Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ Lunch and Books ( Chapter 2 )

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Riza put her new book in her desk draw. ‘I’ll ask Havoc or the Colonel to help me with the translation during lunch.’ the woman thought. She sat down at her desk and pulled out a file. ‘I hate to say it but I’d much rather look at the book then work on this file…’ she looked at the draw for a brief moment then looked back at the file. ‘Joseph Harrison, age 32…5 feet, 3 inches tall. Court Marshaled for drug possession.’ She sighed. She often wondered why some of these men couldn’t keep their noses clean. She was very proud that the men she worked with never did more than drink a few more beers than they should.
“Hey, Hawkeye, are you done with that report yet?”
Riza looked up and saw Havoc looking at her with an unlit cigarette. “I am almost done, but I am done with this one.” she handed him a file she finished yesterday. “How many more files do we have to finish?”
“There’s the one on my desk, yours, and a couple on Breda’s.” Havoc took the file and put it in the Out Box. “The Boss isn’t in yet is he?”
“No. He called me this morning saying he won’t be in till late.” Riza sighed. “He went out drinking with Lt. Colonel last night and I’m afraid to say he drank a little too much.”
“Ah.” Havoc sat at his desk. “I guess we’ll be working overtime tonight.” he pulled out a file and got to work.

At lunch, Riza left with Havoc to the local café. She was really anxious to know what was in the book.
“Thanks for taking me out to lunch.” Havoc said, lighting a cigarette. “It’ll be good to have an actual lunch today. Why did you ask me anyway? Usually I see you take Maria or Rebecca.”
“Maria is out of town for the week and Rebecca got sick. Besides, I figured I should make up for missing your birthday.” she sat in a one of the chairs from at the café. “You can order anything you like.”
Havoc smiled. “Thanks.”
Soon after they sat down, a waitress came and gave them their menus.
“Oh wow, the foods cost so much, are you sure I can pick whatever I want?” Havoc looked up at the blonde across from him.
Riza gave a small laugh. “Yes, I’m sure.” she shifted in her seat. She wasn’t sure when she should show him the book. Hell, she wasn’t sure if she should show him at all! Riza Hawkeye was not in the mood to be labeled as a weirdo or something like that. She sighed mentally and went back to looking at her menu.
Havoc tapped his foot on the table. He wasn’t sure how to make a conversation with the woman he didn’t know much about. He watched her move movements while she looked through the menu. ‘Wow, I never realized how-’
“Havoc!” Havoc blinked several times and looked at the female before him. “What are you going to order?”
“Huh?” he looked up and saw a waitress with a pen and a pad, waiting for his order. “Oh, right, I’ll have a burger with everything and an iced tea.” He handed the woman the menu along with Riza.
After the waitress left, Riza scooted closer. “Havoc, you can read Latin, right?”
“Plane bene. Ego etiam Gallice, Italian, et Ishvalan.” Havoc smiled.
Riza was, least to saw, stunned. She only understood that he could speak it and speak Ishvalan. “I had no idea.”
“Breda calls it a useless talent but he’s probably just jealous.” Havoc laughed and lit another cigarette.
“Well,” Riza cleared her throat and pulled out the book. “Do you think you can translate this book for me?” she handed the book over to the male across from her.
Havoc took the book and flipped through it. “Wow, this is something different…I thought you only read romance novels.” he chuckled. “I’ll translate this for you.”
Riza gave him a small smiled. “Thank you, Havoc. Can you come by my place around 20:25?”
“Yeah, sound good.”
Riza was sitting on the couch looking through the mysterious book again. ‘Such an odd thing…I can’t wait to know what it says.’ she glanced at the clock. ‘He’s late…’ she sighed, thinking Havoc wasn’t going to come.
The blonde woman almost jumped from the sudden noise. ‘I guess it’s time to get to work again.’
Disclaimer: I can’t speak Latin, read it, or write it; I just used Google Translator but it seems about right. ?_?

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