Excuse me I have to go. I’ll see you later Haruhi. » Tsukiyo said getting up so she could pick up the motorcycles and pick out the groups outfits for the concert.
After school the group saw Haruhi run up and hug 2 men that were not Koshiro. « Yasie! Nashano! Thank you!! » She said taking the keys from them. The taller one, whispered something in her ear. « Hai, I’ll be there tonight Nashano. Ja! » She waved good-bye.
« Who were they Haru-chan? » Hunny asked. « Nashano and Yasie a couple other friends of mine. » Haruhi said.
After hosting Haruhi drove her motorcycle to Sakura Studios. « You know Kin you really know how to piss someone off. » Haruhi said letting her hair out of the wig. « Yea, well the company needs the money since Koshiro and Koshii aren’t around to put them in their place anymore. » Kin said. It only took a second to see Tsukiyo hold Kin to the wall by her throat. « Never speak of my brothers like you knew them. » Tsukiyo growled. « Get over it Tsukiyo, they’re dead and they are not coming back. » Kin said.
« Tsukiyo sing you solo song okay? » Nashano said to get her to calm down. The whole group knew how she felt, they were the older brothers to everyone, Koshiro the calm protector for Haruhi and Tsukiyo, life teacher to Nashano and Yasie, Koshii the perverted teacher to Yasie and Nashano and the brash protector to Tsukiyo and Haruhi.

Na na Na na na na na I miss youMiss you so badI don’t forget youOh it’s so sad.I hope you can hear meI remember it clearly.[Chorus]The day you slipped away…..Was the day i foundIt, won’t be the sameOhNa na Na na na na na I didn’t get around to kiss youGoodbye on the handI wish that I could see you againI know that I can’t oooooooooooohI hope you can hear meCause I remember it clearly[Chorus]The day you slipped away…Was the day i foundIt, won’t be the sameOhI’ve had my wake upWon’t you wake upI keep asking why.And I can’t take itIt wasn’t fake itIt happened you passed byNow you’re gone Now you’re goneThere you go There you goSomewhere I can’t bring you backNow you’re goneNow you’re goneThere you go There you goSomewhere you’re not coming back[Chorus]X2Na naNa na na na naI miss you…

« Gomen Koshiro….Koshii…..I’m sorry! » Tsukiyo said running out of the room. She locked herself in the bathroom, hot tears running down her face. « Why….why…..WHY!!!!!???? » Tsukiyo screamed. ~*~Flashback~*~
« Tsukiyo you gotta get some sleep you’ve been up all night practicing for the adution. Look the others are asleep, why dont you? » Koshiro asked in a soft voice. « It has to be perfect- » She was cut off. « No it doesn’t Tsukiyo. Get some sleep you can practice tomarrow when you wake up. » Koshii, Koshiro’s younger twin said. « Fine. » Tsukiyo said.The sleeping group awoke to yelling and gun shots. Tsukiyo ran downstairs and she wished she didn’t. Koshiro was against the wall with a gunshot wound to his chest. And Koshii was lying on the ground covered in blood with a gunshot wound to the head. »G-gomen Ts-Tsuki-ch-chan….. » Koshiro whispered while coughing up blood. « Koshiro-Nii-san please don’t leave me too…. all we have left is you…please…. » Tsukiyo whispered. « Gomen-na-nasai…….. » He whispered before taking his last breath.Yasie was holding a sobbing Haruhi, Nashano covered Koshii with his jacket while Tsukiyo just stared at Koshiro with an empty look in her eyes. Nashano, Haruhi, and Yasie knew that day they lost the best friend they grew to know and love.
~*~End Flashback~*~
« Kin, you bitch!! You know how she feels about that!! » Haruhi yelled. They were the last of her biological family that was living…She is the last of the Kurayami line. Haruhi had tears in her eyes while the guys glared at their manager. Nashano went to the bathroom. « Tsukiyo..come out please…. »He whispered and the door opened. Tsukiyo cried into Nashano’s chest while he held her, just like when she was a child. « Nashano…. thank you and I’m sorry. » Tsukiyo whispered. Nashano chuckled, « Why are you sorry? » Tsukiyo blushed, she hasn’t been this open with her feelings since Koshiro and Koshii died. « For soaking your shirt. » She whispered. « I don’t mind, sometimes it’s good to let your emotions out Tsukiyo. » He said.The next day everyone put on a nice pair of clothes which consisted Tsukiyo in a pair of gray skinny jeans and Nashano’s Black Sabith T-shirt. They all went to Ouran to be put in the same class. « You should join the Black Magic Club…. » a voice whispered from behind the musical group. They all jumped excluding Tsukiyo. « A black magic club….Sweet!! » She exclamed. She turned around and she was Nekozawa’s dark apperence and she blushed when his crystal blue eyes met her sliver and purple eyes. »So a beautiful hime, like Haruhi-san has joined the school. » Nekozawa said. Both Haruhi and Tsukiyo blushed at being called beautiful.
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