❯ Love Potion #9 – Chapter Two ( Chapter 2 )

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Love Potion No. 9
Vial Two
By Devon Masterson-Bond
A tall dark skinned man shimmered into a great hall.  He looked around nervously debating what he was going to tell his master. He began to pace feverously as though the repetitious motion would jog a sufficient excuse. As he paced he morphed into his true form of a large minotaur. His master hated pretense, which was why he brought magic out into the open. There was no need to hide their world in the shadows. They had a place in society just like the normals.

Cloven feet continued to pace. He knew his master had to sense him by now…he would just have to wing it. « Master, » he greeted bowing so low that his large horns touched the

« She escaped, » Wyatt concluded. He balled his fist in annoyance. He was growing tired of his people coming back empty handed. « Explain yourself Lucien. »

« We cornered her in her hotel, but she got wind of us and tried to escape, » Lucien answered.

« And how did she escape you and fifteen of my best hunters? » Wyatt asked. The anger creeping was into his voice.

« She hid in the bathroom and cast a spell. When we got to her the bathroom door was sealed and there was a bright light. When it dissipated she was gone. »

Wyatt sat up suddenly. « Did you notice anything strange? » he asked.

« Only that the room smelled sweet, » Lucien replied.

Wyatt quickly stood, causing Leucien to flinch, and held out his hand. « Spell Diary, » he replied just before his hand was covered in bluish orbs of light. An old tattered leather bound book appeared in his hand. Wyatt quickly rummaged through the worn pages then frowned when he found the entry he was looking for. The page was half missing; the best part as far as he was concerned. « Damn. He’s been here too! » If only he knew the spell they used twenty years ago, then he could counter them. Chris was always sabotaging him; it was almost like he was one step ahead of him. He was not going to let his brother win this time. « Go until I summon you, » he snapped.

Leucian bowed his head and shimmered away. Once he was gone, Wyatt pulled out portfolio and sifted through some old papers. If he ever had to choose a normal career, it would have been artistry. He had an almost magical talent for detail an emotion. It was the only talent he had outside of magic and no one knew about it. There was only one subject he was inspired to capture and that was her. She had invaded his dreams since he could remember. The funny thing was he did not know she existed until the New York incident two years ago. She made herself quite difficult to ignore with that incident and awakened another side of him he hadn’t bothered to acknowledge in quite some time.

No, he couldn’t let her go. There had to be away. He turned one of the pages of the portfolio and touched it tenderly. It was his favorite sketch of her. She was sleeping on some sort of furniture or couch. Her honey colored hair spilled along it like a sleeping beauty waiting for her prince. She was scantily clad, as though she fell asleep while waiting for someone. In his fantasies, she fell asleep waiting for him to come back to her from vanquishing. He would kiss her lightly on the lips to wake her and she’d smile then he would carry her away to their bedroom where he would do other inspired things to her. Wyatt smirked and turned the page to another of her enraptured with her lover. In the dream, the face of the lover could not be seen. This sketch puzzled him the most, who was the man in the dream. He had dark straight hair not the blonde wavy hair that formed his mane. Was there someone else in her life? « No, » Wyatt declared closing the book. He would keep searching. He had to make sure the spell diary was wrong. In the early days, his Aunt Paige did get into trouble but a time travel spell? It was still out of her league.


Chris sighed as he orbed into the living room. He was just too annoyed to sleep. He couldn’t believe his aunts were at it again, making him a woman. Actually this was worse, they took someone from who knows where and brought them here. He had never been so pissed in his life. He could get his own dates, he was engaged at one time and it was not like he was a virgin. « I can’t believe them some times, » he muttered under his breath. His eyes widened when he saw his younger older brother sitting on the floor in the door way. He was peaking around the room. « Wyatt, » he said softly, « orb back up stairs or Mom is going to have a coronary. »

Wyatt looked at him and smiled before putting his hands in his mouth then orbed away. Chris shook his head once he sensed his brother was back in his room. He walked over to where Wyatt was standing then rolled his eyes. The toddler was way too young to be scoping out women. « Let’s just hope you’re not a demon, » He replied as he sat on the easy chair across from the couch. He didn’t expect her to go anywhere, but he wanted to be there when she woke up. « She is cute, »  his mind pointed out.

Chris wrinkled his nose then settled down the keep watch. He couldn’t shake the de ja vu feeling he was getting as he watched the visitor sleep on the couch. “Great now I am going crazy,” he scolded himself. As time wore on, he could feel his eyelids getting heavier and heavier.
“Chris…now’s the time. I get you out of here,” Bianca replied looking through a crack in the door. “Let’s go…Chris!”
At the sound of his name, Chris closed the portfolio he had been looking through up until a few moments ago. A crimson flush brushed his cheeks. “Sorry.”
`What were you looking at in there?” she asked. She had seen Wyatt bent over in the bounded book several times, but he had never shown her what it’s contents where, most likely his plans for domination.
“Nothing, let’s go,” he answered pulling her hand and leading her away.
Bianca nodded but she was not going to let him have his way so easily. “I’ll get it out of you later,” she warned him
“I don’t think so.”
“When are you going to wake up…?” Chris frowned. That was not what he expected her to say.
“Wake up,” a voice repeated causing him to sit up suddenly. He rubbed his eyes and stared at the figure in front of him. She was pacing the floor in agitation with the boundaries of the crystal cage. Once she saw that she had her captor’s attention. She stopped and appraised him. Handsome with penetrating green eyes, she observed. He was definitely a witch, he was reeking of magic, but there was something else. The Dark Lord was trying to tactics. She would just have to be ready. “So where is he?”
“Where’s who?” Chris asked. He could feel his morning crankiness kicking in as usual. What he did not need was for some chick that his aunts conjured to start giving him the fifth degree.
“Is this some kind of trick?” she asked looking around. Some how she managed to end up in the Halliwell Museum in San Francisco. “You think by bringing me to the museum, I’ll…”
“Museum?” Chris asked. His interest was instantly piqued. She was from the future!?
“What are you, a parrot?” she snapped. “You tell your…”
“What’s with all the noise down here?” Piper asked crankily as she the other came down the stairs. “I have a baby trying to sleep and I am trying to sleep.”
Phoebe yawned and pulled her robe about her. “Chris it is really too early, I have to go get up in a couple of hours.” Paige merely nodded half asleep.
Garnet eyes widened. “The Charmed ones?” the visitor sighed. She sat down the on the couch. This was confusing. She was in the Halliwell manor, Wyatt was no where to be found and his minion was looking at her like she had lost her mind. Then the Charmed ones who have been dead for quite some time show up like they lived there. “Could I’ve been transported to the past? That would explain why I woke up in a crystal cage. Wyatt’s Hunters can’t be so stupid as to use a magical barrier to hold me. This is insane, get a grip Pandora.”
Pandora stared at the three women intently. They were teaming with magic as well and one of them was pregnant. The baby was magical as well. She would play along for now and figure it out later, but first a test. “If they’re surprised by this…” her thought trailed when one of them asked her question.
“Who are you? Where did you come from? Are you a demon?” Piper asked impatiently.
Pandora stood and walked to the boundary of the crystal cage and touched it lightly. The magical barrier flickered giving her a slight sensation of euphoria. Carefully gauging their reactions she stepped through the barrier. It was safe to say that her suspicions about her situation were correct, by the look of utter shock on all of their faces followed by a defensive pose. “Pandora, the future, and no,” she answered. She pulled her shrug around her body as she felt a slight draft and Chris’s subconscious lingering eyes. “Can I use your bathroom?”
To be continued…
© Devon Masterson-Bond 2004
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