Yami No Matsuei Fan Fiction ❯ Lover's Spat ( Chapter 13 )

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Little Things
Lover’s Spat
By: eternalsailorsolarwind
Disclaimer: All rights owned by Matsushita Yoko, though I own copies of the manga and anime….
A/N: Unfortunately, not even Watari and Tatsumi can have a relationship like a bed of roses.
Watari was sick of sleeping on the futon in the lab. It had been a full week now, which was seven nights too many. This stupid argument had to end – now.
Gathering up his courage (because trying to steamroller Tatsumi was something only attempted at your peril), he marched into Tatsumi’s office. The kagetsukai glanced up at him as the door slammed open, and then shut. Tatsumi’s work persona was firmly in place, but Watari could see the simmering anger in his lover’s eyes.
Not that there was much loving done, lately.
“Seiichiro,” Watari began, stopping at the frown on the secretary’s face as he called his lover by his given name. “Don’t look at me like that. I can’t conduct an argument with my lover and call him by his family name. It’s just not done.”
“Fine,” replied Tatsumi, glancing momentarily away, his voice just above freezing. “What do you want, Yutaka?”
“I want to come home, Seii,” said Watari, wilting. He hated begging, but he also hated it when Seiichiro got angry and froze him out. “I hate it when we argue.”
Watari was rewarded by a softening of Seiichiro’s blue eyes. “So do I.”
Throwing caution to the winds, Watari circled the desk, and practically threw himself into Seii’s lap. He knew things were looking up when his lover steadied him instead of letting him slip to the floor. With a sigh, Watari laid his head on Seiichiro’s shoulder.
“I’m sorry for whatever it was I said, Yutaka.”
Watari stiffened for a moment. “You mean…you forgot what we were arguing about?”
“I am ashamed to say that I have. I became more wrapped up in being angry at you then the reason behind it,” Seiichiro admitted.
Watari blinked, and then sighed. No point in crying over spilled milk. He suddenly brightened. “Well, one good thing does come out of it.”
“What’s that?” asked his lover, curious.
“Make-up sex,” said Watari with a smirk.
A/N2: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is a follow-up to this. And it will be a lemon. It’ll be its own separate one-shot.